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USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 122 crew members registered for the USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640).

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Engelberger, Charlieen2ss1964 – 1967aux
Shaffer, William (Bill)MM1(SS)1964 – 1968M DivisionReported to pre commissioning crew at EB. Was original log room person and was MM2(SS) at that time. After commissioning Made MM1(SS) and made six patrols before discharge from Navy. Was the best duty in my Navy career.
Schwartz, Jr., ErnestTM1(SS)Aug 9, 1964 – May 2, 1968WeaponsPlank owner gold crew. Made 5 patrols. Out of the 4 commands I served on the 640 was the best. Best GOLD crew. Came aboard as TMSN left making TM1(SS) .CO presented me my Father dolphins to me on patrol 1966.
Chiappi, BillEMC(SS)Sep 10, 1964 – Aug 10, 1968ElectricalServed on launching and commissioning crew and six subsequent patrols. Wonderful guys and lots of good times as well as hard work. Made Warrant Officer on last patrol.
Heltsley, James/ji MET1(SS)Oct 1964 – Oct 1967NavigationNew construction, made all sea trials and shake down cruise transit to Pearl and completed three patrols.
Azbill, Gerald (Gary)MM2 ss1965 – 1969auxiliarytransferred to ssbn623 in 69. discharged in 71.
Maloney, DickEN(3) SSJul 28, 1965 – Aug 15, 1968A GangPlank owner, on 1st deep dive since Thresher sinking, 5 Pacific patrols, "Guam is Good", great Hawaiian memories.
Swartz, BernieET1SSSep 1965 – Jul 29, 1967NavigationJoined crew during construction in New London as SINS tech. Completed all shakedown and PSA in Newport News, VA. Can't forget the snow! Made 3 patrols following transfer to Hawaii.
Deveau, John profile iconMMC(SS)Sep 1965 – Jan 1970MachineryPlank owner, reported late in pre-comm as a Nuc EN1/ELT. Qualed in submarines on 1st patrol. Rating changed from EN1 to MM1 during 2nd refit in Guam. Made 6 patrols 1st from HI then to Guam. Made Chief Dec 1969.
Estes, W.c.SK2 (SS)Mar 1966 – 1969SupplyKept the boat supplied and Stood Sonar watches underway, Great group of guys, wonderful experiences
Amick, GlenSWK(SS)Jul 15, 1966 – Mar 1, 1968Supply
Sisson, DaveE5Sep 1966 – May 1969Sonarman STS E5I made 5 patrols on the Benjamin Franklin, based out of Guam. Great memories and great times.
Coughlin, Jack2ND CLASS PO TORPEDOEMAN / LAUNCHER TECH.1967 – 1970Weapons Gang - Missile CompartmentCame aboard from Dam Nick, VG as Seaman 2nd Class and left as 2nd Class PO. Had 4 patrols before taking her from Gaum, to Charlston, to New London into the shipyard, the long way around. Was transfered off for not re-enlisting for two more years.
Slaughter, DavidFTG2(SS)1967 – 1969WeaponsOn commissioning crew as Gold, then was transferred to Blue. Made 5 patrols, then on to Sub School Instructor. Transferred to merchant marine, retired as Captain 1992.
O'Ryan, TerryMM2 SSMar 1967 – 1970MachineryHi to everyone.
Smith, PeteET 1Mar 17, 1967 – Apr 19, 1970Navigation
Tingwall, JerrySTS2 (SS)Apr 1967 – Dec 1969Sonar
Obrecht, Robert ( Obie )MM2 (SS)Jan 7, 1968 – Jan 22, 1971A GangHad a great time and alot of fun on auxilliarymen forward watch. Water gun fights with captain for two patrols. Didn't like Guam, armpit of the pacific.
Jackson, MichaelMM2 SSJun 1968 – 1970Machinist mateAssume Boat & crew!
Smith, CraigMM-3Jun 10, 1968 – Nov 5, 1970Engineering
Miller, Brian/bwTM1/SSSep 1968 – Dec 1974WeaponsMy 2nd sub. Came on the 640 as a seaman - left as a TM1. We all worked hard and played hard. She was the best in her day and I think of many of my ex-shipmates often. Longest patrol was 77 days submerged - the long way from Guam to Groton.
Freyn, RaymondMM1Sep 3, 1968 – May 1, 1973M Division
Johnson, EdEM21971 – Jun 10, 1971EMI was in the blue crew and left the boat in the ship yard.
Campbell Sr., Michael (Soupy)RM1(SS)May 1971 – Mar 1974Operations Radio GangPicked this one up in the yards at EB. Good boat. Good people. No one should forget the El Bolero, Alfies, and the drink the Three Deuces...Lots of good memories.
Johnson, Charles profile iconTMSN/TM3(SS)Aug 1971 – Jul 1974TM/Launcher Tech (Missile Compatrment)Reported @ EB Groton. Assigned to Gold crew with TMC Bishop TM1 Foltz, TM2 Cameron, TM3 Hager/Rook/Miller.Got out Jul74, Reenlisted Jan77 as PN3 thru YNC switched to US ARMY Dec88 and retired 1998 as SFC.
Mook, DonaldEM2Oct 1971 – Dec 1972EI was the Throttleman when we sank the tug, actually the tug back over our stern planes and sunk itself.
Bryant, HarryRM3 & RM2(SS)1972 – Oct 1976CommunicationsReported onboard while she was in EB for Poseidon upgrade. Made 7 Med patrols then off to shore duty.
Robert, FloodQM3 ss1972 – 1973NAV/OPShello
Fetters, ThomasHMCMar 10, 1972 – Oct 20, 1974medicalremember the med and rotta. and Shipyard
Kelly, Patrick?Mar 19, 1972 – May 9, 1975?anybody know what idid? had a great time i think
Gossett, LeoQM3Dec 1, 1972 – Dec 1, 1974Quartermaster / very young / troubled / though I did qualify in less than 2 patrols. Out of Rota and Groton.
Soden, BobMM1(SS) 1973 – 1976Engineering
Watkins, DerekQM2(SS)1973 – 1976Quartermaster
Stebbins, RichardEM1(SS)May 1, 1973 – Aug 1, 1975Engineering-Nuke ElectricanMade 4 Patrols out of Rota Spain. Earned Dolphins on my second patrol.
Rainey, JohnE6 ElectricianJun 1973 – Aug 1979ElectricalI great growth time in my life. Lots of living and lots of learning. Set a standard to measure how i lived the rest of my life so far. Some good folks and some jerks.
Barlow, PeterIC2Sep 1973 – May 1975IC
Albert, Jimmy (Prince)QMSNOct 13, 1973 – Feb 19, 1975NavigationI am currently the Secretary of the USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 Association. Currently a US Merchant Marine Captain aboard the M/V Naples Princess and own Naples Boat Charters.
Black, Kevinmm2ssNov 1973 – Mar 1976MTAKE A BREAK,....great crew,lots of stories and memories from that bunch of lunatics,..chuck-a-luna
Johnson, MichaelMT21974 – 1977MissileQual'd on Benjie
Albert, Jimqmsn(ss)Jan 4, 1974 – Feb 19, 1975navigation
Carmichael, StokelyEM1(SS)Mar 1974 – Apr 1983Electrical
Allen, David profile iconMS3Aug 1974 – Sep 1975Supply (Cooks)My first boat with a great crew. Cut my teeth on this boat. I still have the pictures of all the cooks and Supply Officer hanging on my wall. Now retired and enjoying life.

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