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USS Seahorse (SSN 669) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seahorse (SSN 669). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 120 crew members registered for the USS Seahorse (SSN 669).

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Andrews, Hugh (Andy)TM1(SS)1968 – 1971Weapons, TM
Vaughn, JayRM2(SS)1968 – 1969RadioPlankowner. Sea trials were spooky, but fun! Watched her get built at EB Groton, Lived up the hill until we took her to Charleston. Great crew, except one looney tunes
Anderson, HandyandyFTGC SSFeb 1968 – Jul 1970WeaponsPlankowner. Tended bar at Larrys across from EB main gate. Several of the guys I would love to see again. Will look through the log and see who has checked in.
Schmitz, DavidJun 1968 – Jun 1972New construction... Everyone should get a turn! Great guys in the Division, and best wives and girl friends anyone could ask to serve with.
Blaylock, WilliamMMC (SS)Jun 15, 1968 – Jun 1, 1970A GangThe fifth and last boat I served aboard
Manning, StevenET2Aug 1968 – 1970ETPlank holder. Lived up the hill from EB Groton. Just a hollow hull when I reported aboard. Great crew. Mr Previty was one of the guys. Hey Jay Singleton, was the cook Seely?
Hertzsch, Edmund J. (Jack)STS1(SS)Dec 26, 1968 – Dec 15, 1971Sonar
Hunnicutt, EdOm1(SS)Dec 31, 1968 – Apr 17, 1971PRECOMMUNIT SUPSHIPSOne of the four Plank-owners of the Navigation Department..
Augustson, DaveSTS2(SS)1969 – Jun 1974sonar
Reiter, DavidQm31969 –Submarine
Henricks, DavidMM2 Nuclear Machinest MateOct 1969 – Aug 1973Engine Room Nuclear Machinest Mate and Ships MachinestGreat Boat to be on. Very close community of guys. Lots of foreign ports. Love being stationed out of Charleston SC and having beach house on Folly Beach with all the guys, Richie, Wade, and LeRoy.
Hood, FrankLTNov 17, 1969 –EMO, Electrical, Reactor, Diving Officer. PAOAfter 44 years, I am reaching out to my former shipmates on the USS Seahorse from 1969-1972. I would like to hear from you and see how all is going with you.
Gillett, PeterCS2(SS)Apr 1970 – Jan 1972
McDermott, TomStS1(SS)May 1970 – Jul 1975Sonar
Schoenwald, Doug/taSEWED ON ET1 THE MONTH I TRANSFERREDJun 1970 – Aug 1972ETMusta cleared ten thousand SINS function failure alarms
Knight, GeneMM1(SS)Jun 23, 1970 – Oct 18, 1974M
Cutler, DaleET1SSSep 1970 – Oct 25, 1973RCDid the early a.m. reactor startup 10/25/73, then madly loaded stores with everyone else. Two sets of orders ready: 1 mo. baby hold or separation – the boat left without me.
Curry, BobRM2 SSNov 1970 – Feb 1973CommunicationsHello to all the Seahorse crew .
Keith, RonMM21971 – 1973M
Strzelewicz, Walt 'Zeke'STS2(SS)1971 – Jun 1975SonarShout out to shipmates on board '71-'75! Who agrees that Cmdr Ratliff was the BEST! One moment sticks out. The time I found the cook dead in his rack while on below decks watch!
Wilson, RobertQM3Mar 20, 1971 – Nov 10, 1974Quartermaster gang
Vaughn, DaveSTS31972 – 1975Sonar and DeckWould like to here from same time frame. Checkout the Seahorse web site.
Taylor, Jim (Tayls)Lt1972 – 1976IC/OpsLooking for Billy Fosterter
Staudt, GilbertLTJan 1, 1972 – Dec 1, 1973Reactor Controls
Nelson, WayneSTS2 (SS)Jan 19, 1972 – Aug 5, 1975SonarSemper Vigilantis! God Bless the Silent Service Would like to hear from my shipmates
Connell, RalphMM2(SS)May 1972 – Dec 1974M
Boldt, LyleTM-1 (SS)May 1972 – Nov 1976WeaponsServed under CAPT. Ratliff and CRD Heuberger, made northern run 72, Med run 73-74, Northern run in 75-76. This was the best boat on the river. Transferred to USS Silversides.
Vaughn, DavidSTS 3Jun 1972 – Oct 1975Deck and SonarQualified in '73. Would not have traded my time on the 'Horse for anything.
Haven, JerryETR2/ESMAug 11, 1972 – Aug 11, 1976Operations/ET
Nelson, WayneSTS 2 (SS)1973 – 1975Sonar
Schreiner, DennisETR3-SS1973 – Jun 14, 1976Reactor ControlsCurrently in Sandusky Ohio.
Riggenbach, ThomasETR2(SS)Mar 6, 1973 – Dec 21, 1973RCMideast crisis gave us a long run during the fall of 73. lot of tension due to unknown duration of run. No port time. Lot of good guys on that boat. Olivetti, Chief Strong & others.
King, ThomasEMJul 1973 – Jun 1979Electrical
Norrholm, LeifLCDR1974 – 1975Engineering
Fullington, Kris Aka Frog Or P.o. AliasEM2(SS)Jan 3, 1974 – May 10, 1978are we having fun yet? Just remeber the sun never shines in Mudville, but it always shined in ERUL
Yeats, Richard "Rowdy"EM1(SS)Jan 12, 1974 – Oct 15, 1979
Reuer, JeffIC1(SS)Apr 4, 1974 – Jan 7, 1977Interior CommunicationsBoat was in the best material condition of any of the six I served on. We made history on this boat,ie "BLIND MANS BLUFF".
Turner, DarrelETR-2(SS)Sep 1, 1974 – Dec 13, 1974Reactor ControlsSpent last months of 6 year tour in US Navy in drydock. Boring duty, but great crew and job, since I could go home to be with family most of the days of the week.
Hardin, William (Bill)MM1/SS ELT1975 – 1978MArrived just as Ted Ryal was leaving to sing opera. What ever happened to Stevie Thompson? Two Med. runs, two Northern runs. Drank my Dolphins in a little bar in Faslan, Scotland. Good times at Folly Beach, S.C.
MacK, DonaldMM2 (SS)1975 – 1980Auxiliary DivisionFirst submarine ever on, boat I got qualified on.
Clary, AlE-6/mm1Jan 1975 – Aug 1978M
Winters, MarkETN2SSJan 15, 1975 – Jun 19, 1978Reactor Controls
Dawson, MillardFTG1Feb 1975 – Nov 1976Firecontrol
Bosserdet, JimQMC(SS)Feb 1975 – Mar 1979NAV/OPSBest ship and crew in the Navy
Aeshliman, LawrenceQM3 SSApr 12, 1975 – Oct 14, 1977NavigationPatriotism increases with age and when you have served your country with military service it's a bonus appreciated. I salute all who have served. God Bless America and the Seahorse SSN 669!
Grendahl, RichardQM2 (SS)May 1975 – Dec 1978QM
Bill, WeinbergEM1(SS)Jun 1975 – Aug 1975
Sims, LarryMMCJul 1975 – Feb 1980ABy far the best duty station I ever had in my 25 yrs of naval service.god bless you guys. your friend allways
Cruz, Rogelio Jorge S.E6Jul 11, 1975 – Dec 10, 1978SUPPLYI retired from this great sub after 20 yrs. in the Navy she is my seventh submarine and last sub.
Hoyt, RandQM2 (SS)Oct 8, 1975 – Nov 4, 1979NAVWondeful memories and a deep pride serving as a submariner.
Shettles, JohnRMCS(SS)Nov 1975 – Nov 1978COMM/COB

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