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USS Kearsarge (CV 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kearsarge (CV 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 511 crew members registered for the USS Kearsarge (CV 33).

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Green, Merle "Bud"SN1963 – 1964Deck/Gunnery plus TAD to Admin (PIO Office)Came to ship from NTC Great Lakes, extended tour for JO school at Great lakes. Boarded while in dry dock at Bremerton, sailed to Long Beach and Hawaii.
Miller, George “j”E31963 – 1964OIEntering for my Dad. Forever proud to have been “the son of a sailor”.
Meyers, JohnANJan 1963 – Jul 1966V2Hello to Everyone that was in V2 Division. Like to get an Email.
Sebree, RickYN3Jan 1963 – Jul 1966OPSome of the best times of my life
Hawkins, Charles/charlieEnsignJan 5, 1963 –CommunicationsDuring my time aboard the Kearsarge, we picked up MAJ Gordon Cooper, the Mercury MA-7 astronaut. We also had a wonderful WestPac cruise to Japan.
Koenen, CharlesE3Jan 15, 1963 – Jun 3, 1966S-3worked in the Geedunk
McLaughlin, MacGUNNERS MATE GMG2Mar 1, 1963 – Mar 1, 19695thGunner Mate LPO 5th Division
Williams, DaveCORPORALMar 15, 1963 – Mar 15, 19657thI was a member of the Marine detachment aboard the Kearsarge during the above dates. I would enjoy hearing from any of the other Marines or sailors who was onboard during these dates. My job aboard the ship was the Captains orderly.
Ware, BillET3Apr 1963 – Jun 1965OEServed in Wespac during Gulf of Tonkin incident. Discharged and returned to school in NC
English, JimABE3Apr 1963 – Feb 1966V2I was Port Catapult Captain. I got the job from Jack Connell. Buddies with Wayne Lewis, Moon, Bob Cloyd, Larry Beauvias, Bob Guarino, Doc, Don Jones, Bob Genz. Would love to hear from anyone else in this division.
Vogelman, JamesAMS 3May 1963 – Dec 16, 1964
Groh, LarryET-3May 1, 1963 – May 25, 1966OEI also served on the ship in Carrier Division 15 and ASW group one from 62-63 then was transfered to ships company when I made third class PO
Galatocky, RichardETR2May 2, 1963 – Sep 7, 1965OE DivisionServed aboard USS Kearsarge during pick-up of astronaut Gordon Cooper. Did two WESTPAC cruises.
Snyder, RalphETR-2Jun 1963 – May 1966OECame onboard right after last capsule pick up in Hawaii.Did two Westpac cruises..Worked a few months in OEoffice with Lt.Corsnitz..Then took over IFF from Mike Corrigan(?).
Oates, RonMU 2Jun 4, 1963 – Dec 1963FlagA wonderful six-month cruise. I made several life-long friends, and remember those months with much fondness. I have frequently found myself missing those short months of shipboard life.
Parker, StephenE4Jun 10, 1963 – Jun 10, 1966OperationsWorked in CIC
Haga, JimETN3Jul 1963 – Aug 1965OE
O'pry, Charles DanielE4Jul 16, 1963 – Jul 9, 1965Deck I wood like to find some of the mans in my division my e-mail is i have the book from 1964 cruise
Caldwell, TomEN3Aug 1, 1963 – Dec 20, 1964AEmergency generators,boats,air compressors
Maslowsky, Tom SkiE-4Aug 15, 1963 – Sep 15, 1966B divisionI came aboard right out of boot camp.I made 3 westpacs before I got out.
Johnson, JimETN 3Oct 15, 1963 – Dec 20, 1966OEWorked on the UHF gear on the 09 level with Ralph Snyder and Dan Scharf and later in the OE divison office. Our Division Officers during my time aboard were Frank Keinrath and Howard Dole.
Reigle, JimE-4Nov 1, 1963 – May 14, 1965HS 6Was aboard during Gulf of Tonkin Incident Aug 1964 when destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy sunk torpedo boats in Tonkin Gulf. Spent several months in Gulf then pulled into Subic Bay for R R. Great ships party on Grandy Island.
Jim, HarperAIRMANDec 1963 – Sep 1964Air OperationsSpent first year in Air Traffic Control. Second year in Air Intelligence. Would like to hear from shipmates who remember me.
Walsh, James (Jim)E-3Dec 1963 – May 1965OII served before and during the John Wayne Cruise. Looking for OI Div Hands from that time. The only Names I remember is LTJG Dunn, OI Div Officer. and Capt Muckenthaller
Hixson, WilliamAX21964 – 1968VS-21Aircrew 87 Combat Missions 4 Air Medals
Goforth, JimAO11964 – 1968G division
Meyers, Robert (Bob)YN31964 – 1966Navy-USNRRetired Police Officer 1991
Hale, StephenRD-3Jan 1964 – May 1968OIReported aboard Kearsarge, following boot camp in San Diego and completed two WestPac tours
Rasmussen, DennisQM3Jan 1964 – Aug 1967NServed as Quartermaster looking to talk to some of my old freinds.
Miears, SamRM2Jan 17, 1964 – Apr 29, 1966CR
Cooley, William (Bill)LCPLApr 1964 – 1966Marine DetactmentI was a Brig Turnkey and Nuclear Weapons sentry. During a Smoker I did a singing duet with a sailor and would appreciate hearing from any other Marines that may remember me. Capt. M. Morris USMC was detachment leader when I left.
Folds, Larry (Flash)RMSNApr 5, 1964 – Dec 28, 1964CRLoved the Kearsarge, didn't care for my division officer or chief. Left to serve on the Saratoga...How's Wylie Coyote doing?
Myers, WillABE3Apr 10, 1964 – Dec 16, 1967Iwas in the cat abd arresting crew v2
Haglund, StephanABEAN/ABE3May 1964 – Jun 1966V-2
Smith, BillMM2May 1, 1964 – Nov 25, 1968M and AServed M-Div Throttleman fwd Eng Rm 1964-1965. Served A-Div AC&R gang 1965-1968. Went on 3 WESPAC's
Bonsall, EdwardE3May 5, 1964 – Feb 5, 1965V3flight deck elevator operator, west pac. cruse,golf of tonkin etc. would like contact with keslar, eaton, laroue&gravell.
Jacobs, Daniel (Jake)MU 2Jun 1964 – Dec 1964Admiral's BandOn ship when Pres. Johnson announced they'd fired on our destroyers in Gulf of Tonkin. Deployed to So. China Sea and were there for 6 mos
O'Neil, TerryGMG E4Jun 5, 1964 – May 3, 1966G Roger Gilliam or Bob Gilliam. Where are you? contact me if you can. I live in Oregon and doing a lot of fishing and living the dream. Terry
Dever, Daniel/danAC3Jun 15, 1964 – Mar 26, 1968Air Trafic ControlSemi retired living in the North Texas Area. My time aboard was a wonderful experience....The guys were great and the shore leave was super.....where are you guys??? Was in the OC Division, also was the Air Transfer PO.
Riecken, RonPR3Jun 19, 1964 – Dec 16, 1964VA153 det.R
Van Dorn, Tom profile iconEM2Aug 1, 1964 – Nov 21, 1967Electrical
Young, GeorgeSHT seaAug 3, 1964 – Aug 2, 1968S 3
Cole, RodIC2Oct 1964 – Dec 1967E
Holt, William( Bill )RD3Oct 1, 1964 – Aug 1, 1968o.i.on board when we had a fire off japan around xmas 1967
Dostalek, PaulETN3Dec 1964 – Jul 1966OEserved with: Chief Leo Doherty, Howie Hyden, Sam Samson, Gerry Whitehouse, Scott Tilma, and Thomas "Cloud" Hendren.
Reger, RobertEM2Dec 19, 1964 – Apr 10, 1968E
Reger, RobertEM2Dec 22, 1964 – Apr 14, 1968EServed with a great bunch of men. Did two tours to Yankee station
Ingram, GaryBT3Dec 30, 1964 – Jan 18, 1968B division

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1947 | 1948 – 1953 | 1954 – 1957 | 1958 – 1959 | 1960 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 | 1966 | 1967 | 1968 – now

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