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USS Kearsarge (CV 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kearsarge (CV 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 511 crew members registered for the USS Kearsarge (CV 33).

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Taylor, Herbert A. Jr.ATN31960 – 1961Anti submarine squadron Vs-21, and Vs-29
Eldred, RogerEM11960 –Power GangI have letters from commanding officer about work my dad did out in the China Sea. Kept them moving and not getting assistance. He also worked from there on the USS Razorback. And the USS Jenkins. Anyone with him?
Rucker, MikeAX31960 – Jun 9, 1964HS-6I am writing this for my brother, William M. (Mike) Rucker who was in HS-6 from 1960-64. He died in Sept 2012 and was buried at sea by HSC-6. If you remember him I would like to hear from you. His brother, Steve.
Schultz, DavidA03Jan 14, 1960 – Nov 22, 1962Wepons DeptRetired AO1 off the USS Enterprise in June 1979 at PSNS
Haraseth, DonaldRMSNJan 22, 1960 – Jan 22, 1964Radioman
Bowes, DelmarseamanFeb 23, 1960 – Oct 4, 1962S-1 Supply DivisionI worked in the forward issue storerooms for the most part. Some mates were Stanly Bridges, Supply office, Ken Smith, storerooms, Kenneth Goddard, Supply office, just to name a few.
Friend, DavidRD-3May 29, 1960 – Jul 31, 1962OI divVery interesting time
Schindler, Marvin D.AIRMANJun 9, 1960 – Apr 9, 1964v-1
Aanerud, DougABE2Jun 10, 1960 – Jun 10, 1965V2 Catapults
Lee, Edward profile iconAE-1Aug 1, 1960 – Jul 1, 1963V6 DivisionSenior Petty Officer in charge of V6 Division Electrical Shop maintained for the use of Squadron personnel when deployed aboard. Electrical Shop also maintained the ship's COD aircraft and the "jeep-starts".
Renew, Douglas M. (Mac)YN2Sep 1960 – Oct 1963X
Harnett, James MichaelETSN, FTSN, TM3Sep 1, 1960 – Sep 30, 1963W Division (Special Weapons & ASW)I miss my shipmates(many memories). I knew the Kearsage. Need to contact Mark Ford (GM), Bill Farris (BM), Rod Rodrigas, Dennis Slaughter (Ensign ~1963), & EOD Diver ~1960-1964 after EOD Richard Takahashi LTJG G-Div
Sullivan, Dan / Sullyl/cplOct 28, 1960 – Aug 28, 1962Gunnery ( Marine detachment)fond menories far east cruise 1961 &.long beach home port in 1962. recently joined sea going marine association look it up it would be great to make contact once again. retired in st. augustine fl remenber gunny walker!
Griffith, JimQM3Dec 6, 1960 – Oct 15, 1963QuartermasterServed on Navigation Bridge during pickup of Wally Schirra and Gordon Cooper. Would very much like to get in touch with others from my Division.
Knight, MalcolmE-3 or E-4?1961 – 1964VS-21 Fighting RedtailsI am writing my Dad's history. He served in the VS-21 air crew, onboard the Kearsarge. I am looking for any Unit and Cruise information and photos from that time period.
Caves, Charles (Chuck)RM31961 – 1964cr (communications)arr uss kearsarge during fram @ bremerton,wa ..two west pac tours ..two mercury/gemeini pickups..xferd to navcomsta subic bay 1964was abd during tonkin gulf episode with maddox and turner joy
Templeton, ThomasUnknow1961 – 1963UnknownThis was my dad. He is deceased and a house fire in the 70's destroyed all his Navy relics including his cruise book and pictures. He was on the whale boat to pick up the Sigma. Would love stories & pictures.
Strudwick, HarryPfc1961 – 1963Gunnery
Helms, John WhitneyPO21961 –HeliSubron6Would love to talk with crew members from the Kearsarge. I am retired Sherriff in San Diego, born 1/1/1941.
Cardmon, BruceMM2Jan 1, 1961 – May 20, 1963M Div.
Turner, Donald EFNJan 15, 1961 – Oct 1963B DivisionNumber 3 Fireroom. Worked with Sales BT2, Biggers BT1, Chief Gray, Al Rhine BT3, and others.
Baughn, CarlRM1Apr 10, 1961 – Oct 29, 1963CommunicationsOn Board for Cooper Recovery. Also in Japan when Destroyers were reported fired on in Gulf of Tonkin. 30 days after deployment to Gulf, transferred off via mail plane to Fleet Training Group, Ford Island HI
Groh, LarryET-3Jun 2, 1961 – May 15, 1965OEI served twice once on Flag staff and then as ships company.
Boyd, RobertLtJGOct 1961 – Dec 19645th Division OfficerMet the ship in Bangor, WA prior to FRAM overhaul in USNS Bremerton, WA. 2 Mercury recoveries and 2 WestPAC cruises. Worked as Ordnance Engineer designing guns and ammo for NAVSEA. Live in S. Indiana. Retired
Smith, RichardABF3Nov 15, 1961 – Oct 15, 1964V4Just wondering if anyone from V4 Division is on this website??
Borges, Jr., LouisYN3 Weapons Dept.Dec 1, 1961 – Sep 9, 1965Weapons Dept.Two astronaut recovery's, three westpac tours. I still remember the collision with passenger ship Oriana.Now iiving in Calif. Have two adult kids and four grand kids.
Kobus, JamesE3Dec 10, 1961 – Aug 5, 1962aworked in the machine shop
Dollahite, BobYN-3Dec 30, 1961 – Feb 28, 19665thTwo astronaut recovery's, two Westpac curise making some great friends aboad.
Dollahite, BobYoeman 3rd ClassDec 30, 1961 – Feb 17, 19665th DivisionAssigned to 1st Div. upon arrival in Bremerton, WA. In Dec. 61, assigned to the Gunnery Office under YN2 Barnard. Two WestPac's, 2 Astronaut recovery's, 'one hello' of a great time, with shipmates, some still in contact
Dollahite, RobertYoeman 3rdDec 30, 1961 – Jan 28, 19665th DivisionWas assigned the whole time to the Kearsarge. No regrets! Met long term friends and shipmates. Two WestPac Cruises Two Astronaut Recoveries. Quoted out for E-5, which meant staying in, but up for shore duty. Nah
Epperson, DonYN3Dec 31, 1961 – Jan 30, 19651ST Div, Eng Log Room, X DivThank God for the Navy - coulda went to the hoosecow instead. Worked by BM2 Blaisdell in 1st Div - Worked in the Capt's Office for the Ship's Secretary, LT Lightner. Any one hear from BM3 Webster - in the Paint Locker?
Provost, Jimmy --j.cE-51962 – 1967My Husband was on this ship, would like to hear from any one who remembers him. he was a cook
Pedro, HarveyE31962 – Apr 1965supplies
Anderson, MickeyMACHINIST MATE1962 – 1965I would love to find some old photos or other information anyone may have about the USS Kearsarge from the period of 1962-1965.
Keslar, LeoE41962 – 1966V3on kearsarge during dry docks at washington, to home port at longbeach. made 3 west pac cruises. would like to reminisce with shipmates
Foster, RobertCorporal1962 – 1964Marine DetachmentServed as executive officers orderly and Sgt of the guards during tour. On board during pick up of Walter Schirra and Gordon Cooper. Looking for crew book and video. Would love to hear from shipmates.
Jones, ChuckE-3 Airman1962 – 1963VS 29This is my husbands information. He served in 2 wes pacs and I desperately need some information. He suffered a stroke last year . Has nightmares of plane crashing. Can someone please email me.
Mosso, Gerald GerrySeaman1962 – 1963Special weaponsIt was a great experience, seeing the capsules come down. Seeing the capsule up close. Being a part of history. It was wonderful. Seeing President right in front of me, while in formation, was an unforgetful moment.
Riviere, RobertSeaman1962 – 1965S3I worked in the ships laundry and tabacco store. I was aboard for the MA9 pick up. Looking for-Jerry Mclaughlin,David Riel, Van Elrod,Watt mccaulley,P.E.Ross
South, CharlieRM3Jan 1, 1962 – 1966commucationsI am looking for some of the guys on the ship
Loukotka, Robert (Big Louk)EN2Jan 10, 1962 – Feb 9, 1966Emergency Diesel generator crew
Chisman, CharlesE3Jan 10, 1962 – May 21, 1965V3
Sikes, JerryABE-3Jan 13, 1962 – Feb 6, 1966V-2 Arresting GearOld Shipmates E-Mail Me Would be happy to hear from you.
Angelo, JamesFNJan 18, 1962 – Aug 24, 1962RFrom here went to IC-A School
Yentzen, Eugene/geneETR-5Feb 1, 1962 – Dec 20, 1963OEanyone know where O. Roy Young ETR-5 is?
Bryant, DougBT3Mar 5, 1962 – Apr 15, 1966B division
Trosclair, FlemingAIRMAN E-3Mar 10, 1962 – Dec 2, 1963aircraft fueling
Hyden, HowardETN-5Mar 15, 1962 – Jun 1, 1966OEWe were part of the recovery team for Astronauts Walter Schirra & Gordon Cooper
Lindley, Harry C.YN2 (E5)Mar 16, 1962 – Aug 1964X DivisionMany fine memories of my time in the Captain's Office and serving as the Captain's yeoman. Lt(jg) Lightner was the best Navy man I ever met.
Grant, BillRM3Mar 17, 1962 – Jun 18, 1965CommunicationsI have lots of great memories of my time aboard the Mighty K. Spent many hours in Traders Al's Winjammer in Long Beach while in port. I would like to hear from former shipmates, especially those from the Radio Shack.
Woodham, William (Gary)AG-2Apr 1962 – May 1965OA
Loukotka, Robert (Big Louk)EN2Apr 1962 – Feb 9, 1966AWorked both foward and after diesel & boat shop
Beardshall, ElmerO6Apr 1962 – Dec 1964VS29CVSG53
Eaton, Kenneth profile iconE4Apr 1962 – May 1966V33 westpac cruises. 2 space launch pickups. Severed on USS Kearsarge. Vietnam Gulf of Tonka.
Montague, John profile iconRM2May 1962 – Sep 1964Comm. Centerloved my 2 yrs abd the big K, exciting times w/2 Westpac cruises. Discharged in '64, returned to school (U of Md.), then joined the Dept of State, served abroad for 33 yrs. Now live in S. Africa, Married w/3 small kids, own 2 restaurants.
Painter, DeweyAK2May 2, 1962 – Jul 6, 1963S-6 DivisionGot on board when ship came into Pearl Harbor on way to westpac. Left ship for Navy Diving School Key West as part of EOD program. Active in Christian Fellowship on board ship.
Dobson, JackSgtE-5May 19, 1962 – May 19, 1964Marine DetachmentAboard in Marine Detachment when we picked up Schirra and Cooper was a Lance Corporal on ship sent to Camp Lejeune from ship discharged Sgt E-5
Antonio, RudolphSFP3Jun 1962 – Jul 1966RIn 1964 The Kearsarge was in Vietnam Waters (Tonkin Gulf) when Escort Ships USS Turner Joy & USS Maddox were attacked by N. Vietnamese Torpedo Boats. Was Discharged on July 9, 1966. Want to find N. Donahue of Redding, CA
Kraus, RichardLT(jg)Jun 20, 1962 – Jun 12, 1964Weapons DeptRetired and living in Arizona. Was aboard Kearsarge for the astronaut recoveries of Wally Shirra (11-62) and Gordon Cooper (5-63).
Jones, MarvinSAJun 29, 1962 – Jul 15, 1964Flag staffI served on CARDIV15 Flag staff, worked on the ADM Bargr for( RADM Karaberis)
Jacobsen, Robert ( Jake )E-3Jul 15, 1962 – Apr 11, 1963FLIGHT DECKABOARD FOR THE PICK UP OF WALLY SCHIRRA
Crable, JohnAME3Jul 27, 1962 – Oct 18, 1963VS-29 Plane Capt.Aboard for both WESTPAC cruises during the Mercury recoveries of Shira and Cooper. An amazing experience!
Jones, Thomas (T. R.)SNAug 1962 – Jun 19651stHad a good time aboard the Mighty K., especially the WestPac cruises!!
Kirchner, RichardATR3Aug 11, 1962 – Mar 9, 1966VS-21I was assigned as line crewman with VS-21 while on West Pac In the South China Sea. Injured on hangar bay greasing the front struts. S2-F Nose Wheel door corner lunged into my back when the ship rolled. Any one remember?
Leach, KenSEAMANSep 1962 – Sep 1963XAssigned to Admin Office
McConnell, James D. (Jimmy Dits)SM2Oct 6, 1962 – Jul 1, 1966Communications Signals
Kruger, JamesAO3Nov 1962 – Oct 1966GReported after the collision in Long Beach. 3 wespac's as ships company. attached to G div fight deck crew
Gallant, JosephAKCNov 27, 1962 – Dec 31, 1964S-6I am submitting this on behalf of my deceased father who is named above. I got the dates from his NAVPERS 601-5 personnel form. Dad joined the Navy in 1938 and was aboard the USS Marblehead when it was bombed.

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