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USS Du Pont (DD 941) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Du Pont (DD 941). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 184 crew members registered for the USS Du Pont (DD 941).

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Waldrop, MichaelBT 2Jan 1978 – Feb 1983B-Divit was my first ship while onboard I was member of #1 Fireroom and to this day I could tell you where every valve is and I have to say it was the most enjoyable fireroom to Operate that I was attached to in my Career
Coleman, JamesSTG3Jan 10, 1978 – Aug 11, 1981weapons a/shoping to contact richard osborn. YES I was there to see Harlan K. Ulman make a fool of himself. Anybody remember raming the pier in Djibouti . Somebody help me contact Osborn .I loved Hoboken best pub Maxwells good time
Allen, BrianET2Feb 1978 – Jan 1979OEAir Search Radar Tech Pri. Duty. Worked on Sat Nav and UHF comm Gear
Millman, MarkOS3Apr 1978 – Aug 1979OI GangUNITAS, need I say more?
Selby, DennisIC2Aug 1978 – Jan 12, 1980E Division
Smith, ThomasBTFNAug 1978 – 1981B DivisionSo many experiences on this ship.Too bad ship is now scrapped.
Sloan, JimMM1979 – 1983M DivisionMy second ship, first on the east coast. One of 2 Jim Sloan's aboard (the other was an HT) at the time.
Trask, Dennis ScottBT21979 – 1981B-Div#2 Fireroom
Whitney, Brian profile iconMM21979 – 1983M-DIVISIONMy new name is Dana Zzyym
Aker, WinfredLTJan 1979 – Jun 1980OI
Riggs, JeffbtJan 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1982boiler #2A lot of fun
Furgione, DavidSTG2Jan 13, 1979 – May 14, 1980AS
Donley, DougRM2Mar 1, 1979 – Jul 20, 1982OCLook forward to hearing from anyone -
Kapinos, MikeE-4Mar 1, 1979 – Mar 1, 1981BWas on when she went through retrofit in Hoboken ship yards and went through sooo! many sea trials in that damm Boiler room. Any one remember Commander Ulman our famous captian that lost his Command or being Drunk on the bridge!
Miller, Robert (Bruce)ENS/LT(jg)May 1979 – Sep 1, 1981B DivHad a great division. Learned a lot about leading, teamwork and shipmates from all 48 of the BTs. Great gang! Would like to hear from any of them.
Carpenter, DougMM2Aug 1979 – Jan 1982MSpent my time in aft engine room. I have a lot of great memories. Been married to JC Bickford’s little sister for 40 years.
Whelan, ChristopherMM3Sep 1, 1979 – Mar 1, 1982EngWhat an adventure. Devoted member of # 2 Screw Crew and "The crazy 8". Had some great memory of Med Cruses and three years running at spring Break in Fort Lauderdale.
McLaughlin, PatLTOct 29, 1979 – Oct 1982Guns/ FT/ Nav/ AdminI recall relishing the day way off in the future when she would be a hazy gray memory. Learned a lot, had some crazy times and some really fine shipmates.
Shaffer, Garymm31980 – 1983MJust found out about this sight. would like to have more info on old buddies
Roberto, CharlesIC 31980 – 1982I forget
Tirrell, MarkBT3Jan 1980 – Feb 1983Bhad a great time on board
Hodder, MarkSGT2Jan 1, 1980 – Apr 15, 1983ASDECOM the bitch, She was old and used. Did a couple of tours on her went through one hell of a storm on it too. Retired in 2004 as MNCS(SWW) from USS CHIEF as the Command Senior Chief. And living in FL now.
Weidner, BilHT3Apr 1980 – Jul 1982EngineeringHey all, I put up a MySpace Group so you can download pics and memories. Please join. The two years I spent on the Dupont remain the most memorable and most impactful of my life. FYI...I was the reason we went home early in 82!
Contreras, EdwinSM1Jun 21, 1980 – Oct 24, 1982BMT1Maintenance to the ship , quatermaster on the bridge
Butler, CharlesmmfnJul 6, 1980 – Mar 4, 1983mglad to see some names of some old buddies.
Rodriguez, Albertmm3Dec 1980 – Apr 1983m divisionafter leaving the navy went back to houston tx and have been working as a machinist/millwright for the local paper(houston chronicle).
Boltwood, Gene profile iconmm3 / mmfn /mm31981 – 1983mreally got to know the xo. 1200# 70,000 shp 30 kts. just like sandpebbles.Yes, ships can be haunted. I know. DECOMM CREW.
Miller, Robert (Bob)LCDRJan 1981 – Sep 1982Chief Engineer
Miller, Robert (Cheng)LCDRJan 1981 – Sep 1982Engineering
Foutch, DennisHT3Jan 1981 – Nov 1982ROut of 20 years in, the Dupont was the one tour I remember most.
Beasley, DennisCOMMICATIONFeb 9, 1981 – Mar 17, 1982CommicationBest ship I was on.
Trask, Danielsk2Mar 19, 1981 – Mar 4, 1983supplyI remember doing a 47 degree roll in the north atlantic in October of 1981while in 35' swells.....:o)
Zahara, Richard. ( Rick)mm3Apr 1981 – Jul 1983Mlooking to get in contact with anybody from the number 2 screw crew . look for me on Facebook.
Oldham, JimB T F NMay 4, 1981 –BNo. 1 Fireroom Wonder how Herbie and Curly are doin these days ?
Wells, WellsTM3Jul 5, 1981 – 1983Anti-sub DivisionI had a great experience on board the ole Du Pont. I wish I could have been more mature and enjoyed more of the times on board and while on liberty. But still I made friends that I miss to this day. Feel free to contact.
Heppell, JohnPNCSep 1981 – Mar 1983XDecommissioned her. Served her country well. Transferred to USS SPRUANCE for last sea tour. Retired in 1989 as MCPO. Sailed now build them. Employed by Bath Iron Works building Arleigh Burke destroyers and the new Zumwalt class.
Townsend, DougGMT3Oct 1981 – 1982ASDId one Med cruise on her before being decomed. Many memories. Too many to mention.
Kurek, FrankSRANov 1981 – 1983ServicesBattle E off the coast of Leb. Rome was great
Betts, DavidLTNov 1981 – Mar 1983MPASounds corny, but a happy ship. Lucky to have played a small part. Sincere best wishes to every shipmate!
Berry, MarcusBTFNDec 5, 1981 –B-division
Lewis, DavidSTG@Jan 1982 – Mar 1983AS
Quartararo, Al profile iconHTCJun 1982 – Mar 1983A, E, RThe BEST ship the Navy has ever had in commission. We did it all and won ever award possible! The envy of the fleet.
Burton, Richard (Dick)NCCSep 8, 1982 – Feb 28, 1983AdminI left the ship in Toulon to go back to Washington and negotiate orders for the rest of the crew prior to decommisioning. In the process I had to negotiate my retirement or face another tour to the med.
Morrison, MichaelQMNov 1982 – Mar 1983Operations/NavFirst of several I proudly served aboard. Spent a couple monhs off Beirut then home when they decommissioned the old gal.Was on the decommission team for a while before transfered. .

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