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USS Richard B. Russell (SSN 687) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Richard B. Russell (SSN 687). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 71 crew members registered for the USS Richard B. Russell (SSN 687).

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Steinke, GregETR21973 – Dec 1977NavI have only the best of memories of my time as part of the commissioning crew of the Russel. I consider everyone there to be part of my family.
Mehalco, PeteSTS2Dec 1973 – Dec 1975Sonar
Staudt, GilbertLTDec 1, 1973 – Jul 30, 1975MPA
Thomas, KennethIC1(SS)1974 – 1976ElectricialPlankowner- good times were had buy all especially standing watch in manuvering with no gages installed.
Hranka, Joe JjYN2SS/DV1974 – 1977Admin
Strege, Dale profile iconIC1 (SS)1974 – 1976Electrical nucPlank owner and made it to the decommissioning. The commissioning crew was an interesting cast of characters. Captain Brons, I still hold in high regard as well as officers Tonto, Lone Ranger, and the Pink Panther
Staudt, GibLTJan 1, 1974 – Jul 1, 1975M,RC,E
Bonnett, PaulEM1(SS)Feb 1974 – Dec 25, 1976ElectricalPlankowner - The best boat in Sub Dev Group 12 NLON CT! Capt Jack Brons was the best Captain over the finest crew a boat could have. Remember the Bicentennial celebration in Ft Lauderdale, FL (1976).
Molnar, JonMM1 (SS)Feb 1974 – Oct 1, 1977Plankowner - Hacker crew spent more hours on shift in the yards. Remember Omar Mung? Capt. J. Brons was great! Remember the Dirty Dozen?
Lundin, Roger profile iconSTS1 (SS)Mar 27, 1974 – Aug 15, 1978SonarMy first submarine. I commissioned the USS Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)
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Kruger, Charles (Charlie)ICC(SS)May 1974 – May 1976Fwd IC GangForward IC Leading Petty Officer
Clark, DavidSK2(SS)Jun 1974 – Oct 1977StorekeeperThose were great times that went to fast. Great guys. Captain Brons was a top notch Captain. Remember Gitmo, St. Croix and Rosey roads trip????
Hicks, ChillMM! / MMCOct 1974 – Nov 1979"A" /O2 Gen/ COW /3mPlank Owner. Good times. Reunion anyone?
Saenz, BobQM2(SS)1975 – 1976QM
Rybczyk, Henry MM1(SS)1976 – 1978MGreat crew. Would love to attend a reunion.
Horst, EdwardSTS1Mar 1, 1976 – Jul 1, 1980sonar
Carlson, John (Cat)EM1(SS)Apr 1, 1976 – Apr 1, 1978E Div (nuke)I remember many of you guys on the list, it's good to see the names and the pics. Captain Brons was the best CO I ever had. Lots of great stories to tell!
Nystedt, RogerEMC(SS)Aug 1976 – Jan 1980EGreat Boat, Great times
Hart, BertYN3(SS)Jun 15, 1977 – Dec 17, 1979Executive
West, HarryEM2/SSJan 1978 – Jan 1982E
Darby, JoeMM1/SS/DVJan 2, 1978 – Sep 7, 1981MOver half of the crew were plank owners when I arrived.
Jones, FerdinandHM2(SS)Sep 1, 1978 – Dec 21, 1979MedicalI sure miss this boat, don't know why but I do.
Evans, BillMM2(SS) ELTDec 16, 1978 – Oct 7, 1982MMed run, Antigua, Cocoa Beach, Autech, Gibralter, Lamadalena, a lot of memories. But I never want to be that skinny again
Butler, DanMM1(SS/DV)1979 – 1981MGreat Engineering Department
Patty, DuvlE51979 – 1982Machinist mateLooking for a Michael Kidd that was on there SSN Richard B Russell
Teller, John B. (Blache) profile iconFTG1(SS)Feb 1979 – Mar 1982Fire ControlGreat Boat! Great Crew!
Gunn, KentET3Feb 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1980Navigation
Franks, AlanQM3 (ss)Sep 1979 – Jan 1982QMHad a great experience on SSN 687 Would like to reunite with some of the old crew. I still live in Texas. I own a couple of restaurants. Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack in Houston area. Thanks!
Martin, RickPN2(SS)Oct 1979 – Oct 21, 1981x divsion - ships officedrove planes during maneuvering watch. sonar watches underway
Marvin, LaurenceRM2(SS)Nov 1979 – Jul 1983As Dickens said, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Clearly one of the formative periods of my life, though to some extent I was too young to appreciate it. I do have some regrets but also had a lot of fun.
Williams, DonET2(SS)Dec 20, 1979 – Nov 21, 1986ElectronicsLove the Memories. Was sad to hear about them scrapping the "Dickie B."
Morin, ChristopherSR/MSDec 23, 1979 – Oct 29, 1980Med Cruise
Milton, RayLtFeb 6, 1980 – Oct 1984Weapons
Moore, SteveEM2/SSJun 15, 1980 – Oct 1, 1983ElectricalNub, EMCS/SS Daue, John Roger Sweet, Harry West, Phil Ballard, Joe Kreke, Woody, The protector (Larry (HC) Hoskins), Russian Coast, CEP Plot, ORSE, Bad Bob Parico (my skipper on USS Pulaski), North Atlantic, Scotland, Biff and Connie
MacDonald, Richard "Doc"HMCS(SS)Jul 22, 1980 – Nov 24, 1985MedicalLived large on Jimmy Saleda's Cheeseburgers! Visit the Official Russell site at
Rakers, SteveTM1Nov 1, 1980 – Oct 31, 1983WepsGreat times...just didn't know it. My second boat, but for sure the best and most fun.
Brewer, BillSTS-1/SSJul 8, 1981 – Jul 9, 1984SonarLooking to reach anyone who served from 1981 to 1985
Lundin, Roger profile iconSTSCS (SS)Aug 12, 1981 – May 14, 1982SonarBack for a second tour on the RBR.
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Rakers, SteveTM1/SSSep 10, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983Weapons Dept.Please check out
Iwaniuk, WilliamMMC(SS)Oct 1981 – Oct 1983MachineryMade Chief here. Enjoyed shipyard environment. Great crew!

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