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USS Oriskany (CV 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 701 crew members registered for the USS Oriskany (CV 34).

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Vaught, Arthur ( Red )SN1965 – 1967( G )Had a great time on board, I was the shot line guy for all those ships that we took on ammo,food supplies. Also remember the fire,and all the bombs we threw overboard that morning.
Hartford, Noel V.abhc1965 – 1967v=1My husband was on the ship for most of his 20 years in the navy. He was LPO on the flight deck. Also went through the 1966 fire. 1967 was his last tour. He passed away in 2003 from lung cancer in Ore.
Laplante, Jamese5 ao21965 – 1969gm divisonLooking for Greg MacIntosh, crew mate GM Division.I retired maintance engineer. Bad memories about fire on ship,otherwise enjoyed working with all my crew members. I worked flight deck and below decks. Contact me
Karasow, DavidRM31965 – 1966CINCPAC
Gordon;, AndyMR21965 – 1967ADid two wespac cruises in these years. Machine Shop with 8 other guys. Loved it. But I also counted my days. Came aboard in San Diego Ended tour at Hunters Point Served w/ Sheridan, Jim
Scott, CarlFireman 1965 – 1967BOn board during fire. Worked oil shack. Looking for my buddies if anyone is in contact with Mike A Matheson duluth Mn, or any Crew from oil shack give me a shout. I would like to reminisce West pac, Yankee Station, Siag
Howard, JimBT2Jan 3, 1965 – May 8, 1968BWorked in #4 fireroom, 65-68. Looking for any old BT's that were there.
Gordon, AndyMR2Feb 6, 1965 – Apr 5, 1967AMachine Shop
Graves, RobertADJ3Mar 1965 – Dec 17, 1965VAH-4 Det GolfHad to write, as the Oriskany museum says we were not on board in 65. We lost Hollygreen 9 off the bow on cat shot May 25, 1965.She was the best operating ship I served on. Retired as AE1 in 87
Seer, WayneAMH2Mar 1965 – Sep 1966VF-162
Eshelby, GaryHM3Mar 1965 – Dec 1965PharmacistI had a great time. Just wish I could remember more - the other men in sick bay at the time.
Davis, ChuckAT 3Mar 15, 1965 – Sep 5, 1966VF 162I was an Aviation Electronics technician with Fighter Squadron 162 for the 1965 and 1966 West Pac Cruises. The O is now in Texas waiting to be sunk. So far, I have resisted seeing her. She was too proud a ship for such an ignominious end. Chuck
Becker, RichardAD3Apr 5, 1965 – Nov 1965VFP-63
Mooney, HowardQM1May 10, 1965 – Jun 19, 1968NavigationLooking for Ralph Scheeler
O'Donnell, BillAb3May 10, 1965 – Sep 22, 1966V1 I was a yellow shirt cat spotter in fly 1. Was on board during the fire and when the Forrestal was aflame also. I watched her sink off the coast of Florida and knew she would go down in style.
Moon, Andy (Julian)ETN-2 E-5May 15, 1965 – Sep 7, 1967OEGreat bunch of guys. Wish I'd stayed in touch. Glad we weren't hurt in the "Flare Fire". Looking for other OE members during this time.
Lambert, KenADJANMay 15, 1965 – Nov 12, 1966VA 164
Theesfeld, GeraldBt 3May 26, 1965 – May 10, 1969B divisionI was the B and M division store keeper. I stood my watch in number one engine room called main control, talking to the four fire rooms thru the sound power 3jv phone. I enjoyed my time aboard USS ORISKANY
Hicks, Ralph J.AMCSJun 1965 – Jan 1968Aircraft MaintenanceMy father served with VF-162, The Hunters. His CO's were Mr. Richard Bellinger and Mr. Cal Swanson. They lost a lot of good men those years. Any shipmates, who may want to say hello, please do.Dad passed away in 1972. Mike Hicks, San Diego.
Westmoreland, RaymondRM3Jun 1965 – Jan 1967Radio CommunicationsI was sent from Travis to Clark AFB and bussed to Subic Bay where I boarded the USS Oriskany. I have always wished I could have spent the rest of my 4 years in the Navy aboard her. What an experience.
Lamphier, DavidBT3Jun 1965 – 1969B DivisionStayed in for 24 years. Retired in 1988 as a BTCM. Now fully retired living in Norfolk Virginia.
Lathrop, PatABHANJun 1, 1965 – Jun 1, 1968V-1Proud to have served aboard the Mighty "O".Will never forget Oct 26. Have always kept track of her including mothball and watched the sinking, brought a tear to my eye. I loved that ole boat.
Houghton, ClarkSNJun 4, 1965 – Jun 3, 1967Navy USNR-RRegistering here for my Dad who died in 2009. He mentioned a kitchen fire aboard & mentioned the name Mickey Swickel (?) a lot who I think died in this fire. Reach out if you knew him-greatest Dad & nicest man EVER!
Massey, Charles JPRAN 2ndJun 10, 1965 – Mar 10, 1967VA 163This is for my Brother Charles J Massey. He was a Parachute Rigger for VA 163 (Saints). He was very proud of his service onboard the Mighty O. Charlie passed away May 2, 2019 from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. RIP big brother.
Baker, Jim (Cool Breeze)AO3Jun 15, 1965 – Sep 1, 1968GM Division
Stromberg, MerleEnsignJul 1965 – Mar 1966OCOriskany was my first duty station. Retired with 25+ years of service.
Butryn, Michaele-3Jul 13, 1965 – Jun 1, 1967v-2 catsit was a pleasure to worked the flight deck with the v-2 cat crew.was just at the ships reunion,hooked-up with 6 of the guys that we all served together in the cat crew at the same time.i found 16 guys from the cat crew.
Scherer, JohnRD3Aug 1965 – Aug 1968OI (Operations)
Shelnut, BruceMM3Sep 1965 – 1968ENGINEERING DIVISION
Ball, DanielETR 3Sep 1965 – Dec 1967OEServed with William Corbett (Contact me to discuss old times). Served when Oriskiny flare locker exploded.
Rauch, DennisRM2Sep 7, 1965 – Mar 19, 1968communicationI was a TTY repairman, C.P.O. Jetton was in charge of the TTY shop. On my discharge day the Chief was O.O.D. & he said I would be back. he sure had my number. I became a 23 year sailor.
Mazurek, FrankABE3Oct 4, 1965 – Mar 1, 1967V2 Division CatapultsVietnam Cruises 65-66 and 66-67.
Chance, DennisE-3 FNOct 20, 1965 – Apr 20, 1967B-DIVISIONWas an Oil King in the B-Division, took samples of all the water on board, and test for drinking. Was on board for Fire October 1966 lost many friends, Now receiving 50% VA Disability for PTSD. get in your claims.
Dees, Anthony (Tony)AK-3 E-4Nov 1965 – Nov 1967S-6
Dees, Anthony (Tony)E-4 AK3Nov 11, 1965 – Nov 11, 1967S6I was in the S6 division. On October 26, 1966, during the fire, I was assigned to 1 Foxtrot fire station at the site of the fire. During the 1967 cruse to Viet Nam, I was sent to Cubi point Philliapeens as the supply rep
Helton, CharlesPO3Dec 15, 1965 – Jul 26, 1968S-1 and WWould not have traded for the experience and education.
Ro Bear, JohnAODec 28, 1965 – May 1969G divisionServed on big "o" .would like to reach some mates I recall .kim Sullivan,Bill Fries, Chico Chavez ,I was electrocuted on board ship and had memory loss . I was there's for the fire . Sad loss of life.a great crew
Robear, SparksAnDec 28, 1965 – May 2, 1969G Division. Red Shirtslooking for shipmates from g division 1965-1969 right below the radio shack , we bunked please call 2819616312 Texas Kim Sullivan,Bill Fries,Hale ,Red Vaughn it be great to hear from y'all Jon Ro Bear
Sheridan, JimMMR1966 – Mar 1968I'm putting this in for my father. he passed away 9 years ago. I remember being on the Oriskany though. We even got to go on it once. If anyone can fill in the missing information, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Ronning, BobYN21966 –Light Photographic Squadron 63I made the west pac cruise in 66. Interested in hearing from LTJG Lesh, or LCDR Tucker. I am curious if Lesh ever made the Blue Angels when he left the squadron. LCDR Tucker was shot down in Hai Phong harbor and was rescued.
Hopper, C. DennisEM-21966 – Jan 31, 1968EPosting on behalf on my dad, passed away 7 years ago.
Aguirre, RamonABHAN1966 – 1969V1
Thompson, BillIC31966 – 1969ElectricWould like to hear from all you ICMEN that served with me on the ORISKANY from 1966 to 1969.
Hieronymus, Glynn (Jeronymo) profile iconE31966 – 1969V2 arresting gearNeed someone who can say they remember me leaving the "O to fly back to San Francisco early for college release. I flew off the deck on an attack helo into Da Nang and flew back from Vietnam while carrier stayed in Gulf
Cox, RichardETR21966 – Aug 1968OEProud to have served during times of several major problems.
Regnier, Don profile iconE31966 – 1967V1I was in V-1 Division Fly-1 during the fire.
Menzing, BillRD2Jan 1, 1966 – Oct 15, 1967oi
Smith, FloydEM2Feb 1966 – Mar 2, 1970E
Gamble, DanPN3Mar 1966 – Nov 1966VAW-11 Det GOLFI was the VAW-11 Ready Room Yoeman in Ready Room 4. We shared the RR with VF-162. I think those few months contain the best and the worst times of my life. Oct 26 1966 seems like 100 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.
Harrison Jr, Joseph WRD3Mar 1966 – May 1968OI
Chaplow, MikeYN3Apr 1966 – 1967Commander Carrier Division 9Looking for Jim H. Steward- EloyHarra- Jim Broom
Rendon, Samabh/anApr 17, 1966 – 1969v-3we did so much for so long with so little that wwe could do anything with nothing becould we could {hack it} we were the v-3 animals and proud of it. Oriskany was the greatest ship i could have sailed.
Marcely, JimLTJGMay 1966 – Jan 1968CVW-16VA-164 Air Intel Officer 66 cruise, Air Wing AIO 67 cruise. Stayed in for 20 years. Oriskany was the best ship ever.
Sargent, WayneANMay 1966 – 1967HC-1Posting in Honor of the pilots who I flew with that lost their lives in the fire.
Johnson, Stan (Johnny)ABF 2May 8, 1966 – Feb 4, 1970V 4I spent my whole tour of duty aboard USS ORISKANY in V-4 div. I saw the reefing on video, wish I could have been there in person. It was hard to watch her go down.
Hammerschmidt, SamABH3May 16, 1966 – Dec 16, 1968V-1 Flight DeckThe Big'O' was a part of our lives for a few years and we all worked hard to make sure we all went home. Was in Fly 3 for the fire - sad hard day in my life. Honored to have served and contributed. Hammer
Feldhaus, JackLTMay 26, 1966 – Oct 8, 1966VA-152Shot down and KIA by ground fire in North Vietnam 10-8-66
Eastman, LeonardCOMMANDERJun 1966 – Oct 1966CMDR Eastman was a boyhood friend of mine. He was shot down over North Vietnam and became a prisoner of war for six years and seven months. There is a picture of him in my novel, "Identical Harts." Note: I estimated the mont
Walter, MackieAZ3Jun 1966 – Dec 1969IM 1 of AIMD I was over supply and the tec. libary.
Lefoy, LarryANJun 1, 1966 – May 6, 1968V1Ordered to the Oriskany from NAS North Island, San Diego. Aboard early June 1966, in the Philippines. 1st deployment worked in V1 Div Fly 2 then Fly 1 in 1967 as yellow shirt. On board during the fire on Oct 26, 1966
Neighbors, WayneRM3Jun 5, 1966 – Feb 14, 1969CRGreat website. I was a radioman aboard Oriskany in the 60's... great memories. Come visit my oriskany website at
Strickland, CharlieABH-2Jun 14, 1966 – Feb 4, 1970V-1Started out as AA out of boot camp as Fly Two blue shirt, during the "66" cruise. During the "67" cruise was in the crash crew. An my final cruise of "69" was Fly Two P.O. What memories I have of that Mighty "O" May
Lorenz, DuwayneSM3Jun 16, 1966 – Nov 20, 1967CSLooking for Signalmen from this time period
Schmalle, PhilIC/3Jul 1966 – Oct 1968EMany fond memories. Served with a great group of people. Would like to hear from the old gang. Anyone read the book about the fire? Its pretty good!
Campbell, DennisSM3Jul 1966 – Jul 1968CS SignalsLooking for old shipmates from the Signals gang.
Healy, Don /shortyE4Jul 7, 1966 – Jun 20, 1968V1Worked on the flight deck as a blueshirt, aircraft elevator operator and phone talker between the catapults and in fly 1,2 & 3. After transfer assigned to rescue squadron. After injuries served final 2 yrs at NAS Alameda
Davidson, DaveYN2Jul 27, 1966 – Mar 17, 1970OP
Dodd, DougABH3Sep 7, 1966 – Aug 28, 1968V1, REP8, Crash Crew
Valdez, Egliberto (Val) profile iconE-3 ASKOct 1966 – Jan 1969V-1 Fly 3I went aboard the "O" boat while she was at Hunters Point in Frisco. Met some great people. While on station there were good times, and some bad, but the friendship and the people are something I will never forget.
Mayer, LarryABE3Oct 1966 – Jan 1969V2 Arresting GearFantail!
McWilliams, Bobby JoeETCOct 23, 1966 – Jul 10, 1967OERegistered for my dad "Bob" or "Mac" McWilliams, an ET in the OE Division. He passed in April,1992. He went on to become the Master Chief of the Command on the USS Independence 1978-1979.
Ezell, Virgil Okie EzellE4/ADJ3Oct 28, 1966 – Aug 1967V6Boarded after the 66 fire, went back to states for repairs. Assigned to ships mail plane at Alameda while Oriskany was being rebuilt at Hunters Point. We sailed for Vietnam I transferred to V6 Div. Ground support Equip.
La Rue, Walter (Lash)ANNov 10, 1966 – Apr 15, 1969V-1 Div. Flight Deck67 WesPac, in Tonkin at Yankee, 20hours a day flight ops, worked Fly 2 "Roof Rats", blue shirt, crew leader, yellow shirt. 11/67 working under F8 #204 was sucked up into intake and survived..
Zordel, PhilMM3Dec 1, 1966 – Nov 29, 1969EngeneeringWork as a water king, frd auxillary, number 3 fire room and aft auxillary.

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