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USS Wasp (CV 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wasp (CV 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 484 crew members registered for the USS Wasp (CV 18).

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Thornton, David JacksonCWO11953 – 1956Electronics CommunicationsCWO3 (Ret) David Jackson "Jack" Thornton died 12 November 1983 at Upland, San Bernardino, California and is interred at Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California
Courts, ThomasMM3Feb 1953 – Dec 1956A DivisionI worked in damage control/emergency diesel engines/liberty boat engines/air compressors. Six months as cook helper, NOT voluntary. I hid for four years! Recently visited Midway in S.D. while on cruise. I'm 86!
Grech, RolandMM3Jun 1953 – May 1954M #1 engine roomoperation mariner, Norfolk to San Diego world cruise
Polianos, JohnAB 3Aug 1953 – Sep 1955V-2Sailed around world cruise 53-54. In 1955 we were the first US ship to arrive off French Indo-China as the French Evacuated. And that was the start of the Vietnam Action by U.S. First day there, ship went to no-drill air defense. MATS plane
Russ, Mitchell (Ky Reb)MN 21954 – 1956Secret Six (special warfare)underwater weaponsMade last part 1955 cruise,rode her through dry dock at Hunters Point,then through the 1956 cruise,returhed to San Diego,she was changed to cvs and left for the east coast.
Christian, Julius "Sonny"SN1954 –SECOND DIVISIONHello. I'm entering this info for my dad who has passed. Was blessed to be able to find a picture of him in the Cruise Book. Wondering if anyone has any memories of him. Thanks!
Sudbury, Martinic 3Jan 5, 1954 – May 3, 1956Ei enjoyed every day of my tour on the usswasp
Rowley, GeorgeBT3Jun 1954 – 1957B
Erickson, DennisRD3Jul 1954 – Nov 1955O.I.I left the ship at Hunters Point in San Francisco in middle of re-model. I eventually found my way back to San Francisco for 40 some years as an Architect, and I am still here.
Marsh, Don (Cookie)CS3Sep 1, 1954 – Jun 20, 1955S2Chiefs quarters cook. Great duty.
Hallecks, Howard (Hal)AB 2Sep 12, 1954 – Jun 10, 1955V1I was on the flight deck in the Hot Suit when Lt. Wittman,s Panther Jet flamed out during a wave off and he crashed into the AD that just landed. I watched from the rear of the Island as his plane cartweeled into the sea upside down killing him.Sad
Bryan, JohnOct 18, 1954 – Oct 17, 1958
Patrick, JamesRD3Dec 1, 1954 – Jun 12, 1956OI
Garcia, Bennie profile iconBTC1955 – 1960BHello USS Wasp! I am entering this for my dad who is still here and kickin! If anyone wants to get in touch please send a note!
Piner, DukeAB3Jan 1955 – 1956V-1 Divisionlooking for Donald Synder
Smith, Larry {lj]AO3Apr 10, 1955 –V-5
Bridges, JohnANJul 1955 – Aug 1957Division 3Looking for shipmates that served aboard the USS Wasp with me.
Miller, FrankAIRMANSep 1955 – Sep 1957V1
Exum, MiltonEM3Sep 1955 – Sep 1959E
Braden, BillyAB ANSep 1955 – 1957 V-6 Avaiation fuelLooking for old shipmates. Zane Martin in particular.
Griffin (Griff), DonaldAIRMANOct 25, 1955 – Sep 18, 1959Aviation MechanicI was proud to be in the Navy, and it was a privilege to serve my country!
Hewatt, Charles (Gene)AOU3Oct 29, 1955 – Oct 29, 1957V-53rd deck bomb elevator crew.
Whitney, PaulE3Nov 1955 – Mar 6, 1959FoxSailed in the sixth and seventh fleet, the Pacfic, Atlantic and Mediterranean. Had a great time.
Perea, Emiliano (Mike)FTL3CNov 10, 1955 – Sep 1958FoxGreat oppertunity for this land locked boy from the land of enchament. Met many people in the Fox Div. and would like to renew my aquintance with Paul Whitney or other members of Fox Divison. God bless the USA.
Lee, Marvin N. /tedAO31956 –VF-153
James, Charles2classRD1956 – 1959operations
McCarthy, JustinRD31956 – Oct 1958O-IMy Dad's name was Justin (Jim) McCarthy. He was on board during the refueling incident with the USS PRESTON and the Lebanon Crisis. He is pictured in the 1956 WestPac Cruise Book and the 1958 Mediterranean Cruise Book.
Bowling, Earl Jerome (Jerry)LT(jg)Jan 1956 – Aug 1957Supply CorpsJan 1956 North Island from Supply School Athens GA."Car quals", Far East Cruise 4 - 10 1956. Converted to CVS. Home port change. Great cruise - no planes- Coronado, Panama, Vina del Mar, Rio, Boston (Jan -Mar 20,1957).
Simmons, WilliamSAJan 1956 –UNKHelping Mr. William Simmons who served aboard and made the 1956 cruise. Anyone have any information on David Gray Jr, who was an SA at the time, please contact William Simmons is retired.
Stokes, Lowell (Known As Gordon)EM-2Jan 1, 1956 – Sep 20, 1958E Worked in electrical shop on third deck. Came aboard San Diego out of "A" school just before cruise to Far East in April. Some shipmates were Richard Wilder, Gene Quatlebaum, Milton Exum, John Adams. Left ship on Med cruise for dischrg.
Schleiger, JimBT3May 2, 1956 – Dec 1959B Division #1 Fire RoomI cleaned the bilges and stood watches and scraped the boiler tubes. Have A LOT of good memories!!
Schlott, RichardPFCSep 1956 – Sep 19587th Division - Bosun Mate Div.
Price, WilliamLT (JG)Sep 1956 – Aug 1958CommunicationsServed watches in Radio Shack and coderoom and then became Registered Publications Officer when LT (JG) Don McDowell (later Admiral) was detached.
Craft, DukeFT31957 – 1959Fox
Tevault, Robert (Ted)EM21957 – 1961EngineeringWorked all over the ship as Electrican. Even as flight deck electrican. Was on board when we becam a Bluenose and a Shellback. Saw Lebanon and the Congo. Has a good cruise and would do it again.
Martin, Bobby G.EM 31957 – Dec 1958EMy Dad served aboard, this is his secon son hoping o carry on his legacy as I went on to serve 8 yr's aboard CV-67 and CV-63 respectively, he passed away 2-14-2001
Martin, Bobby G.EM31957 – Dec 1958E
Bacon, RonaldAirman1957 – 1958Air SquadronAnti Submarine S2F
Matteson, Ralphcpl1957 –Marine detachmentAdmirals Orderly
Laundry, JohnBT21957 – Sep 1959B#1 fire room
Shutt, BillE3Mar 1957 – Feb 19603rdEnjoyed being a boatswain mate. Most duties included helmsman, coxwain and deckhand. Can see picture of me sitting on gunwale at www.cv18com/photo/50/Ger11.jpg. Must have been one of the Med. Cruises.
Tevault, Robert (Ted)EM2Mar 4, 1957 – Feb 9, 1961EmgineeringServed as upper deck, Island and flight deck electrican.Was master at arms 1960 untill discharge in 1961.Had a great learning experience and a lot of places we went to I will remember. Smooth Salings to everybody I made contact with.
Laforty, GeorgeMMFN - MM1May 1, 1957 – Jul 30, 1964M &A
Fabrey, BillPR3May 1, 1957 –Air squadronAir crewman VF(AW) 4
Laforty, GeorgeMM1May 10, 1957 – Jul 30, 1964M & AThis was my first ship. I served on her for 7 years and I loved every day of it. I served on three more ships after that including another essex class, the USS Shangri-La CV38 But none of them compared to the Wasp or
Reilly, Gerald (Gerry)ICEM / 3May 18, 1957 – May 15, 1959EI served as an IC Electrician Mate. Cruised to Northern Europe, part of NATO "Operation Strikeback". Was in Ireland when Sputnick was Launched. Sixth Fleet; Lebanon Incursion in 58. Audience with Pope Pius XII in Rome. Wasp was a good ship
Howell, Jr, James ( Jim)MM3Sep 16, 1957 – Feb 16, 1961A divisoonI worked in after auxiliary repairing air compressors.
Spillers, Charles ChuckSM2Sep 25, 1957 – Nov 29, 1961OSDates of onboard and departed are approximate, I think I left in 1963

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1944 | 1945 – 1952 | 1953 – 1957 | 1958 – 1960 | 1961 – 1962 | 1963 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 – now

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