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USS Edson (DD 946) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Edson (DD 946). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 231 crew members registered for the USS Edson (DD 946).

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Campochiaro, FrankSN1958 – Oct 1960Electronics
Heath, Herbert Or DarrellFT31958 – 1961Fire ControlPlankowner but was left off original list
Kegley, Mike KegleyAEC (AW)Jul 7, 1958 – Oct 15, 1986I am the President of the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum and I am look for former crew members that are interested in what we are doing to bring the ex-USS Edson DD-946 to Bay City Michigan as a living museum to honor all Sailors that served on
Moyer, DougPNCOct 10, 1958 – Oct 15, 1960opsplankowner
Anderson, Mel (Andy)BT2Nov 8, 1958 – Jun 3, 1960EPlankowner, in charge of the after fireroom from 1-60/6-60. Went to far east during this time. Would like to hear from other plankowners.
Nauta, Jesus (Jesse)1959 –I would like to request adding my Fathers name to the crews list.He is a WW II Vet. and was serving on the USS Edson During his later part of his Naval career. My Fathers name was: "Jesus (Jess) S. Nauta" Thank you, Jesse Nauta
Bailey, BillySOG21959 – 1962FOX I was pretty nervous when I first came aboard the EDSON, but after a few weeks, it was like home to me.
Stockard, Virgil StockardRD2Mar 1959 – Jul 31, 19622 westpac trips, was postal clerk for a couple years.
Baglio, JosephE3/ ICMay 1959 – Nov 8, 1960IC RoomGreat Ship and great experience
Clemmons, Anthony FTG2May 1, 1959 – May 10, 1959FoxI wish to thank everyone for their dedication and hard work in providing the USS Edson with a new home . From May of 1959 to June of 1963 the Edson was both my home and my family . Greatest years of my life .
Haugen, JerryEN2Aug 1959 – Aug 1960R
Machocky, BobRM21960 – 1962OC
Parr, JohnPC31960 – 1962Ships OfficeWas first postal clerk, took over from RD2 Stockyard. Had Dave Risner as striker. Did 1 Westpac. Enjoyed it all.
Riggens, ArtBTFN1960 – 1961SnipeWas aboard in 1960 / 1961. Mustered out in Long Beach, California in June of '61.
Bredemeier, GeorgeLT1960 – 1962DESDIV 231Served as chaplain 1962 and 1963 (Dad) Would like to hear from anyone that might remember him.
Bedford, JohnSOG3Jan 1960 – Sep 1961FoxI enjoyed my time aboard Edson. She was a fine ship. I've maintained contact with a lot of my shipmates and it's always a blast when we get together. Reunion 2004 was outstanding. Can't wait for another.
Yohler, George YohlerETR2Jun 1960 – Jul 1962OIWould likely have shipped over if I hadn't been transferred to the Preston DD795
Greutman, Jack (Guts)IC31961 – Oct 1964TONKIN GULF INCIDENT A LOT
Carter, Leslie (Les)FT2Jan 1961 – Dec 1963Fox
Condon, JohnSM2Jun 20, 1962 – Oct 30, 1968OC [Commumications]Had 6 tours to Nam. At the time, I had more time on board Edson than any other sailor
Roberts, Edward (Ed)FTG 2Sep 16, 1962 – Aug 8, 1964FOXGreat times and people-'Will never forget Tim Miller, John Miller, Gene Evans, Dickerson, and all the other sailors in Fox Division. Never quit the ocean- in 2002 I sailed across the Atlantic in a 42' ketch.
Strange, GaryMM2-MMCJan 1963 – Nov 1967M& A
Liebetrau, Darrill (Moose)ET3Mar 8, 1963 – Mar 14, 1965ElectronicsAugust 1964, Gulf of Tonkin incident. Great ship and crew. Was about the best time of my life. One month of ops training in Hawaii in 63.
Sisco, TommieFTG2Sep 1963 – Jan 1967FoxReported aboard as SN. Became Lead Fire Control tech under Chief Oberfeld. Primary responsibility was MK 56 radar. Located just forward of Mt 32. Was part of the Tonkin Gulf.
Turtle, AlETN2Dec 1963 – May 1966OIStill dream of being on that ship. Great time in my life. Learned more than in college. I'll never forget philosophy on quarterdeck duty, the midwatch, in Hong Kong, with Gatz, Gunners Mate 1st.
Clark, RogerMM3Dec 1963 – Sep 1967M (Aft. Engine Room)I went aboard the Edson Right out of boot, I made my 1st WestPac cruise in 1964, was in the Tonkin Gulf in 1964. The best years of my life, had some real good times and meet some good friends. Was on her in 1967 when She got hit. God Bless all.
Sweeney, Archie profile iconFTG2Dec 1963 – Jan 30, 1966FoxI came onboard as seaman in 1st division. Thanks to Lt. Thayer I was transferred to Fox Division a and became Leading P.O. in 1965 when “Mother” Davis left. It was a great time, the Seattle World's Fair, Alaska trip
Rankin, JimBM31964 – 19661stGlad to see this website
McCrillis, Clarence. BuckGMG31964 – 1967SecondLost my Dad on June 20, 2019. He was proud to serve aboard the Edson
Henson, Stephen P.GMG 3Jan 1964 – Jul 1967Gunnery/ Gun Mount captain/ 3in./50 MT. 32Just found this web. page, & thought I would say Hi.
Goff, RobertRDSN/RD3Jan 1964 – Nov 1964OIOn board for West Pac Cruise 1964,Tonkin Gulf,. Great cruise for newbee. Retired OSC 1982. RTC Orlando, Fl. Reside San Mateo, Fl.
Anttila, RobertLTJan 1964 – Feb 1966Supply
Epperson, Butch (Norman)EN3Jan 18, 1964 – Aug 15, 1966Diesel MechanicI'm looking for ANYONE that remembers me on the Edson. My memory is impaired and I can't remember any names.
Irish, MarvinRD1Feb 1964 – Sep 1965OI
Kraus, RichardLT(jg)Jun 20, 1964 – Jun 14, 1965Weapons DeptUSS Edson was flagship of DesRon 13, along with USS Hubbard, USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy. All four ships involved in the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident", August 1964
Evans, Charles (Chuck)QM31965 – Aug 1967CommunicationWas quartermaster two tours Vietnam with Schwartz, Robles, Chief Frey, Hogland. Signalman Ramey, Condon, Catherman, Ski.
Richardson, NeilTM31965 – 1966FOXSome good times and a great crew
Johnson, PeterSTG2Apr 1965 – Sep 1969FOXRejoined Naval Reserve 1971. Retired USNR 1986 as Master Chief, BA degree History, minor in Anthropology, MA in American Studies. Now work for Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation giving tours for to school children in my retirement years. Fair seas to all.
Bearce, WayneFTG-3Jul 5, 1965 – Aug 16, 1967FoxNever forget the great times. Good liberty, great guys, exciting times.
Bailey, GaryFTG-2Jul 15, 1965 – Sep 15, 1968FOX and 2ndI have some very good memories about the crew. I spent a lot of long hours in Gun Plot conducting NGFS, especially in 1968. I would like to hear from Tommie Sisco.
Mc Nulty, FredCS/2Jul 15, 1965 – May 30, 1968supplyare there anyone from the west/pac tour of 1967/1968 im am looking for friends that were on her at that time
Bowman, KenSTG 2Oct 1965 – Jul 1970A SI have great memories of the Edson from the first day I arrived and reported to the mess hall for duty to the last time I saw her when the ship faded into the night after being highlined off her off of the VietNam coast
Lane, RichardBT2Oct 29, 1965 – Aug 6, 1969b
Robles, Anthony. NandoQM3Nov 1965 – Aug 29, 1967OCWas onboard when Edson was a true Warship. While there we had 13 knockdown, dragout gun fights with NVietnam shore batteries. My GQ sta. was the Battle Log, jotting running remarks of our battles in the QM Notebook
Murray, GeorgeMM2Dec 1965 – Jun 1966M DivisionLeft Edson as MMFN forward engine room

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