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USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 371 crew members registered for the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31).

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Ladeveze, GregoryABF31967 – 1970V4I served as a flight deck fueler. Made 4 wespac cruises from 1967-1970. I would love to hear from any of my fellow crew members. Get in touch.
Garrett, Robert T RtAE31967 – 1969Ground support equipmentMissing the crew.Many good time on board and in Wespac. Yo Smitty and Tree out of Mirmar. If you're still out there give a brother a shout
Reinsch, Kenneth (Ken)RM31967 – 1968CR
Dubose, Chester MichaelAC-31967 – 1968OCThe Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club made a terrific impression onmy life. Remember the Bay View? Never forget the great times. Looking for David Pfiffer (sp)
Scott, HaroldE41967 – 1969X DivisionWorked in PMS (Planned Mantinence System) office. My best friend was Dave Odom from El Paso TX. Worked for Lt. Com. Wallace McLeod.
Davis, RobertE31967 – 1968VF-51I am Deneena Davis, the daughter and only child of Robert N Davis. I am looking for anyone who served with him. He passed away 10-16-10 and he is dearly missed.
Egley, JackSFM21967 – 1968EngineeringFirst time I saw the ocean was when the COD flew me out from Subic, landed on the Bonny Dick and the door opened. Two West Pac cruises then shore duty in 'nam-brown water fleet.Was Olongopo City the best for 19 year old?
Lesley, GregGMT 51967 – 1968Weapons
Bailey, RobertCS3/ CS2Jan 1967 – Nov 1968S2
Lindley, LeeHM2Jan 2, 1967 – Feb 2, 1969Medical
Fercho, IvanPN2Jan 3, 1967 – Feb 14, 1969XDivisionI spent two cruises aboard the "Bonnie Dick" and then got transferred to The Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) in Washington DC. I got transferred with three other X Division buddies to the District.
Stegeman, PaulEM3Jan 6, 1967 – Oct 31, 1968EEHad some great times and great friends but some terrible times and always hot, hard work
Splain, HaroldATN 2Feb 23, 1967 – Aug 3, 1970V-3 /V-6 AIMDRetired from the State of California . Married have two grown kids 35,37 a girl and a boy. I do try to attend the ships annual reunion each year. 2019 is Hershey Pennsylvania in Sept.
Miller, BillAK3Mar 1967 – Jun 1969S-6
Gray, RobertATN2Mar 26, 1967 – Feb 17, 1969V-3/V-6Reported aboard as an Airman and was initially assigned to V-3 Division. Promoted to ATN3 and reassigned to V-6 Division, Calibration Lab. Promoted to ATN2 and served aboard until discharged in 1969. Later reenlisted.
Reinsch, KenRM3Apr 1967 – Mar 1968CRwhere is my Mason buddy from Missouri?
Haremski, Phillip profile iconPT2May 1967 – May 1970AIOI worked in the Air Intelligence Office
Buchanan, RonnieQM3May 10, 1967 – Nov 10, 1970NavigationI remember all the great times on the tours when we went into port...Mostly Japan with Van Keuren, Steve Green. I remember the rowboat to the island with Van. Good times. Bike tours, fishing trip at Cubi Pt. FUN!!
Buffi, GlennABE-3Jun 1967 – Aug 1970V2 division Cats
Juriw, AlexAE3Jun 1, 1967 – Nov 1, 1967VA-94Hello to shipmates at the AMD! I was a member of VA-94. Glad not to make the coffee anymore but loved the Bug Juice!
Toscano, JosephAirmenJun 15, 1967 – Nov 17, 1970V4Would not change a thing God Bless “THE SIX”
Suttles, JimSNJul 20, 1967 – Aug 15, 1969OLStood lookout watches, and worked in CIC radar while aboard. Sometimes I thought I had it bad, but saw many others that had it worse.
Conner, ClydeABE 3Aug 1967 – Nov 1970V2
Kenyon, Jim/redASH2Aug 1967 – Jul 1970AIMD68, 69 and 70 cruises in the AIMD Yellow Gear Shop. Many fun days on the flight deck
Miller, KenLI-3Aug 15, 1967 – Sep 9, 1969X division
Boyer, DonGMT-2Sep 10, 1967 – Apr 1, 1969W DivisonServed with pride on a great ship in the nuclear weapons magazines.
Means, HillardQM3Oct 1967 – Dec 8, 1968NI remembered being underway a lot. I enjoyed being a quartermaster and watching flight operations from the bridge
Sass, RussellcynsnNov 1967 – Nov 1968communications radio roomwas a good ship had many a good time
Sass, RussellcvnsnNov 1967 – Nov 1968crlooking for anyone who can confirm the Bon Homme was in contact with agent orange or close enough to coast line to qualify for va benefits as a blue water sailor any help would be great thank you
Combs, WayneGMG3Nov 2, 1967 – Jun 15, 1971
Combs, WayneGMG3Nov 2, 1967 – Jun 15, 1971W5
Fleck, WillyGMG3Dec 1967 – Dec 1968W5Bolt, Armstrong, Peterson, Perham, Wolferman, Wilson, White, Cepek, London, Atherton, Stroman, Lough. Just some of the names that bring back memories.
Broussard, RonnieAMS-3Dec 1967 – Oct 1968AIMSLooking for air crewmen assigned to COD crew, I was then assigned to crew after maintenance annual at Cubie Point P.I. Also looking for crew assigned to metal shop port side aft.
Peterson, Ralph (Pete)GMG-3Dec 2, 1967 – Apr 23, 1971W5Need more W5 people.
Barcomb, Wayne profile iconET2Dec 20, 1967 – Feb 1, 1971OE
Lister, PeteAO3Dec 27, 1967 – Dec 5, 1968WGBomb elevator maintenance crew. Westpac, on Yankee Station 1968. Released just before EAOS, just before ship left North Island for Bremerton. Made shellback out of Singapore. Fine ship, proud to have sailed on her.
Dinatale, Ron "Dino"IC21968 – 1971EEI ran PLAT aboard the Bonnie Dick. Also worked with IC2 Don Brodigan on KBHR radio and TV. If you watched it on TV or listened to entertainment radio while aboard, it was us bringing it to you.
Schneider, Danny profile iconLance Corporal1968 – 1969MPLooking for anyone who may have served or knew my father personally. I lost my father to homicide when I was 3 years old. I am trying to learn more about him. IF you have any information please email me. Thank You
Post, RichardCTR31968 – 1968NSGAfter TAD on the Bon HOMME RICHARD went TAD with the NSG on the Coral Sea CVA 43 also in 68
Marshall, JamesSN1968 – Nov 3, 1969S2I served on the Bonnie Dick as a commissaryman in S2 Division during Westpac cruises in 1968 and 1969. Woukd like to contact some of the fellas Benjamin Byrd, Rick McWilliam, Miller, Bell. I am living in Atlanta.
Masa, Thomas E.BM31968 – 1970Quartermaster
Potter, Christopher profile iconE-4Jan 1968 – Dec 1968V-1Escaping the Flight Deck to snorkle Grande Isle, P.I. made me crave NAUI certification when living on Big Island, Hawai'i a few years later.
Fogelman, Thomas profile iconPH3Jan 1968 – Feb 1969PhotolabI would like to hear from anyone that worked in the photolab.
Mieszerski, EdRD 2Jan 5, 1968 – Apr 16, 1971OI
Leonetti, BobABF3Feb 1968 – Oct 1969V4
Corley Jr, OttoCS3Feb 27, 1968 – Jan 1969S2What an experience,my firdt Carrier,coming from a DD wow
Newton, Robert StephenFNE3Mar 1968 – Jun 1971
Geary, KennethE3Mar 1968 – Jul 1969FITRON 53Looking to make contact with fellow FITRON 53 members
Kelly, KevinLtJGApr 1968 – Nov 1969Admin, ED SERVE, JOOD, CICLooking for Tim Griswold, (AKA "Grizzly") LtJG,stateroom pal shared many wild wrestling matches and a few toasts. Other pals who's names escape me.
Robinson, SteveBT-3Apr 3, 1968 – Jun 22, 1971EB (Boilers)I was in #4 fireroom. Loved being on Smokewatch. A lot nicer up on the 07 than in the hole. During decommissioning, I had a squad that did the dirty work. Washed down the stacks(twice), uptakes, voids, etc.
Wozniak, Rogerasm3Apr 15, 1968 – Nov 19, 1970aimdI would like to see if I can possobly find Wally Sloan, Pat Kilpatrick, Jerry Baldwin or anyone from AIMD
Lew, GeorgeIC2May 1, 1968 – 1971EEWorked in Sound Power, PLAT, LENS. Stood watch in IC room and After Gyro. Had some great times and the worst times on the ship. Anybody who has any stories to share would be appreciated!
Morrow, DavidDC3May 19, 1968 – Mar 16, 1970Damage Control ER DivisionAnyone on the carrier that might remember me. Especially guys from the DC shop.
Giblin, MichealSeaman 1/cJul 1968 – Jul 1971V-3Currently standing watch on the Bonnie Dick.
Robertson, Robbie (James)EM2Aug 8, 1968 – Sep 7, 1971EngineeringWorkinked in Motor Shop, Generators etc.
Pratt, DonPN2Aug 15, 1968 – Jul 1, 1971Personnel OfficeHave Connected with Roger Garner - actively searching for Kelsey Luman, Lee Nelson, Roger Babcock, Chuck Nelson, Dave Deation, and any others that served in the Personnel Office, Basketball Team or Admin Dept.
Henbest, DonaldABH2Sep 1968 – Sep 1969V-3Bay 1 P.O. and Division Damage Control P.O.
Voorhees, DanABH3Oct 1968 – Nov 22, 1970V-1on the flight deck
Large, JimmyFNOct 1, 1968 – Apr 30, 1970ER - Damage ControlLooking for James Ford, Grozier and Lambert...anyone have any info on the incident of the plane crashing in the back...any info on how we converted the drinking water
Bullock, JackRM3Oct 1, 1968 – Feb 10, 1970CRI worked fleet broadcast and crypto while on board the Bonnie Dick. Would really like to hear from some of my shipmates I served with when we were all 10 feet tall and bullet-proof.
Hellums, James ( Rusty)E4Nov 1968 – Apr 1971worked on flight deck as fire fighter, crash crew member. would like to hear from some others in same area. fantastic ship, we showed some of the bigger carriers how to run flight ops.
North, CurtE-3Nov 1968 – Jan 1970MISSLE
Jefferies, JamesseamanNov 1968 – Nov 1970boatswains mateIm looking for help in getting the benefits we all deserve, having been in Nam near Agent Orange exposure. Is anyone else experiencing problems like this? I don't feel its fair that some get & others don't.
Faulkner, PaulGMG 3Nov 28, 1968 – Jul 1, 1971W-5
McCarty, GregIC2Dec 1968 – Sep 1970EEServed 2 tours on Yankee station during this period. Worked mostly on Annoucing systems. I also was assigned as Bridge IC during unreps. Was nearly busted for flipping the bird over a Live PLAT camera to 3 ready rooms. Had no idea it was on!
McCarty, GregoryIC2Dec 1968 – Sep 1970EEA lot of time spent on the bridge replacing intercom systems. Managed to get MC in the hanger bay working again in 1970. I'm now perhaps the oldest online gamer in the country. :)
Larsen, Robert3rd Class Petty OficerDec 20, 1968 – Nov 19, 1970X DivisionI served on CVA-31 from December 1968 to November 1970. I was an LI-3 and worked in the print shop which was part of X-Division. We did tow WESTPAC cruises. My favorite port was Sasebo, Japan.
Larsen, BobLI-3Dec 21, 1968 – Nov 19, 1970XI worked in the print shop.
Dehart, BobbyFNDec 26, 1968 – Oct 4, 1970ee

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