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USS Oriskany (CV 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 701 crew members registered for the USS Oriskany (CV 34).

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Diaz, Larry (Unk)YN31969 – 1972FOX/Weapons AdminHey Milione, Jive-Time, Charlie (Chas), Avila, Young, Eddie Maruffo you old dog. Where are you guys?
Hubka, DaleIC31969 – 1972E (IC)Is anyone out there that remembers Chief Gatlin, Chief Lehay, Fissel, Chambers, PeeWee? I was in the sound power booth for 2 yrs. Worked all over the place, met alot of people, but have a hard time remembering. Log in if you remember Hubker
McElfresh, Tim (Mac)DS11969 – 1971OE3 years of great memories
Person, Robbieunknown1969 – 1970unknownI was married to Robbie Person
Goode, Hubert ( Sonny)ADJ-21969 – Dec 1969VF191had some great times, I worked on beech det, Phillipines for a couple of months, made a lot of great friends,working on F-8's
Hill, WadeRM3/E41969 – Apr 1, 1972CRJust found this site. Stayed in USN(R) for several years after "getting out" in 1972. Re-enlisted in 1977 and spent the remainder of a 20 year career (most of it in technical training as a CTMC). SCORE RM to CTM
Umatum, PeterSeaman1969 – 1969personnelLooking for Seaman Bredhal, the other personnelist in the office.
Marshall, Steve/marsh/kidd profile iconA31969 – 1972v-1If anybody remembers Marsh the kidd I would like to hear from you. I was a port cat spotter from 1970-72. Wouldn't trade that time for anything. Thanks for Opo City.
Hibble, Robert (Bob) profile iconCT21969 – 1970OZ DivisionComm Tech 2, OZ Div. Looking for Richard Bolduc, AE Underwood, Phillip Lacey, NG Gordon, NG Kious & RG Sartwell, or anyone that flew into DaNang Aug. 1970. PLEASE WRITE.
Nekimken, StevenDC31969 – 1972R
Andrews, James (Andy)EM21969 – 1971E DivisionLooking for any of the guys from the A&O shop. Also looking for any photos of the 1969-1971 era. Especially of the "O" boat.
Cook, AlvinE21969 –VA-192I live in Wichita, Ks. I had one kid, (now 43), Married with 3 adult children, 8 grand kids, 3 great grand kids. I am interested in reconnecting with any of my ship mates. 316-683-5016
Sommers, DavidE41969 – 1974OE
Hill, WadeRM then SCORE to CTM 19801969 – Apr 1972CRServed 3yr9mo27days on Oriskany. 3 WP cruises. Met ship for first time in Cubi Point1969 after BootCamp, A and C Schools at NTC San Diego. Made Shell Back on way to Singapore when TF 77 (James D. Ramage) wason board.
Burke, Joseph profile iconCommunication Technition-21969 – 1969Naval Security Group2 weeks before I let I woke up to a man looking down at me. He said I was in his bunk. I told I would move and he said no, stay, I sleep on the wing of a airplane. June 3, 1969 to July 31, 1969
McClusky, Tomak31969 – 1970S6I was an AN assigned to surface Navy Div, CIC, After first WESTPAC I was able to transfer to S6 and made 3rd Class the day I walked off the ship in Japan. I had 3 yrs left of active reserve.
Blake, GaryRD31969 – 1973OII came aboard a boy from the midwest and left a US Navy sailor. A very important time in my life that taught me how to work and get along with people from all over the U.S. I made friends that I remember to this day.
Kimmel, DavidETN 31969 – Dec 14, 1972OEI primarily worked in UHF1 and UHF2. I worked with a great bunch of guys. I spent a total Navy time of 10 years, but then cross services to Army Guard as a Drummer I retired with a combined service of 40 years as a E7
Weigelt, JohnBT-2Jan 1969 – Nov 1972B
Orbin, RayFTG-2Jan 1969 – Oct 2, 1973Fox DivisionI was assigned and served on the USS Oriskany for 57 months out of the 75 months I was in the Navy. I met some great guys and have lots of fond memories. I still keep in touch with a few of these old friends.
Zamora, ReynaldoTNJan 1969 – Jul 1970S5
Slater, RonaldE-6 BM1Jan 1, 1969 – Jan 1, 19721st
Sullivan, Dennis M.e.sullivan [sully]ANJan 3, 1969 – Oct 16, 1970v-1get website i would like to hear from old beach going buddies. there sinking our home away from home on the 25th of june.keep her and the souls of our fallen shipmates in your praiers that day very sad day.thanks-sully.
Jackson, DwightE3Jan 3, 1969 – May 16, 1969FireFirst time at sea. We had a plane crash while attempting to land on the deck
Snowden, DanielSEAMANJan 15, 1969 – Jul 25, 1971FirstGumm, Quiter, Morehead, Jimmy Creech, Shuttleworth, Augie? all our 3rd classes, McVey our fearless leader and a 2nd class! Fellow seamen, Lombardi, Donahue, Pearson, Humphries, Porsche,2 West Pacs!What memories and fun! Alameda to Scubic.
Wilhite, RoyBM3Feb 1969 – Feb 19702nd3 Class Bm starboard side sponson
Cook, Alvin D.E2Feb 1969 – 1969VA-192
Schultz, DavidA01Feb 1, 1969 – Oct 27, 1972Weapons DepartmentWorked POIC bomb assy,Ordnance Control then FLT/DK Ordnance safety POIC.Retired off the USS Enterprise June 1979 an PSNS
Annal, DavidLT(jg)Feb 1, 1969 – Feb 1972OI
Nelson, LarrycssnMar 1969 – Feb 4, 1970s2lookiing for anyone in s2 div from 3/69 to 2/70 want to correspond or talk with shipmates. email address: or 209-862-2675
Marek, Dan PH2Mar 1969 – Dec 1971OP
Henry, RogerDC3Mar 18, 1969 – Feb 10, 1970RHad a lot of fun and memories . Had the last West Pac cruse.Want to hear from any R-Division friends
Abercrombie, LeroyLT(jg) (Retired Capt)Apr 7, 1969 – Jun 17, 1970Air Department V-3 & V-5
Eastabrooks, KenAQF2May 1969 – May 1971IM3It would be nice to hear from any IM3 shipmates. Used to live in Florida, now in TN
Miller, LarryAT-1May 1969 – Nov 1969VA-192 CVW-9West Pac Cruise
Weber, SteveSGT USMCMay 1969 – 1970Marine Det.Police Force of the Mighty “O”
Bennett, AlanAIRMANMay 30, 1969 – Apr 1, 1972V-1
Gurton, WillCPOJun 1969 – Sep 1973AGreat Ship/Great crew
Marshall, GlenABE2Jun 1969 – Jun 1971V2Arresting gear, what a great group of men to work with, and a good ship. Hard times and good.
Burke, Joseph profile iconCT-2Jun 3, 1969 – Jul 31, 1969US Naval Security GroupWhen I boarded the Boastman told the 8 of us that we had over 3,500 on board and only 3,200 beds. I found a rack. Two weeks before leaving I awoke with someone looking at me & said I was in his rack. I said "Ok, He said
Trimble, StephenCS3Jun 10, 1969 – Mar 1973S-2 Great duty being a cook on the ole "Zippo". The overseas ports were the best.
Trimble, StephenE-4Jun 10, 1969 – Mar 1973S2Enjoyed my time on board. The ports were fantastic. Seeing the world is something I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I don't regret one second of my time on board
Crowell, BillBTFAJul 1969 – Dec 1972B
Wagstaff, Melvin profile iconBT3Jul 1, 1969 – May 12, 1973B division
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Ludwig, FrankABH-1Jul 30, 1969 – Jul 29, 1972V-3
Howard, KarlFIREMANAug 1969 – Aug 1973A-1 Hydralics
Conley, BobMM2Aug 1969 – Jan 1972A- Steam hear gangLooking for Jerry (Gerald/) Bowers/ Misoulla MT. He was hurt in the laundry, missed 1971 cruise. Went to NY reunion around 1999 With randy ball form MI. Thomas Brink MM2 recently went to heaven. Any opne form A div. can email me
Williams, Jack L.AZ2Aug 1969 – Sep 1971VF-191 World Famous Satan's Kittens
Taylor, LloydHT-3Aug 1969 – Mar 30, 1973RI worked in both the Dc and Ship fitter shops.
Edgar, DaveE-3Aug 10, 1969 – Aug 1, 1971B-Division Oil Shack
Benner, GerryETR2Sep 1969 – Oct 1973OEFlew on during rough seas at Yankee Station just before Sasebo -- so made 4+ cruises. I remember watching bugs shamper around inside the crackers we ate, bug juice, Olongapo, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and some GREAT OE Division friends. Thanks!!
Babino, BinoADJANSep 5, 1969 – Mar 30, 1973V1 all hands on the O boat on the 70 crews fly-2. and crash crew. any body remember the spill we had to clean up before going on the way? those black barrels in back of the bridge?it was agent orange.anybody affected.
Brewer, RandyE4Oct 16, 1969 – Jun 29, 1973V-1Great ship have alot of good memories and some sad to. Worked with a great bunch of guys and we did work a lot of hrs.
Ortega, Roberto profile iconYN3Oct 31, 1969 – Oct 20, 1971Operations/Air IntelligenceI was assigned to the Operations Office and Air Intelligence Office. I enjoyed my two WESTPAC cruises aboard the Mighty "O".
Murphy, GeorgeABH-3Nov 1969 – Dec 13, 1970V-1 Port Cat Spotter Spotted the port cat for the final West Pac. used to spend nights with Lt. Hank Broadwell in the firetruck. Had to tolerate Chief Hudson all the time. I remember Rose, Woods, Sims, & Dickey. See flight ops on youtube.
Delaney Jr, RobertATN2Nov 1969 – Dec 18, 1971IMATAD from air wing VA155. Worked in the Avionics shop for both deployments.
Ortega, RobertoYN3Nov 1, 1969 – Oct 31, 1971Operations OfficeHello to all my shipmates!
Mellis, LarryCS 2Nov 15, 1969 – Jul 31, 1972S 2Good start on great career, many good times and friends retired CWO 4 1990
Stricklin, Scott "Checkered Demon"ETN3Nov 20, 1969 – Sep 16, 1971OEOE division what a great bunch.Webster,Thomann,Gerry Benner,Zeschin Dave Sommers just to mention a few.Flight ops from the 07 level.Plus there was the gourmet food served 21 hours a day...mystery meat in four flavors...yumeee....mouthwatering, especi
Riddle, Charles-chipCV 34Dec 1969 – 1973oioi div operations specelist ntds radar supervisor worked cic bridge lookouts would like to hear from radarmen andf flight deck personel from this time frame
Riddle, Charles-chipOS3Dec 1, 1969 – Aug 11, 1973oilike to hear from old sea dogs oi div and the friends laundry boatsmans cummunications quartermasters and anyone else that was on board at anytime
Marruffo, Edward/ Crazy EddieLI 2Dec 17, 1969 – Apr 15, 1972XUnk here I am, have you found anyone else. How about the rest of you Old Seadogs. I remember the faces but not the names, to old and to fat. The are days I don't recognize myself.
Marruffo, Edward/ Crazy EddieLI2Dec 17, 1969 – May 14, 1972X

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