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USS Bigelow (DD 942) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bigelow (DD 942). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 282 crew members registered for the USS Bigelow (DD 942).

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Fayle, JeffOS31975 – 1977OI
Chapman, GlennOS3Jan 1975 – Jun 1975Operations (CIC)England/Boisedorf write me
Kattenbraker, James profile iconRM2Mar 1975 – Oct 1977Opeerations
Adoryan, Don/aardvarkBT3Mar 1, 1975 – Sep 19, 1978Boiler TechLooking back wonder what everyone is up to: Jim (Jake) Sliger, Shorty Gardner, Jim Henry (Hank), Bert (Bertram), Don Odom, Tom Siems, Bill Grey, Bill McClosky, etc
Schiumo, Frankmm3Mar 7, 1975 – Sep 1977machinist mate
Lytle, JonathanETR3/2May 1975 – May 1978OEFirst tour. Anyone remember me as being labeled "subversive"? I finished my 22.5 year career as an LDO. Fond memories of time on DD942!
Beauchamp, TomMR2May 1975 – Aug 14, 1977A GangWas watching TV and it suddenly struck me, what the hell are you guy's up to?
Downing, LesTM2Jun 1975 – Dec 1979ASGood times Bad times 4 1/2 years on the same ship is a long time I'm on Face book or any one who remembers me give me a shout
Adoryan, AardvarkBT-3Jun 1975 – Sep 19, 1978EngineeringForward fire room, 1975 to Sept 1978
Rock, GeorgeBT-2Jul 3, 1975 – Oct 22, 1976B DivI went aboard Bigelow after shoreduty, made a med cruise on her and was discharged from her in 1976
Robinson, SteveJul 20, 1975 – Mar 25, 1977seamani worked on the captains gig and whale boat when i wasn't hiding like everyone else! man, i miss those days.i caught up with the ship in rota spain while they were on a 6 month med cruise.mike shimkus and tim wagner will remember me.
Gorick, SamSTG3Aug 1975 – Jan 1979as
Torres, WilliamBT PO 3RD CLASSSep 22, 1975 – Sep 22, 1978engineringLagging king in the forward boiler room. Looking to touch base and shoot the breez with shipmates who served with me. Looking back, best time of my life.1976 cruise up the coast, 2 Med. cruises. Who can forget Palma?
Davis, PeteHM/2Oct 1975 – Sep 1978corpsman
Lawson, Gary firemanNov 5, 1975 – Jul 29, 1978mAs I get older,pushing 60.I am glad that I got to spend time on BIGELOW,and to be part of the greatest NAVY IN the world.,my friend rj reynolds and I came on board ship by helo,in nov. 1975 med cruse.
Proctor, Gerald/ DocHMCNov 27, 1975 – Dec 2, 1976Medical/AdminHad to shoot her. She was a good old grayhound.
Dooley, Vernard / JayBTFADec 1975 – Dec 1976
Henry, Jim (Hank)BT-3Dec 24, 1975 – Jul 13, 1979Looking for Ardvark, Jake, Bert, Jim Hill or any BT's and any OLD Shipmates. Especially helo crash in Med. sea Jan.19 ,1978 whoever was 01 Level or fantail when crash ocurred.
Ravida, MarkQM31976 – 1978QuartermasterMet ship in Siracusa Sicily. Great times with Frank Schuimo, Harvey Harris, Louis Martinez and Tony Melendez. Cuddly Bull rocked!
Riedel, NormanHT3Jan 1976 – Jun 1979
Gaylord, TomMM3Jan 3, 1976 – Jul 12, 1979EngineeringGreat Med cruises! Miss all mates, Jim Henry, Crispy, John Bansley, Marty Martinez, Frank Schiumo, Richard Gates, Kenny Allen and others. Now doing chemistry at Nuclear Power Plant in South Florida.
Darby, Robertos3Mar 1976 – Dec 1979operations specialistlooking for the old team
Cervino, JackIC3Mar 1976 – Sep 1979E Divisionain't the intardnet great?
Brown, Nathaniel J profile iconMM1 to MMCMar 1976 – Apr 1981M DivisionWould like to touch bases with old crew members. Had a blast the 5 + years on board. Great memories with a great crew. Phalanx test platform. Med deployment and two winters in South Boston so called Shipyard.
Doyle, Mike / DiscoEN 3Mar 10, 1976 – Mar 16, 1979R - A GANGWorked on Reefer decks.Did one Med cruise.Left Harbor House Hotel where 200 crewmembers saw Areosmith perform during Boston/drydock repairs.Yeah Baby
Wallace, JimET2Apr 1976 – Apr 1980ET01Would love to hear from anyone during this time. Live in Lakeland, FL.
Boyd, JimMM2Apr 1976 – Nov 4, 1979Engineering
Allen, JohnE2Apr 26, 1976 – May 8, 1978machist mate
Butler, TonyMM3Jun 1976 – Sep 1978MDid Phalanx 77( ?) Med 77/78 ; Auto /pedestrian accident September 78. Heard Boston was COOL !
Krause, RobertRM2Jun 1, 1976 – Aug 20, 1978OperationsI have fond memories of my time aboard, the crew I served with and the places we went. I am retired now after working for the US Postal Service for 38 years.
Young Jr., FredE-1Jun 5, 1976 – Nov 1976Pacific fleet
Thomas, DavidE4/RadiomanSep 4, 1976 – Apr 16, 1977radiomanI remember we were on the beach in florida when the shore patrol pulled up, we dropped the weed and you were such a stand up guy you took the fall. I will never forget that. You were one cool dude.
Grasso, PaulGMG SMSep 10, 1976 –WEP
Van Camp, Barry J. VancampGMG2Oct 29, 1976 – Nov 7, 1980WeaponsCan't believe they sunk her; kind of makes me feel bad thinking about that.
Mulford, LennyMM3Dec 28, 1976 – Dec 21, 1980M Division
Hall, Bob (Cheese-please!)HT31977 – 1981WOW! Some can't get that through AAA today! Looking for contacts just to say 'HEY!' and maybe sip a cold one together some day. Remember Boston...the Harbor Hotel, Fenway Park and more bars that could possibly be done.
Martinez, Carl "Marty"GMG21977 – 1980WeaponsLots of memories of the Med cruise & the Shipyards @ Boston. Sorry to see that they sunk her in a SinkEx. If any crewmembers from that time would like to email me feel free to drop a line or two. Glad to find this site.
McCaffrey, Tony (Smacky)E-31977 – 1978Aft FireroomLooking for old BT's. Oil Shack, Forward and Aft Boiler rooms. Crispy, Henry, Hanson, Massey, Aardvark, Bert, Chicago Willie Torres, Larrimore... I used to set up my stereo system on the fantail when we were steaming !!
Peterson, Charles (Chuck) BagnobadRM31977 – 1978operationsStill talking about the experience I had on the Bigelow and the wonderful 1977-1978 Med Cruise. Go Navy!
Pearsall, LesterFTG3Jan 1977 – Jan 1981
Buscemi, MarkFTG3Jan 21, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980Fire ControlHope all is well with former friends
Kerns, MikeMR3Apr 1977 – Oct 4, 1980A Gangcame aboard in mayport.went on the med.shipyard in boston.back to mayport.shared compartment with R Div.good guys and a lot of memories
Adamczewski, MichaelRM2Apr 5, 1977 – Jul 25, 1979OPERATIONS
Smith, AlfredLTJGJun 1977 – May 1980Engineering/MPAWould like to here from those from the black gang, and the boxing team.
Ervin, GeraldBT3Jun 2, 1977 – Oct 19, 1979B DivisionFireroom
Zinnel, MarkSTG1 (SW)Jul 4, 1977 – Jul 4, 1981SONAR"Have Guns Will Travel". She was old, slow directors for the guns but I carried every one of her 750 rounds per mount more than once. Remember a TM2 launching his tool bag onto the pier during an air slug test.
Farrell, TimCOMMANDER, USNR, RETIREDSep 1977 – Sep 1980M then 1stM Division Officer September 1977 through end of Med deployment July 1978, First Lieutenant through overhaul at General Ship Corporation August 1978-May 1980, transferred to Naval Officer Candidate School Staff September 1980.
Benfield, DarrinSNSep 20, 1977 – Jan 11, 19801ST DIV.
Haddock, DennisSK1Nov 1977 – Jul 1979Supply DeptI first came aboard the USS Bigelow in Maport, FL. First deployment was to the Med for six months. We was sent to Boston Mass for refit. That was the year the Bay froze over and we could watch the ice sailboats.
Day, Reid DaySTG2Nov 26, 1977 – Jan 20, 1980ASMed cruise, Harbour house, left during yard peroid due to knee injury. Went back just in time for Persian Gulf cruise.

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