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USS Oriskany (CV 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 701 crew members registered for the USS Oriskany (CV 34).

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Turner, DuaneE31970 – 1972OI
Delaney, DamianBM31970 – 19731st DivisionReported for duty in late 1969, while the ship was in dry dock at Hunter's Point. Made 1970, 71, and 72 WestPac cruises. Sea & Anchor Detail, Underway Replenishment, Coxswain, Lee Helmsman, Helmsman, BMOW.
Snyder, DanRM31970 – 1973CREnjoy looking for old shipmate logs
Jackson, MarshallLt(jg)1970 – 1972OILooking for Larry Barnett OI Div and George Garrison Comm Dept
Picken, JoelSeaman1970 – 19715th divisionWest pacific vietnam cruise 1970 and 1971. Gunners mate
Collins, Michael profile iconEM31970 – 1972EJust looking to find some old friends
Hamrick, James profile iconao3Jan 1970 – Oct 1970gwould enjoy hearing from any of the old gang
Kennedy, Bobby Dean profile iconSNFeb 6, 1970 – Jul 17, 19721st divison
Haynes, RonAE3Mar 1970 – Dec 1970VA153Integrated Weapons Shop of VA-153
Yates, Alan,ASE-2Mar 1970 – 1972IM2I was a yellow gear electrician.
Rickard, Carroll profile iconSNMar 1970 –Ship's ServiceTrying to find anyone who remembers me serving on the The Big "O". I was in ship's company, worked several duties from radioman during Fire Drills on Hanger Deck . Also spent time working in crew galley.
Volk, SteveANMar 18, 1970 – May 18, 1973S-6
Barnett, LarryLTJGMay 10, 1970 – Aug 1972OI
Gilliland, ChuckABE3Jun 1970 – Dec 1972V2Deck edge PO. Had to leave without saying goodbye to so many of my friends after the my last recovery. I had such a wonderful time and experience on board the Mighty O.
Williams, Monte "Willie"MM3Jun 1, 1970 – Aug 1, 1975MI'am looking for some of my old shipmate's from the M division in the aft engine room from 1970 to 1975. If you are an old shipmate or know one please email me I would love to talk with you.
Caruso, JohnsnJun 16, 1970 – Dec 20, 1971sn/qm40 years later lost a lot of hearing thinking due to loud noises with aircraft coming and going any one else out there with the same problem?
Price, KenAnAug 1970 – Jan 1973S-6Great times ;-), What happens over there , stays over there...
McIntosh, ScottBT-FNAug 1970 – 1974B DIVLooking for BT3 Billy Tucker.
Fuller, CharlesANAug 1970 – 1972V2The best days, went fast.
McMahon, GaryAO2Oct 18, 1970 – Jul 11, 1972GAssigned to third deck bomb assembly, then transferred to bomb elevator crew. Operated the forward #1 bomb elevator
Morales, AlbertE3Oct 20, 1970 – Oct 16, 1972V-3I was the V-3 Yeoman.
Morales, AlbertSeamanOct 20, 1970 – Oct 20, 1972V-3Yeaoman for Hangar Deck Division.
Deserio, JosephGMG2Nov 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 19715th DivWestpac cruise 1971.
Spadafora, BillABE-3Nov 16, 1970 – Jul 27, 1974V2Can't believe it's been 32+ years since I stepped off the O-Boat.
McDaniel, MichaelCYN3Dec 1970 – Aug 1971Radio CommunicationsRetired Teacher.
Kusz, GarySgtDec 1, 1970 – Sep 1, 1972MarDetAnyone remember date when Ava gas in drinking water?
Bowman, GaryE31971 – 1972
Ponthan, Steven (Richard)LT JG1971 – Mar 19, 1974Steve was my older brother, an A-7 pilot on the Mighty O who was lost in the South China Sea during a night mission on March 19, 1974. I would like to communicate with shipmates and to learn more about his life and life on the Oiriskany.
Meyer, Harry (Hank)ETR21971 – 1975OEUsed to have a radio show on KRIS....played in more than a few poker games, ran more than 6000 miles on the flight deck of the Mighty O, before running was "the fad" -- attempted to teach other OE-ers bridge, but they resisted!
Haverkamp, JimE31971 – 1973RIf the Navy continued to recruit and retain people like my shipmates aboard the Mighty O I could very well have been a long term sailor.
Morris, CharlesAE-41971 – 1973Attack Squadron 155At 17 yrs old on the USS Oriskany (The O-Boat) on two West-Pac cruses to Vietnam a very good life experience. Was an Aviation Electrician on A-7 aircraft in Attack Squadron 155, The Silver Foxes.
Gaddis, DonnAO21971 – 1973GStarted out on hangar deck working the bomb elevator and bomb farm. Assigned to flight deck after a while. Many thanks to AOCM Foote.
Zimmerman, Ricky Eugene (Gene)E31971 – 1975Deck 3rd
Balcom, JohnRM3Jan 1971 – Mar 1973CR
Zeiler, ChuckJan 1971 – Oct 21, 1972V2/PLAT & Lens
Balcom, JohnRM3Jan 1971 – Mar 1973CRHardest working conventional carrier in the Vietnam War. Would have loved to see it made into a museum rather than a reef.
Fowler, DannyAZ3Jan 1, 1971 – Dec 6, 1972AIMD IM-1Worked Maintenance Office for Chief Holmes and then to Maintenance Control for Master Chief Miller (both of them). Be great to hear from any old shipmates.
Eilbeck, Jamesabf3Jan 1, 1971 – Jul 30, 1974v-4great time of my life
Mattera, JohnE2Jan 6, 1971 – Feb 7, 1973V3How fast the years went by - from 1971 to 2012
Errett, DonMM3Jan 15, 1971 – Aug 12, 1972A1 Hyds
Harper, DanielSNFeb 1971 – Feb 19743rd
Frick, StephenanFeb 12, 1971 – Aug 13, 1974v-4what a great time on the mighty "o"
Stangl, DanSF-2Feb 20, 1971 – May 24, 1974R Shipfitter ShopLancaster,Beatty,Webster, Cantrell,Enlo,Oleke, you guys out there??? 3 Wes-Pacs, great ship, great time, just didn't realize it at the time.
Forster, MikeAAMar 1971 – Sep 1972V-4 fuelsI would like to hear from anyone who was in V-4 Div. (grapes)
Kirk, KenaaMar 1971 – Dec 14, 1972v4want to get in touch with my old party buddy mike forster
Jackson, Mike (Fat Jack)ANMar 30, 1971 – Mar 30, 1973V-1Crash crew V-1 division only because I was tall. Great stroke of luck to be assigned to the O-Boat. Great friends to this day. Fond memories, don't seem to remember the bad times so much
Asher, JimBM3Apr 1971 – Mar 19731stServed on board till last west-pac march of 1973. Was Rig capt. for # 1 sponson when we collided with the USS Nitro. CWO Campbell and I didn't quite see eye to eye. Would like to start communicating with anyone from deck div.
Brust, AnthonyHT 2Apr 1971 – 1974RWorked in DC shop. On nucleus fire party. In charge of lightwater plants and worked in carpenter shop.
Massey, Marshall "max"OS3Apr 16, 1971 – Jun 15, 1975OI
Sery, Stephene-5Apr 16, 1971 – Sep 6, 1972aviation ground support
Lindley, WayneBT-3May 1971 – Feb 28, 1975'B' 4-fireroomHad the time of my life, good times and hard work.
Ellison, JimmyBT3May 1971 – Sep 1973Boiler DivisionRemembering days gone by and friends I still see in my old mines eye......
Degrazia, DomenickABH-3May 6, 1971 – Jan 5, 1975V-1 DivisionIt was just the best experiance of my life as I look back now. I will always pass on that I'm proud I served and that my shipmates and I helped keep our country free. Welcome home Brother POW/MIA
Haight, GeorgeGMT-3May 9, 1971 – Aug 28, 1971W DivisionOnly onboard short time. Medically transfered due to injury.
Stiles, James HarveyADJ2May 14, 1971 – Dec 18, 1971EKA-3B
Nelson, StanleyADJ3May 14, 1971 – Dec 18, 1971VFP-63 Det 34
Defries, MichaelASM2May 20, 1971 – Oct 4, 1974IM-2
Franklin, Warren "Frank"HT3Jun 1971 – Mar 1974Rworked in dc shop and shipfitters shop as well was member nucleus fire party
Franklin, Warren "frank"HT3Jun 1971 – Mar 1974RMade 3 cruises, worked in DC & SF shops and member nucleus fire party
Stangl, DanSF2Jun 6, 1971 – May 24, 1974REnjoyed all 3 plus years onboard. Made great friends and saw a lot of the world. Three Wes Pacs.
Sobotta, James W.BT2Jun 15, 1971 – Feb 15, 1975BWould Like To Hear From Former Shipmates.
Wisener, ChrisMR3Jul 1971 – Jan 1974B 1971 A 1972-1974 Machine Shop/ Steam HeatB-Div 1971 Machine Shop/ Steam Heat 1972-1974
Headrick, AllenFNJul 14, 1971 – Jul 13, 1973BLearned how to work in a hot environment. Made some good friends and developed knowledge and skills that help me to this day.
Perniciaro, SamETNSNAug 10, 1971 – Oct 15, 1973OELooking to see who's left.
Alcisto, Art (Archie)E-3Aug 18, 1971 – Aug 13, 1974V-1Meet and made alot of friends while on board, very proud to serve during this era. I still look back in my cruise book and think about all the experiencies I've encountered.
David, LepakE4Aug 27, 1971 – Aug 13, 1974V1work on flight deck as a yellow shirt,I was there when the 7th fleet came together in tonkin gulf.
Mancini, RichABE2Aug 31, 1971 –V2The good old days!
Bell, LarryADJ3Sep 11, 1971 – Sep 28, 1971VA-155Looking for Any VA-155 Silver Foxes who served aboard the Mighty O from 71-74. And any photos of the squadron from that period.
Gaya, BenE5Sep 30, 1971 – Sep 30, 1976RCalled Oriskany home for five years. I left the Navy the day she was decommissioned.
Kincaid, DonBT3Oct 1971 – Jan 1975B- Boiler Room 3
Sutherland, DanMM3Oct 1971 – Jun 1975engineeringstarted in the boilerroom moved to engine rm after 8mo. made 2 PI trips, remember long hours doing the job, made good friends, stayed close with one for next 20yr, work for the VA in Wenathcee WA. love being around our vets, keep steaming!
Comden, Terrybt3Oct 18, 1971 – Apr 29, 1974BHey Jim how ya been? I remember when you bought your new challenger,Do you remember me? What was Woodys first name that committed suicide on board ship? Do you remember when this happened?Please call 231 373 2808.
Erdmann, JimSNNov 1971 – Mar 1972DECK
Dendrenos, PaulFTG-1Nov 1971 – Nov 1973FoxNow working as a contractor for NASA/JPL at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex near Barstow, California. I am interested in contacting FTGC Jim White who left the "O" Boat after I went to FMAG Alameda.
Campbell, Darwin/soupye3Nov 15, 1971 – Aug 21, 1974M divisionhey everyone its been 40 years just think some of us had short and long hitches but we made it still remember memorys on the beach gettind g crazy in th phillipines drinking on the beach .going out un the line for 30 day
Lengyel, DavidAMS2Dec 1971 – Aug 16, 1975A.I.M.D. IM-272 cruise, Started in Aircraft tire shop, to Airframes shop , to C1-A crew. Stayed with COD C1-A crew until mid 75.
Bowman, GaryBT3Dec 10, 1971 – Nov 15, 1972BI just want to solute the whole crew the served in the Big O. And God Bless the men that are still MIA.
Miranda, TrinidadMM3Dec 10, 1971 – Sep 9, 1975M divisonI was assigned to aft engine room, miss the good times.
Collett, JayAC2Dec 11, 1971 – Mar 1973OC DivisionUsed the GI Bill for my degree, and realized my lifelong dream as a pilot for 27 years with United Airlines.
Thompson, MarioPH3Dec 17, 1971 – Mar 28, 1975OperationI wanted to say this time with the o boat changed my life for good I grew up into a man. I wanted to find my friend frank warren known as "Dirty Red" to our click. worked in the shop in the fantail. 6266677036 I am Mario
Ellis, JimAT-3Dec 20, 1971 – Aug 28, 1973C-1A CREW (COD)I served on the Mail Plane crew flying in and out of DaNang. Received commission in USAR after college, retired as an 0-4 in Field Artillery. Fond memories of PO City and Atsugi NAF (while O-boat was in drydock).
Flores, Bob profile iconAO2Dec 23, 1971 – Oct 10, 1975G Division

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