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USS Hull (DD 945) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hull (DD 945). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 196 crew members registered for the USS Hull (DD 945).

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Denzler, PaulLieut. (jg)1958 – 1960Electronics & CIC OfficerWas part of Pre-commissioning detail at Bath Iron Works, Maine then served on her thru the Canal to San Diego. Made 2 deployments to WestPac. Am shocked there aren't more of my shipmates registered here.
Warner, StanFT2Mar 1, 1958 – Jan 31, 1959FoxWould like to see if any of my old buddies are still around.
Vickers, BuzzSNMay 28, 1958 – Dec 15, 1959First divisionDanny Iurado BM3
Rudolph, William ( Bill )BT2Jun 26, 1958 – Dec 15, 1960E FWD FireroomOne of the best ships I ever served on. Good skipper (Cdr Ries, good food, fine crew and many good memories.
Zahn, RichardGMGCAug 30, 1958 – Jul 10, 1961I reported as a GMG3 and Left as a GMG2, I ret asa a GMGC in 1972
Pennington, CharlesGMOct 1958 – Mar 19602ndwas in 1st divison when I came aboard out of boot camp along with several others
Ericson, JimGM2Oct 20, 1958 – Apr 10, 19622ndFond memories of a great ship and crew.
Duenas, Francisco/frankSH3Nov 30, 1958 – Apr 19, 1965SupplyServiced under CDR. Ries and CDR. Feely. Retired 1974 in San Diego
Urbanec, JohnBT 31959 – 1963
Both, KarlSFP2 E5Jan 26, 1959 – Jan 22, 1963
Duenas, David/indianGM3Jun 28, 1959 – Jan 12, 19612ndI served with my brother aboard.Later I joined army & retired in 1979.I met GMC Zahn when I was stationed in Ft Wood,Mo.I also remember GM2 Erickson we made GM3 the same time. GMC Sink was our Chief. He was a great man. So as GM2 Dawkins
Barentsen, TerryBT3Oct 6, 1959 – Jul 10, 1963bserved in after fireroom bt1 young bt2 horton
Baliber, NeilETN3Oct 19, 1959 – Aug 15, 1962OI
Johnson, ChuckETR2Dec 1959 – Jul 1962
Edgar, CurtisRM 2Mar 1960 – Jan 1961USNAVCOMFACPHIL 10-58 to 3-60 RCVRBLDG USS BROWN DD 546 9-57 to 9-58 retired farmer/rancher living in Oklahoma
Colella, LouisIC2Mar 4, 1960 – Jul 18, 1963RPlease visit the USS Hull history site at:
Little, Gerald M.ctrsn/rmJun 10, 1960 – Dec 10, 1960radio communicationsCTR at San Miguel, P.I....1959-60...TAD USS Hornet, USS Bon Homme Richard 1959....after 2 year tour in P.I. ordered to report to the HULL in June of 1960 to complete my enlistment in December 1960..An honor/privilege.
Boyd, RasmussenE3Dec 1960 – May 1962EngeeringServed as Chief cook when I had KP duty. Worked in the engine room. Went to Electrician Mate School in spring of 1962. I left the Navy in 1966 as a EM3 (E4) after serving 2 years in Bremerton. I just moved back to Bremerton last year.
Lohrke, JimmyIC31961 – 1963R
Wolters, BobBT3Apr 23, 1961 – Mar 23, 1964B DivWas Ship Fitter then transfered to FFrm
Modell, RobertLTjg at the timeJun 7, 1961 – Aug 3, 1963SupplyWe hold a USS Hull Association reunion on a bi-annual basis. Next reunion is October 21-24, 2014 in San Diego CA.
Parfitt, GeraldRD1Feb 7, 1962 – Dec 12, 1967OII met the LORD on the Hull while in the Long Beach Naval Shipyard it was Jan 18th 1966. The most important day of my life of 75+years.
Stokesberry, MichaelQM2May 1962 – Nov 18, 1965OCQMCS James Ellis recruited me from 1st Division. I later worked for QM1 Billy Spain and QM1 Cyrus Moore and QMCS Robert Nelson. Team members included Charles Rangel QM2, Ernest Boyle QM2, Bryce Wellnitz QM3, Richard Higgins SN,
Breen, KennethFTG2`Jun 1962 – Jun 1965Gunnery
Barry, Bill (Bari Bari Or Bb)RD3Jun 1962 – Oct 1964OINickname was, "Bari Bari or BB. Left the ship in late 1964 for Radarman "B" school at Treasure Island. Stayed with the Navy on two more ships...amphibs. Numerous trips to the Nam. Left in 1971 as a RD1.
Cooney, GerryYNSN/YN3Aug 10, 1962 – Jun 23, 1963Ships OfficeCdr. Feely w/R.R.Hensen as exec. Remember Willie Solis, PN and the Gillespie brothers. Ariz State,career in television & film,one of the little people..sorry couldn't make reunion. Now Newport,OR living on nautical B&B.
Fries, LloydFTG2Oct 1962 – Mar 1963GunneryLast USN Ship. Good enough duty to ship over but college beckoned. I did retire USNR MCPO
Eglinton, GeorgeMM21963 – Jun 1966A GANG AIR CONDITIONING
Ashton, CharlesGMG1Jan 1, 1963 – Dec 30, 1963Would like to keep in touch with former crew members on the Hull. Would like to know if there are any reunions scheduled.
Rosenthal, RobertGMG-2Apr 1, 1963 – Oct 12, 1966Gunnery Viet Nam Service mount caption Mt.51 5" 54 rapid fire gun mount .
Wellnitz, Bryce (Nutz)QM2May 1963 – Sep 1968OCGreat Ship with a great crew!
Joe, LeppienETR3Oct 1963 – Aug 1966operations
Dailey, DuaneRD3Jan 1964 – Feb 1966OIHad loads of fun with Fred Bowman and LLoyd "Sweet Pea" Freeman.Was a great ship and many fine shipmates. Still recall a few who served with me aboard the USS McDermot. Phil 'ABE" Abrahamsom for one.
Hasselswerth, HarleyEM 2Feb 16, 1964 – Oct 27, 1967R-Div.I'd like reach and talk / write, whatever old shipmates that are still alive. Seems we are all diminishing in numbers.
McKechnie, JohnLT, SC, USNJul 1964 – Oct 1966SUPPLY1965 - First combat deployment
Bakke, Dennis "Deacon"gunnersmateAug 22, 1964 – Oct 27, 1966Uss HullI am Dennis Bakkes widow, and am searching for anyone who might remember him. The Hull was his first ship . Met him during the summer of 65, he had already made 1st tour.
McKechnie, JohnLT, SC, USNSep 1, 1964 – Jun 1, 1966SUPPLYCheck out the USS HULL ASSOCIATION REUNION OCTOBER 2010 LAS VEGAS
Dennison, DavidETR31965 – Sep 1968OISome of the best memories of my life were on this ship. I entered as a boy and left as man. I thank the guys that had directed me in the right direction and helped to shape my life.
Rotchstein Jr., Nells (Rocky)STG31965 – 1968Fox
Mahon, JeffreyETR3Jan 5, 1965 – Oct 21, 1966OperationsLooking for shipmates who were on the USS Hull DD945 during deployments in 1965 and 1966. Emphasis on our entry into Danang harbor and close in ops while escorting convoys up to the DMZ.
Wagner, James (Jim) profile iconEM2Jan 20, 1965 – Jan 9, 1967R DivisionLooking to re-connect with other personnel from USS Hull DD 945 specifically Electrician Mates or anyone who may remember me. Also looking for R division photo or a copy of the 1966-67 West Pac cruise.
Williams, Ken (Willy)RM3Mar 19, 1965 – Jun 15, 1967OCHull was my first and only ship I served on after Radioman school. She was a great ship with a great crew. I have many fond memories of serving aboard her. We had a great Radio crew to work with also.
Burns, AllensnMar 28, 1965 – Oct 28, 1968deck division
Dorsha, RickFTG-1May 16, 1965 – Dec 1, 1968Fox
Ford, Mike (Tiny)E3 FiremanJul 17, 1965 – Jul 17, 1967After Boiler Room/oil kingI learned a lot about what serving your country. We were on the line in the Tonkin Gulf & patroling up and down the Vietnam coast between Camron bay and the DMZ.providing Artillery support & escort for convoys.
Johnson, WilliamSTG 3Nov 14, 1965 – Nov 28, 1967Fox Division

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