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USS Wasp (CV 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wasp (CV 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 485 crew members registered for the USS Wasp (CV 18).

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Mckiernan, DannySM31969 – 1971
Roth, MikeE-31969 – 1971
Anderson, Harold JrETR21969 – 1969Operations Electronics
Oliver, William BM31969 –1st DivisionOn board until decom. I ran the Bosn locker. Remember hanging on the side of the ship to paint and many great North Atlantic and Med cruises. From Minnesota.
Younker, JaniceDependent1969 – 1973WeaponsMy father Clarence E Younker served on the USS Wasp in 1970. He died at the age of 45 from cancer leaving behind 3 girls. I am looking for a copy of his naval book to gift to my sister. Is that possible?
Nagle, PatrickAirman E-31969 – 1971V4
Johnson, IsaiahSN/YN31969 –Admin/BoatswainHello shipmates. If I had know this Website existed earlier, I would have been connected years ago. I was on the WASP for about a year and a half. I came onboard as a SN from boot camp around 1969. I worked in Admin.
Pierce, Garyac3Jan 4, 1969 – Oct 21, 1970oc
Pugh, TomAE2Jan 10, 1969 – Mar 21, 1971V-6Aircrew on ship's COD (C1-A, 136759). Art Villalobos, ADR3 was also on crew.
Carrigy, Quentin PeeweeSNJan 11, 1969 – Nov 27, 19703rd DivisionWas A Lucky And Proud Man to serve on board during the war years. I would love to here from my fellow ship mates. I am a member of the Wasp association for years.
Cook, GordyRD2Feb 1969 – 1971OI
Dorner, DanHM3Feb 1, 1969 – Feb 1, 1972Sick BayI was on her last voyage.
Cook, GordonRD2Feb 14, 1969 – Apr 17, 1971OI
White, Robert (Bob)ATCANMar 1969 – Jan 1971
Terrell, PaulSK3Mar 29, 1969 – Jan 1, 1971S-1 DivisionMy favorite ship. Made the NATO tours in 1969 and 1970.
Howze, LeeCTT3Apr 1, 1969 – Jul 7, 1969oicOne of the "Spooks" that worked in the little room off CIC. TAD out of Norfolk, she was one of six ships that I served on during my time in service. Enjoyed every minute of it
Miller, Gregory ( Hank )AC 3May 1969 – May 1972CATTCLeft the ship to go to air traffic control school, just before the shaft broke, & they decided to decommission the ship.
Dutton Jr, Edward PRD3Jun 1969 – Apr 1972OII was very proud to serve on the Wasp . After A School, when filling out the "dream sheet" for assignment, I requested the Wasp as my father is a plank owner. My request was granted. I toured with a fine gorup of men
Smothers, Curt profile iconYN1, WO-1Jun 1, 1969 – Sep 1, 1970AdminHS-7 Squadron plank owner. Worked in Admin as a YN1. Embarked on USS WASP for1970 NOREUR cruise. Appointed WO-1 in squadron ready room by CO, CDR Moran.
Lane, Gerald Or JerryE-3Jun 6, 1969 – Dec 1, 1970stewardlookong for phillip graham or al sweeney
Fanning, JimBM3Jul 1969 – Aug 19722nd.Best friend Terry lee Lollar.
Mike, ZieglerBM3Jul 3, 1969 – Jun 19724thGood times at the Tee Pee, BBQ in the hanger bay.
Pickett, BlaineSk2 (E-5) StorekeeperAug 1969 – Sep 8, 1970S-1We made a North Atlantic cruise the summer of '70. I visited 9 countries and made life long friendships. As I grow older those memories grow more precious to me. "Anchors Aweigh"
Frysinger, JamessnAug 6, 1969 – May 13, 19714th divisionbest time of my life. berthing comp c303L remember collision with refuelingtanker.
Steinhauser, HarryDental Technician 3rd ClassAug 27, 1969 – Jan 6, 1971DentalWish I had remained aboard to deccommishion her Maid some good frieds.
Ely, DavidSM2Sep 1969 – Dec 1971
Fahrion, KentSNSep 1969 – Mar 6, 1971SecondGood friend was Larry Rose. BM1 Duebe(?) was my LPO. Lost touch with Andy Fouty, Jim Fanning. I would love to get the 1970-1971 cruise book.
Riegner, GeorgecssnSep 1969 – Mar 1971commissaryI first went to commissary class a school in Newport R. I. The wasp was homeported in quonset point ri at that time I reported aboard September 1969
Simmons, Delane ( Reb)SNSep 12, 1969 – Apr 15, 19714thGreat times and good friends...!
Walker, ThomasjSnSep 15, 1969 – May 19711st divisionGreat time lot of good friends. If you remember me get in touch with me.
Kates, TerrySNOct 1969 – May 1971S3GREAT EXPERIENCE
Stokes, JimBM3Oct 1969 – Jul 19723rdI was honors BM and Piped the colors off. I remenber that day well.
Clemson, JimSN/QM3Oct 1969 – May 1971Nav
Sheridan, Louis/philE4Oct 1, 1969 – Apr 15, 1973S1 SupplyMy first ship and the best!
McLean, BobBT3Nov 20, 1969 – Mar 12, 1972BLooking for Larry Frasier, Pete Kosloski, Steve Stefani, Jack Bruner, or any of the guys from B Division on the USS Wasp 69-72.
Waldhart, CalAW21970 – 1972HS-5 (Helantisubron 5)First ship I deployed on. Learned a lot about life at sea and loved every minute of it. It was an honor to serve aboard a ship with such a distinguished history.
Burr, Chuckabe31970 – 1972v2 catapult crew
Milazzo, SalSN1970 – 1971ynI was a lithographers mate. Still a printer to this day.
Pietrowski, Joseph SkiBM31970 – 1971First DivisionWas last command after coming back from Vietnam. Enjoyed the last cruise to the Med. Met a lot of good men. If you remember me get in touch.
Methvin, EarlDC 11970 – 1971repair division,
Frasier, LarryBT21970 – 1972BT- OIL SHACKHad a great time all the way to decomish. Looking for John T Moore, Edward Romano, and others from the fire rooms.
Woolridge, JosephMM31970 – 1972B divisionI was assigned to the evaporators. I went on board in 1970 and stayed until decommission. I stood watch on Wasp while it was tied to the pier at Quonset Point awaiting decommissioning. Would like to he
Agas, FelicianoYeoman 2nd Class1970 – 1972XLooking for friends who worked the Captains Office or Personnel. Anybody know where James Van Kirk is???
Anders, KenABH31970 – 1972flightdeck
Monico, WilliamDC 31970 – 1970repairI served aboard the Wasp from 1968-1970.
Poston, DouglasAZ-2/1Jan 1970 – 1972AIMD 1M-1Ship was in Boston when I boarded. Made NATO cruise, 7 week cruise to Rota area. Was on board when went in drydock in Va . Started to mothball, then decommission. Left before decom.
Scherber, VincentYNMar 1, 1970 – Apr 30, 1972ASW GRU 2
Talmo, RichardSAMar 15, 1970 – Aug 16, 19713rdbest days
Webb, JamesAG2Mar 17, 1970 – Dec 2, 1971Flag (Adm. Staff ASW Group 2)The experiences I had with my shipmates, Ports-'O-Call, and operations at sea were unforgettable. I wonder how everyone has done over the years. I have my M.Sc. Geology and have been working in Houston, TX. as a Petroleum Geologist.
Branigan, JimADR3May 1970 – Sep 1971AIMD/Engine BuildupI went onboard the Wasp after 2 years with VR-24 Naples. Served in AIMD (power plants / engine buildup). Was Div Damage Control PO. Great duty and crew. Retired and living in Riverhead NY & West Palm Beach, FL.
Brice, Lawrenceams2May 4, 1970 – Jun 30, 1972V-4 IM-2
Daniel, RobertPR2May 10, 1970 – Sep 25, 1970VS-28Worked in the parachute loft for VS-28 (S-2E) aircraft
Dumas, MikeRDSNMay 12, 1970 – Jul 15, 1972OIGreat ship and mates. All true professionals. We certainly gave the Russian Navy a run for their money back in those days!
MacGowan, HenryMIDSHIPMANMay 25, 1970 – Jul 6, 1970WASPMidshipman for 8 weeks on the Wasp after landing my RAF Lightning, at dusk in rough seas, as part of NATO exercise Night Patrol. I worked with CAT and flight deck crew. Discharged at Rato, June 1970, returned to RAF duty
Stanley, TomHM3Jun 1970 – Oct 1971MedicalHN to HM3 good times looking back. I was a young married guy with a new baby. I was proud to serve with a group of good guys but relieved to be released at the end of my enlistment to begin civilian life. Thanks guys!
Pettus, FredRM2Jun 1970 – Jul 1971CRGreat time on Med cruise, North Atlantic NATO cruise. Time in the yards at Boston were great too. Not much to do on Quonset Pt, RI.
Barber, Richard "Dick"WO-1, CWO2Jul 1970 – Jun 1972XSeved as Ship's Personnel Officer and Ship's Secretary.
Lance, DennisE-3Jul 17, 1970 – Dec 23, 1971SecondI am looking for Andrew Cunningham he was onboard and was my best pal. I think he lives in Florida!
Bowers, LeonardTM2Aug 1970 – Apr 1971Weapons
Bill Cashman, Ox Divot1Aug 1970 –oxCOPENHAGEN was great summer 1970 ,i was T A D from navfac argentia nfld.,
Bishop, RichEM3Aug 15, 1970 – Jul 4, 1972E DivisionFirst ship. Kinda liked it.
Rafferty, ArthurRM3Sep 1970 – Dec 21, 1971CR (Comm)Best memories were Barcelona, Spain, Bermuda, the craziness of trying to work 6 on 12 off shifts out at sea, movies in the hangar bay, and the great feeling of getting back to Quonset Point after time at sea.
Lovejoy, JerryET(N)-3Sep 1, 1970 – Jun 1, 1972OEMy favorite duty station.
Roberts, Ron, (Jamie)AC3Oct 1970 – May 1972CATCCWorked in Carrier Air Traffic Control, then to the decommissioning party. Stationed at Quonset Point Naval Air Station for remainder of my duty.
Molnar, DaveE-4Nov 1970 – Oct 1971E DivLearned to pray harder due to flight deck crashes, fires on board and collisions with Oilers.
Keefner, JerryFNNov 18, 1970 – Jun 1, 1972ENGWorked in #4 fireroom have'nt seen or heard from anyone since then ,missed the decomm. got transfered before it .looking for photos
Ross, ThomasBT/FNDec 1970 – 1972B

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