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USS Hancock (CV 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hancock (CV 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 539 crew members registered for the USS Hancock (CV 19).

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Maurer, JackE-51964 – 1965V-6 and the electronics shop
Clementson, Jack H.E-51964 – 1968YeomanThis is one of Jack's sons. Pops isn't with us any more passed away in 1985. After finding this site I had to add his name to the crew list. He loved his tours aboard the Hancock. He retired as a CPO in 1975.
Caldwell, LloydHM31964 – Jun 1965Hospital DivWould like to contact Ship mates
Jones, RobertAN1964 – 1966Crash CrewIt was a big experience. Sometime very hard and dirty. Long hours on runway watch in that old MB1
Mason, CharlesGMTSN1964 – Jul 1967WWas proud to be part of the Flat Top Navy. Served with some great folks and enjoyed being at sea.
Holt, DavidE-31964 – 1965Machinist Mate
Jackson, ChrisRD21964 – 1965OIInteresting times in the gulf of Tonkin in 1962. Learned how to write backwards on a plastic sheet. Transferred with Paul Norris to LPD-6 in 63.
Covington, HermanE41964 – 1966..
Chang, EugeneElevtrican Mate 3 ClassJan 1964 – Sep 22, 1967ElectricalServed in distribution group last assignment boiler room 4 with switchboard and generator
Divers, JackANFeb 1964 – 1965OCGreatest time of my life there on Hanna. Like others, I wish I knew it at the time. OC Div on top of everything. Pearl, Olongapo, Yokosuka all the girls were great! Memories will always be with me.
Worthington, MerrillPHOTOGRAPHERS MATE 3CFeb 8, 1964 – Jul 24, 1967OP photolabWould be interested in finding my first division officer, lt.jg Jim Miller.
White, Georgehm3Mar 15, 1964 – Mar 14, 1965medicalI've been looking for a Rod Woodson. Also, I sailor from Nebraska that I owe money to.
Murphy, StephenATN2May 1964 – Sep 1967va-216
Murray, JimPN3Jun 1964 – Sep 1967X
Highbarger, GaryAIRMANJul 1964 – May 1965VAW 11Great group of guys. Vietnam kept us busy but I never heard any complaints about the long hours from anyone.
Fitzsimmons, JamesATN3Jul 1, 1964 – Aug 31, 1967V-6I would like to catch up with some of my shipmates. I spent most of my time in the V-6 Avionics Shop, the Air Office and the Parachute Loft. I cut hair for people in other divisions to earn extra cash.
Caporale, JohnSNAug 1964 – Feb 1965CommunicationsShipped out to Hannah from boot camp. Radio messenger. My most vivid memory was "Commander Rinaldi to the bridge", flight Ops and Hong Kong liberty. Departed ship - Subic Bay to Class "A" radio school NTC SD
Postorino, RonaldE3 airmanAug 1964 – Jun 1966V3Recently retired from civilian career would like to connect with former shipmates
Harris, JamesGMTSNAug 1964 – Aug 1966WJust found the site. Saw an old shipmate G Mason. trying to find if he's still hanging in there. Had a ball on the Hanna
Gist, Richard (Rick)ABH-3Aug 21, 1964 – Jul 20, 1966V-1I started out a blue shirt in Fly 3, ending up a yellow shirt on my second cruise. Still in Fly 3. I worked with quite a few great guys while on board. Will never forget...
Randall, DaveANSep 1964 – Jan 1965Actron 215I worked the flight deck,I wouldn't trade the memories for anything. Retired auto worker,live in Kansas city. Proud to have served in the Navy. 1961-1965 NAS Barbers Point for 2 years.
Benak, CharlesMM2CSep 14, 1964 – Dec 10, 1967B
Mower, LarryAE3Oct 1964 – May 1965NONE
Phillips, DaltonSFM-2Oct 15, 1964 – Jun 21, 1968R DivisionI reported on board HANNAH right after boot camp. I worked in the Sheetmetal Shop, starting as an FA and made SFM-2 before I left. Great experience!.
Price, Ronald Aka GatorADJ3Oct 19, 1964 – May 29, 1965Helsuptron1Looking for anyone who served with Angel Crew HC1 during this time period. Please respond.
Wynn, PatrickE4Oct 20, 1964 – Oct 20, 1967V6
Dewey, Larry (Little Chicago)ATN-2Nov 1, 1964 – Apr 1, 1966VA-212Good old boat! They don't make em like that any more (Thank God)
Stevens, William (Bill)AN-AQF3?Nov 16, 1964 – Oct 7, 1966FITRON 24(?)I'm his son, he died 27 Dec. 85. Looking for ANY photos or information. Just got his records from National Archives today. 314-662-4709
Rhodes, Ira/dustyPO4Nov 17, 1964 – Jul 15, 1967EI served under Capt. Donaldson/Capt Stripper/Capt. Stone
Conn, RogerABE 3Nov 19, 1964 – Dec 12, 1967V-2 CATSWhat away to grow up and learn how to be a team player while still being who you are. And to this day still have the same close friends,Comer,Allen, Rolette, and Willie Hale and Many others Montoya , Mc Cloud Ortega and
Jones, RonAMS2Dec 1964 – Feb 1968V-6My 1st. assignments were to help in patching shrapnel damage on the underside of HANCOCK's C1A and repairing a leaky hydraulic line on an A1 SPAD. Remaining assignments were with V-6 LOX.
Riefsteck, NickAK21965 – Oct 1968S-6
Travers, BrianAZ31965 – 1967V-6My 2 cruises on board the Hancock were some of the best times of my life. I was V-6 Division Yeoman and I took care of the logbooks for the COD. I was in charge of the air department supply and on my duty days I was the captain's driver.
Thomas, JerryE31965 – 1966CrHope everyone I knew has been successful .
Waddingham, SteveAB 31965 – 1967v1 crash and salvageany one connected with crash and salvage from 1965 -1967
Gjestson, DavidLtjgJan 1965 – Sep 1967W DivisionJoined Hannah for the first time in the Philippines, and served 3 cruises on Yankee Station. Served in W Division proudly under CDR. J. A. Barnes. GMT1 Gross and Simons stood up for me when I was married Dec. 22, 1966.
Prescott, Richard (Surfer Joe)sksnFeb 1965 – Aug 1967S-1 ship supplywas a wise guy beach kid, but learned quickly. duty on hancock was great,good guys to serve with. went on to serve 30 years in navy. retired from seabees in 1995.would like to touch base with any of the guys from s-1
Tohill, DallasSEAMANMar 1, 1965 – Sep 1, 1966CR
George, JoeAO2Mar 15, 1965 – Jul 16, 1968G divfwd bomb assembly i was in charge of the fuse locker for two of the three cruises. this was one of the most exciting times of my life met and worked with some good men.
Torres, PhilIC2Mar 18, 1965 – Oct 10, 1968E/V2Came aboard at sea from USS O'Brien DD 450 under CH 46 Helo, worked in all IC Gang shops including Plat/AG/Cat circuits.It is an experience that I could not buy anyplace. Left Hanna on the COD to Subic and on to US.
Olson, StuartE-4Apr 1965 – Sep 11, 1966Air Office
Richard T Martin, MartyE3May 14, 1965 – Aug 9, 1966v-1
Anthony, StuartYN3Jun 1965 – Sep 1967W DivisionStarted in OA Division as an Operations Yeoman, then moved to Captain's Offfice as incoming mail P.O.. Served voluntarily with Strike Operations and ultimately ended up in W Division.
Smelser, Edward GAK2Jul 1965 – Aug 1966VA-212
Webber, PatrickABHANJul 1965 – Sep 1966V1Best of times
Greene, EverettYN3Aug 1965 – Aug 1967OAAssigned to Hancocks Ops office in SanFran right out of high school in 1965. Served two tours in south china sea/vietnam during 65-67. Anyone who was there remembers how exciting it was. Thankful, I grew into a man.
Erven, Wayne profile iconYN1/YNCSep 1965 – Jan 1968Ops OfficeMade 65-66, 66-67 westpac cruises. Now Membership Chairman, and Past President (06-08)of HANCOCK Assn. Join us, and meet old friends. Over 1350 members. Next reunion, May 2010, Washington, DC Hope to see you there
Kaplan, Lou, KappyANSep 1965 – Jan 1968V3I remember the 3+ years and 2 tours to Nam, like it was yesterday. I "grew up" as did we all, on Hanna. I left just as the 3rd tour started. Sorry I missed it. All the best to those who served and paid their dues. Keep the faith, baby!
Salisbury, MikeYN3Sep 1965 – Apr 1968CROur racks were below the fantail, aft of the arresting wires and above the screws so catching some zzz's took some getting used to. Great crew to work and party with.
Crockett, Jerry T.ABE2Sep 3, 1965 – Apr 30, 1970V2 Cats/MAAGreat ship, good friends, fantastic shipmates. Those were the days indeed. From Golden Gate Park to the Tonkin Gulf we were a proud group of the "Fighting Hannah".
Iwasyk, WarrenE-4Sep 20, 1965 – Dec 5, 1968AIMD ( V-6)I just want to say, that working on the ship for the squadrons I became acquainted with was the best years of my life. In some cases I wish I had Shipped over when I had the chance. God Bless this ship and Crew..
Kirkland, Truman (Kirk)CYN3 E4Sep 26, 1965 – Jul 13, 1968CRHad a great time in WestPac (when Liberty was available). I compare my naval experience with my first marriage, wouldn't take anything for what I had but wouldn't do it again for anything!
Raber, LeeRM3Oct 1965 – Oct 1966CRvietnam tour. Greatset bunch of guys I ever met
Roberts, JerryEMOct 18, 1965 – Jan 28, 1967E

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1960 | 1961 – 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – now

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