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SIMA San Diego Crew List

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There are 76 crew members registered for the SIMA San Diego.

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Bell, DarraghMR3May 24, 1973 – May 24, 197531-A
Sorensen, DavidHT2Jun 1, 1977 – Jul 1, 1979sheetmetal shopworked in tool room rode a Harley w/sidecar
Mullikin, Jonathan/ JonHT1/E-6Aug 1979 – Sep 1981Sheetmetal Shop 17-AWorking for the Master Chief Nolen, taught me alot. He kept pushing me to do more
Berk, Jason (Jon)HTDec 1979 – Apr 1981Repair 11a
Adams, Forreste11980 – 1982secondjust want to find out what happend?
Clifford, EscoeMM 21980 – 1982VALVE SHOP
Woodbury, ChuckIC1/SS1980 – 1982IC/Electrical
Curtis, DonMM3Jan 1980 – Oct 1981PUMP REPAIR/PLANNERFirst worked in pump repair but then was moved into the office as a Planner until getting selected to the Pre-Com crew of the New Jersey.
Bell, DarraghMR2Oct 17, 1980 – Oct 17, 198231-A
Swanson, Stevensk21981 – 1982supplyshore duty.
Tichi, AllenBT2Sep 1981 – Sep 1983Boiler repair shop
Lemire, Charles "Max"GMT1Sep 10, 1981 – Sep 1, 1983Gun Shop & QA
Markowitz, DavidDC1SW1982 – 1984SHOP 11 TOOL ROOMran the tool room for the two years I was there, with my crew of eight pregnant young ladies, one lady with a broken arm, and one male with a broken leg. But still a wonderful crew,, one of the best workforce
Guarin, AlexBT11982 – 1984Automatic Boiler Control
Thompson, BillHT2/HT1Mar 1982 – May 1984Shipfitter Shop
Ramsay, TracyBM31983 – 1984Shop 74B
McPike, LarryHT21983 – Jun 10, 198611 alphalooking for anyone that served at 11 alpha late83 to mid 86
Brownlee, AlphonsoE6/STG1983 – 1986ASW
Wilkinson, KenHT2Mar 1983 – Apr 1985R1 56AGreat Command Go Padres
Stlouis, Andre profile iconIC2(SW)Mar 1983 – May 1985ElectricalWorked and partied with a great crew of Interior Communications Electricians. Recall the wild times we had during our younger days! Great location to be stationed at.
Gaffett, JeffM R 21984 – 1986USS Ajax 1984-1986Oh, we were young!
Jewell, DanIC21984 – 1986Electrical Shop 51G
Champion, AnthonyMr1Apr 12, 1984 – Apr 30, 198632A
Gray, Michael profile iconHT1Aug 1984 – Aug 1986Hull Branch Shop 56A Pipe ShopStarted out as Shop Supply and Safety Training P.O., did that for about a year. Then became a Crew Chief for a year. Worked with a bunch of great guys and friends. Also played First Base for the Shop softball team.
Pitz, KurtET3May 1985 – May 1987Shop 67ALoved shore duty in San Diego!
Salisbury, BrianEW2Nov 19, 1985 – Apr 29, 1989Shop 67AGreat shore duty
Crowe, PhillipFC21986 – 1989FC ShopHad a good time in 3 years. was really good working with those people played alot of golf didn't do a lot but that was what shore duty is for
Matushek, Andrew, "Andy"EMCSSep 1986 – Mar 1990IC ShopWould love to correspond with any old shipmates. Looking for IC1 Dardy Zerke.
Searcy, JamesYNCAug 1987 – Oct 1991Human Resources StaffIndependent Duty as Equal Opportunity Specialist Large command not very easy to get close to anyone and do my job well - so I did the job well.
Leeson, Russell profile iconE-41988 – 1989Inside rigging
Adams, PatrickMR21988 – 199131A
Cortez, DavidEM2May 17, 1988 – Jun 15, 199051A Rewind ShopWhere are all the EMs? Had a good time at this facility, but my time was cut short and was sent to Panama before the end of my shore tour, so had to leave good old San Diego, loved it there.
Bustos, AlbertoSK2/E-5Sep 8, 1988 – Nov 11, 1991EXPEDITINGHi, Eaton, Teitz, and Cabillo
Panlilio, TolitsSK1May 1989 – Sep 1992SupplyJust checking for my homboys
Tiefenauer, RichardHTC1990 – 1999Reserve UnitDrilling Reservist out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Hall, WalterGMG21990 – 199338B Gun ShopThis is one of the places I learned the most about repairing Guns. Loved it. Awesome Folks!
Hohl, Gary profile iconMM1Jan 1, 1990 – Jan 1, 199438 AOutside Machine Shop
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Fairfield, LarryMR11991 – 1992Safety DepartmentRetired
Kyte, GaryLCDR1991 – 1993EWEWC in charge of the SLQ-32 shop
Anderson, John (Tex) profile iconhtfn1992 – 199311-A shipfittersgood times .made a lot of good friends .
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Kats, LyndahlDCCS(SW)1992 – 1994PlanningWorked as a planner/estimator at SIMA San Diego.
Dorn, William MarkMMC1992 – 1994SHIP SUP
Block, Walter (Walt)MMC1992 – 1993Repair PlanningDefinitely a heavy learning curve. Great group again.
Mozee, MelanieIC31992 –Engineering
Gray, Michael profile iconHTCFeb 1992 – May 1996Hull Branch Shop 26Z Weld Requal ShopmasterRetired during this tour. Responsible for the welding requalification of SIMA and shipboard welders. Played First Base for SIMA's Chiefs softball team (Team Motrin). Went undefeated one year and won SIMA championship.
Leggett, DavidEW1/E6Jun 20, 1992 – Sep 5, 1995Shop 67Doing repairs on SD CA ships I renewed old friendships and made new ones. I became Shopmaster & met the Secretary of Defence while giving him a tour of the shop emphasizing costs savings to keep it from being closed.
Clary, ChristopherBTNov 1992 – Nov 1994Shop 57A

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