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USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 146 crew members registered for the USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599).

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Hankla, James Timothy (Hank)E4Jan 1976 – Jan 1979AdministrativeWas a great crew of guys, miss those days.
Mathes, RickFTB3Jan 4, 1976 – May 2, 1978Fire control
Bostwick, RickMT2(SS)Mar 1976 – May 1976MissileHad one week ashore after last patrol on USS Sam Houston SSBN609 before being sent to the Patrick Henry for a back-to-back patrol before my EOAS.
Lopez, Mark ( Beaner)MM2Jun 10, 1976 – Dec 15, 1980A GANGI'll never forget that part of my life or the crew members i worked with. Mike Lame, Joe T Newell,
Taylor, WilliamET1/SSSep 1, 1976 – Sep 30, 1980Navigation
Triplett, RonSTS31977 – 1980SonarMy first boat. What a great time.
Bates, RodgerEM1 (SS)1977 – 1980E DivHave always missed the special type of comradery experienced aboard the Patrick Henry. Close knit group, both on and off the boat.
Norman, JerryTmc SS1977 – 1980Torpedo
O'Halloran, Mike (Wookie)Mm2ssJan 1977 – Jan 1979M/ELTGood crew, good memories, mare island, dayso, cocoa beach, Chief Winter's blower being ball peened by Mullins, Gary Peck, Bruce Wood, Commander Hux and his star bux which I didn't fall for
Lame, MikeICC(SS)Mar 1977 – Aug 1981Interior Communications
Williamson, JohnEM3(SS)Mar 1977 – Sep 1979EGot to the boat during a refueling overall in Vallejo Ca. Loved the shipyard. Earned my dolphins aboard the "Henry" before reenlisting to leave Hawaii for the new construction fast attacks. Now retired living in NC.
Thmpson, John (Brad) Mr TMM2 Aux FwdApr 1977 – Feb 1980AuxilaryMan Mare island, Hawaii, guam A nice find ! A lot of good ole times with some great guys. Lopez, Siler, Turk, etc
Gentry, JohnSts3May 14, 1977 – Mar 16, 1980SonarAvid martial artist. Still lookin for Bruce campbell
Engman, BrianMM-1May 22, 1977 – Apr 23, 1980M DivisionAlso known as "Skimmer" on this crew. From overhaul to patrols we did it all. Anyone seen LRFF or been "Winterized" lately? I was also here in Bremerton, working in the shipyard when we cut her up. DryDock 6 was her final resting
Wathern, Edward (Blackie)RM2/SSJun 1977 – Aug 17, 1980operationsthose were people i could depend on
Campbell, BruceTM3Jun 5, 1977 –torpedomanLooking for my best friend in life, John D Gentry
Smith, Douglas (Smitty)FTGC (SS)Jul 1977 – Oct 1980Fire Control (Torpedo)Beaner, Lameici, Gentry... all you guys, Best ship I ever served on and best crew I ever served with. Gumball!! Shipyard, DASO, Esquimalt, Chin he, Panama Canal, Shellback... Man it was great...
Walker, Timothy W.PN2(SS)Sep 10, 1977 – May 10, 1981Ships Office
Fullerton, AlanMM2 (SS)Oct 15, 1977 – Dec 5, 1981AUXOverhaul, patrol 50, 52,54
Bowman, Jay (Tj)E61978 – Oct 1982Engineering M-divGood times in Hawaii.
Servantez, AlexanderE4Mar 15, 1978 – Nov 15, 1981A-gangI hope all are well and that life has treated everyone as well as can be expected.
Gihring, EugeneEMCS(SS)May 1978 – Jan 1983ElectricalE Div LPO and Eng Dept LPO, enjoyed Guam and Hawaii and the trip home to Washington, I remember most the missle shoot, missed out on the de-comm.
Federspiel, MikeEMC (SS)Oct 1978 – Jul 1982E-DivLots of great memories, did the missile shoot.
Wyatt, MichaelFTB2/22Nov 18, 1978 – Aug 18, 1981Missile Control Center
Griffin, Clifford DaleMT3 (SS)1979 – 1981
Banchak, RonLt1979 – 1982Engineeringnone
Daniels, StevenMM1(SS)1979 – 1981MGot my fish on this boat. Fond memories from Pearl, Guam & Pusan. Left after missile off-load.
Rash, Cecil F. "sonny"ETCS(SS)Feb 1979 – Nov 1980NAVET
Pasco, GuyMM1Feb 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1981M-Div1st boat, only 4 patrols before they combined crew at Pearl Harbor then transferred to a 637-class.
Schnitzler, William/ TrogRMSN - RM2Aug 1979 – Jul 1982Radio
Chambers, MikeMM1(SS)Aug 1979 – Jan 1983EngineeringHawaii was good times. Guam, Easter, 1980 was NOT. Anybody still have there "Easter 1980" ball cap?
Burgess, TomLt Tom BurgessSep 1979 – Sep 1982WeaponsHey, am I the only O Ganger listed for this boat?
Griffin, Clifford DaleMT3 (SS)Oct 1, 1979 – Apr 1, 1981Weapons
Albery, MichaelE4Nov 13, 1979 – Nov 1981Auxillery Division!st. boat. Great life experiences. Apologies to all for my immature actions. Miss the trust, honesty, and watching your back.
Weinstein, George F.MT2(SS)1980 – 1981Weps/MissileMade only two patrols after returning to the Navy after 10yrs broken service, my LPO was MT1(SS) Joe Ho. From here I had orders To the George C. Marshall SSBN 654.
Swanton, ChrisFA1980 –599 Gold
Tuohy, GerrySK2Mar 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1983supplyborsich balls
Tuohy, GerrySK2Apr 1980 – Jan 1983supply
Tuohy, GerrySK2Apr 1980 – Jan 1983supply
Gallegos, MikeMM2Jun 1, 1980 – May 1, 1984A-GangerFirst Submarine or 3. Finally CHENG on the USS McKee. Retired 1998
Viator, KeithET3Jul 15, 1980 – May 15, 1982Navigation,I was a SINS Tech. aboard the Patrick Henry. I only made 3 patrols
Smith, Jonqmsn'/ssAug 29, 1980 – May 15, 1982nav/ops
Franklin, JoelMS2Nov 1, 1980 – Mar 31, 1984Pacific
Footit, ChuckEM 2/SS1982 – 1984Electrical1st boat of 3. Had a great time and grew up quite a bit there. Feel free to contact me.
MacKay, JohnEM1(SS)1982 – 1984EThis was my favorite assignment during my career. Did some really interesting things and worked with some great people.
Cummings, Jeffrey ScottSEAMANJan 3, 1982 – Sep 15, 1983
Morrison, JoshuaET2(SS)Feb 25, 1982 – May 24, 1984Reactor ControlsServed during the SSN (slow approach) days. Part of Decommisioning crew.
Kreger, MichaelMM2(SS)Sep 1982 – May 25, 1984A DivisionOn Decommissioning Crew, Still have Patch, set of three envelopes postmarked the day of deommisioning and brass plaque, member of decommisioning team.
Kotson, JimETC SS RETOct 1982 – May 1984RCI was the last crew member to receive dolphins before she was decommissioned. I'm saving them for my son who's on the Louisianna.
Hornbuckle, DavidMM1/SSFeb 1983 – May 25, 1984M

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