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USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 247 crew members registered for the USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631).

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Hazzard, EdwardMT31971 – 1973Missle CompartmentIt was a great experience. Was little afraid when I discovered leak on hatch ram during a Deep Dive.
McMahon, MikeFTB21971 – 1975WeaponsTransfered from the Canopus to the Grant in Holy Loch Made 8 patrols.
Privette, TommyMM21971 – 1973A-DivDASO and 3 patrols. Came on as a 3rd and made it to 1st on the Grant. Some GOOD times
Stanley, GlenMM2/SS1971 – 1974A Gang
Brasch, Robert WolfmanIC-1 SS1971 – 1973E-DivFirst boat and I loved it. Great bunch of guys on the Gold crew. Had a lot of fun in Holy Loch. Lots of good memories.
Monroe, George CET1Oct 15, 1971 – Jul 15, 1973Nav ETwhen on to do 22 years in Navy did last 10 on DD's the time in the Navy as I look back gets better as time go's on. I have been a collage mather for the last 15 years.
Torrison, JohnYN2 (SS)1972 – 1974
Canady, DonET1SS1972 – 1975RCMade 6 patrols out of Holy Loch on the gold crew.
Ferrell, TimothySD3 (SS)1972 – 1974Stewardfour patrols Holy Loch
Perrin, JerryEM-1May 1972 – May 1975
Hoffmeister, DocHM2Sep 1972 – Sep 1973MedicalThe U.S. Grant was my only 'true' Navy experience. Prior to the Grant the balance of my service (besides servies schools and duty at the naval hospital in San Diego) was with the U.S. Marine Corps.
Fritz, BobLTSep 5, 1972 – Aug 13, 1974M E A ICThree patrols on 631G. Then SOAC, then Weps on SSN678. Left Navy in 1977; working successfully in marketing/business development. Currently in Oakton, VA (~ Fairfax). Two grown kids and three grandkids! Still married:Carol - 37 years!
Simpkins, DavidMM1(SS)Oct 1972 – Apr 1975M LPO
Davis, PaulEM1 SS1973 – 1977Nuclear Electrical OperatorServed with Dave Simkins, Don Canody, Luther Clark, Gary Campbell, Bruce Franta. Work for Framatom-anp still in the Nuclear Business.
Mac Donald, GlennFTB1 (SS)1973 – Sep 10, 1978Fire Control BallisticDon't remember when I asctually joined the Gold crew. Home port Charleston, SC, Deployed Holy Loch, drank dolphins at EM club in Dunoon. Remembers horizontal sleet at da loch...
Campbell, Big TimeE4 MM1973 – 1975Auxiliary
Wilson, TimothyETR21973 – 1977RCI remember Jerry Blevins, Don Canody, Neal Holbrook, and Tim Palmer. Found out Tim died just this past year. Wish I could have seen him again before that. Memories of Holy Loch and diesel fuel.
Preisz, BernieMMI (SS)1973 – 1976ELT M Div.
Burk, Doug profile iconE6/MM11973 – 1977M DivMet my wife Phyllis in Charleston. We currently live in Clearwater, FL and would love to connect with old friends - Bob Lord (God), Mike Warren (Animal), Larry Lynch (Papa Bear) and any others.
Popp, LouTM2SSJun 1973 – Feb 1976TorpedoLearned a lot. Made 5 patrols After leaving Navy, I went to work at Autec in the Bahamas. Now own a custom built wood products company.
Garber, JohnET1SSJun 1973 – Aug 1975Reactor ControlsMade 4 patrols 1973-1975. LPO David Carr, Bill Brush, Don Canady, Neal Holbrook, Jerry Blevins.
Lowery, GaryTM2(ss)Jun 1, 1973 – Feb 28, 1976Torpedo5 Patrols
Craig, Anthony profile iconSTS3(SS)Jun 6, 1973 – Aug 1975SONARSkipped Sub School and really paid for that. Loved my time on the stack and the larger than life characters in the crew.
Ottinger, DavidSK3 (SS)Aug 1973 – Oct 1976SupplyDid 6 tours 73-76. Recall being grounded in Scotland after a patrol, had to surface transit to Ireland to fly home. My last patrol was a surface transit to Charleston on diesel engins.
Holbrook, NealET1 (SS)Aug 15, 1973 – Oct 30, 1979Reactor ControlsDid 2 tours on the Grant 73-79 & 81-85 for a total of 10 years, 11 patrols, 2 overhauls. Neal Hood, Jerry Blevins, David Carr, Don Canady, Larry Lynch, Dave Phillips, Dan Ethridge, Kevin Murphy and others. Great Ship.
Edwards, FrankMM1Sep 1973 – Dec 1976MechnicalNuclear Trained MM1, made 6 patrols out of Holy Loch, Scotland, Blue Crew. Wow, the good old days at the EM Club in Holy Loch! Lots of Scottish Lasses!
Turrell, RichardE4Sep 1973 – Mar 1977MS 3rd Class Petty OfficerI was a cook on the sub.I am currently owner/operator of RickAndRonsAutoSalesInc (car dealership) in Medina NY looking for a friend Leonard Joy night baker
Waite, DavidTM3(SS)Sep 11, 1973 – May 5, 1976Weaps/TorpedomanSeaman gang striker to TMT(SS) "C" school with 5 patrols in between. ASW- (1976 to 1979) NWS Goose Creek,S.C. TMT1 (SS) onboard USS Simon Bolivar SSBN 641G. Portsmith Sub Shipyard to sea trials/Daso/MK48 Certification.
Lope, EdRM2Oct 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1976Communicaitons
Wojcikowski, RobertMM1/SSDec 3, 1973 – Dec 11, 1978MachineryFirst boat, 7 patrols, overhaul in Newport News. When on to shore duty, NSB Pearl, USS Silversides (SSN-679), NSB Bangor, USS Peleliu (LHA-5). Retired as MMC/SW 31 Dec 1991. Now a Letter Carrier in Tacoma, WA
Kostelnik, JosephQM2 (SS)1974 – 1977QMShout out to Dickson, Danyew, Knipp and Sully. Reported as QMSA, retired in 1996 as CWO2 (SW),(SS). So many memories. The EM Club in Dunoon, Breakers Super Lager (warm), Pickled eggs while waiting on the boat back.
Culberson, DavidMM1 (ELT)1974 – May 1977M-DivBlue Crew on six patrols. Still run into "old" Grant shipmates occasionally. Still working full time, but plan to sail off into the sunset in 2013.
Weigle, Bradley profile iconMM11974 – 1976MechanicalNuke MM 1 Made 2 patrols out of Holy Loch. Third time out we went to Florida so no patrol pin. Don't know the day that I started or left. Spent most of my time as a student and instructor at DIG.
Scheirer, RandyPN2(SS)Mar 31, 1974 – May 1977Ship's OfficeMade 6 patrols from 1973 until the overhaul in Newport News in 1977. After that in Los Angeles on shore duty for 2 years. Now a purchasing specialist in Allentown, PA
Flanagan, BillLTApr 1974 – Mar 1979Auxiliary, Electrical
Depew, DeanMM1(SS)1975 – 1977M Division - Holy Loch patrols Didn't have enough time left to go through the shipyard refit, transferred to USS Nautilus & went on a Med run on the oldest nuc boat in the world (officially = first & finest and unofficially = first & wor
Barrientos, AmadpMS31975 – 1977I ran two patrols from charleton SC to Scotland TE Hutt was the captain. After that I was transfer to the Daniel Boone.
Hutt, TomCapt,USN RET19751975 – 1977Commanding OfficerWonderful crew. We did some unusual things. Thanks to all who. Served with me.
Gilliam, GaryMM2(SS)1975 – 1977A DivI still shy away from air compressors!!! and I still have the knife I used to whittle the diesel boat with while on patrol, still have fond memories of playing tennis at Great Lakes
Birch, ChuckMM1Feb 10, 1975 – Apr 21, 1977M Div
Palmer, TimMM2(SS)Mar 1975 – Jun 1978MHome port - Charleston, SC... operated out of Holy Loch, Scotland. Shipyard tour in Newport News, 1977
Degon, VinceMT2(SS)Apr 1975 – Apr 1980MissileFirst boat, 4 patrols out of Charlston SC and than 2nd overhaul in Newport News VA. DASO and one patrol after. Than went to NOTU in Capecanaveral Fla. for shore duty and retired in 1995 as MTC(SS)
Ramlow, JamesEM1 SSMay 29, 1975 – May 1980ElectricalJust checking in after 42 years
Phillips, GaleMM1(SS)Sep 1975 – Jan 1979M Division /ELT
Godby, DonaldOct 1975 – Feb 1979IC
Cerda, Abel ChicoQM3/SSDec 1975 – Aug 1976QM
Talbot, William  NEWETR-2 (SS)Dec 21, 1975 – Apr 29, 1977RCQual Boat

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