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USS Pintado (SSN 672) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pintado (SSN 672). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 214 crew members registered for the USS Pintado (SSN 672).

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Holmes, LarryFTG1 (SS)1981 – 1983Fire ControlGood times! Good times! And for anyone who took bets, Cindy and I are STILL married! Celebrated 25 years on April 3, 2007!!! So, fess up! How many of you lost a bet on us? ;-) I'm a pastor now - feel free to drop a line!
Moxness, PeteET1(SS)Feb 1981 – Jun 1987RCHi, This is Pete Moxness, RC Div, ET1(SS) My Service on Pintado shaped my life. Mostly good, some bad, but it made me what I am.
Schuchard, GeneMM3Jun 12, 1981 – Jun 20, 1984A-GangMet the boat in PI, had a good time, got out in 84 went back in in 85 retired in 2001 as MM1/SS Had a lot of great friends on this boat. Live in a hick town in Ohio and work in the big city of Columbus.
Maynard, DeanSTS1 (SS)Nov 2, 1981 – Aug 10, 1985SONAR
Schmidt, Ron Or BearMM2Dec 21, 1981 – Jul 6, 1986AGood times always remembering, retired now, feel free to write.
Ryan, FrankIC1 (SS)1982 – 1986IC
St.pierre, Tom "saint"DSSN/SSJan 1982 – Jan 1984Deck & FTLots of memories from overhaul in Pearl, the Ramada Inn, Gussie L'amours, softball for the Boat. Hung out with Joel Van Gronigen, Jim Derminer, and Tim Lenz.
Mellon, RonaldET2(SS)Jan 1982 – Jan 1986Navigation
Hoyt, Albert profile iconMMCSMar 1982 – Feb 1984COBGreat boat, crew and overhaul at PHNSY.
Stadnik, MitchellMM2 SSJun 1982 – Feb 7, 1986A gang
McCloskey, RobertET1/SSJun 1, 1982 – Jan 31, 1986Forward ETHey Maynard, how the hell are you?
Buchheit, ScottRM1983 – 1987Communications
Kayser, DaveRMC(SS)Jan 4, 1983 – Jul 1, 1986Radio
Gautsche, GrantE-5Jan 15, 1983 – Mar 15, 1986
Minear, RonEM1/SSFeb 1, 1983 – Mar 1, 1987ElectricalI met some good people during my time on the boat and look forward to hearing from some of you
Lopopolo, John/ SmokeET1Mar 1983 – 1987RCGood and bad times that changed my life
Elkins, Mike/billy BobMM2/SSApr 1983 – Jul 1987M-DIVGood times, you tend to forget the bad. Of course there was times of bad also.
Lozano, JoeEm2Apr 1983 – May 1985E
Miller, RobertEM2(SS)May 27, 1983 – May 26, 1986EIce X 84 and Westpac 85. I made a lot of good friends.
Huestis, JohnSTS1(SS/SW)Sep 1983 – Aug 1991WepsWild seeing some of the names. Can't believe some of these old salts are still around. Great finding this site.
Olson Jr., William (Bill)STS3 SS1984 – 1988SonarGood too See Pappa Huestis is still out there Too all check other sites on facebook and yahoo Al Mas
Kimes, RoyET-31984 – 1985Navigation
Rankin, RobertMM2/SSJun 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1988RC -- ELTDid a WestPac and several ICEX
Rankin, RobertMM2/SSJun 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1988
Ross, JohnMM2(SS)Jul 1984 – Oct 1988A-GangWhat a bunch of ass-holes...LOL!
Vegel, TonyO-3Oct 1984 – Apr 1989RCA, E, M, COMSIt was fun while it lasted going on westpac, icex, and a bunch of other stuff
Heath, RobertMM2/SS1985 – 1990RLThe pay was just too much for me....
Green, HaroldE-61985 – Aug 14, 1989RCStill catching up on sleep after that gig.
Cameron, JamesTM2 SSJan 7, 1985 – Jan 1, 1990Anyone heard from Matzski, Cheevers, Kues, Ehnard ? Good times they were
Bullard, Donald "Don"QM2 (SS, SWCC)Feb 1985 – Sep 1988QMI really had a great time aboard this boat. WestPac 85 was awsome! I served with a bunch of great guys back then. Now I work for the Department of Justice.
Young, Sam ("Dumptruck") profile iconSKC(SS)Mar 1, 1985 – Aug 1, 1990SK/StoresIt was real, it was fun, but it wasn't real fun....
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Simmons, KeithRm1(SS/DV)Apr 1985 – Mar 1988Radio and DiveI was LPO of Radio and Dive division and stood Inport Duty CPO and COW at sea. Best friend was MS2 Scoty Powell. I'd Love to hear from you guys sometime. They weren't all good times, but they are fondly remembered.
Helm, ScottEM1(SS)Sep 1985 – Jul 1989E-DIV
Keen, DavidMMCM(SS)Sep 1, 1985 – Jul 1, 1987EngBul Nuke
Borgert, SteveMM1Sep 22, 1985 – Nov 21, 1990AUX DIV
Bloodsworth, OranSN (SS) got out as a HM3 (SS)Nov 1985 – Mar 1987Deck Div.- First LT. King of the dipshitsHad a great time and I think fondly about my time aboard. I still live in the area just north of Point Loma.
Good, MikeE-4/IC1986 – 1988ICBest wishes to the mates I served with/knew in 1987 ICEX.
Cartier, MatthewE-5 IC/SS1986 – 1988IC
Rudd, Chuck profile iconMS2Jan 1986 – Dec 1988S-2
Allhands, LarryE-5Apr 13, 1986 – Jun 13, 1990MIt was quite an adventure! I work for a NASA research & development team now and still server in the CA Army National Guard. Hooah! I miss the guys - we were a great family!
Alexander, JohnE6Apr 15, 1986 – Apr 15, 1990Electrical
Lisi, Dominic (Big Dom)MS3Apr 15, 1986 – Oct 7, 1989 I would like to say to all my brothers that served we me, that the times were the best!!! We all had alot of fun on and off THE BOAT!!!! I'm now a father of 4, I work for a company called DRESSER-RAND for the last 17 years.To all I miss the times
Latham, RoyFTG1(SS)May 17, 1986 – Aug 10, 1990Fire ControlMy time on Pintado was one of the greatest experiences in my life.
Curry, ChrisET2Jun 1986 – Aug 1990Navigation
Curry, ChrisET2Jun 1986 – Aug 1990
Davis, DarylQMC(SS)Jul 1986 – Dec 1991I learned so much about being a part of a brotherhood. Boy was there some wild times. Both at sea and ashore :).

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1980 | 1981 – 1986 | 1987 – 1992 | 1993 – now

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