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USS Billfish (SSN 676) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Billfish (SSN 676). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 97 crew members registered for the USS Billfish (SSN 676).

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Stewart, Jerry profile iconEM1(SS)1969 – 1972ElectricalMember of the pre-commissioning crew and a plankowner. Was on all the initial shakedown runs. 51 of us rode her into the Thames River at Groton. I remember the reactor scram that George is talking about., PickleMM1 SS1969 – 1972M DivPlank owner. Shipyard, sea trials and early cruises made for interesting and challenging times.
Jantsch, MichaelMM2(SS/DV)Apr 1969 – Feb 1972M DivisionMy first Submarine, I was a plank owner and made some of the best friends I've known in the Navy. Great memories!
McGee, BobIC2(SS)1970 – 1973Pre-comissioning crew member, plank owner. Left the Navy after my six years and went back to college. Getting ready to retire from college teaching.
Sereno, GeorgeET1 (SS)Jan 1970 – Nov 1972Reactor ControlI was privileged to conduct the first reactor startup on the plant, experienced the one and only (as far as I know) intentional flank bell SCRAM and the first (and probably only) 38% excess power startup.
Leary, JetzMM2(SS)Mar 1, 1970 – Apr 3, 1973AuxiliaryPlank owner...accepted for the US Navy from EB Shipyards..took out on sea trial..several Med & Carribean runs...."RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP,"
Diller, DanLtjg / Supply OfficerJun 1970 – Sep 1972SupplyMember of pre-commissioning crew and plank owner. I enjoyed my time on board Billfish and working with the great officers and crew.
Martin, Jimmy JoeIC1Oct 1971 – Nov 1972ICRetired 24 years service as a EMCM. Live in Southern MD.
Hansen, BarryYN3Oct 6, 1971 – Apr 1973PersonelServed on board from Oct. '71 to Oct '72 then transferred to Comsubpac until Apr. '73 while still attached to the 676 boat.
Santella, JosephMMC(SS)1972 – 1977Engeering
Jackson, SteveHMC(SS)Jan 6, 1972 – Nov 1, 1974MDRMy qual boat
Robert, Laird/ MelvinThird class petty officer/stewardJan 15, 1972 – Mar 25, 1974SupplyWhen I served on the USS billfish I considered it one of my best close net jobs I've ever had and we were truly a family sounds corny but that's just the way it was we all have each other's back even though there were acouple of idiots on
Baughman, TomMM2SSMar 1973 – Aug 1976M
Reed, GeorgeMM1(SS)1974 – 1978MachineryAlthough it was hard work and scary at times, I overall thought it was some of the best times of my life. I talk about Billfish in a book I published in 2021 called "Happiness is a Cool Reactor,"
Rana, RonaldIC3SSSep 1, 1974 – Jul 23, 1977IC DIVISIONI think the time I spent on the Billfish were some of the best times of My Life as a young man . I gew up fast and I made good friends and had a great crew .
Christensen, ChristSTS2 (SS)Dec 1, 1974 – Jul 8, 1976SONARMed Run
Jones, DougET1(SS)Jan 1975 – Mar 1978ETI would still be doing it if I could have figured out how to get weekends off! Great time and great guys.
Knott, MartinYN3Feb 1975 – Feb 1977YN
Carmody, PaulETNSNJun 15, 1975 – Aug 15, 1978OPS/NAVmed run - 2 spec ops - caribean - autec - rosie roads ic2 billy higgins and i got back to portsmouth england half in the bag form libs in london when queen Elizabeth II passed by us on the way to review the fleet. ive got pictures.
Schwartz, MartyFTG31976 – 1977Weapons
Jacobs, JakeTM5 SS/DVJan 1976 – Jul 1979WeaponsOriginal founder and member of B.A.R.T. for those who can remember the short timers list. Fun Times!!!!
Kurowski, MichaelMs2May 6, 1976 – Sep 8, 1980SupplyBest time of my life
Porche, Robert WE5May 14, 1976 – Sep 25, 1980SonarEnjoy the port calls
Smith, DonnySTS2(SS)Nov 1976 – Dec 1978SonarAwesome!!!!!
Lippincott, RussellMS31977 – 1979S2
Brown, Charles (Charlie)RM1(SS)May 1977 – Nov 1980OPS (Radio)I found my place in the Navy, on board a fast attack. The work was hard and at sea time was long but exciting.
Brian, BevinsIC1 (SS)Jun 1977 – 1983ICI saw Gary Helwig was looking for I am now looking for him.
Helwig, GaryICCS(SS)Jun 1, 1977 – Jun 29, 1979ICLooking for Brian Bevins
Hunter, LarryPN1/PNCSep 12, 1977 – Sep 15, 1980AdminFirst submarine. Best of the best.
Grabo, RogerMM1 (SS/DV)Oct 1977 – Sep 22, 1980Machinery divisionLooking back, I got to say those years aboard Billfish were long and hard and were well worth it. Had some great guys to work with. Big and Black and never come back was certainly true for the Billfish. Was a good time.
Carr, George (G Ray)MM1 (SS)Nov 1977 – Jul 1981M Div (ELT)Lots of underwater time. It's been long enough to forget the work hours and lack of sleep. Won't ever forget my friends and shipmates.
Lemke, Dave (a.k.a, chow machine or limp line)ET1(SS)1978 – 1981RCBest time of my life was off duty with you guys, worse time of my life was on duty (can you say field day or port & starbord watches). Now: Sr. Eng'ing Mgr for Apple Computer in California. Life could not be better!
Jackson, DaveEM2 SS/DVFeb 7, 1978 – May 5, 1980NukeHot running fast boat... lots of cold water time.
Sanders, MattSTS1(SS)1979 – 1982Sonar
McCleary, James "Mac"SK3Jan 1979 – Sep 1983Supply3 southern runs, 2 meds, 1 north, 3 cap masts, ILO team, miss the crew and overseas trips, dont miss duty days and quals BEST BOAT ON THE RIVER!
Panagrossi, DaveTM2 (SS)1980 – 1983TM DIVISIONA lot of hard work.. A lot of hard partying. Great times with great buddies. Good luck to all shipmates!
Drew, JonEM1 (SS)Jan 1980 – Feb 1981ELT
Simmons, KeithRM2(SS)Mar 1980 – Mar 1983RMI have some fond memories of the Billfish and crew. Portsmouth was really fun.
Adkins, Timothy / RicardoSTS1(SS)Mar 1, 1980 – Oct 31, 1984one and only SONARI am requesting permission to come aboard once again. I am currently living in Mclean, Virginia. My family home is Lynchburg Virginia. Send me an email,
Clarke, PjSTS3{SS}May 17, 1980 – May 30, 1982sonarserved onboard with some of the best. did a med run ,3 southern runs, and God knows how many local ops. Took her into the yards in 82, then on to shore duty FLTASWTRACENPAC. Out in July 84. I now live in Denver, Co.
Krebs, Maynard G.ET1(SS)Oct 1980 – Oct 1985RCWhen I transferred to SSN694, Mike Girka and I were the last two (of the Beluga Boat era squids) still onboard who powered the steamin'est boat attached to Squadron Ten & State Pier.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1980 | 1981 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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