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USS Hancock (CV 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hancock (CV 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 539 crew members registered for the USS Hancock (CV 19).

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Maier, Williamdon't know1955 – 1956MThis is my father who died in 1975, if anyone has information of his time on the ship.I have only seen a picture of him with headphones and a wheel. He was in the navy 1952-1956 I don't know when he was on the ship.
Armistead, AlN/A1955 – 1956V-3USS Hancock 1955-56 - on page 171, Al Armistead - Back Row, 2nd Sailor
Hamilton, Jack (Jackie)Jan 1955 – Jun 1958I'm entering this for my Father he was onboard the day that elvis performed, in fact he rode in the elevator with Elvis.
Hook, Ronaldmm3Feb 1, 1955 – Sep 1957refrigeration
Crabtree, DwaineANMar 1, 1955 – Mar 1, 1957V-1Part of the crew that built the new angle deck and also stage setup for the Milton Burl Show, which guest starred Elvis.
Parker, GordonANMar 10, 1955 – Mar 10, 1957enjoyed one wespac cruise. enjoyed yard period in SF. enjoyed melton berle. was in V1 coffee mess when F-7U hit ramp.
Moser, SammyAirmanApr 1955 – Jan 1958steam catapults crewThe time aboard seem to pass to quick, but I enjoyed every day. The work of catapulting single engine AD 4's and jets was very exciting. I was there when she went into dry-docks for the conversion to a angled deck.
Smith, LewLI3Jun 1955 – Dec 1957A, X
Doyle, Richard (Dick)JO3Sep 12, 1955 – May 12, 1956Public Information Office (M)
Klenk, TedPHA21956 – 1958Operations:Photo LabAlways available to talk. drop me and e-mail if you get a chance...
Drennan, HenryBTT1956 – 1958B Division
Thomas, Albert CSNJul 6, 1956 – Feb 10, 1958op
Hill, Johnny F.SnDec 1956 – May 19592nd DivisonI was ln the deck dept.ln the fighting Hannah and wore the first Buddy.1ships shoulder patch.
D.g.lafferty, Donskg-3Dec 19, 1956 – Nov 27, 1958S-2I west aboard in December of 1956. The ship was in dry dock and I thought it would be there for sometime. I was assigned to S-1 Div and December of 1957 to S-2. Div. Miss a lot of my buddies,especially ones from OK.
Witham, Wayne D. WithamSK31957 –StoresI worked in the Supply Department office and in the Stores survey and inventory team.
Dejongh, Howard / BudCHIEF GUNNERS MATEFeb 4, 1957 – Apr 14, 1968 I was incharge of all munitions, and arms. I enjoyed my tour on the fighting hanna, and my ship mates.
Zimmerman, LarryMEFNJun 1957 – Jul 1960RWould like to hear from any
Jenkins, RobertYN2Jul 1, 1957 – Aug 15, 1959X Division,Capts.Office,Exec.Off.Gunnery,Legal,Special WeaponsI felt so blessed to work in so many offices and work with so many great Officers and sailors to make my time on Hancock the best time of my young life.
Brandt, StuartAviation Structural Mechanic H third classOct 13, 1957 – May 16, 1958Unknown DivisionThis is created for my dad, Stuart Brandt. He served on USS Hancock (CVA-19) from Oct1957 - Oct1958 as an "aviation structural mechanic H third class". If you served the same time or knew him please contact me. Thanks!
Price, KenRMSNJan 1958 – Mar 1958COMCARDIV-7Sailed on Hancock out of Alameda in 1958. Back on weekends. Then transferred to Shangri-La for Westpac cruise in San Diego.
Cheeseman, GeorgeBT2Jan 9, 1958 – Jun 19, 1962B Divison#3 Fire Room has been having an annual get together the last two years
Helm, TomEM3Jan 9, 1958 –E
Elkins, TedAirmanApr 1958 – Nov 1958VAH-4I was an aviation ordnance man in Heavy Attack Bomber squadron 4 from Whidbey Island, Washington
Simpson, Terry "tj"SK-4Aug 1958 – Mar 1961SupplyWhat a great experience we had, did not keep up with my ship mates like I should have a lot of water under the bridge since those days.I use the VA hospital @ Shreveport, LA. Any one still out their check with me.Your ship mate TJ
Walton, FloydMM2Sep 1958 – Jun 1962A1Boarded in Alameda in 1958 and then over to Hunters Point for upgrades. Loved my time on board the Hannah.
Nordstrom, RobertANSep 11, 1958 – Apr 10, 1959V3Interested in finding some of the guys that were in v3 div at the time I was.
Emerson, JerrymacFNOct 3, 1958 – May 1962B
Stephens, Harry/steveFNNov 15, 1958 – Apr 15, 1960Damage Control/Carpenter ShopWould love to get into contact with people I served with.
Cheeseman, GeorgeBT2Dec 1958 – Jun 1962BGreat ship and great memories, except for cleaning firesides and economizers. Stood top watch in no.3 fireroom as a BT2. Haven kept in close contact with BTC Barnett and BT2 Dale Morgan.
Springer, RonET21959 – 1962OEBest OE in the Navy
Rogers, DonaldSeamanMar 1, 1959 – Dec 1, 1961First DivisionBoot camp 1958. San Diego base for a year, then on to the Hancock, Alameda CA. I have great memories of my time on the Hannah. Hope shipmates will find me here! I wrote a book: Visit!
Rachford, LABUANMay 16, 1959 – Jun 24, 1960V2My dad Chester L Fagre served on the Hancock from May 1959 to June 1960. I think he was V2 Catapults.
Duffy, HaroldDK3Jun 1959 – 1961SupplyShort time on board enjoyed both cruises....I have a cruise book from WestPac cruise 1959 Tried to locate George Ikeda from Modesto Ca, Joe Buddy Anderson from Amite LA Louis Cleeton from IL & with no luck
Burns, JohnBM3Jun 1959 – Jun 19621st DivisionI would love to talk to the Division Officers, Lt. J.G. Dugan or Lt. J.G. Michaels, Lt. J.G. Ellis.
Shenton, WilliamGMT2Jun 1959 – Jun 1961W
Weston, Georgee-3Sep 1, 1959 – Dec 21, 1962v-6
Wright, StephenABH-3Nov 1959 – Sep 18, 1962V-1Flight deck director in Fly-3. Seen and did a lot while serving, utmost respect for all who served. RIP to those shipmates that never made it home.
Weston, Georgee-3Dec 1959 – Dec 21, 1962v-6looking for Dennis Flynn and or Jim Winn
McGrath, DuaneRD3Dec 1, 1959 – Apr 1962operationsLooking for a copy of the 1960-61 WestPac cruse book.
Manis, DaleABM31960 – 1961V1Repair 8, and Fly 2 director
Patenaude, MorrisCVA 191960 – 1962
Cook, Donald L.GMT11960 – 1964W-DivLooking for signed on crew of "W" Division between 1960 & 1964, I came aboard in Yokosuka, Japan from Treasure Island during the far East Cruise 1960.
Manis, DaleABH31960 – 1961V1
Gutierrez, MiguelMM3/CJan 1960 – Sep 1963mflew off the cod enroute to clark and on to conus for separation
Van Gordon, SteveMM2Jan 1960 – Mar 1963M Division
Heichel, JamesGMG3 JAMES G. HEICHELJan 1, 1960 – Jan 1, 1964GLooking for any GM's that were on Hancock during this period. Please make contact.
Heil, WalterYN3Jan 15, 1960 – Jun 15, 1962OP
Adam, KerryANFeb 21, 1960 – Jan 28, 1961V-4 aircraft refuelingI enjoyed my time board the ship would like to hear from fellow ship mates
Pugmire, JackAN E3Mar 1960 – Aug 1963V4I really enjoyed this duty station; never sought transfer. Looking for shipmates: Bob Boyles (Winchester Bay, OR) Charlie Hazlick (Pittsburg, PA)
Nolan, ScottieBT 2Mar 15, 1960 – Mar 15, 1964Boiler Room
Scott, ScottySNApr 17, 1960 – Mar 17, 1961FOXworked in gunnery office before being taken in by the Fox Division and designated FTGSN and signed up for the star program. went on the far east cruise and worked with FTGSN Ero Poant
Osteen, KenRD2Jun 10, 1960 – Nov 2, 1963OI
Dowell, RichardGMG3Jul 10, 1960 – Feb 28, 1964G
French, Leslie (Jim) profile iconAirdaleAug 1960 – Aug 1964V3 Divisionlooking to connect with any other crew mates during 1960-1964 who remember Leslie (Jim) French. Questioning the asbestos exposure to other crew members. Please send to email address
Whisenant, Norman DSK3Sep 28, 1960 – Sep 12, 1964
Grizzell, JamesBT3Dec 1960 – Sep 1963B #2 FIREROOMI couldnt wait to get out BUT we had a bunch of great guys in #2 fire room. I got off the ship in YOKOSUKA JAPAN and they flew me to Treasure Island CA to be seperated from active duty.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1954 | 1955 – 1960 | 1961 – 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – now

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