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Naval Air Station Cubi Point Crew List

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There are 37 crew members registered for the Naval Air Station Cubi Point.

Keeton, CharlesAN - ADJ2Mar 1960 – Mar 1962Security - Jet Test CellSpent 9 months on Base Security, then transferred to Maintenance Dept. jet shop, then to test cell. Reenlisted 1961
Combs, DavidSNMar 24, 1963 – Sep 7, 1964Avaition Refuel Div.As a Seaman I arrived at Cubi Point and was assigned to the Avaition Refueling Div due to having experience driving trucks on the farm before entering the Navy. Loved the PI then and do to this very day. Have returned 4X
Westbrook, Waltere3Aug 1965 – Apr 1967air terminalI am Looking for someone who remembers agent orange barrels coming through the air terminal.
Grzywacz, ThomasETN3Jan 1, 1966 – Aug 4, 1967Tower Electronics Repair
Jones, GaryAK31967 – 1969SUPPLYTrying to find any friends from Cubi Pt Supply..1967-1969..Worked in Rotary Pool..Played basebal on Station Team..Great period in my life..Just Party..Work and Party.
Keith, DavidPC3May 1, 1968 – May 1, 1969HQDates approximate. Was a postal clerk @ Cubi,,,LOVED IT...also cross rated to Seabee's (MCB-9) for TDY to DaNang. Worked at FASU (Fleet Air Support Unit)..we supplied the carries with mail,parts, etc. they fly into/out of DaNang.
Senner, DannyRM1972 – 1974Communications
Anderson, Ronald D (Ron) (andy)AO 3Jan 1973 – Jun 1974Armory
Creer, DougMM1Oct 1973 – Oct 1975NAS SecurityWould like to contact any former shipmates that also served at NAS Cubi Point and were assigned to the Security Department.
Johnson, DennisET1Oct 28, 1974 – Nov 19, 1978Ground ElectronicsGreat 4 years at Cubi. Worked mainly in ground to air comm. Spent about 2 months in GCA work. Got married at St. Joseph's. Had a lot of fun fishing the tide around the bridge and on Leyte Pier.
Volk, Stane-5Sep 29, 1975 – Sep 29, 1979squadronnothing to say
Cook, MitchAO2Jan 3, 1976 – Jun 22, 1977Weapons DepartmentI have a lot of great memories from the PI. Olongapo City, The Cork Room, White Rock Beach, Fighting off the monkeys in the MAG Area, My apartment on Cleopatra Street, MOJO, Baloot. MacBride, Garver, Hirschman, WOW!
Keyes, BobISSNJan 7, 1976 – Apr 21, 1977Image Analysis
Richardson, MarkMRFA1977 – 1978AIMDAssigned to AIMD after Boot an "A" school. Talk about luck. Left there for USS Ajax. Got out after 4 yrs. Now retired after 37yrs. in Navy R&D (DoD)
Gray, ThomasBM2/E-5Oct 1, 1977 – Oct 1, 1979AFP
Buc, MichaelAO31979 – 1981WeaponsWorked at Cubi Point, delivering weapons from the piers to the Red Label area to the Squadrons. Stood duty in the Armory. Played Softball and flag football.
Romine, Kev profile iconRM1May 1980 – May 1982ComNavSurfGru Westpac/CTF-73
Whiting, Wayne profile iconACC1981 – 1984Atc & Operations DepartmentTook Rose home for a great tour. Served as LCPO of ATC Div. and then Operations department LCPO. I became a better Chief in this assignment.
Hair, Everette (Bear)TM11981 – 1983ASW, OrdGreat Duty Station,
Christensen, RobPH3Jan 1, 1981 – Dec 25, 1983Fleet Air Photo LabAlso, TAD to OPM Armed Forces Police
Fischer, Bob/fishGMTCMar 8, 1981 – Mar 16, 1984AUW
Leino, MichaelE-4 AOJan 1982 – Jan 1985weapons dept.its been 30 years i still think about the guys from my first duty station i have been back to the philippines many times sence then olongapo has changes alot sence those days.
Bond, VictorAO2Jun 6, 1982 – Jul 17, 1985AIMD OrdnanceLooking for anyone that was in AIMD during this time, especially anyone that remembers me.
Scrivner, LarryET3Dec 1982 – Jan 1985OE
Gaines, William (Bill) profile iconET21983 – 1985Ground ElectronicsGreat tour. Made a few friends and a few enemies.
Devore, Patricia Trish profile iconPN31983 – 1985PSDI have awesome memories of my time in the P.I. If we could turn back time... I miss my squid buddies. Get in touch. I am married & have kids, live & work in San Diego. Live is incredible. My FB is TrishZDish
Dewan, MelanieAC3Nov 17, 1983 – Nov 26, 1986ATC
Evans, Kenneth profile iconDK3 / DK2Dec 20, 1984 – Jun 5, 1986Personnel Support ActivityStation dito! man i miss this place, we had our work to do but after hours and the weekend we had some good times. Lots of good people at the PSD and Cubi Pt and Subic Bay. Many good club parties and house parties as well. best shore duty!
Dawdy, JonAS3Sep 21, 1985 – Feb 4, 1987AIMD900 divawsome time for 18 to19 year old boy
Teets, GaryAO3/AO21986 – 1990Weapons DeptWorked at NavMag with George the monkey, & the Armory issuing/maintaining weapons to ASF & duty. Great times had here and the best liberty in the Navy. Station Dito!
Fairfield, LarryMR1Feb 28, 1986 – Mar 1989AIMD Machine Shop, 3M Coordinator, Safety Department
Guarin, AlexBTC1987 – 1989Brig
Therrien, LizAS3Sep 22, 1988 – Jul 10, 1991AIMD 900
Herubin, Andrew( Doc,herb)GSM2Oct 1988 – Mar 1992Facility Security DepartmentSpent some wild times there, party, drinking, motorcycling, travel, survived the coup's, typhoon's, the earthquake of 90, MT PINATUBO June 1991, left in Mar 92, before the closing.
Attwood, Reuel profile iconAZ2Oct 13, 1989 – Aug 15, 1992AIMD Production ControlLooking for people I know or who knew me ...
Arizola, MichaelEM21990 – 1992Military Police - Base SecurityJust looking to re-connect with the crew.
Anderson, WilliamMM2Jun 13, 1991 – Nov 1992AIMD LOX Farm LPOLived through a volcano, earthquake, typhoon and a coup attempt.

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