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USS Batfish (SSN 681) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Batfish (SSN 681). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 198 crew members registered for the USS Batfish (SSN 681).

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Arnold, Martin profile iconMM 1 (SS)1976 – 1978M
Lusch, DerrickET2(SS)1976 – 1980RCThat was a pretty wild time, especially the 77 day special cruise that never seemed to ever finish. The 2 bright spots was Mr. Evans and the great food. Out cook was the best in the Navy.
Herrera, AntonioFN1976 – 1978Wepons
House, PrestonTM2 (SS)Feb 1976 – May 1979TORPEDO
House, PrestonTM 2Mar 1976 – May 1979TORPEDO
Mayer, William "kelly"MS3Apr 17, 1976 – Oct 9, 1979MSMemories of my youth. North Atlantic runs, Holy Loch and Faslane in '76. All the damn midshipman runs one summer. Florida. Anyone seen Leonard "Wingnut" Langhorne? or Baby Duck? I found Mike Fetzer retired in Georgia last year. good time
Kerrigan, PayrickE3Jun 1976 –1stI loved serving my country. I loved sea duty and the friends I had on board ship. Good hard work made a better person of me. Thankful to Ensign Adams and the rest of 1st division. Me. Cherry was an awesome man to look
Hoeller, DouglasRM1(SS)Sep 1976 – Apr 1981RadioHad a grand time under Evans. A lot of interesting ops. Manning radio with Burt under Lt Bridges was good stuff. So was hosing down XO Warthin with a fire hose!
Yeager, BrianET1/SS (RO)Dec 1976 – Aug 1980RCNTRB; purple sigs; squirtgun wars; talc'd clipboards; inked phones; Rx-grade coffee; screwing with sleepy EOWs; cutout/cutout rubberband. Where'd we find time for serious work? Reach me at byeager at scana dot com
Floeter, EdEM1 SSDec 10, 1976 – Jan 2, 1981ElectricanFlate the Skate
Brown, MickET 1 (SS)Jan 1977 – Aug 1981Reactor Controls
Higgins "Doc", GarryHM1(SS)Apr 1977 – Sep 1978Medical Department Representative (MDR) "Doc"Hey, no one told me I had to leave the Navy... Stayed in for 35 years. Made Captain in the Medical Service Corps and became the 1st physicist to become CO and then special Asst. to Navy Surgeon Gen. to Singapore. Hoot!
Riley, Larry A.STSCS(SS)Apr 20, 1977 – Jun 15, 1982SonarRetired USN STCM(SS) October 1987.
Burns, Christopher (Burnie)MM1Sep 1977 – Aug 1980MAh, field days, drills, and the carribean
Andrews, MichaelSTS2(SS)Nov 1, 1977 – Jan 5, 1982SonarGreat Boat and Great Crew!! Lots of good memories!! Excellent Skippers!! CDR Evans and CDR Ryan.
Cantin, CarlFTG21978 – 1979FireControl
Yager, Bruce (Rabbi)ET1SS1978 – 1981RCWho has the "thought books"?!Crisman's wheelies, Bernie's and Beaver's mustaches, Lusch losing his virginity in P.R., great times in the virgin islands, late night cookie making, and special thanks to RADM Tom Ryan
Schoneman, WintonEMCS(SS)RET1978 – 1981E-DIV
Griffin, Rickietm2(ss)Mar 1978 – Jul 23, 1979Torpedo
Santee, RussMM1/SSApr 1978 – 1981MMany memories. Northern Runs, Tampa Bay, Fort Liquordale, front page of the Navy Times and the Norfolk Daily, the barge, the bust, Horrible Helen, midnight breaker banging, stoner and the dog biscuits. Many Many moons ago :-}
Heumann, KurtMSSN/SSApr 1978 – Nov 1979Supply
Rankins, BillySTS 3May 1, 1978 – Dec 6, 1984sonar
Schaffer, Craige-1Aug 1978 – Jul 1980seaman gang
Krug, LeonardET2Aug 1978 – 1981ESMFirst assigned during overhaul. First topside watch water was coming in the dry dock. DO on the barge didn't believe me,neither did I. That's how it all started. I stole the charge book before Blue nose ceremony. he he.
Murphy, Pat (Murph)MM1/SSAug 28, 1978 – Sep 14, 1983MFrog Logs...Northern/Med Runs...Left the boat in La Madelena, It. in 83.
Kukla, JanEM1(SS)Dec 15, 1978 – Jan 20, 1983E-DivRetired, Hendersonville NC
Crisman, Kevin "Animal"MM3Apr 1979 – Jun 1984MWhat a blast! 5 years of going to sea. and frog logs, baby powder in the AMR2LL Logs and pulling up deckplates during the infamous squirt gun wars. The drug dog alerting on Stoner's dog bones hid by the Hydraulic plant.
Scabora, Aj/ ButchMM1(SS)Dec 1, 1979 – May 1, 1984A DivisionSuper CO RADM Ryan. Glad I had this experience. Never forget first Northern Run sleeping in the Torpedo Room. email
Buzard, Richard / RichMM11980 – 1982AuxilliaryLeft sub duty after having a lung collapse- luckily on shore, and back to surface fleet. Retired in August 1996; graduated college- BS, Facilities Mgt, 1998. Married, 3 stepdaughters. In Lake Orion, MI.
Moman, JacobMM11980 – 1986
Sultana, ChrisTM2/SSJan 1980 – Dec 1983TORPEDO
Foster, Jamesms2ssJan 15, 1980 – Jan 22, 1982supply
Sultana, Chris profile iconTM2/SSJan 15, 1980 – Dec 31, 1983Torpedo RoomBest boat ever. My best to RADM Thomas D. Ryan--greatest Captain. Batfish 310 / 681 reunions every year-second week of May in Muskogee, OK at the Batfish War Memorial Park and Museum. Love to hear from Jeff Mendoza
Hodges, Leonard (Lenny) profile iconMS2 SSFeb 1980 – Oct 1982Mess Management MSHoping that all I served with are well. Thanks for the good times and fellowship.If ever around St. Louis, MO look me up. Email From ocean to midwest. What a difference. I miss the sea water.
Bedard, RobertMS2/SSFeb 27, 1980 – Oct 1983 Food Service
Gray, Kenneth "Red"EM1/SSSep 1980 – May 1984E-DivBeen out since Sept. '86. Should have stayed in. Had to go to work then. But I'm sure all of you "Bubble Heads" ate some of the Twinkies I made sure got out the bakery doors. Man, I miss you guys!
Foster, JamesMS2SSOct 16, 1980 – Oct 18, 1982SUPPLY
Dubois, ErnestEMCM(SS)RetiredDec 1980 – Dec 1983COB
Erickson, WilliamSTS2/SSDec 11, 1980 – Oct 1983Sonar
Lachenmyer, Jeff "locky"RM3 - RM2(SS)Feb 1981 – Aug 1984RadioRetired Mar 2000; ETCM(SS/SW/AW). Did it all -- got all the T-Shirts.
Schubert, CharlesPN1 USNR(TAR), RETJun 1981 – Oct 1982ADMINcurrently living in picayune, ms
Graves, RoyEM1/SSAug 1981 – Jul 1983Electrical
Sargeant, JoeSTS2(SS)Oct 1981 – May 8, 1986Sonar

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1981 | 1982 – 1986 | 1987 – 1994 | 1995 – now

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