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USS Hancock (CV 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hancock (CV 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 539 crew members registered for the USS Hancock (CV 19).

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Sisk, LarryPC-31961 – 1962X- Post Office
Bryant, CharlieAdj 31961 – 1962V 3Had lot of good times with deinas Barron and Grover hodges
Knafel, LarryMM-31961 – Jul 1963A-3really had a good time, it was a growing up period in my life. alot of things to remember,most was good
McCormick, Henry(Mack)Bt 2/c1961 – 1964B-Div.It was my good pleasure to have served.
Carter, Errypc31961 – 1961xpostofficepostmaster in charge, 1961, then onto Adak Ak, prior was PM,. in charge Midway, Is,.16 mo, prior, BMSN Port Hueneme Seabee base 12 mo. will ans. anymail, I handled all your mail. had a good crew there. thanks.
Sowers, ErsulBT11961 – 1963B Divison
Graves, Don "goose"BT 2Jan 1961 – Oct 1964BRetired in Michigan.
Williams, CharlesMM2Feb 1, 1961 – Oct 16, 1964A and M
Clark, RobertSFM 3Mar 1961 – Jun 1963R
Clark, PaulGMG3Mar 1, 1961 – Sep 1, 1964GLooking for history, awards, and shipmates from 60 to 64. Drop me a line at
Laney, BillMM2/cMar 9, 1961 – Oct 7, 1964A-DivThe time aboard Hannah helped shape a great life for me.
Blevins, TonyANMar 10, 1961 – Dec 8, 1962V-3
Byrum, DaveABF-3Jul 1961 – Nov 1964V-4 DivAlways on the look out for shipmates
Davis, JohnIC3Aug 1, 1961 – Oct 19, 1964EI learned a lot about life, and people. I would be happy to hear from anyone that served on the Hanna, from 61 to 64. I also did some of the welding for electrical work. I also showed movies, all over the ship.
Knapp, RonaldSeaman E3Oct 1961 – Sep 11, 1962OE DivisionAssigned to repair radio equipment, especially enjoyed working on radios under the forward flight deck, to view aircraft launches, watching them drop below the level of the flight deck. Later became medic & AF OSI major.
Boulanger, AdelardE3Oct 31, 1961 – Jan 1966V1
Stout, LarryPC-3Nov 1961 – Oct 1964X-Post OfficeI started my Navy career on the Hancock, and I retired in 1980.
McKay, Robert A.AQ-AN1962 – 1962Air Wing.....VAH-4 Worked in Ship's Laundry and later in the Squadron's Fire Control shop. My first West-Pac sure did a lot of growing up in those few months.
Deremiah, Clyde (Curt)1962 – 1966For my dad. I'm just looking for anyone who knew him or has photos of him.
Vickery, Bernard "Bernie"E-31962 – 1966V1 flightdeckI'd like to say hello to shipmates Emery Lawerence & Carl Brassfield. Any knwledge or whereabouts of the guys would be appreciated. If you remember me, call me at 901-652-4742. I live in Memphis, TN. Thanks, Bernie V.
Barbour, James R. (Jim)ANJan 1962 – Nov 1964V2 AGLike to hear from V2 AG during time period
Burkett, Donald (Bucket)E/3Feb 1962 – Dec 1963B DivisionNo. 2 fire room Retired Panama City Florida
Finch, William Douglasaviation stoekeeperApr 10, 1962 – Oct 8, 1963S-6Looking for John W Hall AK-3
Wright, JamesSNAug 1962 – Apr 19653RDI made two West-Pac Cruises, and look forward to hearing from my ex-shipmates
Jaccard, JakeSA-YN3Aug 15, 1962 – Mar 15, 1964- Captain\'s OfficeServed as YN striker but held a 2nd class billet in Captain's Office, and totally enjoye those two years. The greatest education of my young life! Today I am Web Yeoman of the USS Hancock Memoral. Come and relive the Adventure! (Google it!
Bentz, William (Bill)BT3Aug 30, 1962 – Jul 23, 1965BOILER (SNIPE)I would not change my time on Hanna for anything. Have good and some bad memories but I enjoyed and consider it an honor to have served aboard Hanna and working with my fellow boiler mates. Would love to hear from any of them.
Lejeune,jr, JohnAO3Sep 11, 1962 – Aug 9, 1966VF-211Had a great time and grew up in the Navy.
Leek, JamesADJ31963 – 1965V6
Spratley, Albert4-41963 – 1966 agree working in the hot enginerooms and werking in the generator rooms with the boiler was very hard was all worth it for me tho.was veru much fun on the hanna all work and more work.its made me who i am.a very proud american.thanks for s
Kimball, LarryAT11963 – 1965Air Wing 21
Shortt, LarryAO21963 – 1969
Hopkins, Mike (Hoppy)MM21963 – 1966'A' (Auxillary)Would love to hear from Skinny Tom or anyone else in 'A' division under Lt Lord.
Laufenberg, Dennis. ( Lauf )Airman1963 – 1966V3Have a lot of fond memories from the years I spent on the Hancock and friends I made. Late 1963- late Dec 1966 then went aboard the Oriskany CVA 34 until I was discharge April or May 1967. Hancock left end Dec. 66-Nam
Brooks, Robert profile iconPHANJan 3, 1963 – Jul 17, 1964V-4 and OPV-4 Div. Jan-Nov 1963 and OP Div. Nov 1963 - July 1964
Hoyt, LarryE3. Aviation bosuns mateMar 24, 1963 – Mar 24, 1966V3 hangar deck plane pusher18 year old blue shirt. Don't remember many names, some 2yr reserves from La, Robbins from Detroit, Kowalski, Vallily, Sarbacker, Shelley, Maguire died in accident, made 3 cruises. Anyone remember me?
Frank, DarrellAO3Jun 1963 – May 29, 1965GMBest 2 years of my Life
Campbell, JamesAEANJun 7, 1963 – Feb 15, 1965CAG 21 VFP 63 DET LIMA & VF211 (64-65)The most important time of my life!
Borromey, PhilipPH2Jul 15, 1963 – Sep 19, 1966OP (Photographer) Served as a ships photographer and did three west Pacific cruises off Vietnam.
Jacobs, ThomasSNJul 16, 1963 – Oct 28, 1964FirstWorked in First Division.
Ballarta, DennisRD3Aug 1963 – Mar 1967OIJust 17 to Almost 21 / Kinda grew up onboard 2 partial, 2 complete westpacs. Lots of Tonkin time. onboard, when Subic Bay cmd. kicked us out! Had a lot of fun. Working in CIC kept is in ,on almost everything going on. RAMPAGE CVA-19 USN
Ashby, GarryENT3Sep 1963 – Nov 27, 1966OESome of my best yeards, to bad I didn't know it at the time
Stones, DennyANNov 1963 – Oct 1964V6 Ground SupportWould be interested in hearing from anyone in my Division.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1960 | 1961 – 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – now

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