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NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia Crew List

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There are 140 crew members registered for the NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia.

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Barton, WillieCS1Dec 14, 1957 – Nov 16, 1969Galley SupplyLike to hear from Bill Elleson.Csc. Jackson
Nordine Sr, DaveRM31967 – 1968communicationsWell here we are.....Looking for some of the original crew (Plankowners). Hail to the Potshot.
Cobb, DougRM21967 – 1968HF Transmitter sitePlank owner. Rode a lot of motorcycle and did a bit of illegal snorkel diving on the Ningaloo reef. Fun times, great friends. When I got there it was still named Northwest Cape,
Evans, WilliamETN21967 –VLF
Yant, Thomas (Tom)CEW21967 – 1969Public Works @ Receiver SitePlank owner, operated power plant and water treatment plant at Area C. Lived at 18 Kennedy, now shown to be 36 Kennedy, at the NE corner of Kennedy and Yardie.
Sarrault, Clifford/ CliffIC1Jan 1, 1967 – Jul 1, 1968various1st barracks MMA, 1st PWC LPO, 1st Fire chief, Comm center main frame electrician, special services (MWR) supervisor. If there was a s---ty job, or a need for supervision, I got called. My actual billet was MWR .
Hill, TerryE4Feb 1967 – Aug 1968Transmitter siteJust saying "hello" to anyone there during that time period. I have lots of pictures if anyone interested.
Taylor, BruceRM3Feb 6, 1967 – Dec 12, 1968communicationsI loved it there. All the parties on the beach were great.
Donovan, DonnieRM2Feb 12, 1967 – Aug 12, 1968Relay Main COMMTrying to find folks who were there same time as me. Had a lot of friends that have lost contact with, would like to find them.
Munger, Bruce (Aka Gunner)ETN2Feb 15, 1967 – Oct 16, 1968VLFMy wife, Noel, and I spent our 1st 22 months of marriage in Exmouth and really enjoyed the time! We had no Phones,TV,radio or inter net.Returned in June 2008 for a visit and what a change RESORT area now!!
Blount, JerryRM4Feb 26, 1967 – Aug 25, 1968Transmitter sitejust to keep in touch with old memory is hit and miss
Michiels, Richard ( Mike )CEW3Jul 1967 – Dec 1968Public WorksWorked Area C Power Plant and Main Base. Trucked supplies from the pier back to base. Built a dune buggy to drive to the Indian Ocean side.
Monroe, DennisC M 2Sep 1967 – Jul 1969Maintence
Stolworthy, SteveRM21968 – 1970Communication centerOff watch activity- worked at the shell station, ran the bush in austin champ 4 wheeler. Hold up in the barracks during a huge cyclone. Pot shot inn.
Scholl, Gregory (Greg)ETN3Jan 1, 1968 –VLFThis was my first duty station out of school. Served 8 years. Left as an ETN2. Live in FL.
Radford, RobertQMCFeb 1968 – Sep 1969SECURITYI was an E-3 and worked at the fire station.
Johnson, Terry (Tj)RM3Jul 1968 – Oct 1969Relay
Allison, DannyE4Jul 4, 1968 – Jan 4, 1970RelayLots of good memories and friends
Mays, DonE5Jul 25, 1968 – Mar 5, 1970Supply I loved Exmouth we I had some great times there. My wife is an Australian who I meant in Perth while stationed there when I went to Perth for a holiday. I meant some wonderful people there and I still keep in contact.
Sears, Cal profile iconRM5Nov 1968 – May 1972NAVCOMSTALoved The Cape. Would like to go back to see it again.
Whiddon, Gary profile iconRM3Nov 15, 1968 – Apr 30, 1970Communication CenterMy nickname was "The Kid". I don't remember any names, I wasn't very social. I worked in the ship shore CW room.
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Mathews, Clark “mat”RM2Dec 9, 1968 – May 21, 1970Communication CenterMemories are wonderful !!
Maitland, Charles (Chuck)SN1969 – 1975Security / SupplyLoved Swan Lager ..and the potshot. Anybody hear from Dwayne Scaro? Still dream of the place!
Bigham, BobE5/ETN2Jul 1, 1969 – Dec 15, 1970Comm CenterI played basketball on the travelling team twice. Loved the Potshot Inn and Swan Lager.
Mansfield, ButchRM1Sep 5, 1969 – Sep 1, 1971VLFDischarged in 1974. Lived in Arlington, VA for 40 years, retired in 2013 and moved to Washington State. Ran into Mr Ray (VLF Division Officer) at a hamfest in Manassas, VA in 2005. He lived in Fredricksburg, VA.
Klisch, WernerRM1Oct 1969 – Nov 1973COMM CTR, VLFArrived about 1st of November. Carolyn and kids came in May, 1970. Lived at 4 Carpenter. RMMC Deeter was our back door neighbor Played basketball, softball, and bowling. Was on base bowling team in Perth
Grass, WilliamRMSA/RMSNDec 4, 1969 – Apr 17, 1971Message CenterStraight out of A school. Never left the state before or the country and end up in Australia. In the middle of nowhere. Joke was on me. That's why they are called dream sheets. I spent 15 months there. Had fun there.
Boisclair, William (Bo)RM3/RM2Dec 29, 1969 – Jul 1, 1971COMM CENTERIn retrospect, it was a once in a lifetime experience.
Draugelis, Joe (Stretch)sk31970 – 1972SupplyWorked in Supply Receiving whse as a sksa and became an SK3. Lt. DeLong was my first Supply officer and I had great respect for him. I also worked with SK1 Bob Owen, the crazy Canadian. He was my "dad" on the Cape
Cruz, DavidCS31970 – 1972HEH ExmouthCS3 Cruz..loved Potshack..lobster and Aquaroos. Saw Flores(spangles)name this site.
Kravcar, TomETN21970 – Mar 15, 1971Electronic Tech/ shift spvr. VLFVLF job code 1535. Really enjoyed my time at H.E.H. and at the VLF site. Got my amateur radio license while there as well. Operated out of the club station VK6US up on the hill just past the Sat doom antenna.
Luallin, DaveSK31970 – 1972Supply/ReceivingLoved the fishing and snorkeling. Met some great people. Didn't care for the heat or the flies. Have thought about going back some time but cost prohibitive at this time.
Myers, Wayne profile iconE41970 – 1971ComctrLot of shipmates from prev Command, Navcommsta WashDC, went with me to HEH.....still have been in touch with some.
Pacada, MaxE4/RM3Feb 1970 – Aug 1971CommunictionsFun time riding my nifty - thrifty Honda 50 in Dartmouth and visiting the city of Perth. Beaches were fun but no ridable waves. Great fishing from the pier though. Exmouth was a small quiet town with a fun drive-in
Favata, Richard (Rich)CYN3Jul 20, 1970 – Dec 1970Traffic Division - Message Center (Crypto Section)I was at Navcommsta Harold E. Holt for 6 months TAD from Navcommsta Guam. It was a memorable experience to say the least. Spent lots of off time at the Potshot Inn in Exmouth. Damn those Aussies can drink beer!
Brown, TedEN3 / MAA mess deckOct 28, 1970 – Aug 11, 1972SECURITY / PIER CREW / SMALL BOAT ENGINEERRemembering the waters around the Barrier Reef, the crazy CB's and their shark fishing expiditions. Great bunch of guys on the crew, even our resident bad boys Danny and Larry and all the aussie friends at the potshot.
Wagner, BillSK3Dec 10, 1970 – Aug 26, 1972suppy/receivingI worked with "Stretch" and ground crew for c141 cargo jets at Learmouth Airport in Exmouth, Western Australia. I would like to make contact with anyone else who worked with me.
Moore, JohnCYNSNJan 15, 1971 – Dec 15, 1972receiver site
Marabeas, John (Barabas)ETN2Feb 1971 – Feb 1974Transmitter site - ETI absolutely loved this duty station! One of the best times of my life (all 3 years, accompanied). No TV, no radio, just a bunch of great people and great times! Became life-long friends with Pete & Pam Kelnhofer.
Harris, Eugenee4May 1971 – May 1974vlf

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