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USS Hancock (CV 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hancock (CV 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 539 crew members registered for the USS Hancock (CV 19).

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Northcutt, HarryABEAN1973 – 1976V-2 A/G miss the wood deck &country inn in PI
Sawyer, CharlesET21973 – 1975OE
Monette, LowellMM31973 – 1974engine roomMet a lot of great guys onboard. Only remember two of them. I'm looking for Ray Wydra and Arthur Midwood
Belisle, Kevinos21973 – 1975operations
Purvis, Stanleyen 31973 – Jan 24, 1975A DivI wish I would have been more mature. It was btruly the greatest part of my life
Denham, JohnADJ31973 – 1973VFP 63 Det. 1Trying to find Phil Welsh from VFP 63 Det. 1
Evans, Brent H.AQ3Jan 1973 – Dec 1973IMACurrently live in Oregon.
Evans, BrentAQ3Jan 1973 – Dec 1973IMAI would like to reconnect with Navy buddies who served on the Hanna in 1973. I remember driving a ship's car as a taxi for sailors from the base to the front gate in Subic Bay.
White, MichaelE3Jan 1973 – Aug 1975V-4If you know me please send me a email @ Trying to connect with old friend's.
Stohl, Bill (Jay Stone Ship'S Radio) profile iconE-3Jan 1973 – May 1974S-5I was a DJ on the ship's radio (KHAN) during the 1973-1974 cruise. I played Oldies But Goodies. I swapped duty stations in mid-cruise (from Ship's Company to VA-55 The Warhorses). I left in May, 1974.
McKernan, ThomasEM2Jan 1, 1973 – Dec 1, 1975E/V-2
Durham, JamesPO3Jan 7, 1973 – Dec 15, 1975V-2 Division CatapultsLOOKING for some fellow shipmates. I did 22 years and retired ABEC.
Baker, BarryRM1Mar 1973 – Aug 1975CR
Godsil, PaulBT/FNMar 1973 – Oct 9, 1975B #1 FireroomWould like to contact anyone who was in 1 or 2 Fireroom while i was aboard.
Hudson, RandyHM2Mar 1973 – 1976MedicalI was a corpsman during her last cruise. Returned to Alameda to aid in decomissioning her. What an adventure - one I wll never forget
Roberts, JtAO3Mar 1973 – Feb 1976G-DivI worked in Skid and Elevator Maintenance
Byrd, Ronnie profile iconFAMar 1973 – Nov 12, 1975B I was in #1 fireroom.,or 501-517-6010
McClelland, LyleHT-E3Mar 1973 – May 1975V1 first then changed to RI started out in V-1 Division as AB then changed my rate to HT. I enjoyed R-Div lots of great people and good times.
Hargrove, CharlesE3Apr 18, 1973 – Jul 18, 19753rd
Heath, DanE-3/POSTAL CLERKApr 28, 1973 – Nov 27, 1974
Wydra, RayEM3May 6, 1973 – Aug 15, 1975EFirst real ship I was stationed on. Retired in 1991
Robison, BillAK2May 8, 1973 – Mar 1976S-6
Etherington, LaneEMFAMay 14, 1973 – Jun 12, 1974EMy first Ship, went aboard in the Philippines and then got my first taste of Nam. I remember hating the Navy back then but I stayed for 20 years retiring as a chief.
Marcil, ErniermsnMay 21, 1973 – May 21, 1975cr divisiontrying to find some old friends
Richter, ChristopherAIRMAN E2Jun 7, 1973 – Dec 21, 1974air daleworked with rvaw 110 det2. (willy fudd) boarded ship in Japan
Putala Jr, Henrye-3Jun 14, 1973 – Sep 17, 1975v-3worked blue shirt on hanger bay ,operated elevators
Knack, Edward Carl profile iconEN-2Jul 1973 – Jun 16, 1975EA-01 Hydraulics GangThe Only Engineman in a gang full of Machinest Mates.
Lerma, Robert (Bob)Or "LumpyHM3Aug 20, 1973 – Jun 3, 1975H ( Medical)Participated in Operations Frequent Wind and Eagle Pull Was on the flight deck helping to get refugees down below . Assisted with Removing AVN helos from flight deck bu manually pushing them overboard.
Burns, William (Burno)AO2Sep 1973 – Jan 1975G Division
Farmer, RodPFCOct 1973 – Apr 1973Marine Detachment
Blette, Wayne R. BletteCV 19Oct 24, 1973 – Jan 31, 1976DisbursingI would like former sailors from the Hancock to contact me.
Blette, Wayne R. BletteDK3Oct 24, 1973 – Jan 31, 1976Supply
Keisel, JackE-2Nov 1973 – Aug 1976R
Johnson, Milton AABHANDec 1973 – Dec 1975V-1Crash and Salvage/DCPO/Blue Shirt Side Kick to ABHAN Sands Life Long Friends
Henderson, MichaelABFANDec 1973 – Jan 1975 just cruising thru here and seem a couple of my old friends from the Hancock, Bill Sands and Milton A. Johnson ( uncle Milty)
Mignerey, TerryE2Dec 1973 – Jan 1976M DivAfter Engine Rm.
Hart, DanielABFANDec 19, 1973 – Dec 31, 1975V4Remember all of the good times, none of the bad. It was many, many years ago but one more Westpac weekend would be a blast!
Chenoweth, John1974 – 1975RI was in the pipe fitters shop.
Bramer, MelvinE-31974 – 1975S-2Made 75 West Pac. Then transfered to Coral Sea Before they scrapped her
Smith, Smittybt/fn1974 – 1975B/oil shacklooking for Mike D. Mckinney ie: tweety
Davis, Kenos31974 – 1975OI
Petrillo, DennisGMG31974 – 1975WeaponsAnyone else suffering from the herbicides we drank and ate during our Vietnam stint in 75?
Zeller, JoeRMSNJan 1974 – Nov 1975CR COMMUNICATIONSI have many pictures of the great guys in CR DIVISION and many great memories. I still smile when I thnk about that special time in my life...Best Wishes to you all....
Matelski, Robert (Bob)AZ3Jan 1974 – Nov 1975AIMDJoin crew the day the ship returned from a cruise. Went through repairs and we deployed early 75. Cambodia, Vietnam and Hannah. Hannah was my first ship, first cruise and a wonderful ship. Ran AIMD Library, those were the days.
Priest, GaryOS3Jan 1974 – Dec 1975OIA Memorable first ship.
Hanlon, P JE4Jan 1974 – Nov 1976EngeneeringWas a BT in #2 Fireroom
Donchez, FrankE4Jan 6, 1974 – Jul 11, 1975#1 FireroomLooking to contact Joe Mann from Alliquippa, Pa.
Hemphill, Patrickmm3Jan 7, 1974 – Oct 13, 1975EAO-1At the time I came of age I could not have been in finer company. I would love to hear from any of the A-1 group. C-203-EL.
Basso, GabrielADJ-3Jan 15, 1974 – Jun 1975Jet ShopGreat ship, great crew
Puckett, BobbyHT 3Jan 30, 1974 – Feb 6, 1976RI was assigned to the DC Shop on the Hancock . Worked for HT1Watts , And HT1 Abrams. Anyone remember me ? Please respond , last cruise had a blast in Subic and Hong Kong ... Can you dig it ? Dude time has fly since then . HT3 Babcock ??
London, Larry C.HT 2Jan 30, 1974 – Oct 22, 1974R
Myrick, ThomasMM1Feb 1974 – Jun 1976A Div. O2N2 PlantMade my second West-Pac on Hancock , first one on a Destroyer following Coral Sea as plane guard in 68-69 I was TDY to Hancock after Decom. Helped strip her down for scrapping. Ended 10 year service in June 1976.
Rucker, ScottPO3 MACHINIST MATEFeb 10, 1974 – Feb 5, 1976M Evaporators. Forward and AftWant to hear from anyone in M division on Hanas last cruise or oil shack.
Adams, StevenABHMar 1974 – Sep 1975Hanger deck crew
Gilliland, JoeSmn YeoMar 1974 – Feb 1976OZ
Dorris, Budd (Buddy)AC3Mar 1, 1974 – May 15, 1975ACLooking for anyone that remembers or witnessed the initial launch to start operation Frequent Wind - April,1975
Van Dinter, BrianABEANMar 15, 1974 – Sep 19, 1975V-2
Just, Waynemm3Mar 20, 1974 – Jan 12, 1976m evaps
Goligowski, Chris "goose"HT2Apr 1974 – Jan 1976ROne of the 5 "SKI'S" in R DIVISION. Sad to say one of the last men to get HER ready for her last trip.
Madlem, PeteMSSNApr 1974 – Jan 1976S-2The 'Hanna was my first ship. I cooked in the galley and worked in the Food Service Office with CWO4 Stanley Jones. MS3 Howard Mcgee was one of the bakers and we are still in touch. Feel free to contact me.
Powell, KerryMMApr 10, 1974 – Jan 10, 1976A
Shacklett, FredQM2Apr 10, 1974 – Oct 30, 1976Nmember of N Div on final cruise. Last LPO of N Div before decomissioning.
Noah, LouisRM3May 1974 – Oct 1975CR
Hemphill, Michael D. Mm2MM2May 30, 1974 – Mar 4, 1976M DIV AERAft engine room, qualified Top Watch after Tinsley had a heart attack (he made it through) Me and Ellis Parkins tried our best with the snipes back aft, lots of fun, lots of memories and the steamingest Snipes in M DIV.
Kline, JohnPH3Jun 1, 1974 – May 29, 1975OP-Photo LabI was stationed as a photo-mate 3rd class, working TV camera and flight deck photo. was there for last days of vietnam, taking hundreds of photos of the helos, people from april 1975, looking for shipmates from photo-lab,
Spangler, CarlO-5Jul 1974 – Dec 1975OPSAsst CIC Officer
Poore, RickRM3Jul 1974 – Dec 1975CRJoe Zeller tried you at your last e mail I had but it was returned joined the Hancock associationand have been to the last 2 reunions great times Jacksonville next Dale Montigue was there in Chicago Rick Poore
Traczyk, Wayne profile iconE5Jul 19, 1974 – May 15, 1975OE
Chalfant, BobHM2Aug 1974 – Jan 30, 1976Medical
Poore, RichardRM3Aug 1974 – Dec 1975communications radio
McDonald, JerryE-2 FAAug 10, 1974 – Jan 30, 1976BI worked in number 3 fire room with Tom Simmons, Mac Sills, Wop, Pappy and Steve Lear as well as all the rest of the crew of the fireroom. I also remember Gary Pepper.
Ritchie, ArthurRMCMSep 1974 – Jan 30, 1976CRIn accordance with navy tradition, the senior enlisted man presents the commissioning pennant to the captain upon decommissioning of a US Navy ship. I presented the pennant to Capt. F. G. Fellowes on January 30, 1976.
Slusher, WayneIC2Sep 1974 – Jan 30, 1976V-2/PLAT
James, CedricE-3Sep 1974 – Feb 1976V-3 / V-1
Garner, Robert(Bob)AMEANOct 1974 – Oct 1975VA 212
McGrew, MikeAAOct 5, 1974 – Aug 10, 1975V-1trying to locate a few buddies that worked the flight deck during "frequent wind". If anybody remembers please contact me.
Zaffino, MichaelPO 3Oct 13, 1974 – Sep 19, 1975BT 2
Schlittenhardt, RonRMSNOct 20, 1974 – Feb 5, 1976crdecommissioning crew
Spencer, Remell "hawk-eye"RM2Nov 1974 – Jan 1976CRThere were some really great guys in CR during that last cruise. Hello to everyone. I retired after 20-RMC.
Ende, MaxAE3Nov 1974 – Sep 1975V3I was #2 Elevator Operator on the Hangar Deck. Best experience of my life. WestPac 1975
Barker, TimRMSNDec 1974 – Nov 1975CRSemi-retired after 35 years working in IT, the last 18 for Nationwide Ins in Columbus, OH. Currently working at a local country club and looking forward to meeting former shipmates.
Smith, DougE-2 Dec 28, 1974 –ABFMet some good men while assigned and haven't been able to locate. Joe, Roy....remembering some of the best times of my life

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