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USS Oriskany (CV 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 701 crew members registered for the USS Oriskany (CV 34).

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Williams, Vernon ( Willie)CS21963 – 1967S2The good times were far more than the bad. I started the 1st Reunion for both Ships crew & the Air Group. held in Oriskany, N.Y. 1990. At 68 I'm looking for anyone that may know me and would like contact me.
Fort,jr., Ellis (Butch)Adran1963 – Apr 1965V-1Had the best times of my life hard work on the flight deck. Made friends for life. Mike Davis big night in Sasabo,also my e-4boss cox in fly 2 . I went to the ceremony at the sinking. Alldeck hands contact me.
Miles, TommieE21963 – 1964V2Donald Bland are you alive,, HOW many vets still alive from my era 1960-1964,,glad to be 77 yrs old
Bruno, Anthony profile iconRN1963 – 1964RMHi this Bruno, Anthony or AJ... I would like to reconnect with some old buddies if possible. If you'd like to catch up, call me at 302-764-1432 or
Bellacqua, FredE-4Apr 24, 1963 – Aug 25, 1966OC
Best, TommySN seamanMay 1, 1963 – Jan 10, 1965AVfuelsI am now retired. 70 years old. Is there anyone know about special voluntary for taking on agent orange from tanker to carrier CVA34 off the cost of Vietnam in 1963 or 1964. Where the hose broke and we were covered in it
Payne, WilliamSgt E5May 1, 1963 – 1965Marine DetachmentWas Sr. PVT Mar DET under Lt Williams and Cpt Schwab. Was William now John Payne. Live in Jonesboro, AR. Served with B 19 HQ company Shore Party Camp Lejeune. Was NCOIC of Triangle Outpost and Sneed's ferry gate
Hall, FrederickRM3May 5, 1963 – Aug 31, 1965CR radio gangFor about the first 6 months aboard, several of us RMs were assigned to the SM compartment as the RM compartment was full. Enjoyed being with the SMs. They were a fun bunch of guys. My first time in P.I., was with SMs.
Chute, DonE-3Jun 1963 – Jan 29, 1965V-1Randy Randall said he'd like to hear from someone. Here I am.
Racheff, NickAC2 & AC1Jun 10, 1963 – Dec 16, 1965OCThe greatest CATCC Crew. A great ship's crew. Long 9 month deployments. Viet Nam losses including our POW CAG. We shall never forget them.
Yokeley, RickSKSNAug 1, 1963 – Aug 8, 1964S-1She was the best.
Houck, LarryE3Aug 1, 1963 – Apr 1, 1965V3I went mess cooking & worked with master at arms most of my time on ship it was great.
McQueary, DavidEM1Aug 13, 1963 – Feb 13, 1967E DivisionWorked in Distribution, Lighting Shop, and A&O Shop. General Quarters station was #2 (Control) Switchboard
Friel, Robert Or BobE-3 BM STRIKERAug 15, 1963 – Jul 1, 19663rd the fantailI made 2 fareast crusies. and would like to hear from any body that served with me.maybe a friend JOE KOLZINSKY.
Davis, MikeABHANSep 1963 – Sep 1966V-1I have a lot of great memories from my time aboard the Big "O" I worked in Fly 1; Flight Deck Control; the three Aircraft Elevators, including the folding number three for underway replenishments. I hope the Big "O" can become an artif
Randall, Randy (Richard) profile iconE3Sep 1, 1963 – Jun 1, 1967V1I would like to hear from any of the guys that servered on the ship the same time as I did.
Hopper, JamesEM3Sep 22, 1963 – Oct 1, 1966E-DivI worked in the Lighting Shopand Battery Locker most of the time Iwas on
Maynor, BennyABH/3Oct 1963 – Jun 1967V-1334-358-6447
Bernhard, LeeNov 1963 – Jun 1966OE
Poole, BobGMG3Nov 1963 – May 1967Ordinance12 on and 12 off and everyone had a rash. Subic bay, Grande Island and parties. Most of all I remember the fire. Sure would like to hear from "Red", "Hawk", Ronning, "Crunch" and all the rest. Where ar eyou guys.
Kerbersky, GeraldE3Nov 1963 – Aug 1966SecondSome of the best times I had while being on the USS Oriskany.. It was truly an honor to be be on the USS Oriskany.
Davis, MikeABHANNov 1, 1963 – Sep 23, 1966V1
Hudspeth, Charles "Tex"MM3Dec 1, 1963 – Aug 5, 1966A Evaporators and Steam HeatLots of good memories and to contact Robert Connerly MM3 and Carol Stealman MM1and others from A Division .
Madvig, MikeSH 31964 – 1968
Hawkins, William H. (Bill) (hawk) profile iconFT21964 – 1967WeaponsBill Hawkins served on the Oriskany at the time of the 1966 fire. Following service he completed a degree in Business at Indiana University (1971) and a MBA in Finance (1975). He died 1-27-2010. Email is sister
Nail, TerryADR2 E51964 – 1966VAW-11 Det. GI have put my father on here as he would want it that way. He passed away and I know he tried finding his navy buddies. Thank you.
Hebert, JimE51964 – Jun 1967E divWas aboard when fire erupted Oct. 1966
Borman, EricMR 2C1964 – Jan 15, 1968AI made the first 3 cruises to Vietnam and was on board during the fire in the #2 Main Damage Control locker.
Neal, Gary R. (Bob)SFM/3Jan 1964 – Nov 1967R
Miller, MichaelEM-3Jan 17, 1964 – May 15, 1967power shop,lighting shop,distrubition
Poindexter, GlennCVA-34 E3 ANMar 1964 – Mar 4, 1966v1 fly 1i was on the uss oriskany in v1 div fly 1 1964-66 would like to talk to any ony who was on the Big "O"uring that time
Stapp, DaleADJ2Mar 1964 – Apr 17, 1967VF162Great outfit. I would like to hear some of the Hunters.
Grisham, OrvilleApr 1964 – Apr 1965Fly 2
Ambrose, RichardABE3Apr 1964 – Oct 1966v2I am looking for people i have served with. please contact me at 610-390-8593 or e-mail me at
Underwood, LeslieE-4Apr 1964 – Jan 1967V-2 Arresting gearI am looking for Gordon Woods of V-2 div. Last know city where he lived was North Highlands,Ca. Anyone who knows him contact me @ The last time I saw the ship she was tied up at Mare Island.
Catudal, BobcatGMT3Apr 1964 – Jul 1966WI grew up on this ship. I miss having contact with my division shipmates.
McGraa, JosephDK3Apr 1964 – Jan 1966S4Proudest time of my life
Demmons, CharlesFTG3Apr 14, 1964 – Dec 12, 1966Fox
Cliver, Deane3Apr 15, 1964 – Mar 23, 1966V6worked in V6 did the welding and brazing for the division and was responsible for making the man over board buoy
Corbett, Danny (Dan)SK3 E-4Apr 16, 1964 – Apr 26, 1967S1
Szymanski, GaryE-5Jun 10, 1964 – Jun 1, 1968OI CICLooking for Mike Klima and Randy Jeager
Glover, JohnIC/2Jun 18, 1964 – Apr 14, 1969E
Batton, Voris Leee3Jun 22, 1964 – Nov 10, 1966v3i was on board for two yrs plus with two tours to vietnam i was working in hanger bay 1 when the fire started and saw the 2 guys loading the flares and the way they were throwing them i was almost blown up on the first
Ludington, Jim RM3Jul 1964 – Jun 1, 1967CR DivisionServed during two Westpac cruises, 64-65 and 66. Long hours on Yankee Station. Separated a few days before she left Oakland yards for another Westpac tour.
Simon, LawrenceRM2/1Jul 24, 1964 – Oct 28, 1968Staff Radioman and Leading PO/Cardiv NineTrying to reconstruct the five deployments while on the Staff. Especially the the deployment of 66-67 when we were on the Oriskany and had the fire. Not sure of the admirals name during the time of the fire.
Funderburke, WayneSargentAug 1964 – Dec 14, 1967Marine Detachment
Worden, GregSN BMAug 24, 1964 – Apr 14, 19662ndIf anyone wants to talk call me at 530-842-1357 in Northern California. Howard Tillman and Don Crotts were are you?
Newton, CliffSFM-3Sep 1, 1964 – Aug 1, 1966RLike to contact anyone I served with in R division
Gonzalez, RichardE 3Sep 5, 1964 – Feb 5, 1968R DIVION
Pyle, Dan ( Goomer )anOct 1964 – Aug 1966V-1 fly 1
Herndon, JohnDS2Oct 1964 – Jun 1966OEServed aboard the Big "O" during 1965 cruise and beginning of 1966 cruise. Transferred prior to fire. Would like to make contact with any of the old gang. Worked in Transmitter 3 equipmentroom.
Pint, StanleyE3Oct 5, 1964 – Mar 5, 1966V1If anyone was in this division, please contact me
May, JimBT2Nov 1964 – Aug 1968B divisionJust checking to see if any BT in #2 fire room around. Wishing all the best.
Duke, GeraldABH3Dec 1964 – Feb 1968V-1Worked in Fly One for three deployments
Karl, DocE3/V2Dec 1964 – Sep 1968V2
Cone, MichaelsmsnDec 21, 1964 – Dec 7, 1966csi was siglman aboar big "O" for 2 viet nam deployments. Remember the 66 fire vividly. Miss the o boat! what a great ship.Also remeber when we rescued crew memebers of ss agust moon stuck on pratas reef. Brave "o"crew to.

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