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There are 72 crew members registered for the NAVCOMMSTA Guam.

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Reeves, NormRM21953 – 1955Message centerFirst of two tours...second was 1972-1976 RMC
Haun, RonaldRM2Nov 1955 – Dec 1957CCL
Dolgos, JosephRMSN/RM3Dec 11, 1959 – Jul 31, 1961Unclassified Torn Tape Relay, Teletype MaintenanceStarted in relay and moved to TTY maintenance with Dave Russell after loss of repairment in early 1960. Chief Dorazio lead relay and Chief Connelly lead TTY/Crypto Maint.
Willis, CarrollMM3Dec 1960 – Oct 1961Eng. maintenance
Overman, GeorgeRM3Feb 1963 – Sep 1964OCStationed at Radio Barrigada - Transmitter Site
Muse, CharlesRM2Apr 1963 – Oct 1964transmitters, BarrigadaJust like to hear from someone who might have served with me at that time. I worked at bldg 51. I remember Stewart RM1, Holiday, RMSN, David Rodriquez(from Fresno). and others. My friend Guts Gowers past away.
Lewis, LeonardRM3 - RM21964 – 1965transmitterswas at the navy transmitter site at Barrigada Guam for entire tour on Guam
Oberley, Ronald (Ron)E31966 – 1967commstaI worked at the commsta. In 1967 transferred to Yokosuka Japan
La Rue, CharlesCTO31967 – 1968NAVSECGRUI worked operations as assistant supervisor and would like to contact my Division officer Lieutenant Douglas Larson to verify actions that do not exist on paper.
Wojciechowski, MikeRM3May 1967 – May 1968Message CenterQuite a few of the guys I worked with all volunteered for Viet Nam in early 1968 and forthwith, as we thought we might be missing something, we all got our wish. Vivid memories of working fleet broadcast.
Gentile, CarmanRM3May 1967 – Nov 1968Torn tape RelayWorked down in the manual torn tape relay at NCS Finegayan, Guam. Relaxed at the Duva Den and boonie stomps
Batchelor, Bob 'Batch' profile iconCYN3Dec 17, 1967 – Jul 15, 1969Message CenterWould like to contact anyone who remembers me. Best friends, Johnny Walker, Larry Hale, Dave Quick, Rhett Frady, John Isner, Joe 'Big Daddy' Thompson, Terry Eidson. If anyone knows how to find these guys, let me know.
Markeson, TomRM31968 – 1969receiver stationWorked with Lyle Underwood, worked in the CW room We worked at the receiving station, TTY machines and CW morse code room.
Fuller, CarlRM2Feb 1, 1968 – May 1, 1970Autodin SwitchStart-up crew. I'll figure out the year eventually. RMC Thompson. Can't remember all the names. I lived up on the Hill. Also went to COMNAVMAR for a tour.
Garland, JohnIC2Mar 15, 1968 – Sep 9, 1969EngineeringAssigned to NCS Finegayan for 18 month tour.
Crenshaw, Jim (*jc)RM1Aug 1968 – Oct 1970AUTODIN SITEAssigned to Autodin Switch, lived at NRT Barragada (the T-site). What a great place. Will pigs running around. Screaming schrews and laughing geckoes. Two of the happies years of my life. Spent most of that time in the water. HAFA DAY
Marshall, Daverm2Aug 1968 – Mar 1970TTY Repair
Briggs, BruceRM31969 – 1970AUTODIN
Klein, JamesEnsign/Lt JGJan 1969 – Apr 1970Naval Security Group, Operations DivisionWorked for "RED" Dosier, LDO Lt as his assistant division officer, then for LDO Lt. John Clark at the RPIO in Apra Harbor. Worked with Ensign David Pearsall. Looking for Lt. Doug Larson, Communications Officer.
Perritt, DonaldETN2 (E5)Jan 20, 1969 – Aug 10, 1970Crypto CommunicationsNot Guam, but Philippines.Worked with a team talented electronics technicians. Earned my Petty Officer Second Class while on station. Received Presidential Unit Citation
Johnson, Bm1 profile iconBm1Mar 1969 – Jun 1970YTM 419This is Bm1 Robert Johnson, When I was a seamen I worked on YTM419. When Bm2 Wade was Craftmaster of 419.
Favata, Richard (Rich)CYN3May 1969 – Jul 1970Traffic Division - Message Center/Crypto SectionWe called Guam the USS Never Sail/Never Dock. It wasn't the most exciting place an 18 - 20 year old could spend his time but it certainly had it's moments. I can't say I'd want to go back there, but it was an experience.
Spagna, LouisRM3Jul 1969 – Dec 1970Message CenterI would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at NCS during the time I was. Are you aware that Capt. Alberta recommended the crew 1968 and 69 for a Meritorious Unit Commendation which Adm. Zumwalt approved?
Bliss, ThomasRM3Jul 1969 – Jan 1971Receiver Site - Div 35
Metcalf, StephenRM3Aug 1969 – Dec 1970Autovoni'm looking for Marty Sullivan, John Dolan, Chuck Harold, Joe Sorentino, John Sippoletti, Grant Moran, or Bruce Briggs
Treants, GeneETN3 / ETN2Oct 17, 1969 – Mar 17, 1971NRTC BarrigadaWow! Shore duty that counted as seaduty. Each month gere felt like a year. Lots of swimming, swimming, and work. Introduced to 2/2/2/80. If you do not know what that means count yourself lucky. R&R Hong Kong. Missed milk more than beer
Hudson, Les "Hud"CTM2Nov 4, 1969 – Jun 16, 197122 Div Secgru MaitGreat times...great friends...crazy days and nights after the eve
Vertin, Marc profile iconRM-3Dec 1969 – Jun 1971Msg centerTrained and worked in Off Line Crypto in the msg center.
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Bond, Ronald RayRM3Jan 10, 1970 – Apr 20, 1974autovon
Gaeth, RobertRMSA/RMsnFeb 1970 – Sep 30, 1971Receiver SiteDid 3 tours at NCS Guam. First 2 at Receiver Site, third at Fleet Center, ASCOMM and FTOC.
Martin, DavidCYN3 and YN3Feb 1970 – Aug 197132 and Administration as YN3MSG Cntr (Crypto) as CYN and Admin as YN. ; USS PROVIDENCE CLG (6); COMDESRON 31 Staff. Out of NAV IN '74; BS in Agricultural. Worked in Agriculture until recent disability retirement.
Thomton, RonCTT3Mar 18, 1970 – Sep 9, 197124 div1/1/1/56 Great duty - great experience - great memories from 1970-71.A few life-long friends.
Cruz, ArtETR3Dec 1970 – Jul 197233Worked at Nimitz Hill Message Center as the KW-7 crypto-tech under Chief King, a great leader. Also maintained the facsimile equipment in Fleet Weather Central. Any ETs, CTs, or RMs remember me?
Messer, TomCTR31971 – 1972COMSECCOMSEC spaces were at NAVSTA but we were berthed at NAV COMMSTA (old barracks). Looking for Stew Lewis (DF), John Comer (COMSEC). Incredible experience!
Howard, WadeRM2, RM3Jan 1971 – Aug 1973315
Leslie, Barry (Les)CTR3May 21, 1971 – Jul 21, 1972Div 43Our assigned cheif was Holland...we had PO1 Hilch Lindsay some other names are seaman Marvin Ailstock...seaman Grieswald.....and a dude we called animal that was assigned to office daywork....we manned the net control..
Lingle, RonRM1Jul 1, 1971 – Jul 5, 1975Tech ControlI started out running the commuters and ended up in Tech control for the last 3 1/2 years there. I remember when they found the Japanese guy in the jungle in 1973. I lived on 102 M ST NAS.
Short, David profile iconRM3 - RMCS(SS)Aug 1971 – Aug 1973Receiver site -I must have been a Ghost! Started at SOSUS site, finished at Receiver site. Helped Coach Swim Team. Returned to the Island for Dive trip. , Finnegan is nearly deserted. But ready to Bloom again.
Ingalls, Terry profile iconRM2Oct 15, 1971 – Aug 15, 1977NAVCOMMPARS (Computer Deck Super)I loved it over there on Guam. I Programed and maintained the Univac/Sperry Rand Main-Frame Computer. The very first internet, before anyone had PC's. If anyone remembers that, Email me.
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