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Recruit Training Command San Diego Crew List

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There are 156 crew members registered for the Recruit Training Command San Diego.

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Brueggemann, William / Buggs profile iconRM2Oct 1971 – Feb 1972RMRM "B" School (2313)
Arnold, DjSTGCSOct 22, 1971 – Dec 22, 1975Batt. 13Lead three companies: Co 021 and Co 110 in 1972 and Co 045 in 1973. Data Analyst Assistant, Batt. 13 Adjutant, and Brigade Troubleshooter.
Ford, LindseySR/SA1972 – 1972Company 288 Best memory - the CC brought in bottles of wine and gave us a graduation party. Worst memory - the food. One guy told me to just close my eyes and eat.
Gienger, Ron profile iconAAJan 9, 1972 – Mar 1972Company 72-026Started in Non Swim then went to Company 026, CC IC1 Nielson, Still have my "Anchor" book with everyone in it.
Korver, KentHA2May 30, 1972 – Aug 1973Com 163With Grosley's Gorillas and served as Battalion Yeoman.Just like to hook up email and praying I can find someone to send me copies out of our ANCHOR! God Bless! Also Balboa Hospital Corp school Oct 1972 graduates
Sakaida, NormanPCSNJun 1972 – Jul 1972StudentAttended Postal Clerk "A: School. Requested a DD, got LST out of San Diego. Did 20 yrs, retired in 91 as PC1. Did 26 yrs, Letter Carrier, San Diego. Shore duty in Subic, 5 Wespacs going to P.I. Now retired in P.I.
Mulvany, GregSeaman RecruitAug 1972 – Oct 1972Company 303Boot Camp. It was better than the Marines had it on the other side of the fence. Good old BMCS Sansouci....
Sheldon, KenSEAMANSep 1972 – 1973COMPANY 321 I was the compny yeaman.
Brown, GlennMM3Oct 8, 1972 – Dec 8, 1972RecruitCompany 396 NTC October 1972 to December 1972
Lacey, TerrylRecruit/E1Feb 1, 1973 – May 21, 1973Company 077Company commander QM1Gasman
Houtler, Wayne (Kong)E-1Feb 7, 1973 – Apr 14, 1973Special Company 909Join Boot Camp and assigned to special company 909...Drill team and drum and bugle corp. became Battalion Master at arms which allowed me to be Recruit Master Chief Petty Officer. Meritoriously advance to E-2 while in
Larson, Keith profile iconSRJun 1973 – Sep 1973Company 172Basic Training many years ago. Now a retired engineer for Boeing Aircraft, living in central Minnesota.
Montemurro, Vincent MontefrJun 1973 – Sep 1973a-schoolic a-school
Martin, Jack L. profile iconE-1Aug 10, 1973 – Oct 30, 197373-241 I had the last "hard ass" company commander. Apparently he got busted right after I left. After Boot camp I stayed on for another 2 weeks of the Seafarer-Airman program. Then I went straight to the fleet
Kinney, WyndleSRDec 1973 –Boot CampI am unsure of the company number
Dane, RobertEW2Jan 7, 1974 – Mar 10, 1974Special Company 902I lucked into being Yeoman after basic so I didn't have to march in the 50 State Flag Team. I just sat in an office, typed certificates with one finger. Sat in bleachers for graduation. I slept in the office. Fun.
Dane, Robert profile iconE 2Jan 14, 1974 – Feb 28, 1974Special Company 902On advanced side our Company Commander snuck me off base to help him move, got three of us drunk on Saturdays and wasn't around much. Good times.
Wood, DavidBTCJun 15, 1974 – Jul 13, 1977StaffLooking for fellow recruit Company Commanders during this era.
Miller, Daniele3Aug 7, 1974 – Oct 1974Drill TeamI breezed through boot camp. It was fun and very knowledgeable.
Hedrick, JamesE3Sep 1974 – Dec 1974boot camp
Sweeney, StephenBM3Mar 29, 1976 – Mar 29, 1980I was a seaman and plankowner of the Roanoke AOR-7I was stationed in SAN AWAITING THE USS ROANOKE AOR-7 to be built in 1976 Plankowner
Long, KennerdE3Sep 22, 1976 – Jan 1977Company 242Started with 242, spent a few weeks with 2411 then graduated with 277.
Mapes, GlenSNJan 1977 – Aug 1977Training
Trotta, Steve profile iconE1Jan 7, 1977 – Mar 1, 1977Company 017
Maxwell, NolenBMCMay 6, 1977 – Jan 14, 1981Training Div N/ACompany Commander recruit companies
Small, JamesE-1Nov 10, 1977 – Jan 26, 1978Co. 946Boot Camp. Need I say more? The beginning of a great adventure. Went on to A school in Great Lakes. Would love to hear from a few good men! Fred Anderson, you out there? For a drill company, we were bad azz! 946 always !
Chevalier, Michael profile iconRecruit1978 – 1978RecruitCompleted basic training and assigned to Aviation Administrationman (AZ) School, Meridian, Mississippi
Reichert, Jim profile iconFNJul 25, 1978 – Oct 1978Company 112Started boot camp 7/25/78
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Wheeler, Sean profile iconE1Jul 5, 1979 – Sep 1979Company 132I'm not sure if this site is intended for recruits or just those permanently assigned. I was in Company 132 and our CC's were BTC Jesse T. Sturgeon and BTC Rassmussen. I went on to CTO A School, retired O-3 in 2000.
Spiegle, JohnPnsr john spiegleSep 1979 – Nov 1979Bootcamp
Estacio, FranciscoSHC1980 – 1983BMO/HRMSMost challenging tour. Very educational and rewarding. Worked with very smart, dedicated and hard working people.
White, JerrySNAug 1980 – Oct 1980Company
Arnold, LeeE-1Aug 11, 1980 – Oct 13, 1980Company 186This is for anyone in Company 186, RTC San Diego 8-10/1980. The CC: GMGC Pousson; RCPO: Parkinson (never knew his first name, sorry!). Am curious how everyone's lives fared. Contact me - Lee Arnold -
Tenne, MarkBM-3Sep 1980 – Jun 26, 1984First DivisionI remember rocking and rolling on the Fast freddie...especially off the coast of lebannon in 1983. Though the experience was eye opening, have great memories of that trip.
Kroese, DwaynefnOct 27, 1980 – Dec 25, 1980Company 257Company 257
Schmitt, ErichE1Dec 1980 – Mar 1981002
Paredes, AnthonyE3Dec 18, 1980 – Dec 7, 1984trainingAs you know the old training site is no longer. San D turned it into a cultural center of Arts. The old admin building still stands and it still is an museum. So you should go visit. I miss you too Contact me. Thank you
Jones, HerbertE-2Oct 24, 1981 – Feb 17, 1982RM A School
Allen, GregSRNov 2, 1981 – Jan 1982947
Viegas, Matthew(E-1) Seaman RecruitNov 19, 1982 – Jan 24, 1983Company 224Basic Training US Navy
Wagner, AndrewSRNov 23, 1982 – Jan 17, 1983Company 224ENC Vandeberg was my Company Commander.

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