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USS Wasp (CV 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wasp (CV 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 484 crew members registered for the USS Wasp (CV 18).

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Spaur, Gerald W (Jerry)Unknown-NavyJan 1, 1939 – Jan 1, 1949Unknown-NavyThis was my Grandfather. I don't know much about him as he died 3/17/85. He was haunted by the attack is all I know no other living relatives to tell me anything about him. Found some info on
Thompson, ClarenceMaster Sargent1941 – 1942USS Wasp
Christenson, Claude profile iconEM2Dec 1941 – 1945UnknownClaude W. Christenson, Jr. was my late father. He joined the Navy in December 1941 and served on the Wasp from it's shakedown cruise through the end of the war. We have his book Prep Charlie and a piece of deck plank.
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Slattery, William J.COMMANDER1942 – 1946executive officerSlatz was my grandfather, he retired a Captain and settled in the Newport, RI area. He passed away in 1960. I recently came into possession of a wartime Cruise Book from the Wasp and will attempt to make it available online.
Schmuhl, Edward (Ed)S11942 – 1945Plank owner - rode her all through WWII My Dad passed away 5/27/2005. Still wore he plaankowner hat
Jarvis, NorvalCHIEF PETTY OFFICER1942 – this is my dad. he served during WWll, enlisting shortly after pearl. i'm not sure how long he served, i do recall a few stories, such as having to disarm a bomb that lodged into the bulkhead, of a typhoon in which 3 destroyers were lost.
Thornton, TraceyE-31942 –AMMY grandfather, John Emerson, served on the USS Wasp and was aboard when it sank. He passed the bar in 2002 but I can't find a crew list that includes him on it. I would love to hear from anyone that knew him.
Marinelli, AnthonySEAMEN FIRST CLASSJan 1942 – Sep 15, 19421st Starboard SideMy Grandfather served on the Wasp for 9 months. He was aboard the ship when it was hit by torpedoes in Sept of 1942. He was a survivor and was picked up by the USS Laudner. He is still alive today, and I am very thankful for him.
Ochoa, Peter RaymondAMMJan 1, 1942 – Sep 15, 1942My Father served on the WASP until in was sunk in 1942. He passed to be with the Lord in 1965. I would like to here from anyone who knew him.He was from Woodland California. Thank you--His son Mike
Levy, ThomasF 1cAug 1, 1942 – Aug 1, 1946WaspMy Grandfather, Charles Levy, served on the WASP throughout WWII. He was wounded when the WASP was hit on March, 19th 1945. Anyone who would have happen to have know my grandfather during this time, please email me.
Youngs, VictorGunners MateSep 1, 1942 – Oct 1, 1945GunneryFather. 6' light brown - blond hair, Basketball nickname "ham hands". 15 bronze, Pres cite for rem in magazine aft bomb penetration and fire ++ unknown to us before his death. Anyone remember? Okie - CA CCC's
Cataldi, FrankS 2/C1943 – 1945NServed as Quartermaster & worked directly with Navigator. Battle station was the bridge. Was there during Iowa Jima attacks. He is 90 years old, but his health is failing. He would like to hear from any shipmates. Contact daughter at email below.
Lawton, Bruce "butch Or Gene'AVIATION MACHINEST MATE 1ST CLASS1943 – 1944This is my father. He played ball(catcher) and fought for the Navy. He had fire red hair. Some called him "reds". Daddy died in 1982. But I would love to talk to any of his shipmates. God Bless You All! He was from West Virginia.
Lord, William, "bill"FIRE CONTROLMAN1943 – 1945Passed away 6/5/06 in Barstow, CA, at 90 yrs. old. Retired PSG, US Army. From Darien, CT. Born in NYC 2/7/16. USS WASP CV 18 Plank owner. Formerly stationed aboard the USS Cincinnatti. Left the WASP in Bremerton, WA. Wife's name Jo
Bird, ErnestYNC1943 – 1945S1 ?Plank owner. Served thru the war. Dad is 99 years old and still talks of the Wasp. He was in Damage Control Central When the bomb struck. He is alive today because his releif was late. He was to be with his buddys at breakfast. They died
Lears, J. DonaldLIEUTENANT1943 – 1945Don Lears was my father. He served on the USS Wasp during WWII. He died in August 1990. He left behind his map of the Pacific battles and the yearbook from the Iron Angels. I am not sure of his years of service.
Cella, RalphGunners Mate 3rd Class1943 – 19463rd DivisionBoarded the ship in Quincy, MA. Was part of the crew from 1943-1946. Proud to be an original plank owner. I still talk to my grand children about surviving the bomb hit and the typhoon. She served us well during WWII.
Philippe, Hugo PeteCPO1943 – 1945Ship's company
Baker, JjAMM1c1943 – 1944UnknownJJ was my grandfather. He passed in '70's, before I was able to get "the stories". Plank owner, CV-18; I think by this time in his service, he was Reservist. Spent approx 3 yrs. on the St. Louis while in Pearl.
Solomon, GeorgeBM1Apr 1, 1943 – Aug 20, 1945Master at arms forceThis is George's son. I'm not sure of the exact dates. He came out a bosun's mate 1st class. When the war was over,they offered him chief if he re-upped and wanted him to transfer to the USS Belleau Wood. He declined.
Davis, ShermanGMM2Apr 5, 1943 – 19533rdDad deceased Feb 1978. Was onboard for Hobson Incident.
Youngs, PeterGUNNERS MATE 1ST CLASSJun 1, 1943 – Jun 1, 1945I don't know the exact dates of my father's service. He was decorated with 15 bronze 2 presidential+ Died 77. I want grandkids to know. Who knew Victor Youngs Gunners mate? twin wasp Nick "ham hands"? 6' brown to blonde?
Martin, Raymond JSeaman 1stJul 4, 1943 – Dec 12, 1945Air Department
Gunn, Louis (Bill)Chief Petty OfficerAug 17, 1943 –ElectriciansI filled this in for my Dad who passed away in 2005. He was a plank owner and proud to have server aboard her.
Malkasian, Charles (N)WATERTENDER, SECOND CLASSAug 24, 1943 – Jan 14, 1946Engine Room - Watertender, Second ClassWorld War II Victor Medal American Theatre Medal Asiatic-Pacfic Theatre (8 Stars) Philippine Liberation Medal (2 Stars)
Rhodes, Charles (Dusty)seaman 1stAug 24, 1943 – Dec 12, 19454th division
Pfeiffer, JamesAMM2CSep 10, 1943 –
Johnson, Charles W.MM1Sep 15, 1943 – Aug 15, 1946DiselMy father was a plank owner. Recounted many battle stories. Silver Star, Bronze Star, Presidential Citation signed by Truman. Died June 1992. Buried at Arlington National.
Conley, Ottie EugeneSEAMAN 1ST CLASSSep 16, 1943 – Mar 27, 1946My father died at the age of 79 (1/20/05), he served on the WASP as a young man during WWII. He was very proud of his service. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him.
Florenzano, Joseph "Joe Flo"MoMM2cNov 1943 – Nov 9, 1945"A" Division
Cangelosi, FrankCEM Nov 24, 1943 – Oct 22, 1945ElectricalThis input is for my dad, who died in 2008. He was a Wasp plank holder and an electrician on board ship. I encourage folks to request information from the Military Personnel Center about records and service decorations.
Blasco, GeorgeEM2Nov 24, 1943 – 1946"E" DivisionMy father was a plank owner and served aboard the ship as an Electrician's Mate. A Chicago native, he kept in touch with many of his shipmates and attended multiple reunions until his passing in 2009.
Murrell, WileyART-1Dec 1943 – Dec 17, 1945My dad was on the WASP. He was on it from its shake down cruise through 12/45 just before it went to France to pick up troops. He ALWAYS went to the galley, but "just didn't for some reason" on the day it was hit by the 6/44 bomb.
Hunter, RobertPFC1944 –GunnerMy father was a gunner on the WASP.He appears briefly in the film called the Fighting Lady.He told my brother and I about the bomb and typhoon which hit the ship late in the war. He died on 5/4/85. I have a map he drew of the wasps journeys/battles.
Lake, MarquisF1C1944 – Mar 1945Grandpa was KIA in March of 45
Pickett, John DavidAIRMAN1944 – 1945Air WingJohn was my brother. He died in 1974.
Sabia, Frank SARM 2C1944 – 1946VB 86 AircrewmanRegards to my fellow aircrewmen...
Lockett, Frederick CARM21944 – Jul 28, 1945NavyMy dad was stationed on the WASP and was shot down during a mission on July 28, 1945. He was captured and held in Omori Prison until liberated at the end of the war. He passed away from lung cancer in 1994.
McDonald, HughUnknown1944 –UnknownMy dad did not talk about his time spent on the Wasp, only let me know he was a radar operator. He died in 2010 at age 86. I miss him dearly. He was 6'2", and skinny. If you remember my dad, please send me a reply.
Neal, CalvinACMM (Aviation Chief Mechanics Mate)1944 – 1945VB-86This is my Grandfather, Calvin E. Neal. He was ACMM on the WASP during 44-45. He passed away at 50. Please email me if you have any information or knew him? Thanks.
Johnson, Conrad (Windy)Storekeeper 1st Class1944 –UnknownDad passed away 2014 at the age of 87. He was young while serving. He was SK 1st Class on CV 18 in the South Pacific in late 44 and 45.
Kunkel, WesRT2/C TO CRTFeb 6, 1944 – Jan 12, 1946K-1I was transferred to WASP from the Radio School at Pearl Harbor, HI, when she visited Pearl on her first trip to the war zone. I remained aboard during the war and the two trips she made to Europe afterwards Great ship and good shipmates!
Dolce, SalvatoreE3 Seaman S1/cMay 17, 1944 – Jan 12, 1946Unknown-NavyMy grandfather served aboard this carrier with the other brave men that gave their all for our country. it is with honor and extreme pride that I get to add his name to the crew list of this great ship! RIP Bompa
Sakovich, AlbertRADAR 3RD CLASSMay 23, 1944 – Dec 22, 1945V3RI hope to see everyone at the reunion in Annapolis this September.
Ulm, LouisLT (JG)Aug 1944 – Sep 1945group 81Lt. Ulm was my uncle. He flew Avengers and won 2 DFC's and 5 air medals. He died of cancer. He was a good man.
Maez, DavidSonar TechAug 1944 –OpsMy great granddad Melvin Roehrich served onboard the USS WASP CV-18 in 1944, was hoping to get in contact with some old shipmates from his service to maybe get some stories of his time onboard, he passed away in 1988
Morrow, WoodyeCHIEF WARRANT OFFICERNov 24, 1944 – Nov 13, 1945Assistant personell officerDad passed away June 13,2005 at age 97. EF Hutton was personell officerin 44-45. "Don't go to bed at night unless you know you've left the world a better place than you found it." We miss him and his shipmates.
Jachimowicz, Julian (Jack)EnsignDec 1944 – Sep 1945VF-81This was my father. He flew F6Fs. Was also in VF-36. Retired from Navy in 1966 and died in 2007. Dad originally enlisted in 1937 as a seaman and was on the USS Lamson during the search for Amelia Earhart.
Fry, HarrySeaman First ClassDec 10, 1944 – Mar 8, 1946QuartermasterWas aboard when hit by bomb March 1945 and during typhoon August 1945. Took Italian POWs home and returned US troops home.
Wanker, OrrinSEAMAN SRCOND CLASSDec 30, 1944 – Jul 10, 1946My father passed a way 1987. I do not know much about the time he was in the Navy. What I do know is that he sreved with pride and love for his country. May God bless us all, and keep us free.

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