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USS Point Defiance (LSD 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Point Defiance (LSD 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 300 crew members registered for the USS Point Defiance (LSD 31).

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Doto, MikeMM3Jun 1966 – Jan 6, 1969M DivisonHad a great time while abord the Defiance. Made a lot of friends. Go to the reunions whenever I get a chance. See old buddies
Hutchings, RogerRETIRED AS LTJun 28, 1966 – Feb 2, 1968EngineeringGreat crew! Came aboard as CWO and left as LTJG' Great group in wardroom! Qualified ad OOD underway while in and out of Danang, Any trying to reach me call my cellphone (503) 752-2254. I am living in Denver, CO
Nordin, GregoryBT3Aug 1, 1966 – Jul 20, 1968BHey Moshier, Ayers, Bailey, Wisch, and everyone else I've missed. Lets do it again as we may if the Gods are with us
Moshier, JamesBT2Oct 1966 – 1969BServed on board from 66-69.Oh,some of thr things that I could tell you about the problems we had in both firerooms, but we had a good crew and were able to fix about anything that broke down.Mick Ayer and I talk often on skype.
Allen, William (Willie) profile iconFTG3Oct 1966 – Jan 1968GunneryBeen 50 years since I joined the Navy! Guys I remember the most are: Gary (& Bobby) Roush,, Mike Hudak, Harry Lemp, Tom Dangler, John Runnels.Of 3 ships I was on, the P.D. was the best... going to Port.OR. on liberty etc
Lasman, HerbPN2Jan 1967 – Aug 1969XGreat experience and met some terrific people.
Syslo, SteveSK2Feb 7, 1967 – May 1, 1969deckforce and supplyCame aboard a sn and the put me in deck force Took E4 exam for SK made it . 1st louie kept on deck force for 3mos. Also remember taking fire off coast of RVN and retured fire. Recieved Combat Action Ribbion for that one. Transfered to IUWG-1 RVN 69
Murphy, GilFTG2Apr 1967 – May 1970GRemember- Parkhurst, Sadler, Mike the Mick, and many more. Those were good years.
Robinette, Edwin Aka RobbyRM2May 1, 1967 – Aug 20, 1970CommunicationsWould love to hear from all my friends!
Robinette, Edwin Aka RobbyRM2May 5, 1967 – Aug 20, 1969CommunicationsI would love to hear from my old friends!
Wythe, CharlieYN2Jun 1967 – Oct 1969PersonnelRemember Portland Seatlle Long Beach San Diego Subic Bay -to much time there- Hong Kong Japan Vietnam and the almost collision with oiler when USS Dubuque hit it. Cousin Tom Wythe and Jerry Parkhurst
Hawkins, Irvin / IrvE4Sep 1967 – 19701967 Jan 1970My email address is I would like to hear from all the old buddies from the aft engine room and mms and bts
Forrest, BillBM3Oct 1967 – Sep 1969
Nichols, TomqmsnOct 1967 – 1969navigationContact old shipmates
Parkhurst, JerryGMG3Nov 1967 – Jun 1971GLooking back it was a great experience. Hope to find some old buddies that were close.
Pittman, ThomasSK2Dec 1967 – Oct 1969SupplyI returned to my home town in Texas, raised 4 children and now have 8 grand children. Have been happily married for 37 years. Would like to get in touch with some old friends.
Weems, MerleBT2Dec 21, 1967 – Aug 31, 1971" B " DivisionWater oil and water king for awhile. Was in after fireroom when 2 1/2 inch water screen tube ruptored. Was onboard when we hit the AO-148 Feb 13, 1970
Lewis, Robin D profile iconBM2Jan 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 19711st & 2ndMany fond memories that didn't seem so fond at the time. Several great adventures and a few misshaps. Overall, a very poisitive experience I do not regret. Several friendships that have lasted all these years.
Day, DebsSFP3Feb 1968 – Dec 1969RHometown---Eufaula, OK Now lives at Checotah, OK USS POINT DEFIANCE REUNION FOR 2022 Salt Lake City, Utah. Sept 09-2022 Contact debsday@ or 918-843-2286
Williams, CliftonFeb 1968 – Oct 19, 1969deck
Collins, HarryQM3Feb 1968 – Jun 1969NI spent alot of time with the signalmen and QM's and had friends in all the Divisions. I went aboard submarines and punched holes in the oceans for a long time. Made QMC/SS and Ltjg.
Blake, MikeDC2Feb 7, 1968 – Mar 21, 1971RNone
Simmons, JohnBTFNApr 1968 – Dec 1969assigned to #2 fireroom. came aboard just before WES-PAC. had to work around the clock the last two days to get thre plant ready to sail on time. i remember BT2 MOSHER. whata culture shock for a country boy from MISS. anyone rembers e-mail
Bailey, LesterHM3Jun 8, 1968 – Jul 18, 1969SickbayReported to ship 68 in the port of DaNang. Remember bobbing in mike boats during helo ops. getting sicker than a dog. Anybody remember the long river transits we use to make up the Cua Viet River and how we had to spend the nights there ?
Hutchings, RogerCWO 2/LTJGSep 15, 1968 – Mar 11, 1970Electrical DivisionWas able to qualify as Officer of the Deck underway and was onboard when we collided with the USS Pontachula while refueling unorthwest of Hawwaii. Looking for other Officers who seved on PD. Also any EMs in E division
Faria, DavidBM3Sep 19, 1968 – Mar 30, 1972
Fitzwater, Wilbur DeanPO3Oct 1968 –unsureFilling out for my grandfather. He served 1968-1971. He worked in the engine room/boiler room.
Fuller, GaryDc3Oct 7, 1968 – Oct 7, 1972RJust letting all my shipmates know that I was diagnosed with agent orange problems.rated at 100% disabled now. Please get checked out if you haven’t already done so. Hope this finds my friends and shipmates well.
Burrell, TerryBM/SN1969 – 1971
McLelland, Leonard / MacG.M.1969 – 1970GI spent my last year in the Navy aboard the Defiance. Had a lot of fun and a lot of friends.
Higginson, Paul profile iconE-7Apr 4, 1969 – Aug 30, 1972Chief Petty Officer -Looking for shipmates of Paul Richard Higginson. Was Cheif Petty Officer - remembers engine room flooding and being in Vietnam. If you were a shipmate of his please email.
Traina, DennySNJun 5, 1969 – Jun 6, 1971DisbursingWas deck-ape for Bos'n Powell-then disbursing w/Ltjg Morrison&Smitty then Steve Wink. I probably gave you money for booze&ho's.No info on PD from my time to mothballing.Wish I'd kept a log of where we went&everything we did
Gideon, JamesSNJun 30, 1969 – Jul 15, 19712ndBesides the collision of the USS Ponchatoula anyone with copies of pictures, ship's logs or other resources please message me. I need them for a VA claim. Overall, had many good times despite the bad!
Decker, GeraldQM2Sep 1969 – May 12, 1971NavigationI had a great time. Unfortunately I was too young to appreicate many of my experiences. Like Neil Simon said in Mississippi Blues, "I hated all of them then but now I love them all." They were my youth.
Kern, ErnieSNSep 1, 1969 – Sep 1, 19712nd2nd div, helmsman and after steering watch.
Winter, AndyETR 2Oct 1969 – Jan 25, 1975OE
Helten, JimSNOct 1969 – Jul 19711st & SupplyDeck ape & Gedunk operator. 3 WesPac cruises. Ops off Vietnam coast. In & out of combat zones/Danang. Supplies & vehicles on the way over, Marines on the way back. Took some Super 8 movies. On board for (in)famous Ponchatoula collision
Whitfield, Edward (Ron)GMG 3Oct 10, 1969 – Feb 28, 1971G
Taylor, GeorgeRM3Nov 1969 – Jun 1970Operations - Communications
Irick, IkeSNNov 1969 – Nov 19702nd
Chavez, RoyRM3Dec 18, 1969 – Jan 23, 1973OCaround 72 anyone remember PD1 off Point Defiance one trip into Vietnam coast land coming back took fire motars could not return fire friendlies too close to VC assault on our small craft was armed 50 cal.cocked and ready

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