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USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 383 crew members registered for the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31).

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Sipes, RodneyE 21965 – Dec 1965R-Div
Lee, Verben profile iconYN3Jan 1965 – Sep 1968W2, WF, and NavMy favorite job was on the bridge handling the Captain's (Ruiz/Dankworth), 1JV during GQ and replenishments. As a Weps. and Nav. YN, I was always meeting interesting people. Had fun touring Nagasaki with Pepe and Orio.
Keesling, Jim BonesJan 1, 1965 – Sep 15, 1967
Kindler, Lynnseaman appenticeJan 3, 1965 – Mar 1967S32 tours Viet Nam,mos was quarterrmaster,billet was fill sent me to S3 division temporarialy,but ended up there permanent Enjoyed first visits to southeast Asia.worked in the laundry,took baths in washmachine ,
Hogan, PatrickETR-2Feb 15, 1965 – Dec 18, 1967OEIt is hard to believe that so many years have passed by.
Meier, JerryEM3Mar 2, 1965 – Jun 27, 1966EE DistributionGreat times during my one WesPac cruise. Don't miss Fire Room #3 - hotter than hell. Got a swap to the USS Nereus (AS 17) after about 15 months on the Bon Homme. Made EM2 on the Nereus and EM1 in the reserves.
Bert, TindallQM3Mar 10, 1965 – Apr 10, 1969NavigationAlthough I remained in the Navy until 1971, while I wa on the Bonni Dick I meet some lifelong friends and am still in touch with them and looking for others.
McAllister, JosephPH-3 E-4Apr 21, 1965 – Jan 13, 1966VFP-63 Det. Echo
Owens, RobertBoats mateJun 1965 –Third
Schaefer, JoeBT3Jul 1965 – May 1967B divisionthis was a learning time of my life. The boiler rooms were hot but you got use to them. I learned alot that helped me later on in life.
Smith, John E-3Jul 9, 1965 – Aug 10, 1967AIO-OPServed in Air Intelligence Office with some great guys.
Tindall, JackyAIRMAN E3Aug 1965 – 1966Worked on the flightdeck
Painter, William (Bill)ABH-2Aug 1965 – Feb 1969V-3Hard work and long hours on the hanger-deck. Great bunch of fellow ship-men. Would like to get in-touch with some of them.
Tilson, BruceMM2Oct 1965 – Apr 1969EAFour years on the "Bonnie Dick", will never forget it. Had some great times, the experience of a lifetime.
Weiland, RobertQM3Oct 30, 1965 – Jun 2, 1968navfrom 1965 to 1968 navigation would like to hear from you
Paul, GallagherAK3Nov 1965 – Sep 26, 1966Aviation Supply
Galasso, Cyprian (Zip)ETN 2Dec 10, 1965 – Aug 5, 1969OEI made 2 ½ cruises on the Bonne Dick and have many life long memories. I went to the reunion this year (2013) in Rapid City S.D. Got to see many friendly people that were on board when I was on but no one from OE division. Get in touch if you know me…
Olson, ChuckRM21966 – 1970
Berry, DonSN1966 – 19671stnope.
Noll, Vernere41966 –3rd
Fusick, WilliamE31966 – 1967radarthis was my first assignment. I then shipped over to the Seabees and attended heavy equipment operators "A" school and was assigned to NMCB 133 out of Gulfport, Mississippi. Went to Phu Bi Vietnam with the battalion.
Hicks, JimmyE31966 – 1967V2Looking for Harry Bradford, Jim Heiss, Gus Angelo, Bruce Schoening, Carl Finzer, Gary Bishop, "Cheeks" Hanlin, Bill Fondrin, Frisbee, Leslie Davis, and the Carter brothers from New Mexico.
Spinks, Leonardabh31966 –v-1had a great time as the starboard cat spotter until I got out and flew off on the same cat that I spotted for3 plus years in a codto clark airbase in the phillipines then home
Sponsler, DaleEM3Jan 1966 – Sep 1969M&E Dist. Rewind Lighting
Vail, ThomasANJan 1, 1966 – Oct 28, 1967V6Was at Yankee station 1967 during the Forestal fire. V6 Division just forward of fantail.
Gorden, JohnE-4Mar 1966 – Jan 1968V-4Served 2 westpac's in So. China Seas in V-4 division as fueler and fuels checker
Norris, Jerrel A.MMFNMar 12, 1966 – Aug 8, 1969EA
Phillips, EdwinE4Apr 5, 1966 – Jan 20, 1967Pacflt-bleach, califLooking for anyone on Bon Homme 1966 while dry docked in San Diego. My husband had his disability claim denied for Parkinson’s and needs proof there was Agent Orange on ship and TCE used for cleaning. Thank you
Allen, DavidIC2May 1966 – 1967E Division
Davies, KennethABH2May 1966 – Dec 10, 1969V-3Came aboard in May of 1966. Ship was in drydock at Longbeach, CA. Made 4 cruises to Tonkin Gulf in support of our troops.
Kershner, DavidBT2Jun 1966 – Feb 13, 1969EBI was proud to be able to work and serve with a great bunch of guys on the ship. It has given me a lot of memories.
Daoust, JosephE5/PH2Jun 1, 1966 – Nov 11, 1969OPI served on the Bon Homme Richard CVA31 in the photolab any other photomate that served please contact me.
Sawka, Richardsfp3Jun 1, 1966 – Dec 10, 1969engineering repair-Pipeshopanybody else from er division out there
Pettigrew, TomsnJun 1, 1966 – Aug 1967v1
Pettigrew, TomanJun 2, 1966 – Sep 2, 1967V1
Ubl, JoeAK3Jun 15, 1966 – Oct 31, 1968S6Great group of guys, Good times. Remember Chief Montcreif, Bob Moody, Mike Poe and Olongapo City.
Graham, StanleyANJul 1966 – May 1968V2 Cats
Gary Azevedo, Vedo-bajaIC2Jul 10, 1966 – Feb 1968EEGyro Tech. also known as "Vedo" or "Baja"
Rothwell, FrankPetty officer 2nd classAug 1966 – Aug 1968Air controlmanI'm his daughter. My dad is still alive. He was sad seeing the ship sold for scrap. We all went to see her but by the time we were able to get to Long Beach the flight deck had been removed. It was sad seeing my dad cry.
Hamilton, MikeBT3Aug 8, 1966 – Apr 1, 1970EngineeringServed with the best ship and crew in the world!
Bridgewater, RogerE5Sep 1966 – Oct 1968OP
Sulcoski, AdamE-3/SNSep 1966 – Jun 1968OLGot AG'A' school 1968. Then orders to NALF Monterey California. I got out 15 Apr 1970 3 months early due to troop reduction. LCDR Ivie was our CO. Meet many good shipmates both on the ship and at Monterey.
Flannery, MichaelPH 3Sep 1, 1966 – Jun 1, 1967OP (Photo Lab)Retired and living in Minnesota. Riding horses and playing golf.
May, LarryRD 2Oct 1966 – Apr 1970oiwhat a great experience, what a great ship.amny good times, many good friends, that were like brothers. nothing could ever replace that part of my life
Archibald, Roger profile iconETR2Oct 1966 – Nov 1968OEAfter ET A School in Great Lakes, Ill in 66, made two WestPac cruises aboard Bon Homme Richard in 67 & 68, before volunteering for one year of Vietnam shore duty at NavCommSta, Cam Ranh Bay and TAD at Operation SeaFloat.
Gressett, TimothyETN-3Oct 1966 – May 1967OE DvisionMy one and only US Navy Ship and my one and only Cruise to Yankee Station in 1967. Lots of good memories with my shipmates in the OE gang.
Onstad, CcEM3Oct 1, 1966 – Aug 27, 1969Lighting Shop
Crouch, DelbertSNOct 18, 1966 – May 27, 1970W2Served aboard the Bon Homme Richard 1967 and 1968 then went to duty in Danang looking to obtain a crew list.
Roy, DennisIC3Nov 1966 – Jan 1969E
Ford, Jamesdc2Nov 7, 1966 – Feb 11, 1970repair division damage controlserved with some outstanding people,like to find out if they are still above ground.
Addy, LarryYN2Dec 1966 – Feb 1969X and AIMDAn awesome two years of my life. Got transferred to BUPERS in Washington with Fercho, Brashear and Clark. Another two great years.

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