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USS Hancock (CV 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hancock (CV 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 540 crew members registered for the USS Hancock (CV 19).

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Farias, Antone (Tony)1968 – 1973This is his daughter, Leah. Tony, passed away September, 2005 due to lymphoma cancer...He was a true fighter and will be remembered always. If you knew him please feel free to contact me, he never did speak much of his times in the navy.
Price, William (Bill)PH21968 – 1969OPI was stationed as a photo-mate 2nd class and working the flight deck incoming and outgoing. I took hundreds of photos of the helos, planes and people in 1968 and 1969. I am looking for shipmates.
Ducharme, Michael DukeE-31968 –V-1My time aboard opened my eyes to the world !
Ostlund, Wayne C.E-51968 – 1969CVW-21Assigned to Carrier Air Wing-21 (CVW-21) staff out of Naval air Station, Lemoore, California. CVW-21 was in charge of the aircraft assigned for a tour of duty off the coast of Viet Nam. . .
Merickel, EdwardANJan 1968 – Nov 1968AG - 7400 025 Meterology
Riley, LynnE3Jan 1968 – Feb 1969OPS/CIC
Maszk, KenASH3Jan 1, 1968 – Jul 1, 1969AMID
Thorp, Kenneth profile iconMM1Jan 7, 1968 – Apr 7, 1969B
Wavra, SteveMM2Jan 10, 1968 – Nov 6, 1972M Divisionworked in Aft engine room for four cruises. Started as a MMFN out of A school and Left as a MM2.
Ponce, ByronLISNJan 20, 1968 – Jul 21, 1969XWorked in Print Shop and G Division, Bomb Assembly
Caffey, DaveFTG 3Feb 1968 – 1969FoxThings I remember of WESPAC cruise: Subic Bay (San Migel beer, Queen Bee bar), Russian Bear flyover, collision during UNREP, Shellback initiation, Bob Hope Christmas show, lots of A/C launch and recoveries. I was 19 YO.
Baker, Terry Yn1Mar 1968 – Jul 1969XThis was my first ship and I really enjoyed the WESTPACs. Worked for Capt Greer and trf to COMCARDIV NINE Radm Morrision. Brother also served onboard SN Chris Baker. Thank you shipmates.
Spence, BillRM2Apr 1968 – Dec 1970CR
Brown, Mike (Charlie) BrownE3May 6, 1968 – Jul 10, 1969v1 cRASH lOCKERwHAT A CRUISE! wOULD LIKE TO TALK TO SOME OF MY SHIPMATES.
Schneider, JimLT.Jul 1968 – Oct 1969General Stores/Aviation Supply/Disbursing
Sheridan, DeanAT3Aug 1968 – Aug 1971AIMD DECM ShopTyphoons and the Sea of Japan in Dec...who could ask for a wider variety of work environments...It was a learning experience for a young sailor.
Leeflang, PeteABH-3Aug 1, 1968 – Sep 1, 1971V-3Hey V-3 brothers where are ya?
Newton, RichardAKCAug 10, 1968 – Feb 15, 1971squadronRetired 9/30/1975, as AKCS, Leading Chief, NAS Whidbey Is. Supply Dept. Spent 17 + Years with Grumman Aerospace as a "Tech. Rep./LSR; at Whidbey Is., USS Constellation, NAS Miramar, NAS North Island, USS Ranger, & more.
Turner, LarryBT3Sep 1968 – Apr 16, 1970EngineeringI came aboard the USS Hancock after boot camp. I had a wonderful naval experience and developed many great friendships. I am proud to say, mMy memories will last my life time. It hard to believe it has been 40 years.
Almberg, KennethKenSep 1, 1968 – Oct 20, 1970V-2Assigned to V-2 catapults after ABE A school made two tours to Tonkin Gulf with carrier division nine. Made ABE 3 aboard the ship. Ran the water brakes and retraction (Grab) machine space, and monitored the end speed
Mota, LaercioE-3Oct 1968 – Apr 1970V-1I would like to contact friends from that time
Seidel, BruceE3Oct 27, 1968 – Jul 27, 1970V-1Still look back and remember all the good times I had and all the great places I visited. Would love to hear from any of the guys on board at that time.
Miller, BillMR2Nov 1968 – Jun 1972 "A" -- Machine ShopThanks to all the guys who made it an experience I will always remember.
Langley, GregoryPH2Dec 19, 1968 – Jul 3, 1971OPLooking for Pingle, Pfeiffer and Marcus, not necessarily in that order. Great shipmates!
Silva, Alan (Al)E4Dec 23, 1968 – Sep 15, 1972V1started asblue shirt tthen crash crew,yellow shirt in fly 2 7 flyi , have alot of good memories
Wooley, JackMR2Dec 24, 1968 – Aug 15, 1972A2I had a great time seeing at least half of the world. The experience I learned in the machine shop help in my career. The guys in the shop were all good to work with.
Allen, JamesGMTCS1969 – 1972W
Simpson, Superbadabf31969 – 1973v4
Lease, RexMM11969 – 1970M DivisionMy dad, Rex Lease, Sr., served on the USS Hancock as an MM1 from 1969 to 1970
Perkins, PaulSN1969 – 1970DisbursingLooking for Leo Morgan. Please contact me:
Griffin, GriffE51969 – 1970CVA19Contact if u know me RIP Daddy! 7725327085 (Becka-daughter of Gary J Griffin) :)
Hiday, BosnBM3Jan 1969 – Nov 1972Second divisionFirst ship and enjoyed my whole tour. Retired in 1995 as Cwo4bosn
Jacoway, CharlesE3 FiremanFeb 1969 – Aug 1970EngineeringI was assigned to no. 3 fireroom. Would like to hear from you if you were there.
Accurso, Mike1st. LTFeb 1969 – Feb 1970Marine Detachmentlooking to reconnect with former mates
Allen, CharlesRM2Feb 3, 1969 – Mar 21, 1970CR
Abernathy, E. M. "Gene"RMCFeb 10, 1969 – Jan 15, 1970CR- CommunicationsBest Ship/Command in almost 30 years service. Served as the Technical Control Chief & Acting Radio Officer. Retired as RMCM/CWO3. Served onboard another 27Charlie Class Uss Oriskany CVA34. Great ship but not the Hanna.
Jones, SpencerRD-3Feb 18, 1969 – Jul 11, 1972OII just found this site and was looking for shipmates from my time aboard. Is anyone out there?
Taylor, BruceAIRMANFeb 20, 1969 – Aug 15, 1970V-1dates are little bit fuzzy ship was in Hunter's Point shipyard and drydock. kind-of funny remembering controversy of 1970 west-pak cruise and jr. officers not wanting to go. Looking for Hancock rocker?
Page, DouglasBM2 / LPO 2nd divMar 1969 – Feb 19702NDFine ship, 1st home 66/67 USS HANSON DD832 we refueled her on the cruse great fun. 2nd home 68 Da Nang, camp Tien Sha, deep water piers. Then Hanna for my last cruse left ship in Japan 2/70.
O'Connor, MichaelAO3Mar 1969 – Aug 1971GAs a just turned 18 year old army brat from Colorado, my time in the U.S. Navy was an adventure always to be cherished. Most memorable was time served on the Hanna with my shipmates and ports of call.
Taylor, DaveABH-3Mar 1, 1969 – Sep 1, 1971V-1Blue shirt in fly 3 during 1969-1970 cruise and Tractor King during 1970-1971 cruise. Still in contact with my assistant Leroy Withrow, Steve Wilson in crash locker, Jerry Whittle and others. E-mail me if you remember me
McCormack, John (Mac) profile iconAE-2Mar 5, 1969 – Mar 5, 1971CAG-21Interested in a VF-211 Reunion? Email: AE-2 John McCormack
Wilson, SteveAE3Apr 7, 1969 – Sep 20, 1970V-1Would like to find G.L.Miller, as we put out the first flight deck fire with an MB5 fire truck, on July 11, 1969.
Nield, JohannCYN3Apr 10, 1969 – Apr 11, 1970communicationI left Sanfran and went to Phillipines and then Sasebo jp. many trips to yankee station. then back to sasebo, what party we had at all the skif houses. does anyone remember the kid from WYOMING.
Mata, RobertYN3Apr 22, 1969 – 1971G div./Weapons DeptAssigned to ordnance assembly. G div. needed a clerk so I did ordnance counter on weapons replenishment and became division clerk. I was later sent to YN "A" school. On my return became Weapons Dept. Yeoman.
Steele, CraigJO3May 22, 1969 – Jun 3, 1971X Div.I was the the editor of the 1969-70 and 1970-71 West Pac Cruise books. After my service, I settled in Santa Rosa. I have two children and four granddaughters. I worked for Hewlett-Parkard for 30 yrs and PGE for 11 years.
Hall, TomE3Aug 1969 – Apr 1970OEI was a kid..It was a memorable experience
Hall, MarkCYN 3Aug 1969 –CRServed in Main Comm as CYN. Two tours in the Tonkin Gulf - WestPac. .
Mccausland, AlfredCTI3Aug 22, 1969 – Feb 10, 1970OSTAD from NAVCOMMSTA PHIL, SECGRU division as Vietnamese Linguist/Morse operator
Castillo, Arthur profile iconMS2Sep 10, 1969 – Jun 18, 1970S-2Only on there for ten months, but had a good WestPac and met some good friends.
Carrier, JoeET3Sep 30, 1969 – Sep 29, 1970OEFlew from Travis AFB to Clark then on to Yankee Station via slow oiler. Helo took us over to Hanna, but only after a sailor was "dipped" in the Gulf in the high-line chair. Thank you very much. Memorable cruise. GO OE!
Nash, JohnOS3Oct 10, 1969 – Aug 21, 1973OILooking for any Shipmates who may have served with me.
Diaz, Davidships servicemanNov 29, 1969 – Aug 10, 1971SHIPS SERVICEMAN
Nichols "Napa Nick", GregRM3Dec 23, 1969 – Feb 23, 1973CRInterested in communicating with CR Division shipmates 1969-1973.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1960 | 1961 – 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – now

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