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USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 165 crew members registered for the USS Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602).

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Norris, ChuckCS3(SS)1960 – 1961SupplyAfter putting the ship in commission I only made the 1st Gold crew patrol. & it was the only nuke I was on.It was a great ship & crew
Romas, Gregory profile iconRMCJan 1960 – May 1962CommunicationsEnjoyed my time in Holy Loch, met my wife in Glasgow. Best thing that ever happened to me !
Pyle, Robert (Bob)(gomer)TM2(SS)Feb 7, 1960 – Jun 12, 1963WeaponsPlank Owner
Carroll Wren Clement, ClemEM1 ( SS )Sep 1, 1960 – 1962EngineeringGold Crew - Comissioning Crew
Pyle, Robert (Bob)TM2(SS)Oct 22, 1960 – Jun 6, 1962Weapons (Torpedo Room)Fantastic Crew and ship. many great memories and friends.
Gehring, CharlesHMC(SS)1961 – 1963Health PhysicsI lived in Hampstead, NC until my wife died, then moved to Oak Grove, KY.
Pyle, RobertTM2 (SS) (P2)Feb 7, 1961 – Jun 12, 1963Weapons
Curtis, KenTM3(SS)Apr 1961 – Feb 1963Weapons (TR)
Moran, Lynn (Bugs)QM3(SS)Jul 12, 1961 – Sep 5, 1963QMMy first boat out of sub-school, Tons of great memories, including the station keeper anchor, Negtive tank, Gyro stablelizer, mess cooking/seaman gang. Red (Dog) Davis COB. Falling in lust in Scotland. Greatest Crew!!!
Ruff, RonaldRM11962 – 1965CommunicationsGold Crew
Powell, RogerMT2(SS)1962 – 1964Blue Crew
Bailey, MichaelMT2(SS)Mar 5, 1962 – Mar 15, 1963MissileIt was my first Boomer, it was challenging work with a great crew. I remember being up all the time. Only made two patrols, qualified and transferred to Danial Boone SSBN 629-Blue. Miss those days!
Van Camp, Earlemt1 ssMay 4, 1962 – Sep 30, 1965wepsGreat shipmates & plenty of good times in the Holy Loch, along with plenty of challenging jobs. Made 8 runs before she went back to overhaul.
Johnson, JerrySK2(SS) - SKCS(SS)Sep 1962 – May 1965SupplyLove to hear from my RPPO's
Love, ThomasET2Oct 1962 – Jun 1965Reactor TechChief Ragland was my section leader.
Whitlow, BobbyEMCNov 1962 – Nov 1963Electrical
Smith, Douglas (D.r.)RMCM(SS)Dec 25, 1962 – Sep 20, 1965RadioWas brought aboard just prior to patrol; replaced a Radioman (Lynch) who had to go to hospital; was a "Screaming Seaman"; my Sea-Daddy was Plankee Billy Patrick RM1(SS)...."LEGS" Law (MM), became my on-the-beacher.
Lambert, JimQMC(SS)Jan 1963 – Dec 1969NavigationJim Lambert went on Eternal Patrol on June 3, 2012 @ 5:55am.
Perry Becknell, TomMACHINIST MATE FIRST CLASSMar 15, 1963 – Sep 9, 1967ENGINEERING
Mulcahy, Mike MulcahyTM1 (ss)Sep 1963 – May 1972Weapons
Morrill, John/john P.EN1/MM1/MMC(SS)1964 – Sep 1968'M'Changed rating from EN1 (SS) to MM1(SS) and finally made chief just before last tour of shore duty and retirement
Dolgos, GeorgeMT2SS1964 – Dec 1965MissileUSS John Marshall SSBN 611 !966 1969
Cooper, DonaldcplApr 12, 1964 – Oct 17, 19642nd Btl 6th Mar, Camp Lejeune, N. C,On Med cruise to France, Italy, Spain,Malta,Turkey,Palermo. Cpl in the Marines loved the Monrovia. Dates might be a little off but it was in 1964.
Brown, LawrenceET1Aug 10, 1964 – Dec 31, 1964NAVRetired 1 July 1974 as ETC
Barrell, EdETN3(SS)1965 –RCMade last blue patrol before overhaul. Qualified ships quals in one run.
Clark, CharlesETSN(SS)1965 – 1965Seaman GangMade last Blue patrol before first overhall. Qualified SS in one patrol. We came in 100& qualifeid.
Sherley, TomETN3(SS)Mar 22, 1965 – Aug 23, 1965Seaman Gang
Wolfe, Ray WolfeET1Jun 1965 – Jun 1969Nav
Cruz, Rogelio Jorge S.Aug 17, 1965 – Oct 1965
Coplin, LarryRM2 (SS)1966 – 1969CommunicationsOn board in Electric Boat Overhaul period, made 5 patrols. Had great commanding officers in Capt. M.S. Terrass and Capt. Shepherd M. Jenks. Crew was great and I had complete confidence in them. God Bless them all.
Patterson, GarySK3(SS)1966 – 1970SupplyRefit at General Dynamics, Carribean run, (5) patrols out of Holy Loch. Great memories of my fellow crewmen and the 602. To me, it was like living in a science fiction movie for 4 years. Really miss the those poker games
Smith, Johnnymm21966 –M
Andress, M. JayMM1(SS)Jun 30, 1966 – Jun 19, 1970MRecently reconnected with Larry Shamus, Ray Hotstream, and Al Wyatt. Looking for other who served 602 same time.
Scott, KenEM2(SS)Aug 15, 1966 – Jun 20, 1969EMade 3 deterrent patrols out of Holy Loch, Scotland after overhaul and refueling and missile conversion at Electric Boat. Highlight was missile test shot 1967.
Morphy, John/ MorphMM2(SS)Sep 1, 1966 – Mar 6, 1969Engineering (primary gang)
Kass, Tonyet1Dec 1966 – Dec 1969navwould enjoy hearing from any old shipmates.boy,liberty in holy loch was awesome.
Cook, GaryTM3(SS)Dec 1966 – Jan 1970DeckI was battle station helm for 6 patrols until I was transfered to the Nautilus. My Exec, Orzali lent me to the Simon Lake to play for their basketball team.
Shamus, Larrymm11967 – 1970m-divisionlooking for old ship mate jay andress
Phillips, JoeMM31967 – 1970MAINTENANCE
Sutton, DennisSTS2(SS)1967 – 1970Sonar GangAn experience that stays with you your entire life.
Trojanowski, Jerry (Spanky)FTG2(ss)1967 – 1970WeaponsAnyone out there I should remember? How about Wittig & Christopherson?
McKenzie, Robert ("tex")STS2(SS)Jan 1967 – Dec 1969OperationsOn 1st Blue crew after the boat became A3 capable in 1967. Sitting "on the (sonar) gear" for first A3 test missile shot. Quite a ride! Made 5 runs total. Enjoyed the fun in Dunoon and Glasgow on liberty!
McKenzie, RobertSTS2(SS)Jan 3, 1967 – Dec 17, 1969OPS (Sonar)Made 5 patrols on the Lincoln Blue crew, including many boring hours at sea. Enjoyed seeing Scotland. I crossed the quarterdeck of our sub-tender Simon Lake (AS-33) enroute to many liberty hours in Dunoon or Glasgow.
Pawlicki, PaulSTS-3(SS)Mar 1967 – Jun 1970Sonar
Rostan, TomCS2SSMar 1967 – Mar 1970SupplyMemorys of Scotland and good friends stay with me after all these years
Hughes, Tommye "hugo"E-4May 21, 1967 – Oct 24, 1970QuartermasterI always figured I was the class clown of SSB(N) 602 Gold. Honestly I had a lot of growing up to do and with the help of COB Richard Elliott and the Fire Control Techs Christopherson/Whittig and K.D. White
Schipper, StuETN2SSAug 1967 – Jun 1970NavigationGreat times enjoying the bauty of Scotland and the cold rough seas of the North Atlantic. Loved listening to 60's songs on radio 1 Luxumberg

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