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USS Oriskany (CV 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oriskany (CV 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 701 crew members registered for the USS Oriskany (CV 34).

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Siegler, HerbertAFAN1948 – 1952Photography departmentMy father served on Oriskany in 1950 in the photography department. I'm looking for an official crew rooster with his name listed. I have many photos of the Mighy O and of some crew he was close to during his enlistment
Roth, FrankEnsign1950 – 1953AviationMy grandfather Frank Roth served on the Oriskany durring the Korean war I think he was an officer but wondering if people had stories or pictures
Golden, GeorgeSeaman1950 – 1951Navy
Cooper, JosephCWO-4Jan 7, 1950 – 1954supplyim looking for anyone who knew or served with my dad. he was killed in 1966 in long beach.i was a plank owner and the FIRST person re-commissioned on the''O''.anyone who knew joe cooper please write me.i was 2 when he died..matt co
Tarr, NickE-5/O-5Mar 1950 – 1953Supply Departmentthe best years of a thirty year career....great crew
Johnson, MikeAM3Mar 10, 1950 – Nov 20, 1950VC-62 Sqdn. NAS JAX,FlA.Wonderful memories of Med Cruise, with great people..
Covacevich, EdwardAO3Jul 1950 – May 1952V3Worked on large munitions elevator aft of catapult ran from flight deck to mess deck remember loading stores off gravesend bay ny
Estes, Robert LSK 2Aug 9, 1950 – Nov 27, 1951S 1LANK OWNER
Creely, Gene FAD3Sep 15, 1950 – Feb 1, 1951V 3 GWe were put on the Oriskany during the Preparation and billeted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We were plank owners, and shakedown at Gitmo & Qualified CAG 1 at Jacksonville, then Norfolk for degausing run hen Boston for Christmas. I left in Feb 1951.
Andes, Eugene J.AO31951 – Dec 7, 1954V3 and V6Any former shipmate's of mine send me an email @
Folk, Barton(Bart/burt)SA1951 – 1955KoreaI'm Bart's daughter.He passed away August 23rd this year(2009).He always wanted to get a hold of his ex-crew buddies.Wondering if anyone had stories or pics.
Freeman, R.e. "Gene"unsure1951 – 1953unsureMy father served on the flight deck during the Korean War. Would love to hear any stories or pics @ Thank you all for serving with him. He was proud of his country.
Dupes, WilliamUnknown1951 – 1954UnknownMy father served on the Oriskany during the Korean War. He passed away in 1999. If you remember him and would like to, I'd love to hear any stories or see pictures of him from this time. thank you
Oberrick, John AK31951 – 1955Aviation SupplyPosting for my father, John "Jack" Oberrick (passed 2018). Served aboard Oriskany from 1951 to 1955 (AK3). Loved his time aboard and spoke of the great friends he made during that time.
Ledogar, Stephen (Steve) profile iconLT1951 – 1951AviationMy father was a naval aviator on the Oriskany in 1951. He had fond memories of flying over the Mediterranean and the ports of call.
Maxwell, Ronald3rd classJan 16, 1951 – Dec 3, 1953aviation
Smith, JackANFeb 15, 1951 – Feb 14, 1955V-1 div. Firefighter & rescue man u.s.s.Oriskany1953-54 Korean War after War became a Maintenance Man On ac/ and heaters At Allan Hancock College Would like to hear from any friends in the V- 1 Div.and video's of Lt. Frank Rep
O'Quinn, William (Bill)ET2Mar 1951 – Jun 1953ERWent aboard in Brooklyn after shakedown. Made the Med, Horn & first Korean cruises. Taught ET school at Great Lakes from 53 to 57. I have been to many ORA reunions and recommend you join.
Smith, BobbyAD2Apr 1951 – Oct 1951VF-43 CAG-4 Cecil Field,FLWent aboard @ Mayport FL cruised to Quonset PT RI Made ready to proceed to Mediterranean to join 6th fleet which remains as one of my fondest memories. Would like to find some of my shipmates: R.P. Eustace, A.S. Boyd, M.W. Baker R.A Bolick Jr and F.
Dunleavy, Thomas JBM3May 2, 1951 – Aug 27, 19552nd
Roberts, DaveNAVYAug 1, 1951 – Jan 1, 1956NAVYUSS ORISKANY
Mandel, NormanRM2Sep 1951 – Feb 1955CommunicationsI joined the Oriskany as an RN at the Brooklyn Navy yard and sailed around south america to San Diago. Made two trips to Korea. On one trip the movie Bridges of ToKo Ri with Mickey Rooney and William Holden was filmed.
Parrotte, LeaneulME 2Oct 11, 1951 – Jul 25, 1955REPAIR DIVISIONI served in the Repair division metal shop from 1951 till 1955.during the Korean war.
Gonzalez, Ralphmm2Nov 10, 1951 – Aug 31, 1955A DivWould like to contact Milo Rex Garrett my favorite cook on the Oriskany
Snyder, GeneAD 3Dec 1951 – Dec 1954V 4Was with her across the Equator and a round the Horn. Will never forget either one. Worked in the parachute loft. Ended up in charge of survival gear for pilots and the loft.
Hart, Irwin David1952 – 1956
Nolan, Robertmm31952 – 1953m
Ciccarone, ChickTeleman 2nd class1952 – 1954OR divisionAnybody in the division from 1952 to 1954 I was transferred from the ship to Sangley Pt P.I. Anyone from navcommfacphil,s crypto room would also be a plus
Ernst, Albert profile iconMM31952 – 1954munitions elevatorAlbert is my father and he passed in March 2006 . I am adding him to honor his service aboard the Oriskany. He lost 80+% of his hearing when that bomb exploded. Rev Kathryn Adele Ernst
Lehm Olsen, NatalieRadiomenJan 1, 1952 – Dec 1, 1954unsureMy father PAUL C. LEHM also served on the Oriskany sometime between 1952-1954. I would love to find out more about my dad during this time; he passed away in 1980. Please let me know if you served with him.
Stimson, BillyMachinist Mate MM2Jan 10, 1952 – Jun 15, 1954M divisionAnyone who remembers me I would appreciate them to contact me. I can only think of Normand Pulson MM1
Cuccolino, JackSRFeb 1952 – Aug 5, 19544th Gun I am looking for anyone who knew my grandfather Jack Cuccolino. He passed away 19 years ago when I was only 7 and I am looking for anybody that might remember him. Please contact me at Thank you
Zipeto, Carmen ZipRD 3Feb 10, 1952 – Jul 10, 1953OIWent around Cape Horn to reach San Diego. Ship was to wide to fit through the Panama Canal. Spent Christmas and New Years at sea during the Korean war. our pilots shot down two MIG'S in the sea of Japan. Great shi
McAdam, Ross (Daddy-o)0-4 LCDRMar 1952 – Oct 1965VF161Three separate tours, each one better than the last.
Williams, RaymondAB3Mar 1, 1952 – Jan 10, 1955V7Worked fueling aircraft. Went around Cape Horn with her in 1952. Did 2 tours in Korea. Was one of the crew that got injured when a 250# bomb dropped from the wing of an F4U while landing. She was a great ship .
Donnelly, Bernard/bernieE-5 Boiler Tender 2nd ClassMay 1, 1952 – Jul 1954boilerTrying to Locate M.C. Krippner St Cloud MN Henry Antel Indiana Jack Tedesco Naugatuck CT
Wray, Marvin LarueMACHINIST\'S MATE THIRDS CLASSOct 10, 1952 – Dec 10, 1953UncertainMy father passed 3 years ago and we recently found his Navy papers and decided to do some research. I wanted his name to be with his crew mates of that era. God Bless Everyone who has served United States of America!
Rye, RobertMachinist Mate 2nd Class1953 – 1955MachinistMy father served aboard when the movie Bridges at Toko-ri was filmed. He passed away several years ago but I have his cruise book "Into the Wind" Unsure of the dates he served.
Woodul, M. L.AM21953 – 1954VC-3Team Easy attached to CAG-19 with Task Force 77. VC-3 was a Special Weapons Unit flying F2H-3 Banshees.
Schreiber, MarshallABM21953 – 1956AviationMy father served on the Big O - he was an ABM2. I was in the Navy twice - HM2 and LCDR MC USNR. While I was in boot camp in 1975, a PO1 told me the Big O was taken to Japan to be scrapped. TRUE ? Then was sunk off of FL
Currier, LelandPetty Officer 3rd Class1953 – 1955V6My father is now 81 yrs --would love to hear more about the V6 crew he was with 1953-1955. There are few things he says about his time-- but is always trying to recount his time on the ship.He was proud to serve.
Jessica, EdwardsAm21953 – 1954Vc-3I am one of the granddaughters of M.L. Woodul. I grew up hearing his stories of him in the Navy and how he fixed fighter plans seeing this really hit home for me as he left us in Sept. Of 2016.
Sheffield, WilliamMM31953 – 1956UnkI am the son of MM3 William H. Sheffield. He passed away in 2001 and I am just trying to hear from anyone that may have known him and share a story or two to share with all of family. My name is Todd Sheffield CMSgt ret.
Burns, WilliamAC 2Jan 1953 – May 1953OAWas transfered to the "Big O" by breeches buoy and served in operations nex to CIC. Was on duty when an F4U landed with a hung bomb in March, 1953. Tthe explosion destroyed the aircraft and killed two crew mates
Morgan Jr., Dewitt profile iconQMSNSep 1953 – Dec 1953NJoined the ship in San Francisco in September 1953. I had just gotten married October 19, 1953. Late reporting to duty, got shipped out.
Driver, Elvis D.AD-3Sep 1, 1953 – Sep 1, 1954ELiquid Oxygen plant operator.
Walton, NeilARNov 1953 – Apr 1954Not sure. Single engine F=3? swept-back jetsWent over on a troop transport to Japan shortly before carrier was due to leave for USA. Job was to insert struts under wings after landing. Once I could't get it in & rode elevator down to 2nd level, all the time tryi

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