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USS Oriskany (CV 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 701 crew members registered for the USS Oriskany (CV 34).

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Brasseur Phd Nd, Dr. PaulIC11954 – 1958EGreat Ship -- Good Times
Collins, JoeLCDR1954 – 1955Aviation - VA 195I am the daughter of Joe H. Collins, Lcdr. USNR - Ret. My Dad passed away 9/4/14. I have his slides that include his time on the Oriskany. There are people I can't ID. Looking for people on the Far East Tour '55.
McBride, JimmyRM31954 – 1956ORI was on the Oriskany for two Westpac Cruises - 1955 & 1956. I would like to hear from anyone assigned to OR division during this time.
Smith, LeonardENSIGNFeb 8, 1954 – Mar 8, 1955V2Arresting gear officer
Hollingsworth, CharlesMM3Mar 15, 1954 – 1958M divisonjust checking around to see if aneybody is around that I know.
Keesey, Ski......billJun 1954 – Jun 1958NavyAnyone out there remember me?
Justus, Sam ? SkIC2Jun 10, 1954 – Feb 10, 1957EServed on the Lady 30 months, lots of memories, good duty. I watched them put her in her grave in the gulf the gulf. Kinda sad to watch. Remember the awful movies? Guilty!
Calvert, WilliamSK3Sep 1, 1954 – Nov 6, 1956SupplyBrig
Scannell, JohnRD3Oct 1954 – Dec 1956OI
Biggs, William L "willy"RD 3Oct 1, 1954 – Nov 11, 1956O II am looking for anyone who served on the USS Oriskany from 1954-56. Email me at
Samples, AllenNov 1954 –I am trying to find shipmates of Allen Samples. He is failing in health and would like to hear from his old buddies. Thank you. Sharon Samples (wife)
Gurr, Sam L. / LeeFP3Nov 1954 – Feb 1956PipefittersWhile I was on board, we had a plane crash while landing, causing a big fire. I am looking forward to seeing the ?Might O? again in Pensascola.
Ruffing, RaymondRD 3Nov 24, 1954 – Dec 15, 1956OIserved on DDR830,Jan 1957 to Aug 1957 DD851, Sept 1957 to May 1958
Lizak, JohnE31955 – 1957EWas IC3 when left ship
Lambe, William “boyce”Aviation Electrician 3rd class1955 –7th FleetLooking for any shipmates. VF 193 Moffat Field CA Served with Allan Shepard. Aviation Electrician on the Oriskiny Now 82 years old, Korean Veteran
Pitts, JimmyAirdale1955 – 1956Flight DeckLooking for other crew members.
Reetz, DonaldAB3Apr 25, 1955 – Aug 17, 1956V2
Reetz, DonaldAB3May 1, 1955 – Sep 1, 1956V-2
Priebe, DonaldDC3Jun 5, 1955 – May 6, 1956
Madsen, DelAG/ANJan 1956 – Sep 1956OAwas my first cruies, and was lucky to be placed in the OA division . It was a great experiencefor me.the crew where great guys to work with. Being very young at the time i just wonder if there is still some one from the OA division.
Oviedo, Elias Aka JimIC3 E4May 1956 – Aug 1956ENGINEERING/ELECTRONICSI am now 86 years old and my navy training taught me to never give up and finish what I start.
Yates, Frank1958 – Feb 1962This is my dad. He recently passed away in Feburary. I was looking for any of his old shipmates. I would like to hear some stories about him while he was serving on the ship. I've got a picture of some of those that he served with .
Artunian, BryanAN1958 – 1960I would like to find any people I served with.
Mort, ThomasBT21958 – 1962not sureMade this for my pop-pop...just seeing if I can find anyone who remembers him
Wells, RogerE3Feb 1, 1958 – Mar 6, 1962OIAcross an inlet an aircraft carrier was docked for scrapping. I said "she looks like my old ship", newspaper next day proclaimed "Oriskany comes to Vallejo". Later, watching her sink was like loosing a friend.
Pedrini, RoyLCPLE-3Aug 21, 1958 – Aug 16, 1961For four long years the Mighty O was my home. But i was glad to be back home with my family.
Neer, DarrylABE2Sep 1958 – Apr 1961V-2 CatsThis was a great time in my life. Later retired as an ISC from the reserves. Also retired computer programmer from King County, WA.
Staiger, DonaldRD2Oct 1958 – Dec 1959OIPart of recommisioning at Hunters Point ECM operator,
Meyer, Virgil RoyAMOct 1, 1958 – Feb 1, 1960V4Trying to locate my chief officer aboard the US Oriskany CVA 34 in 1959.
Croft, GaryABHCNov 1958 – Jul 1963V-1 Flight DeckCame back aboard in May 1965 till May 1967 and was there during the fire.
Renico, Guybt3Nov 20, 1958 – Jun 23, 1961b div no 4frafter all that black oil and smoke and heat im still alive wish there were a cruise book of 1960
Weatherill, ThomasanDec 28, 1958 – Jan 15, 1960abserved on the flight after recommisioning during shake down cruise &was discharged in san diego.
Lobell, AdlerMM31959 – 1963MMadee two far east cruises between 1959-1963
Landers, James "Red"Navy1959 –Not sureMy Grandfather James "Red" Landers, talked about his time on the USS Oriskany. Today is Veteran's day and he is no longer living but he will always live on in my heart and my memories of him. I love you Pop!
Dickson, StephenBosun's mate1959 – 1963Deck ForceStephen Dickson passed away on October 12 , 2012 of cancer he was 73 years old
Prentice, MikeRD31959 – Jan 1961OIrecommissioning crew at Hunters Point S.F. and Far East cruise 1960 -bridge talker for the Flag- lots of good memories ... wonder where a lot of you are...
Lomas, John/jack profile iconAN1959 – 1961V-3Enjoyed My time aboard and The West Pac Cruise of 1960.
Gingery, John GMM2Jan 1959 – Jan 1963A
Sentman, JimABF3Feb 9, 1959 – Apr 16, 1963V4Recommissioned ship June 1959. Two west pac tours 1960 and 1962. Left Navy 1964 Naval Station Alameda Ca
Moran, Francis (Bugs Moran)EM 3Feb 12, 1959 – 1960electralI was trained for recommissioning "0"on March 9 1959.When we were in San Diego I found out that the Shangri La was going around the Horn to ny and the Atlantic.I had to be on that ship. What a cruise that was.
Priest, Bobbysn E-3Mar 7, 1959 – Jun 4, 1962ordinanceI went aboard in 1959, ship was dry docked in San Francisco,I am a plank owner as she was commissioned, I did one westpac cruise. In my opinion had we went to war, we would have sunk ourselves, which happened later !!!!
Stoughton, WilliamMM3May 1959 – Mar 1961B and MWorked Evaps in B Div worked After Engineroom 1960 Westpac Cruise
Reynolds, Charles "Chuck"YN2Sep 1959 – Sep 1961RWorked in Eng. Log Room. DC Central during GQ. Was on WestPac Cruise 1960 and Overhaul at Hunters Point.
Fimple, Ronald (Ronnie)SN/Div YeomanSep 1959 – Jun 19613rdI really enjoyed my time aboard the Mighty O, met and worked with some great sailors. I worked as the div yeoman and was aboard for the 1960 Westpac Cruise, was discharged when she was in drydock at Hunter Point in 1961.
Richards, JimANOct 1, 1959 – Dec 17, 1962V4
Byrd, JimmyANOct 20, 1959 – Jul 20, 1961V1Served on the "Oriskany" from 1959-1961. AN - V1 Division, Repair 8/Crash Crew.
Conner, CharlesE3 / ABMDec 1959 – Jul 22, 1963V-3Looking for any fellow V-3 buddies I served with. 1959 to 1963.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1953 | 1954 – 1959 | 1960 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 | 1973 | 1974 | 1975 – now

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