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USS Kearsarge (CV 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kearsarge (CV 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 511 crew members registered for the USS Kearsarge (CV 33).

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Bullard, ChuckPN21958 – 1961XTrying to contact Ralph Mooney, Kenneth McClellan and Moe Rivenbark. Was there during the typhoon.
Register, RayfordRADIOMAN 1ST1958 – 1960Dates are approxmate. Entering this for my brother, Ray (1940-1998). Would love to hear from anyone especially 'Sharkey'
Smith, DarcyPN31958 – 1960X
Beaumont, GerrySKSNMar 20, 1958 – Sep 1, 1959S-2 Supply (Commissary office) I flew to the ship, landing off the coast of Japan. Not being wartime, we had an awesome time on that cruise, visiting many ports, skiing at Nikko Kanko. Great memories of Hong Kong, too. Loved the Mighty Kay.
Krell, CharlieRM2Apr 1958 – Aug 1960ORWatch Suprv. RAD1, RAD2, Suprv. RAD3 Been in touch with Bob Willis RM2 since 2001. Anyone in OR during this time, e-mail me at
Schmelhaus, Dutch {rich}em3Jun 1958 – Feb 1960cookgreat bunch of guys.
Sales, GlenE-5Jun 12, 1958 – Jun 8, 1962Eight Naval DistrictGreat 4 years. Many good and bad memories. Two West Pac cruises, P/U Russians, and witnessed the devastation in Nagoya Japan.
Campbell, Ken ( Soups )ABUANJul 1958 – Jan 26, 1959V2 Arresteng GearHad a good time onboard. Was discharge from Kearsarge
Beckes, GarySEAMANJul 1, 1958 – Jun 20, 1961SECOND DIVISIONInteresting in hearing from any one from my ship that remembers me and friends on ship who I m I rode home with. with from Long Beach to Carmichael John Greisen,Milt Pelligrieni (?). Allen Johnson (?), Daniel Boyle,
Martin, JefferyRd2Sep 5, 1958 – Apr 6, 1962OII learned about life and to work hard and play hard aboard this ship. I feel sorry for young men who did not get to experience these things...God bless
Takahashi, RichardLTJGSep 9, 1958 – Sep 13, 1960GEOD/Diving Officer. Received Inter-service transfer into the U.S. Air Force after completion of tour aboard the Kearsarge. Spent the next 15+ years as Munitions/EOD Officer. Retired as Lt. Colonel.
Kordelasinski, JanAO2Sep 14, 1958 – Jul 15, 1960w
Stoughton, WilliamMM3Oct 1958 – May 1959M DivTransfered to Kearsarge, from MM A School, Great Lakes, Temporary Duty Awaiting Assignment to USS Oriskany undergoing Hurricane Bow and Angled Flight Deck at Hunters Point Shipyard San Francisco CA
Kordelasinski, SkiAO2Oct 10, 1958 – Jul 15, 1960W
Bryant, Hugh "Oogie"BM3Oct 15, 1958 – Jul 27, 19623rdA lot of water has passed under the bridge since 62. But I remember two far east cruises just about like they happened last year. Remember picking up those 4-Russians adrift at sea between Japan and Midway in 1959.
Pruett, Michael (Mike)PVT - PFC - L/CPLOct 29, 1958 – Jan 11, 19617th2 years - 1 month - 13 days aboard. At one time or another I was guard on que wall, brow, special weapons, brig. Trained ships landing parties, mount captain on 5" 38, Orderly for Captain & Admiral. Operated Marine office, press shop, guard shack
Lacey, DaveYN3Nov 1958 – May 1960XWesPac 59 Cruise was the best. Loved the Navy. Got out to save my liver. Steve Gray and Bob Riley were good buddies.
Hardcastle, RaymondMR2Nov 1958 – Oct 27, 1961EngineeringThree years, six months on a kitty-cruise.
Stoughton, WilliamMM3Nov 1958 – May 1959M DivAfter Engineroom
Boyle, Danielbm3Nov 1958 – Nov 19612nd
Boyle, Danielbm3Nov 15, 1958 – Dec 1, 19612nd div
Sheehan, James (Jj)RM31959 – 1963CommunicationsAssigned Radio Shack 3/exciting to be stationed just below aft flight deck. Remember Wally and Gordon (from a distance of course). Accidents: Oriana, HI Pier: Events: Chasing whales/LB 2 Alaska; Brewery in Manila&dits
Dechene, PhilipMN31959 – 1960Weapons
Donnelly, RobertAirman1959 – 1960V2Loved being aboard for the west-pac cruise. Looking for anyone in V-2 division,especially W. Robson !!
Tarin, Benny profile iconAirman 1st class1959 – 1960Arresting gear and catapults
Foley, JimAOJan 1, 1959 – Jan 1, 1964gPersonally, never served - doing this for a friend, Jim P. AO3 who is looking for shipmates shw served aboard during the Vietnam War (1966-1969).
Vien, GeorgeANJan 5, 1959 – Jan 5, 1959V6
Riley, RobertYN3Apr 15, 1959 – Sep 18, 1961X DivisionGreat time with some memorable characters, i.e. Dave Lacey, et al.
Wylder, GlenAHNMay 1959 – Mar 30, 1962V3, V1â– â– â– â– â– â–  ═════►
Gloyd, EdAE3May 1959 – 1960V-1I was a blue shirt. Best memory was picking up Russians on the way back from Westpac..
Spittler, HaroldABH3May 4, 1959 – Mar 7, 1963V1i was aboard when we picked up the russian sailors, schirra, and the collision at long beach. i was a flt dk dir,spotted cats.
Fortson, LombardHM2Jun 12, 1959 – Jun 1960Hospital DivisionGreat experience in my life. From aiding Typhoon Vera's victims; to saving 4 Russian sailors lost at sea for 49 days; to volunteering as the lead corpsman for the Marine Detachment. Now a retired pharmacist in Georgia.
Casserino, AngeloAB3Jul 1, 1959 – Jul 28, 1960V1, top side Cats.I rember the russian pickup, accident at Long Beach pier, and the Nagoya welcome. I hooked up planes and pushed to button to launch them.
Perez, TonyPFCAug 1, 1959 – Mar 1, 1960marine detachmentOrderly, Capt. R.L. Townsend
Sockwell, JohnADR3Sep 1959 – Dec 1961HS6I AM NOW RETIRED AND LIVE IN GEORGIA
Kirk, LarryANSep 1959 – Oct 1961V4
Seymour, GeorgeSOA2Sep 5, 1959 – Sep 1961HS-6 Helo squadronServed during two six-month West Pacific deployments to Hawaii and on to Japan and Hong Kong. Great cruises with better memories, well except for the long chow lines <smile>. Recall the 1959 Nagoya event?
Wenz, Frankairman 3rd b/m gasSep 12, 1959 – Jun 17, 1961avg. gasGreat ship, Great crew
Burtchaell, BillSM-2Oct 1959 – Apr 22, 1962Signalmanlooking for shipmates from the signal bridge, during this period. USS Kearsarge CVS-33 Great tour, 2 wespac cruises, typhoon relief in Nygoya Japan, moved from San Diego to long Beach homeport. lots of good times.
Lindley, C.v.AA-AN-ADR-3Dec 23, 1959 – Sep 21, 1961V-6Went aboard in Sasebo Japan as an AA straight from Boot Camp. Worked in Jeep start Crew on Flight Deck-on ships COD-assigned to ships MAA force after making ADR-3 in May 1961. Transferred to HS-6 in September 61.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1947 | 1948 – 1953 | 1954 – 1957 | 1958 – 1959 | 1960 – 1962 | 1963 – 1964 | 1965 | 1966 | 1967 | 1968 – now

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