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USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Marshall (SSBN 611). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 125 crew members registered for the USS John Marshall (SSBN 611).

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Crisp, KennethSK31978 – 1980SupplyI did 4 patrols out of Guam then xfered to the USS Blueback in San Diego. HEY BLUE Wasss up long time no talk. I have an email addy for Bronk, well it worked the last time I emailed him.
Kemp, BrooksE41978 – 1981ICLookout duty in the middle of Pacific Ocean at night. Spotting a UFO was life changing. Thank You SSBN 611 for not sinking and always coming to the surface. Beautiful crew!
Rossiter, LeeETN2SSMar 1978 – Jul 1978RC
Noonan, William (Bill)EM1(SS)May 1978 – Nov 1982EPatrols out of Quam. Combined Crew. Transit from Pearl to Charleston. Went through the Canal. Med Run. Great Shipmates and memories! Awesome times.
Ebel, RichardIC3(SS)Jun 1978 – Dec 1980ICMy first sub, got my dophins, and made petty officer in the five patrols. Currently living in Phoenix, AZ
Blue, VanYN2(SS)Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1981ExecOnboard for patrol 50. Made 6 deterrent patrols from Guam. Transferred during preparations for transit to Charleston, SC while in Bremerton, WA.
Meinzer, MarcQM2/SSAug 1978 – May 1980Quartermaster in NAVOPSStarted as QMSN left as QM2 during Guam period. Sent to OCS to become a reserve officer but dropped course. Left navy for merchant marine. Merchant Gulf War veteran on M/V Advantage MSC.
Brown, ZaneMS2 (SS) WHEN I LEFTOct 1978 – May 1982supplyhad a blast in guam we had a great time in transit through the canal had a good time on the first med cruise and who could forget portugal and moroco and it is still fuzzy as to who won the ballgame between us and the bahamian navy
Busch, SidSTSC(SS)Nov 1978 – Oct 1979SonarMade CPO while onboard,first boat I qualified as DIVING OFFICER on.
McDonald, JamesMMCSDec 5, 1978 – Jun 21, 1982A GangMade 5 patrols out of Guam with the Gold crew. Stayed with the combined crew thru conversion and move to Charleston SC. Made one Med run. Returned early due to orders. Retired after 22 1/2 years in Charleston.
Hammerle, BillEMC1979 – 1983EFast boat sailor sent to a boomer. Boomer converted to slow attack.
McCray, LeonardEM1 SS1979 – 1981EDIV
Anderson, Leonard (Lc)FTB2(SS)Feb 1979 – Jun 1981FTBFirst submarine, served on 5. Qualified first patrol, two port calls in South Korea. Stayed through weapons offload prior to conversion. Where are Jimbo and Sandoval? Bronk, apple jack, Andy's Hut. Oh, the memories
Sanborn, NealEM1(SS)Feb 9, 1979 – Aug 21, 1983ElectricalGreat crew to serve with. Still in contact with several of these lifelong friends.
Schlau, BrianMM3/SSMar 26, 1979 – Dec 31, 1980AuxFirst boat: Made 3 Patrols, qualified submarines, made Petty Officer, and transferred after making her last patrol. Captain Alexander helped me get orders to the PCU Michigan, SSBN 727, beginning a career on Tridents.
Kolonoski, DaveMM1(SS)May 2, 1979 – Jun 21, 1983M divMade three patrols out of PH/Guam - loved Korea, rode through canal to Charleston. Made Med run and washed ashore on Andros Island for three amazing days! Many good times.
Speek, MikeEM1(SS)Aug 1, 1979 – Jan 1981ElectricalMade several patrols out of Guam. Served with some really good people.
Adams, William Bill profile iconMM3Sep 1979 – 1980A-GANG
Whitehead, DeanMM2/SSOct 1979 – Aug 1983AuxillaryJoined the crew in Pearl Harbor and did 3 patrols out of Guam. Stayed aboard for the SSN conversion and did Med cruises out of Charleston. Left the boat when it arrived in Bremerton for it's conversion in 1983.
Rold, Ronald (Ron)FTB1 (ss)Oct 22, 1979 – Mar 2, 1981WeaponsWas only an FTB3 / 2 when on board, (2 patrols). Left PH to Dam Neck, then caught Francis Scott Key, SSBN 657, gold crew also. Finished Navy doing NOTU in Cape Canaveral. Finally got out in Apr. '87.
Harsch, CarlMMC1980 – 1984M-DivOperated out of Hawaii, took it through conversion to slow approach, then took her into Charleston.
Flanagan, DannyMT3Jan 7, 1980 – 1981weapons
Swanson, BillMM1 (SS)Jul 10, 1980 – Jul 10, 1984Mechanical NuclearOne patrol on gold crew, was one of first submariners to see new sub base at Bangor when we were converted to slow approach. We did a med run and was onboard during its change to amfibious support.
Kent, TroyFTG1Feb 1982 – Jun 19, 1986Weaponsfortunate to have meet some really good people as well as some others. Anyone other than me remember hitting the bottom?
Schwab, PhillipET2SSFeb 1, 1982 – Jan 31, 1988RCAlexander Hamilton 1984 - 1986 Nathanial Greene 1986 John Marshall 1987 - 1988
Shorrock, Rick / "Rock"RM2/SSJul 15, 1984 – Oct 13, 1988RadioGreat times! I remember being the CasCon instructor during Heulsman's infamous "Oh, Jesus Christ" incident while testing the ship's alarms from the briudge suitcase from the Cascon.
Vanbeers, BillRM2(SS)Mar 1985 – Sep 12, 1989RADIO
Clark, DavidEM2Sep 1, 1985 – May 1, 1989Engineering - Electrician
Smith, Kelly "Mr. Ozone"FTG1Dec 1985 – Apr 1990WeaponsInteresting operations, good times great crew.
Trogdon, Jeff "Trog"EM1(SS)Jun 1986 – Dec 23, 1988EBlue or Gold? What's that about. It was an SSN in '86! Would love to hear from some of you dirtbags that served from 86-88. Lots of memories with you guys...maybe even a couple of good ones!!
Fields, BruceMM1(SS)Aug 1986 – Sep 1990Machinery
Reed, Rodney Allan ReedMM3Aug 1, 1986 – Dec 7, 1990A GangerI served on the Marshall during the SSN 611 period at the begining of Desert Storm.
Anderson, AndeE6May 10, 1987 – Jul 1, 1990M
Sheridan, JoeET2/SSAug 15, 1987 – Jul 1, 1991RCHad some good times in the box...MANY hours in there...had good times duct taping folks, writing in the FART log, field daying, and prepping for ORSEs...well... I did get to spend a couple years with some very good guys.
Wiehagen, JimSTS2/E5May 13, 1988 – Jul 22, 1992SONARRodney & Ike, Jeff i remeber you guys. what have you been up too. drop me an email.
Batakis, JohnMM1(SS)Aug 1988 – Jan 1992AUXthe slow attack best crew and ship in the navy last diving officer of the watch !!!! the last med run was the best desert storm tiger cruise from san Diego to Bremerton my son had a blast he will never forget
Stamates, MarkFTG1/SS/DV1989 – 1991WeaponsHard chargin times, had alot of fun
Kerr, KennethET2/SSNov 1, 1989 – Jul 1992Nav/ETGreat times back then, Jim and Rodney Whats up?
Carter, Joecarterj (Cob)MMCM/SS (E9)Dec 1989 – Apr 1992COB
Lavender, Jeff (Lav) profile iconSK2SSSep 1990 – Dec 18, 1991SUPPLY
Isaacson, Robert "Ike"SK-3Nov 1990 – Feb 1992Deck and SupplyServed from the last cruise as an SSN in Desert storm till its final Decom. One of the Last to leave her as they cut her up.
Mann, AdamICFNApr 1, 1991 – Apr 14, 1992Egineer

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