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USS Point Defiance (LSD 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Point Defiance (LSD 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 310 crew members registered for the USS Point Defiance (LSD 31).

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Hopkins, EddPC3Jan 30, 1961 – Jan 24, 1963Operations
Whitener, Glennonen3Feb 24, 1961 – Oct 15, 1962RGreat ship, great crew
Marshall, DennisAG1Jun 21, 1961 – Jul 5, 1961N/AI was aboard TAD for a missile test. We crossed the equator and I became a Shellback, however I can find no record of the date in late June 1961 and have lost my certificate. Can anyone help with this?
Phillip, BetancureSeaman apprentice E2Oct 1961 – Jul 1963SupplyCertainly Cuba was an event I'll never forget, and love the Philippine islands.
Langham, JackieSFM2Nov 1961 – Jul 1965RGreat memories! 3 WESTPACs, shellback, 2 trips to the Caribbean/Atlantic, Cuban crisis, Thresher. Wanted to fly Navy, no chance. Civilian pilot 38 yrs still flying Learjet out of Bakersfield, Ca.
Fleming, JerryMM2Nov 1961 – Nov 1963mJust found this, great time of my life, working w/Mitchell, Sid Dupin, Greenbaum, Burke, Lou Kennedy, Ohara, Stevenson, great cruises, Panama, Christmas Island, Boston, worked for Manzanares, and Chief Bull. Oh yeh, Grzywinski, many others
Elmore, TerryYN3Nov 15, 1961 – Feb 15, 1963OperationsCuban Blockade, Thresher search, Panama Canal 4 times, Boston, Wespac twice, Marines in Bankok. Went to college, taught history and English, school counselor, family, two boys...I just antiques and Boise, Idaho.
Mitchell, Jack (Mitch)MM3Dec 1961 – Jan 1965MI am retired and living in Lyle,Tx.Gentlemen,It's been one hell of a ride!!!!! Call me 512-268-1297
Barnes, BuckSEAMANDec 15, 1961 – Dec 15, 1964FirstI have been looking for some of you guys
Payne, Stephen Joe (Huck)RADARMAN 3RD CLASSDec 27, 1961 – Jan 27, 1965Operations IntelligenceAfter leaving the navy, I married, had one son whom I lost in 2003 at age 36 to juvenile diabetes. I went to college, worked for Phillips Petroleum Company for 33 1/2 years retiring in 2000. I speak Spanish, am a photographer and writer.
Melugin, Garry MeluginEM31962 – 1964Electical
Black, Thomas (Tom)RM21962 – 1965OperationsRemember Lacoe, Pete Colvin (introduced me to my wife) Norman Gill, Garoutte, Pokepro, RM1 H.K. Hunt, Donald Wheary,(sonar) Harold Mackee (Mac ET3). D C Jackson, Jack John Byrne, Some really great times. ( 919 609 9752
Barnett, CurtisSNJan 1, 1962 – Jan 1, 19651STI served under Earl Ballard, BM1 in first division as an assalt boat coxsain.
Burken, EdETN2Jan 1, 1962 – May 20, 1963OperationsServed 16 months aboard Point Defiance. Had a great Operations team. Enjoyed many good times on the beach with fellow Defiance sailors.
Allison, JoeGMG3Apr 10, 1962 – Apr 10, 1965GRETIRED from gov
Schlagel, ChuckEM3May 12, 1962 – Jul 12, 1965E DIV.HAVE YOU SEEN A SEA BAT
Slagle, Burgess WayneSEAMANMay 20, 1962 – May 20, 19652ND
Garoutte, CharlesRM3Jul 29, 1962 – Jul 6, 1964oc
Quinn, JamesEM3Sep 1962 – Sep 1964ElectricalWestPac, Panama Canal, most time spent at sea. Looking for Wayne Chasteen, Darman Sherman
Verbracken, LouieMM3Oct 24, 1962 – Aug 26, 1964MJust checked out this site and remembered a few of the names on the list, Jack mitchell, Greenbaum. almost 50 years ago seems like yesterday. email me or call 951-755-7206, it was a great ride. I now live in Banning, CA Retired and enjoying
Behan, LarryRD31963 – 1964OperationsRecognize many of the names and I remember my travels and friends on the PD fondly. Can it really be 45 years?
Andrus, Frank / AndyBM 3Jan 1963 – Aug 19661st & 2nd Div.TookTrieste for USS Thresher search, 3 west-pac tours, went to assault boat coxswain school on Coronado island in 63 to run LCVP's, ran gig for Capt. Graham & Holbrook, it was command boat on Operation Starlite. Aug 65"
Austin, John LHM2Mar 15, 1963 – Apr 20, 1964HI went aboard one day before we got underway for west pac. HMCS Warren Phelps USN showed me how to be a ships Corpsman. Thanks, HMCS John L Austin (SW/FMF) USN (ret)
Acton, DonaldSEAMAN Apr 1963 – Mar 22, 19651 st.
Hunter, JamesBT3Jun 1963 – Sep 25, 1966B
Hutchings, RogerCWO- LTJGJun 15, 1963 – Jul 25, 1964Engineering E Division OfficerI was onboard during two deployments to Vietnam and during a colision with Oiler USS Pouncatoola North West of Hawaii
Rhinehart, DouglasPO 2ND CLASSAug 23, 1963 – Aug 19, 1967OII can remember so many of the guys, Curtis, Beckman, Wright, Nicolosi. My wife and I go almost every year to the USS POINT DEFIANCE reunion. Would like to see so many more of us there! My PHONE IS 541-442-5459 Am looking for Dave Curtis
Ayer, MickBT2Dec 1963 – Aug 12, 1967"B"
Ayer, MickBT2Dec 1963 – Aug 1967B Div.
Williams, NickETN-3Mar 1964 – Sep 1967Comm tech, ship to Landing craft comms. Names remembered, Rhinhart, Terrebrood, McKee, Bitner, Carlson, Beckman, Clenard, Young, Miller, Jones, Black, Stanley, DeVries, Letlow, Curtis
Bjorkman, RobertEN3May 1964 – Mar 1966R
Bass, JerryShip Serviceman 3 Class E4May 14, 1964 – Aug 14, 1967Ship ServicemanI was on the Point Defiance from May 1964 to Aug 1967. I am looking for Jim Ayers of Florida ,good friend Call me at 432-413-8832
Bass, JerrySHIP\'S SERVICEMAN 3 (SH 3)May 15, 1964 – Aug 14, 1967Aboard PD '64-'67. Enjoyed every minute. Made lots of friends. Would like to hear frrom you (432-413-8832) Looking for Jim Ayers from Flordia. Good friend aboard PD. Worked deck force, Ship's Store, Soda Fountain, and laundry.
Miller, WilliamRD3Jul 1964 – May 1966OIGreat memories
Graham, WoodrowCaptainAug 1, 1964 – Aug 1, 1965COFilling out what I can for my dad who is no longer with us. He loved the Navy, this ship and her crew....
Jackson, DannyRM2Aug 15, 1964 – Mar 15, 1966OperationsOnly fond memories of my tour of duty aboard the "Point D." Would like to know what happened to the radio gang. I can be contacted at 714 296-6661. Email me at
Stutesman, Jim [stutes]SFM3Sep 1964 – May 1968R
Clenard, CaryRD3Sep 1964 – Sep 1967OPERATIONS
Roush, GarySNOct 1964 – May 1968Gunnery DivisionGuys I remember are Bobby Jack Hunter, Dean Puckett, Charles Vancamp, Larry L. Livermore, Dan Izzard, John Runnels, Edward Canning, Tom Winberg, Willie Allen, Amoroso. Don't seem like it has been 47 years ago.
Stephens, Mike/steveSNOct 20, 1964 – Oct 13, 1967secondbmsn under eddie thomas bm1 ships helmsman for three years steered ship into da nang first time in may 1965.
Beckman, RobertETR2Nov 1964 – Aug 11, 1967OIMany good memories; Wish i had found this site sooner. Found Doug Rhinehart today after looking for so many years. A long conversation today catching up after 54 years. Last name legally changed to Beckmann ... 2 nn's
Phillips, JimSH3Dec 1964 – Jul 1967DECK

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