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USS Bennington (CV 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bennington (CV 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 170 crew members registered for the USS Bennington (CV 20).

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Gregory, Robert (Rico)FTG31967 – 19682nd
Hill, LarryCYNSN1967 – 1968Comm division
Lopez-bonilla, JuanE-4 Adr3Jan 1967 – Aug 1969AIMDI was a plane captain on the wonderful; COD Crew, C1A aircraft.
Piercey, MichaelMM3Jan 4, 1967 – Jan 7, 1970M Division Aft Engine Room
Carobine, JohnAA - AG2Apr 1967 – Apr 1969OAFirst duty station after boot camp. Made Apollo IV recovery cruise in November of '67 and Westpac '68.
Eddy, JimCYN3Aug 1967 – Jul 1968Radio ShackFlew off the Bennington from Yankee Station before she went across the equator.....thank God! Enjoyed my year on the old girl and was saddened years later when I heard of her decommissioning.
Graham, Dan profile iconSM2Sep 1967 – Dec 20, 1969Communications/SignalmanWas on board the Bennington for it's last WestPac Cruise and its decommissioning in Bremerton. Found great friends Eddie Braithwaite and Rob Raissle with the Air Division while on board.
Domiano, Phillipsf5Sep 1967 – Jan 1973R divisionCan't remember a lot of names but do remember faces. Was young and stupid at times but love the time served
Thomas, BillMM3Oct 1967 – Dec 1969engineeringLooking for Frank A Sanders mm3 forward engine room Bennington 1967-69. Retired and loving it! Hobby farming in Iowa. Happily married to Gail Thomas.
Chapman, WesFIREMANOct 1, 1967 – Dec 13, 1968AI served in the refregeration and airconditioning section. After I left the ship I returned home to my wife and family. I have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I spent 30 years in the Utah Air Nation Guard and retired as an and E-7
Edmonson, David "Country Joe"Nov 1967 – 1969Third
Nantz, JimMM3/2Nov 1967 – Jan 1970MI arived as a FN in Nov, 1967 and was assigned M Division. We did one West-Pac in '68, then put in to Bremerton WA. I was MM3 and a member of the Jan, 1970 decommissioning crew. I made MM2 before leaving.Photo is p170 of 1969 Cruise Book.
Stidham, DannyFNNov 1967 – Dec 1968A "ice machines gang"First ship in my 8 year Navy career..wonderful experience, with the likes of MM3 Danny Nevells, Morago, MM1 Shirley, Montalvo, Von Holle, and the rest of the gang. I admire all of my old shipmates and God Speed to them Danny Stidham FN USN
Horatio, HornblowerE3Nov 15, 1967 – Dec 13, 19681st37 years abd feels like yesterday
Stoneham, JoeETN2Nov 17, 1967 – Sep 1968OEFantastic cruise. Hong Kong, Hawaii, Singapore, Japan. Became a Shellback. Bought my first Nikon
Moore, Steven1968 – 1969This is my dad, He passed away when I was 10. I'm now 30. I would love to find anyone who knew him. He was in the Air Department V-1 Division.
Durrant, DavidAE31968 –VS-33
Walters, DarrelABE31968 – 1969V2I stayed with the great old ship in Bremerton until near the of her decomission. I was given orders to Moffit Field NAB and loved working with the PC3 aircraft. I now live in Southwest Florida with my wife of 50 years.
Bandy, MaxABE2Jan 1968 – Aug 1968V2
Lee, LouisMM3Jan 15, 1968 – Jan 15, 1970BWas on-board for the de-comm, the last days, standing watch over a dead ship, listing to her creaks and groans in the dark of the mid watch, a great ship with her memories and her ghosts.
Newbauer, Dan2nd class petty officerMar 4, 1968 – Nov 10, 1969Aviation Administration
Maver, JoeABE3Jun 1, 1968 – Jan 1, 1969v-2
Glover, JamesE6Aug 1968 – Dec 15, 1969V2 Catpult Captain I was incharge of decomissoning the Catapults Port and Starboard. Retired as a master chief in 1990
Hope, RonaldasmanOct 1968 – Dec 1969V1One of the greatest times of my life. Great shipmates.
Krenke, R. Joseph (Joe)YN3Nov 1968 – Jan 1970XCaptain's yeoman
Achekian, SteveAIRMANDec 1968 – Jan 15, 19701st and AIMD Ground SupportThe roaring 20 was my 1st ship I was part of her decomissioning crew to the end I retired in 1991 as a MCPO I'm now a civilian branch head at Naval Air Systems Command
Kent, NeilEM3Dec 20, 1968 – Dec 10, 1969E (Flight deck & Elevators)I served in the flight deck electrical work department and main ship elevators division. I am retired from Long Beach Naval Shipyard when the BRAC commission shut us down. I now work for Long Beach Transit as a bus operator. E-mail me.
Dwyer, BruceL/CPL1969 – 1969Marine Detachment
Curry, HerbertE31969 – 1970Flight deck crash/salvageoriginally assigned to the avionics shop as a recent grade of Millington. Volunteers flight deck duty became available. Comp carrier quals, order came to decommission the ship. I was one of the last ones to leave.
Rathke, Arnold "catfish"BT3Feb 1969 – Jan 1970BI was there for the decommissioning.I went to the U.S.S.White Plains AFS-4 to finish out my TOD.I miss the Navy and all the buddies I left behind. Life is short, so live each day as if there is no tomorrow.
Serrao, GregoryE-3Feb 1969 – Dec 1969AIMDWorked in the training office of AIMD. I came from NAS Atsugi Japan.
Bailey, GregDP3Feb 1969 – Dec 1969S-7I have lived in Cheyenne WY since 2012, and during 2022 ran across a fellow in our Albertson's grocery who had been a corpsman in Bennington during 1969. Small world. I wonder how many of us are still alive?
Tilley, Henry (Pete)AK3Mar 1969 – Jan 15, 1970CS

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