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USS Davis (DD 937) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Davis (DD 937). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 228 crew members registered for the USS Davis (DD 937).

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Clary, EricRM21978 – 1981OC/RadioLoved the Great Lakes and happy to have survived the sinking at the pier on thanksgiving morning.
Botto, HunterBT3Apr 28, 1978 – Jul 28, 1980B
Hudgens, JeffEW3 - EW1Aug 1978 – Dec 20, 1982OINo other ship compares to the "Warship Extraordinaire"!! Drop me a line you guys!!! Farris, Egan, "BUFF" where are you?
Heath, RalstonHT2Aug 1978 – Aug 1982R-Division
Butler, NealENCSep 1978 – Feb 1982A_GangWE were the destroyer that became the tender for the Whale in Spain 1981(?). I were very impressed how good the crew was and how ya'll appreciated us providing power and services so that the Whale could shut down.
Dixon, JackieGMG 1Sep 6, 1978 – Nov 5, 19792 div ( Gunnery )oh wow that trip to kenya and repeated trips thru the suez canal..somalia ( first americans there in 40 yrs after the russians left)..I received a humanitarian award there. And was awarded the newly approved (ESWS) award
Boyce, William/ BillRM3Dec 1978 – Jun 1982Communications
Smith, RobFTG21979 – 19822nd
Williams, Willy aka Rob aka DCA aka CHENGHTFN1979 – 1980RMy first ship. Spent the entire time in Drydock and then went off to A-School. If anyone has contact info for HT 2 Joe Decrease, let me know.
Heltzel, RobertBTCJan 1, 1979 – Aug 1, 1980BI came aboard as a BT1 and was promoted to BTC in 1980 cycle. I was in charge of the forward fireroom.
Devlin, DennisEM1Jan 10, 1979 – May 11, 1982E
Roberts, ChuckMM2May 1979 – 1982MWorked in Main control, remember Ronnie Glaze, Eric Dykeman, Walter Lacthney, John Brown, Earl Perkins, Dent and a bunch of other great guys. Lots of good times.
Colon, CarlosGMG3Jun 15, 1979 – Apr 15, 19812ndI'm the crazy " ayatolla". I went active duty US Army 1982-1985. I'm now in the Florida National Guard. I'll be in Iraq this summer.What ever became of Carney?
Paul, StephenGMG2Sep 8, 1979 – Jun 11, 19822ND Weps Miss a lot of you. Worked in Mount 52. Miss Dave Duhon, Tiny,Wayne Talbert. After the Navy became a electrician. I reside in West Springfield, Mass. Any one remember Tiny walking off the end of the dock.Good luck to all of you!!
Hardaway, MacEnsignSep 21, 1979 – Jan 1982BWelcomed aboard by pros in B Division then fleeted up to MPA. Completed 2.5 great years as Navigator. So many fond memories! Where's R. Downing, Fred Lucci, "Windbird" Addington, Brian Keefer, Kevin "Chop" Cropp?
Carroll, KevinGMG3Dec 1, 1979 – Sep 14, 19822nd.Great Ship, The best shipmates in the Navy If anyone knows the whereabouts of LT. Jeff Ashby or GMG1 Joe Jelleson drop an e-mail I've been looking for them for a couple of years.
Farris, DavidEW31980 – 1982Looking for all EW's, Egan, Hudgins, Fain and Bradford. Great Med Cruise, remember the canaland beer on the peer.
Janusz, Josephbt11980 – Dec 1981b
MacBride, AngusSTG3/2Jan 1980 – Nov 1982aswdropping the asroc, vanderkellan shooting basketballs out of the torpedo tubes, whata great crew!
Duhon, DavidGMGSNJan 1, 1980 – Jan 6, 1982WeaponsNot enough room here to cover everything or everyone that meant a lot to me. Great times, even thou I did kick the Captain in the head and bloody a Dept Head nose. Like I said Great Times and I got away with it.
Satterfield, Mark profile iconSTGSN-STG2Feb 1980 – Nov 19823rd
Lawrence, JerryBTCFeb 1980 – Aug 1981BWorked in Bravo 1. Advanced to BTC. Enjoyed the tour even though it was cut short due to an injury while onboard. Worked with a bunch of great guys and had a lot of fun
McKee, JimDK3Feb 1980 – Feb 1982Supply
Pollard, John ScottHM3Mar 1, 1980 – Jan 30, 1981MedicalI really remember the ASROC hitting the deck, I had to go up and pack the wound. One of the cleanest looking traumatic wounds I had ever seen.
Carlson, GordonMMFNMay 1980 – Dec 1981Main Control engineersome really great times, still living in Alaska, looking for Phil Walker, Billy Bruch, Kevin Hensbee ...........
Campbell, Chris Aka Wildchild profile iconSNMay 20, 1980 – Sep 20, 19811sti came on board while the ship was in dry dock.At the time ships company was living in the barracks.I had alot of good times.I also met some good people.drop me a line chris_campbell68@yahoo com
Owensby, KeithBtfnJun 1980 – Oct 1982B divisipn
Hartman, HerbMM1Jun 6, 1980 – Jan 10, 1982M-DivI had a good time serving on her and remember good shipmates.
Gartin, DonET3Jun 13, 1980 – Dec 20, 1982OEWas there when the ASROC fell out of the launcher, when the ammo pallet wrapped around the Port prop. while underway, the Redsea Regatta and lets not forget the many tape-ball games on the ASROC deck while underway.
McIntyre, Ed / SamuraiEM3Aug 1980 – Dec 1982my first of many ships, the lasting impression kept me in 22 yrs. Still in touch with Devo, Billy Burch. Working civil service for the Navy
Skelton, DavidIC3Oct 1980 – Oct 1982Deck then E
Adams, DonOSSR-OS3Oct 1980 – 1982OIToo many things too remember
En3 Backus, Michael EN3Nov 13, 1980 – Jun 13, 1982R-DIV/A-GANG
Hunsinger, BrianRMSR-RM3Dec 10, 1980 –OC/RadioMMCS Give me a yell.
King, NickBT31981 – 1982EngineeringWorked in aft boiler room.Played soccer in several countries when we went on Med. cruise, fall of 1981. Remember particularly wild times in Cartegena, Spain in 1981 and Puerto Rico at Bacardi rum factory in spring of 1982.Anyone remember?
Gyurky, JohnGMG SN1981 – 19822nd WeaponsGood to see a few names I recognize...Stephen Paul, Kevin Carroll etc. Had some good times on board the Davis. Every once in awhile I have to get out the photo album.
Howard, Johnbtfn1981 –
Phillips, SteveMMCSMar 1, 1981 – Dec 1, 1982mMain Control and em02
Cantrell, DonaldYNSNApr 1981 – Oct 1982
Ward, GeorgeSAMay 1981 – Mar 1982First
Roman, JorgeDKSNJul 14, 1981 – Nov 30, 1982SupplyMemories of my younger days, I miss my days in this Thin Can, also known as "Ship extraordinaire". During my 20 years of service this is the only warship I saw that sailed wih a 5 to 10 degree tilt to the starboard side.
Dupuy, BillTMSNSep 1981 – Oct 1982WepsNothing like a fire on the ship while at the fuel pier in Bahrain
Hale, DennisMMCSSep 2, 1981 –MGood crew good ship. I miss all my shipmates.
Moulin, JohnEM3Oct 14, 1981 – Dec 18, 1982ENGSOME GOOD TIMES
Stover, Lloyd Or ( The Stove profile iconGMTSN1982 – 1983WEPSlong time ago
Martin, Ronald MartyBT31982 – 1982BWorked in the oil lab
Schaperjahn, Darren / TrapperjonMM3Jan 1, 1982 – Mar 1, 1983Great Crew to serve with, looking for Grasso, Hooper, Devo, Chub's and Ltjg Richard Smith.
Sharp, Barry J.STG2Jul 1, 1982 – Dec 12, 19823rd WepsDecom Crew in Charleston. Other ships were Harry E. Yarnell DLG -17, Richmond K. Turner CG-20, Conyngham DDG-17, Owens DD-327, Donald B. Beary FF-1085, Quantico Brig, and MOTU-2 Norfolk. Retired as STGCS(SW) in 1994. Currently a Telescope Operator.

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