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USS Barry (DD 933) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barry (DD 933). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 322 crew members registered for the USS Barry (DD 933).

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Clark, James profile iconE011974 – 1976Boiler TechJames was my father and he passed away following a 2+ year battle with lung cancer on May 14, 2019. James spent the last 17 yrs of his life residing in Madison, WI with his wife Tracey. Together they had 6 children.
Paradissis, PeterFA1974 –M Division
Bartolacci, BobSTG-3Jan 1974 – May 1975SonarWent from not being able to get underway in Elefsis Greece C-4 Casrept to 1975 Arleigh Burke Award Atlantic Fleet Cyprus Crisis, Libya, Surfaced a Foxtrot class SS and picked up another with the CNO Holloway aboard
Kelley, RogerMM3Feb 1974 – Sep 1976A & M
Dulac, MauriceOS3Feb 1974 – Oct 1975OperationsGreece was a great place to be homeported. Wonder what happened to shipmates Grover, Hicks and Fransen?
Traweek, JohnnyRM3Mar 12, 1974 – Dec 4, 1977operationBoard her in Greece in March 1974 and left her in Dec. of 1977.
Hodges, HermansnMar 20, 1974 – Aug 1, 1975boatswain mate Mr Sherry was my div officer.
Mohs, WayneBTApr 1974 – Apr 1978Primary duty station Athens, Greece during this time. Wayne died January 1999 from a heart attack at the age of 53; and as his brother, I did some informational research on the ships he served on in his 22 year USN career. He retired in 1987 at O3E.
Miele, NickPc3Apr 1974 –navigationGot on board when the Barry was in Elefysis and left for Morocco after we came back to Philly
Weis, MarkRM2Apr 10, 1974 – Aug 1976Great ship boarded in athens sailed to turkey north africa..was voted the most improved ship in fleet was part of bi centenial fleet new york city 1976 was on the today live from new york city.....just a great time any o
Hunter, FrankEM3Jul 4, 1974 – Mar 1, 1976ELeft as EM2 select. Attained EM1 then converted to GSE1. Retired 1992 as GSEC(SW). Homeporting in Athens, Greece was one of top experiences of my career. Ran into ship's CO (CDR Streeter) at Great Lakes after I made CPO
Bonner, TonyYN1Jul 10, 1974 – Aug 14, 1975navigationreported aboard barry in greece. (great duty) would like to hear from old shipmates.
C De Vaca, PabloBM3Jul 29, 1974 – Jul 29, 1977BM3I am looking for Jackie Lee Burnns
Shapuras, KenSH3Aug 1974 – Feb 8, 1978SupplyHome ported in Athens, Greece. 1976 in Ship yards in Phil.PA, Then to Mayport. Fl
Shapuras, KenSH3Aug 11, 1974 – Feb 6, 1978SupplyMet the Ship in Naple Italy, Stationed in Athens,Greece, Went to Ship Yards in Phiadelphia, PA, Then to MayPort, FL
Frey, TracyE-2Sep 15, 1974 – Mar 23, 1976supplyIt was the best time of my life. spent my tour in greece, met some wonderful people on board.
Mann, BillMM2Dec 1974 – Jun 1979M&AWas in main engine room and A gang. Had some fun times.Wonder how i survived.
Freed, JohnRM2 now RMC retDec 1974 – Apr 1978OCMy first ship and not my last. Enjoyed my time onboard. JWTraweek did you move back to TX.
Dinnell III, Douglas A.MS 31975 – 1979SUPPLYI was the cook. Eggs to order for everybody.
Borns, John/jack profile iconRDC1975 – 1976OIReally great duty and great crew. Wish some of the chiefs were on the list during my time aboard. Lost touch with just about everybody after leaving the ship.
Darling, JimFTG11975 – 19802ndGood times! Saw a lot I still remember and a lot I wish I could forget, but wouldn't trade the time for anything.
Irvin, JamesBTFNJan 7, 1975 – Jun 9, 1975foward Boiler roomwork infoward boiler room tell I hurt my right hand was put in greek hospital then medical hold in greece
Blake, SteveSK3Feb 7, 1975 – Jun 15, 1978SupplyWas aboard in Greece, then dry dock in Philly, then homeported in Mayport. In spite of all the hardships we endured it was a great time in my life. Would like to see all my old shipmates again someday.
Luke, JohnGMG3Mar 1975 – Apr 1980Weapons 2nd DivisionI met the ship in Gitmo. I am a Gunner's Mate. I was on the ship for 5 years. The final cruise was was in 1980 and the XO lost his legs in a bad accident when we tied up. Now I am retired because of a disability.
Goldy, PatMM2Apr 1975 – Jan 1980Currently working as a utilities engineer for Eastman Kodak Co., in Rochester, N.Y.
Karrasch, Dan(Krash)MM2May 1975 – 1977Main ControlDamn good bunch of folks. Good memories. Anyone know where Rick Gurley is? Raising horses now. Married 31 yrs w/ 5 boys.
Coon, TimothySTG2May 1975 – Aug 1979ASW
Bass, DanielBT 3Jun 21, 1975 – Jun 10, 1979Boiler Technician/ engineeringIn the aft statation I was the #1 Boilerman. I controled the boiler manually. This included adding or removing fuel barrels, reduce or increase the air pressure .
Reed, WilliamSH3Sep 28, 1975 – Dec 22, 1975S2My first duty station in Philadelphia. Worked in ship store. Got a swap to my brothers ship in Norfolk
Ross, Dennis RBTFNOct 4, 1975 – May 5, 1977BI came to B division in Dec. after the deck crew eliminated 20 guys because of over numbers. I liked B division and was in the philly shipyard most of my stay on the Barry. We went to sea a few times and after the yards went to Gitmo in 77
Ellison, JohnE-4Oct 14, 1975 – Oct 14, 1979SupplyI was a disbursing clerk from 1975-1979
Ellison, JohnDK3Oct 14, 1975 – Oct 14, 1979SupplyI looking for my good buds Dan Lindeman, Jim Bob Fields, Gary Briggs, Jim Mosley, Darrell Wooldridge, RM3 Sgrignoli, Clay Taylor remember our wild new years eve party in Naples Italy. Everybody was throwing out furn.
Dowis, William (Bill)MM31976 – 1978A Gang
Bisso, Leonard (Lenny)FTG2Jan 2, 1976 – Feb 3, 19812ndGood times and crazy times. I had a blast the whole time I was on board.
Walizer, DarylICFNFeb 1976 – Apr 1977ICWas onboard in the yards olny still was a great ship. Have gone to see her in dc was fun being a tour guide
Mosley, Jamessh3Mar 1, 1976 – Mar 1, 1979ships servicemandid a few med cruises....baltic., middle east, carribean,,,primarily was in the ship's store
Dolly, RonaldHM3Apr 1976 – May 1977NavigationBoarded while in drydock Philadelphia, moved to to Mayport FL, refresher training Getmo Cuba.
Arquette, JohnBtfnMay 13, 1976 – Aug 21, 1981B DivisionBest and First command I was with.Remember Boston boys?East Boston. Hollyfield was a dick((soory first)), Lindamen ya dick.
Hancock, TedBT2May 17, 1976 – Oct 18, 1979BI was in boilers division, me and 2 of my shipmates in B division won the ship's talent constest with me performing as a midget in our talent act. I always reflect on my time on the ship with good memories of my old comrades.
Brady, JoeyMR2 E-5Jun 15, 1976 – Dec 28, 1980R div A-GANGWas in r-div, machinery repairman 2nd to talk to my old navy buddies.i'm retired now single and enjoying life.bunch of great guys i served with i loved it but only 6 yr term,wasn't a lifer,but should have stayed in.. hind sight .
Bargellini, LarrygmgJul 1976 – 1978Gun GangFunny how I never forget this tin can. It always seems to be 9:33 when I look at a clock!
Lemire, KevinETR2Jul 1, 1976 – Dec 1, 1976ETI was assigned to Barry while waiting for a set in Nuclear Power School. Interesting 6 months and a good bunch of guys. I don't really remember any names. Went on to do 30 years as a nuke.
Koontz, GaryEMCMAug 1976 – Jul 1980
Morgan, MichaelFTG3Aug 1976 – Nov 1979Weapons
Caccio, PeteTMSep 10, 1976 – Jul 18, 1978Anti Submarine DivisionAlthough the Barry was my second ship i am proud to have served on board with all my shipmates. Best times was a 30 day visit to Valencia Spain and New Years Eve in Rome during the 76-77 Med cruise...Smooth sailing all..
Garcia, HectorMM2Sep 15, 1976 – Dec 20, 1980A-GANGHad the most memorable moments aboard this ship. Met some very good people and would trust my soul to the fellow shipmates I served with.
Brady, Joey {joseph}MR 2 E-5Dec 28, 1976 – Dec 28, 1980R-DivisonI'm a very proud old sailor that served with a bunch of very talented shipmates.I was a MR 2 E-5 "R" DIVISON .I worked in the machine shop/HT shop. I would like to go visit the old boat hopefully this spring 2014.

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