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USS Hancock (CV 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hancock (CV 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 541 crew members registered for the USS Hancock (CV 19).

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Mancuso, Phillip1939 –
Allison, Blucher ( Buddy )unsure..navigator/ torpedoman1942 – 1945for my dad.Submitted for my dad(1925-1997) His pilot was the Charles C Taylor (famed flight 19) Talked of many things Ie. The kamakasee attack. Had Time-Life video with footage of the attack with him in it. Much more...
Skiles, Victor (Skeeter)Gunners Mate First Class1943 – 1945Not knownSubmitted for my father who passed away in 1987. He was a gunners mate and survived the kamikaze attack. He was very proud of his service (as am I). Interested in hearing from any who new my father.
Parker, JosephAMM1/C1943 – 1945V1I'm a plank owner and my station was with the Landing Signal crew during all of ww2. Where are you now, Scotty Graves, Billy Cambell, 'TJ' Ford, Dwane Dove?
Socha, EdwardUnknown1943 – 1945UnknownI submitting this for my uncle Bernard F Cieciorka who passsed alway in March 2016 . He was proud of servicing on the USS Handcock during WW2.If any one who comes arcross this knew him or information like hear from you.
Yates, Ralph1944 –
Hagarty, John T.RT1C1944 – 1945I am submitting this for my Dad who passed away in March, 2001. He was very proud serving in the Navy and shared many stories about the Hancock, especially the Kamikazi hit on April 1945. I am passing all this history on to my children to keep .
John Martin, Doc1944 – 1945I am submitting this for my grandfather John Martin who served on the Hancock in World War II. If anyone who comes across this, knew of him I'd like to hear from you. Please feel free to email me.
Jones, Merle McCoyMM31944 – 1946I am submitting this information on behalf of my Father, Merle M. Jones, who passed away in October, 1997. He served on the USS Hancock in World War II and was very proud to serve his country on this carrier.
Minogue, John1944 – 1945I am posting for my father John Minogue who was severely insured during the Okinawa attacks. My father passed away in 1977. If anyone knew of him, please email me at To all who served, thank you
Banick, PaulHOSPITAL APPRENTICE, FIRST CLASS 1944 – 1946This entry is place on behalf of my father who served on the USS Hancock. The information/dates are approximate based on what he told me and records that he gave to me. If anyone remembers my father, please contact me.
St. Denis, JosephWater Tender 2nd Class1944 – 1946BI am submitting this for my father who served during WWII. He does not use computers, but I know he would love to hear from some veterans from the U.S.S. Hancock.
Fischer, Robert GI do not know at this time.1944 – 1947I do not knowThis is for my father who seved on the U.S.S. Hancock. He enjoyed his time in the Navy and serving his country. He passed away on March 7, 1995.
Phares, EdwinLTJan 1944 – Aug 1944GunneryWas on the commissioning crew. Only made one cruise--to Hawaii. Reassigned to the USS Rocky Mount (AGC-3).
Thibedeau, GeorgeWATER TENDER FIRST CLASSApr 1944 – Apr 1945this for my deceased grandfather who served on the Hancock in World War II
White, Frederick MEnsignApr 1944 –CIC and Fighter Director
Hall, SparkyRDM2Apr 4, 1944 – Jun 1946V4
Kielty, JohnME 1Apr 15, 1944 – Sep 14, 1945Rsome horrible but also some fond memories.
Fowler, Dan HaywoodSeaman 1/cApr 15, 1944 – Apr 7, 1945ThirdSubmitted for my Uncle, Dan Haywood Fowler, Coxswain, who was a plank owner, aboard from day of commission, was on the shakedown cruise. He was killed in the kamikaze attack on April 7, 1945. God rest his soul.
Bolander, John WilliamMM1/CApr 15, 1944 –635 06 24
Davis, John MMay 4, 1944 – Mar 1, 1946?This is my father was is deceased as of Feb 05. He was a musician 3/c. I'm working on his war letters and would love any stories or tales from those he knew. Cindy Davis, Lt Col, USAF, Ret
Morter, SamanthaMM3May 4, 1944 – Dec 4, 1945V6For my great grandfather John H Seby, if anyone knows anything about him or has any photos of him please contact me.
Merkens, O. WilliamCivilian radar engineer/instructorMay 18, 1944 – Nov 18, 1944UnknownI'm writing in honor of my father who was "on loan" from Raytheon. He died aboard ship when I was 14 months old & my mother, Loyola, was pregnant with my brother Bill (5/26/45). Tom Merkens,
Long, Lewis PickettJun 1944 – Feb 1946
Argubright, RayAMM2cJun 1944 – Dec 1945VB6 & VB7Submitting this for my father Ray Argubright who kept a journal aboard the ship. I started a photo crew project and looking for family members to submit photos of men who served onboard in WW2,
Martin, Raymond (Tex)Seaman 1st classJul 1944 – 19466Would like information about all Div 6 crew members on USS HANCOCK that were 20mm gun crew. 1944-1946.
Meyer, Charles (Chuck)LT.Sep 5, 1944 – Dec 30, 1945air operationsfor my dad who was catapult and arresting gear officer. He often spoke of the typhoon of 12/44. Any info. on my dad or the death of his good friend, "Frenchy" is appreciated. Lt. C.J. Meyer passed away in Oct. of 1996
Seneca, Nicholas (Cappy)WT3 Water Tender 3rd classOct 1944 – 1945ship companyOn behalf of my father who passed away in 2008. Served on the USS Hancock during WW2 and survived numerous kamikaze attacks. Returned home to NY, married and had two daughters. 5 grandkids and lived to see 1 gr.grandkid
Meyer, Charles (Chuck)LT.Oct 5, 1944 – Dec 30, 1945air operationsinfo. by son of Lt. C.J. Meyer who passed away Oct. 1996. Dad often spoke of typhoon of 12/17/44. Dad was catapult and arresting gear officer. Any info. on him or the death of his good friend "Frenchy" would be appreciated.
Mann, DanielAVIATION ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN SECOND CLASSDec 1944 – Oct 1945V2 or V3Ship's company, USS Hancock, Dec 44 till @may 45 then Assigned to Carrier Air Group 6 aboard USS Hancock
Duhaime, Roger DaleF1c1945 – 1945unsureI am Leaving this on behalf of my grandfather Roger Dale Duhaime. He passed away in 1995. If anyone knew of him would love to hear from you.
Gilbert, GlaucsonF1CJan 27, 1945 – Apr 7, 1945Task Force 58This is my father, who was KIA 4/7/45, at the hands of a cowardly Jap Kamikazi pilot, who crashed his plane on the Hancock off the coast of Okinawa. I was only a baby then, so I don't remember him at all. CM Gilbert
Susnik, AlbinAOM3May 1945 – Sep 1945I am entering this for my father, who passed away in 2000. If anyone knows him from the Fighting Hannah days of 1945, please contact me. Thanks.
Bridges, BillyAVIATION STRUCTURAL MECHANIC THIRD CLASSApr 1951 – Apr 1955U.S.S. Hancock (CVA-19) ONBOWCOM. Job Code AM-7209-64 Rate ANU.S.S. Hancock (CVA-19) ONBOWCOM. Job Code AM-7209-64 Rate AN Honorable Discharge - Aviation Structural Mechanic Thirdclass. I have a photo of my father Billy Gene Bridges, but I don't know how to add it.
Barham, GeneBoilerman1953 – 1961BT3
Lewis, Ralphprivate first classJan 1, 1953 – Jun 30, 1955private first classI just attended the USS Hancock Association 2014 reunion in Jacksonville Florida and was there on my 86th birthday. I'm a bluegrass musician and a former member with Bill Monroe and a USS Hancock band member!
Kimmens, Harold (Ray)Nov 20, 1953 – May 22, 1955FoxPre com crew in SD. FC Shop on Hancock GFCS 56 School in DC GFCS 56 Systems leader. Left ship at Hunter's Point to go to Instructor School SD and on to FT Conversion School in DC.
Cassinghamm, Bill 'Cass"AB3Dec 1953 – Aug 1956V1& V2Loved the Ship and time spent aboard Plank owner on the Recommission
Grisham, CarlANDec 1953 – Mar 17, 1955V3I was the operator of the number 2 elevator flight deck.
Connett, WilliamFN1954 – 1955BAn experience of a lifetime
Moore, EdwardEMFN1954 – 1954EA " Plank Owner". For some reason Gen #3 excitation voltage went high and increased the line voltage which blew out every lamp in the lighting circuits being served. The "Lighting gang" were not happy.
Farmer, JimmyFire control technician 3rd class1954 – 1956Fox Gunnery
McKee, Fred (Mac) profile iconAA1954 – 1954Cat CrewAboard while steam cat being installed. Docked at North Island (almost) every week-end, out to sea for launch tests during week. Best duty any sailor ever had!! Once sailed to San Francisco, Bremerton and return.
Patterson, Wialliam ("hank")CORPORALApr 1954 – Sep 1956Marine DetachmentI am Bill "Hank" Patterson from Salinas, California. Our Marine Captain was, Captain Metcalf and Lt Turner. I would love to hear from any of you old Marines that I served with.
Stearns Jr, DickET2Nov 1954 – Jul 1955OperationsBremerton recommisioning and San Diego
Younis, GeorgeAIRMANNov 29, 1954 – Nov 10, 1958V4

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