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NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia Crew List

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There are 140 crew members registered for the NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia.

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Tyler, William (Sam)ETN31972 – 1974SatCom
Stillwagon, Dave (Doc)GMG21972 – 1974Special ServicesBegan as the Swimming Pool manager, then became the Bowling Alley manager until transferring back to the fleet in 1974.
Chase, SteveRM2Jan 1, 1972 – Jun 30, 1973Tech ControlGreat memories of my time there, great crew to work with, and many hours spent at the Potshot and EM club.
Flores, Robert/flipRMSNApr 1972 – Oct 1973Communications Center Section twoYes, I am a caper! AKA "Spangles"
Adams, DavefnJun 1972 – Dec 1973special services/securityLoved the fishing, diving,Potshot. Drank way too much though!
Marlow, MichaelETR2Oct 1972 – Jun 1974MAIN COMSTA
Piercey, CharlesRM2Dec 22, 1972 – Mar 15, 1975Message CenterI left Australia in 1975 for Hawaii. I retired RMCS(SW) in July 1989. I've lived in Florida ever since.
Plumb, JoeRM3Mar 1973 – Oct 1974SatcomI was stationed on the Cape from March 1973 until Oct. 1974. I was sent with the Satcom site to Diego Garcia on TAD from Nov. 1973 - Feb. 1974. After the Cape, I did 2 years on the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. Got out may 1976.
Born, KimbolRM2Mar 2, 1973 –fleet center1st duty station out of 'A' school. Awesome duty. Lived in Exmouth base housing. Ran the teen center. Enjoyed snorkling, fishing, Weekend run to Carnarvon. Enjoyed Yardie Creek. Helped with VK6US ham station.
Flores, Richard (Rick)RM2 retired as RMCSAug 1973 – Nov 1976Techincal ControlRetired and loving it. Just reunited with a couple we met and lost contact with for over 35 years. Best duty station every had . Son born there
Ryder, Robert (Robbie)ETRSNSep 1973 – Dec 1974VLF
Flores, CarlosRM3Oct 1973 – Dec 1975HFR & Tech ControlAll Capers: USN, USAF, RAN, RAAF, dependents & any other townspeople of Exmouth, Australia should check out the following FaceBook pages: "Harold E. Holt/Exmouth" and "North West Cape".
Flores, Carlos Everett “flip”RM3Oct 1973 – Feb 1976HFR then TCFInitially a Morse Code operator at High Frequency Receiver site; then, after first13 months, went to Tech Control at the Main Commcenter.
Flores, Robert/flipRM3Nov 1973 – Jul 1975ORAntenna Maint, DCPO, Ships Security force, Landing Party
Bruce, DugganCPODec 12, 1973 – Sep 20, 1983RAN2 tours 74-76 & 80-83
Collins, Cyndee profile iconE31974 – 1976Communications, receiver siteAm now retired from career in information technology. Married, 3 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Live in Texas
Caulfield, JimRM3Jan 1974 – May 1976HFR Code operatorGreat Times, fishing and spending off time on the beach.. the dress blue's party was the best.. next to the night of the 50's party with "BIG DADDY" ( which is me.. anyone remember ?)
Reed, MichaelYN2Jun 1974 – Sep 1975Communications (Traffic Office, then front office)I remember how hot is was there Christmas 1974. Although I now live in Texas and go thru summer heat waves, it is nothing like Exmouth. I also remember the CAT 5 cyclone that passed thru.
Brockschmidt, DennisPH1Jun 1, 1974 – Jun 1, 1977Admin TV Station Talking Stick Staff
Wallin, JasonE-31975 – May 7, 1977SP Services Pool Manager1975-1977 I was the Base Pool Manager and USA/Australia swimmer/coach. I met my wife on the Cape , and still married ( 40 yrs. ). We have two kids. and live in Omaha, NE. Now retired, Donna still working, USPS ( 30+ yrs.
Harris, RuthE41975 – 1977VLF
McNally, StephenRM1Jan 18, 1975 – Apr 13, 1976Tech ControlTech Control Supervisor
Brown, Mike (Bomber)Petty Officer Radio SupervisorApr 1975 – Apr 1978Tech ControlRAN .. worked in Tech Control for the three years I was on the Cape. Worked with Buddy Hicks, Snowy, Jerry Fenstimaker (spelling?), Lonie Gunther, Blue Brumley, Owen Kink to name a few, Great bunch of blokes.
Flores, Robert/flipRM3Aug 1975 – Sep 1977Communications
Maxwell, NeilRM1Nov 1975 – Nov 1978Tech ControlGreat duty station. Many fine folks (U.S. and Australian). Would do it all again (a couple of times over). Retired as RMC in Feb 1985. Last duty station: USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27).
Buck, MaureenSH3Nov 2, 1975 – Feb 8, 1977NEXLoved my time on the Cape! What an adventure for someone from the NW part of WA (Seattle) where it rains and is so green, to the NW Cape in WA where it never rained and was a beautiful desert. Lifelong friends!
Voitenko, JanaSK3Dec 1975 – Mar 1977commissaryMemorable duty, heat, flies in the face, isolated!, fun camping, good people, warm Aussies.
Stine, ThomasEOCNMay 1976 – Feb 1978PWD TransportationHad a great duty there fell in love with country and a beautiful lady Jeannie Skala. Longest I ever worked was 52 hours during ship offload
Fregon, Robert (Bob)DNJul 1976 – 1978Dental/MedicalMy first assignment, and I love it. I lived off base at a hostel in Exmouth and rode my 360 Honda back and forth to the clinc. I work part time at the bowling alley. Enjoy my time on the Cape.
Reigner, RogerRM3Jul 6, 1976 – Sep 6, 1977Message CenterNW Cape was my first duty station. Message Center had a killer football team. Met a lot of great folks and have some wonderful memories of the outback and the Southern Cross.
Tipton, CharlesE8/RMCSAug 1976 – Sep 1978VLF TRANSMITTERMember of Aquaroos Dive Club. Best duty station of my career. Retired to Hawaii in 1999.
Hilberling, TexTsgtOct 1, 1976 – Jan 1, 1978PWD Seabee
Finnerty-boyd, TheaRM2Nov 1, 1976 – Mar 3, 1980CommunicationsI received orders to Harold E. Holt straight out of "A" school. I have some really great memories of this command. Life over there was so laid back and we considered our shipmates as family. Great experience!
Rush, JohnnyRM2Dec 1976 – Nov 1979CommunicationsLooking to connect with old shipmates.
Meyer, MikeUTCN1977 – 1978Public Works
Sinclair, Tina TransueE4Jan 1, 1977 – Jul 4, 1978SecurityI unfortunately left unexpectedly as I got thrown out of a pickup truck on July 4th.
Cwenkala, TomE-3Jul 4, 1977 – 1979S3What a blast! If I knew then what I know now..... (or if I remembered half of my Cape stay....)
Martinez, Jose (Marty)SH1Aug 1, 1977 – Jul 1979nexGreat time for family
Shannon, AnthonySNSep 5, 1977 – Aug 2, 1979Ship ServiceWorked in TV Studio, first duty station from boot camp I later transferred to Ship Serviceman Division, worked in the snack bar. worked part time at the Tucker Bag Restaurant, for awhile. Greatest times ever
Jacobs, TerryET21979 – 1981OperationsGreat snorkeling, awesome place to live. Wish I would have stayed there longer. Dinner parties with Prawns on the platter. Great Friends and good times.
Werger, Michael profile iconLN 2 E51979 – 1980Legal DepartmentGreat command. Enjoyed the tour.
Thieme, John, W. Jr.E-5 RadiomanFeb 1979 – 1981communication division (V.L.F. Site)Loved the vastness,snorkling,fishing, yardi creek and view from lighthouse were great.
Fuller, RandolynSNFeb 1979 – Apr 1980DisbursingHEH was my first duty station. I had a great time and learned many life lessons while there. Although, an isolated duty station it did not deter me from a Navy career.
Herrick, Raymond E3 to BM2Mar 20, 1979 – Apr 8, 1981Commissary, Boat Pier, Multi Purpose Hobby ShopProbably the most fun duty station that o could have had. A amazing experiance that I still think to day. Met a lot of great people even got married there. Left via alcohol rehab in long beach and on to USS ARIES PHM-5
Stanley, GlennPORSDec 1, 1979 – Dec 15, 1981HFT, VLF, HFRServed with a lot of great people

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1979 | 1980 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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