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USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 165 crew members registered for the USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602).

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Page, Robert (Bob)TM 2 (SS)1968 – 1970WepsAnyone know how to contact Capt. Shepherd M. Jenks? Remember the mid-patrol 16 oz snap top?
Uhl, SteveSK3(SS)1968 – 1971SupplyIt was a great time in my life. Many good memories.
Blackburn, Tom (Blackie)ET-1 (SS)1968 – 1971EngineeringHonored to have been a part of this crew.
Malone, DennieFTG1(SS)1968 – 1972Fire Controlgreat memories
Jiminez, Martin (Marty) profile iconYN21968 – 1971Admin
Spaulding, Brian "Bud"MTC(SS)Feb 1968 – Jan 1970Missile
Guenthner, DanielMT1(ss)Mar 9, 1968 – Jun 13, 1972MissileI have great memories of my years on the Lincoln
Miller, DannyEM2(SS)Apr 1968 – Dec 1968Electrical/Nuclear
Hall, MarvinIC2May 1968 – Jun 1970EngineeringSix patrols and nothing to show for it. Got out after 6 years, did not extend for pro pay or nothing. But loved it all the way and went to college to become engineer. Became accountant instead
Christensen, RoySTS 3Aug 12, 1968 – Dec 6, 1971Deck, SonarSingularly the most formative part of my life. Would do it again. Met many fine young men and women. Learned the meaning of teamwork.
Berman, StuartET1 SSSep 1968 – May 1975Navigation
Hess, JohnMM!(SS)Dec 1968 – Dec 1971M-DivOutstanding Boat and Crew
Dilley, PatrickMT2(SS)1969 – 1974MissileBest time of my life. Was on 7 patrols, including bringing the Ship back to the states. Requalified after overhaul in California, then left for Bangor Weapons facility in Washington. Spent whole time with Blue Crew.
Smith, KenYN1(SS)Jan 1969 – Dec 1970Leading YeomanLoved the Lincoln, my first FBM, but not the last. Ron Eytchison was XO, he is now a retired VADM.
Snyder, RaymondFTB1Mar 29, 1969 – Aug 19, 1971WEAPONSTo the FTB gang that I served with Joe Cummings,Roy Piper, and Malcolm Wilkinson. We had the time of our lives
Snyder, RaymondFTB1Mar 29, 1969 – Aug 29, 1971WeaponsTo the members of my of my FTB gang Joe Cummings, Roy Piper and Malcom Wilkinson the best times of my life. Will also remeber Marty on the Missile gang and Mike the big Torpedoman.
Walker, NolanMM1May 9, 1969 – May 9, 1972Nuc Mechanical
Abney, HaroldEM2(SS)Jun 5, 1969 – Jun 15, 1971EQualified on 1st patrol with Captain Jenks. Qualified nuke also, whew... Made 4 patrols, 3 cold, and one warm Met a lot of quality men on my tour with the Lincoln.
Balzer, EricETR2Sep 1969 – May 1972NucIncredible education - served me well my whole life --> even though I hated being in the Navy.
Dick, Robert profile iconSAOct 1, 1969 – Sep 25, 1970DeckThe most memorable people I met in the Navy were from the Abraham Lincoln. To our guitar playing shipmates Pete Kristoff and Stuart Berman. You made the barracks tolerable, and thanks Roy Piper for the music underway.
Christoph, PeteETN-2(SS)1970 – 1974NavI'd do it all again!
Flood, RobertQM31970 – 1972nav/opsBest job ever, made 4 north Atlantic patrols & have many fond memories would do it again and reccomend it to anyone who can hack it (thick skin required) Scotland was a blast hope to visit there sometime soon.
Williams, Herman Chilly WillyYN31970 – 1972Admin
Hildonen, Keith (Groat)ETN2(SS)1970 – 1974NavLooking for "Hawkeye", "Trapper", "Fish" or any of the other NavEts - Found Lundby - Scared the hell out of him.
Zidzik, Michael - ZidMT1(SS)1970 – Jul 1975Weapons/MissileFive runs out of Holy Loch/Transit run thru Panama/overhaul at MINSY/Transit Panama again/DASO exercise/Two runs out of Guam/Discharged from TI,CA/Worked at MINSY for 20 yrs./Retired 1995. Served on both Gold/Blue crews
Cummings, JamesEM11970 – 1974E divisionThe more years that go by, the more important the 6 years I spent in the Navy become. It was an accomplishment I’m still proud of, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time.
Troller, RobertET1(SS)Jan 1970 – Jul 1974NavBest time of my life
Boron, WilliamE1Jan 6, 1970 –Admin
Wood, Alan/ajwoodMT2Mar 1, 1970 – May 1, 1980
Everhart, RayFTG2Mar 14, 1970 – May 17, 1972WeaponsGreat times. I would go again in a second. Now many medical problems now.Any submariner out there sick contact me. Love to reconnect with any. My old roommates Woody from NY or Ronnie from AL. I'm from CO in Texas now.
Stevens, JerryE5Mar 15, 1970 – 1974nuke
Troller, RobertET1Apr 1970 – Jul 1974Navigation
Klus, Vincent SantaQM3Apr 15, 1970 – Jun 20, 1974NavigationFirst COB Howie Booth, Last Doc McCance. Bill Kee Lead QM
Rick, KennethSN1May 1, 1970 – Feb 14, 1971Ship's mess, Topside watch, Planesman, Laundry QueenI was USNR , & one of the very few Jews who rode SSBN602. Fond memories of Fat Jack, Dunoon barhogs, Hugo, Herb Zimmerman, Tony Sohr, Robert Flood, the Doc, & being a bridge lookout when we dived. I am up for a re-union with the living
Kingan, JimRM2(SS)May 8, 1970 – Oct 10, 1974Radio
Henderson, EmmettRM1 (SS)Jun 1970 – Jun 1975RMEnjoyed everything but the yard period at Mare Island.
Obler, Michael (Obie)TM2(SS)Aug 1970 – Jun 1974LauncherGreat friends. Great memories.
Reed, BillLTDec 5, 1970 – Mar 4, 1974Deck RC Aux Comm Ops RC
Jones, MattYN21971 – May 1974Admin
Coyle, Paul (Bigfoot)FTB 2Feb 1971 – Oct 1975WeaponsBlue crew before MI. Gold crew after. Made 2 trips through the cannel.
Myers, Dalemm1Mar 1971 – Jan 1976AFirst sub, retired in 1992
Schreiber, RayTM2(SS) LCHRMay 1971 – Jun 1974WeaponsTwo runs out of the south & one north to the ice. Took to MINSY for overhaul in 72 with two transits of the Canal. Did 35 more years working at PSNS watched her being cut-up, & have a piece of pressure hull.
Henderson, Dennis.eSTS3(SS)Jun 8, 1971 – Dec 25, 1974SONAR A TRUELY MEMORABLE TIME IN MY LIFE.
Heppner, BillET1Dec 1971 – Feb 1976NavETWe did have a pretty good time. Where did Ron Braun end up?
Brown, DavidIC2(SS)Dec 1971 – 1972Forward ICOne patrol. Crew combined for overhaul and I moved on.
Augustine, John AugieMM3/MM2( SS)Dec 1971 – Apr 1972A gangMade one run, qualified one run 58 days and got MM2 same time. Great time in Holy Loch. Good CO and crew fun. Took a chiefs place on Tullibee SSN 597 heart attack/emergency or would have went to yards.

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