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USS Manley (DD 940) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Manley (DD 940). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 131 crew members registered for the USS Manley (DD 940).

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Meacomes, CharlesBM / E21969 – 1970
McKinley, MarcRD31969 – 1970OI
Klingenberg, RolfBM21970 – 1972First Division
Birmingham, ArtSM 31970 – 1972Oc
Myers, GeorgeRD-3Sep 1970 – Aug 1972OI - OPERATIONSonly active duty ship crew, best ship make for great memories and sea stories...would really like to contact oi rd's from commissioning crew
Bounds, ClayE-41971 – 1973Gunners MatePicked it up in Philly after re-commissioning. Went to Norfolk. Was on shake down cruise and went to Getmo twice. Home ported in Athens Greece
Proper, MiltSTG2Jan 1971 – Nov 1973ASReported on board during overhaul in Philadelphia. Two training exercises in Gitmo and the shakedown cruise to Amsterdam & Copenhagen before homeporting in Athens. Transferred to DDG - 31 during Yom Kippur war.
Stewart, Guy (Stu) profile iconTM1 (SS)Apr 1971 – Dec 1972ASW WeaponsCommissioning crew. Spent allot of time in Philadelphia while they completely retrofitted the Manley. Made some outstanding cruises before joining the Atlantic fleet. Qualified Officer of the Deck underway.
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Vanwart, VinalEN2Sep 16, 1971 – Sep 12, 1978ENGINEERING
Charles, LednickE-9 HULL TEC1972 – 1975rwas with the ship in Greece. She was a great lady and the crew was even better.
Melendes, Steve/speedyBTFN1972 – 1975R
Rumaker, JoeHT-31972 – 1973RIf I could do my time on Manley over again I would be a better shipmate and friend to all those on-board this great ship. Fair winds to all!
Arsenault, Maurice/ MoeBTFN1972 – 1974BIt was a very active deployment.looking back it was an honor to serve.I remember Speedy Melendez. Daphne wine festival,Naples picnic memories are missing a lot for good reason. We burned a lot of oil.
Meyer, Jim D.BT/ENJan 24, 1972 – Sep 20, 1972RIt was great being a Boiler Technician and Engineman. I experienced so much. Bill Bova taught me a lot when i first came aboard. I was transfered to the USS IWO JIMA,,,in Sept. of 72 and was home sick for the Manley for a long time !!!
Englehart, Clint "Bert"IC2Jun 1972 – Jul 1974RI remember the wine festival in Daphne. What a great two years homeported out of Elephis. Joe Rumaker. I do remember those things and tipping a few glasses of wine with you.
Englehart, Clint (Bert) profile iconIC2Jun 1, 1972 – Jul 15, 1974R
Bettencourt, FrankSNJun 10, 1972 – Mar 26, 1974CommersaryI served as part of the sixth fleet stationed in Greese. Would like to here from anyone who served at that time.
Salinas, Richard profile iconSN - SH3Aug 17, 1972 – Mar 19, 1974S-3 DivisionServed on board, I was 18 and was assigned to Supply Department. I worked in deck division, then laundry and I was part of the damage control and decontamination team. Had many friends, good shipmates.
Obenshain, Curry (Obie)FTG-2Sep 1, 1972 – 19742ndPicked it up in Norfolk and sailed to Athens. Worked on GFCS Mk 56 in Radar 2, TDS Mk5 in CIC, ASROC guard.
Taylor, Randy A.k.a. SargeE 4Dec 1972 – Dec 1976Torpedo mans/sonar
Eleftheriou, DeanSA1973 – 1974SupplyAny shipmates want to say hi ,feel free
Lee, Robert "bob"HT3May 15, 1973 – May 15, 1974R
Fewell, BruceDD 940Jul 1, 1973 – Jul 1, 1976M Had some of the best times of my life on the Manley and in Greece , Worked in the after Engine room .with guys like Schoeder, Harris, Coyner, Willing, Wedlake, Bognut and others really great times in so many ports too.
Clements, DougNCCSSep 9, 1973 – Jul 29, 1976RThe best ship I ever served aboard. I got to spend two years in Greece and one year in drydock in Philadelphia. I spent the last year as the Command Career Counselor and made EMC before I left for recruiting duty.
Janik, Kevin JanikHT3Jan 1974 – Jul 1975Sorry its been awhile , she was my first ship, I retired from the Navy in 93 as a DCC(SW) Been wanting to get in touch with Curtis Flaharty we served at the time in Greece, i miss weekends in Glyfada
Chapman, RandyOS2Jan 20, 1974 – Jul 20, 1976OPSGreat memories of Home Port Athens, port visits throughout the Med, cruise back USA, time in Philly shipyards. Served with a great crew who worked hard and long and knew how to party when we hit the beach.
Chapman Jr, Kenneth profile iconSTG1Apr 1974 – Oct 1975ASWSonar Technician
Brooks, David B.BT3May 1974 – Sep 1976BI was assigned to the Aft Fireroom. Ship was homeported in Athens, Greece.
Foster, JerryEWCMay 31, 1974 – Apr 17, 1976OE
Winslow, FrankAug 1974 – Nov 1975ASW
Launderville, LewisMM2Aug 1974 – Sep 1976AFT ENG RM
Payne, MichaelOS31975 – 1977Ops
Nuckolls, William (Bill)OSSNSep 9, 1975 – Jul 11, 1977OPSI would like to find the guys that rented a house with me in Haddon Heights NJ while we were in dry dock in Philly, Next move was to Newport RI for ATC then to NC for ASW. OPS training after in Carib and PR. Based in Mayport.
Streeter, Bernie / BrooklynBTOct 1975 – Aug 1978BAlways a crew member
Streeter, BernieBT 3Oct 1975 – Aug 1977BBrooklyn
Wellman, James OakieIC11976 – 1978
Powell, DonGMGSN1976 – 1978It's been a while since I've seen these names!
Mateja, John (Doug)IC3Jan 4, 1976 – Mar 9, 1979R DivisionI like keeping in contact with fellow shipmates.
Yattaw, GaryEW3May 1976 – Feb 1979
Heger, MiltHT-2May 1976 – Oct 1977REPAIR/MAINT.This command was a failure. Ship failing her uses and not run well. My wife became mentally ill. We had a young child. They made NO effort to assist me to return to shore duty since I wished to stay in the navy. I left.
Abbott, LawrenceSH3Jul 1976 – Jul 1980SupplyA great ship! Had 4 good years got to know a lot of good people, Hope those i got to know are doing well!
Mallow, TomMR2Oct 1, 1976 – Jun 15, 1979R
Arnold, JoeFTG 2Dec 1976 – Jun 19812nd

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