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USS Hermitage (LSD 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hermitage (LSD 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 327 crew members registered for the USS Hermitage (LSD 34).

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Eriksen, ScottEN2Jan 1, 1973 – Sep 18, 1976A GANG
Ellis, RonnieOS3Feb 9, 1973 – Jun 20, 1976Operations Intellengencesure would like to hear from chief mozingo, os1 moore, os3 maas, os3 egli, and esp. sm3 big dumb dirty don dowdy, my great friend. and mr radish and mr belcher
Kemper, RobertMM3Mar 1973 – Nov 1975M - Aft Eng RmWent a lot of places, met a lot of people, plied the oceans' waters and ran over our own anchors. Ah, great memories of the HERM!!!
Lovett, TerryHTFASep 1973 – 1975RMet a lot of guys who I still think about. Great memories would like to do it again. Who could forget all that steaming and late night spades.
Vassar, RichardBOATSWAINS MATE Oct 1973 – Sep 1974although I didn't realize it at the time one of the best experiences of my life.
Matta, DavidHTFNOct 16, 1973 – Oct 16, 1975Rmade 1973-74 med. cruise, made 3 carribean cruise, went to ship refit newport news 1973
Wood III, Walter M. ''woody''L/CPLNov 1973 – May 19742nd SHORE PARTY - MARINES
Smith III, ThomasIC21974 – 1978EWas a good time.Went on to 4 more in reserves and 30 with AT&T. Retired now .
Woodward, Brianhtfa1974 – Sep 1976repairI'm looking for HTFA Cambell, HTFA Mckenny, ENFA Baxley and HM3 Rossi. I had head wounds in the virgin islands. The VA needs witness reports. Anyone else I served with would be great .
Nuehring, Steve "O-ring"SN1974 – 1975Deck hand The Hermitage ran aground and we wound up in Charleston SC for repairs. I had attempted to enter Submarine Service and we were just a week away from eastpac when I went. Saw the Hermitage in Rota Spain while on Subs
Brown, DanaOS3Mar 1974 – Jul 1974CIC
Pickerd, JohnHT2May 1974 – Sep 1977RThought I made/had a lot of friends on board. But come to find out they all forget you and life goes on!! But I did have good times and Bad times!
Irwin, MichaelMM2Oct 1974 – Sep 1979M - Aft Engine RoomSome of the best years of my life. Great shipmates, tight knit crew. Miss my buddy BT2 Marty Schlegal. RIP my good friend, hope to see you on the other side.
Panko, Richard profile iconSKC1975 – Aug 22, 1976S1The ship I retired from.
Eckelberry, JackLTJG1975 – 1978OI
Givhan, AllenBT3Mar 1975 – Feb 1979Bwill write later .
Cox, DanielRMSNMar 1975 – Jun 1977OperationsServed under Commander Robert (Crash) Deagan. What a nice person. Great memories and forged some good frienships. Serveral Med cruises. Met my wife of 33 years in Palma de Mallorca spain. Now living in Marietta, GA
Howard, PatrickHT-2May 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1979r-divisionDrinking cold beer with Chief Tyson and praying that we wouldn't get pulled over for DUI. I did not have money that night to get out of jail, and pay for the chief's beer all in one night. Man could he drink !
Schafer, DavidMM3Oct 6, 1975 – Oct 6, 1978Machinest MateI had the best time on board the Hermitage and had got to know alot of new people. The military had changed my life forever.
Schafer, DavidMM3Oct 6, 1975 – Oct 6, 1979Machinest MateGreat times good friends
Erdel, Michael (Mike)BT2Nov 30, 1975 – Apr 20, 1979B DivisionGreat ship, Great crew. miss them all! I will allways remember SHADRACK! He was a true friend.
Ryan, GeorgeMM2Nov 30, 1975 – Jul 3, 1980M-Div Aft EngineroomI had a good time on the Herm, but it was a lot of hard work and I made some good friends.
Leahey, PatrickE4/PN3Dec 3, 1975 – Apr 15, 1977X DIVISIONIn my 16 mos onbd we steamed a lot. Had a great tour
Waite, JerryPO11976 – 1979A gangHey O'd you spelled my name wrong. I would love to hear from any of you guys I served with on Hermi. Had some good times
Dubois, BobbyFTGSN1976 – 1977Weapons
Repsher, FrankMM31976 – 1979M DIVISIONMade a lot of good friends and saw a lot of the world a great experience, I’m glad to have served
Habel, TomHT 2Jan 15, 1976 – Jul 15, 1980R DivMiss everyone OD contact me
Strickland, Denny (Flags)SMCFeb 1976 – Oct 1980SignalSeveral med cruises, good friends and many great memories.
Brunson, "willie"OS2Mar 1976 – Jul 1979OIFirst night on board had some of the most well traveled roaches in the world crawl across my chest(yes, they were multi-lingual). Called her the "Dirty Herm" from then on. My shipmates made it a memorable life experience.
Van Horn II, RalphMM2Apr 1976 – May 1979Forward Eng. RoomExtraodinary experience.
Boisvert, GaryHT2Apr 14, 1976 – Dec 12, 1979RMy Memories of serving on the Hermitage are my fondest memories of being in the Military. I would like to wish my old shipmates the very best and it was a pleasure serving with you.
Lawwill, StephenSH1May 1976 – May 1980SupplyWould like any of the old gang contact me. We had some good times on the Herm
( Foley) Crawford, ThomasE1-E4-E3Jun 1976 – 19791st Deck Div
Andres, MikeMM3Aug 1976 – Apr 1980MAft engine room, ahh!! the memories I have, the things I have seen. I would not trade it for anything. I still have that rubber chicken that was the mascot. Proud to serve, still keep in contact with a shipmate, thank you fellow shipmates.
Musser, BradMM2Sep 1976 – Mar 1980MGood times and great memories both on board and over on the beach. Made some lifelong friends and some friends I haven't spoken to in most of a lifetime, hope you are all doing well.
Hempen, MarkSK2Oct 1976 – Nov 1979SupplyAll the good times on cruises, GITMO, and my best friend Sparky. I really miss this guy. Oh yeah, and the great Softball team we had. Miss you Denny.
Hozempa, KimBM3Oct 1, 1976 – Jul 15, 19801ST divisioni had a lot of fun i meet a lot of good men there and did a lot of thing i will not for get good and bad if any one knows me and would like to email me you are welcome to do so
Lizo, Paul profile iconSNOct 6, 1976 – Dec 10, 19772nd Div / OC

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1968 | 1969 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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