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USS Guitarro (SSN 665) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guitarro (SSN 665). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 154 crew members registered for the USS Guitarro (SSN 665).

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Holland, William (Bill)MMC(SS)Mar 31, 1966 – Mar 27, 1972Bupersmani felt it was right to put my father on the crew list. In hopes that someone will remember him, he has passed away and i wanted to do this for him. i was and still am very proud of him, and i miss him every day.
Nailling, MikeQM2 (SS)1967 – 1968NavigationNew Construction Crew
Joseph, Dan profile iconTM2(SS)1968 – 1969WeaponsAssigned to Guitarro Commissioning Crew out of Sub School. Later sent TAD to Stonewall Jackson SSBN634 when the Guitarro sank at the pier. Qualified in one run on Jackson. Guitarro Captain Collier was great Captain!
Houfek, Harold " Holly "TM19SS0DVAug 1968 – Sep 1969Went down with the boat along with the CHENG. Dove the boat and set up salvage operations. Made CWO Bosn right after that
Angell, Marty/angelEM1(SS)Nov 16, 1968 – Aug 5, 1969E
Phillips, JayYN2Dec 1968 – May 1969Ship's YeomanAssigned as Ship's Yeoman on the 1st Precomm Unit. Actually on board the boat during the sinking. The XO was anxious to move the Ship's Office on board the boat from the barge. Thankfully that move never took place.
Martin, Gerald profile iconEM1(SS)Apr 1970 – Dec 1974ElectricalOn the Commissioning crew. Discharged in December of 1974 Joined the Reserves Made Chief in 1975 and Senior Chief in 1980. retired from the reserves in Sept 1995
Long, Gary profile iconETN-2 SSApr 1970 – Jun 1973RCCame aboard after sinking to rebuild. I spent a lot of hours aboard the old gal getting her ready to do her best.
Baker, Robert WMS1(SS)1971 – 1974SupplyPlank owner
Richter, SteveIC3SS1971 – Mar 1973Commissioning crew. Loved it.
Barker, RonaldET11971 – 1974EngineeringI'm putting this in for my husband Ron. He recently passed away but I'm sure would like to be remembered by his fellow shipmates. Drop me an email if you like. His wife, Priscilla.
Payne, Jerry D.EM2(SS)Mar 1971 – Oct 23, 1974EPlank owner. Ran the throttles for commissioning. I was the guy who wrote WABOBS in every little nook and cranny on the boat. Cemented a peso under the EPCP anybody see it?
Johnson, FrankEMC(SS)(DV)Apr 1, 1971 – Apr 30, 1974EngineeringPlank Owner, I spent three years on the guitarro. Ill have to admit that she was the best command. The experiences from commisioning through a change of port to San Diego and a great westpac were highlights.
Martin, GeraldEM1Apr 15, 1971 – Dec 27, 1973Electrical
Miller, T.i.ETN2(SS)May 1, 1971 – Apr 24, 1974RCPlank owner I am the infamous "Dilligaff" as a result of writeup during Pre-Com. I got out April '74 Spent 32 years @ Boeing Wichita retired Jan'08
Watson, Tom (Rocky)IC 2 (SS)May 1, 1971 – Jun 14, 1973ElectricalI was in Basic Sub School in June/1969 and I saw an article on the bulletin board about the sinking at M.I. and I said to myself that I hope I don't get assigned to it, as that sub had already sunk!
Kelley, RichardMM!/SSJun 12, 1971 – May 5, 1974TMAhh the good old days.
Kaare, JosephMM2(SS)Jul 1971 – Nov 1975M DIVGreat Boat - I had such a great time with a great group of guys that 25 years later I retired as a Master Chief. Now have 17 years as a police officer, next best thing to a SSN (that's Saturdays, Sundays and Nights)
Cooke, JosephTM 2 (SS)Jul 3, 1971 – Nov 20, 1973WEPSI am a plank owner.
Kline, JohnSTS1(SS)Sep 1971 – Oct 1977Sonar DivisionOh what a time we had. I remember the XO threatening to restrict the entire Sonar Gang to the boat prior to sea trials, 1-car wreck, 3 motorcycle climbing accidents, one bronco riding incident... Those were the days!
Sulli, KennethYN3(SS)Oct 10, 1971 – Aug 23, 1973AdminPlankowner.
Dugan, ClydeMM1(SS)Nov 1971 – Nov 1973Engineering (L-ELT)Plank-owner: Guitarro at Mare Island, commissioning, quals and then on to the first West-Pac run; off at Guam then back home - great experience throughout. I still dabble in steam, but now its antique traction engines! Retired in 2004.
Gove, PhilipSDSNDec 31, 1971 – Aug 1, 1975CSPlank owner , received ist west pac baby gram on her
Payne, JohnQM31972 – 1975Navigation
Veatch, RobertSTS1 SS1972 – 1978Sonar DivisionHi All, Cowboy Bob here. Just want to say hi to John Kline, Ray Butters, Ron Norwood, Animal (Larry Garcia), Buzzard (Paul Hanson) all off the great guys on the Guitarro in the 70s!!
Telford, Stevemmc(ss)Jun 5, 1972 –M divisionWas on the boat for 2 west pacs under Commander Gordon Lang a great captain. Went on 1 westpac with Commander Alvin Paoli , different type of captain. Great crew, engineering E several times, 2 Presidential citationsi
Owen, ChuckQMSN1973 – 1974qmLooking for anyone that rememberes me. Pretty dumb kid back then.
Murphy, PatrickSK2SS1973 – 1975SupplyWhat a mischeivious bunch we were!
Taylor, PaulMM1 (SS)Jun 1973 – Nov 1976MGreat crew! Much respect for Capt. (Gordy) Lange. At sea "Saturday, Sunday & Nights" for WESTPACS and Spec OPS. Author of Peso pictures:) Andy's Hut! Good times and bad. Thx for the memories. Retired now.
Brinkman, Doug (Pop-bottle)ETR2 (SS)Jul 1973 – Jan 1977FissionOneNut, WingNut, Shirley, Shorty, Fingers, Bear, Beau, FireBall Barker and the UNU. Damn, I still remember you all! Medication must be wearing off...
Sherman Jr., Robert David profile iconRM2 (SS)Dec 20, 1973 – Feb 16, 1975Radioman
Grzeskowiak, Richard (Ski)ET1(SS)1974 – 1976NAVGreat boat, great crew, great times
Knox, RichardIC2 ( non nuc)Mar 2, 1974 – Oct 3, 1978IC
Nunnelee, JackFTG1 (SS)Mar 7, 1974 – Nov 20, 1978Weapons
White, TomQM2May 19, 1974 – Apr 17, 1979Hows all my old shipmates out there?
Williams, GeneMMCS (SS)Jun 1, 1974 – Jun 9, 1976& COBGreat crew - great times ...
White, DerekIC2 (SS)Jun 30, 1974 – Jun 29, 1979ICI joined the sub while it was in Guam, I still had my winter gear on from the flight over from Conneticut and San Diego. I still cringe when I hear Kiss an Angel Good Morning by Chalie Pride. I still remember an ensign tracking the moon!
Bowen, ThomasET1(SS) AND ETC(SS)Nov 1974 – Feb 1979RC (Reactor Operator)I arrived when she was in the ship yard coming from the USS SCAMP. The rememberance of the sinking at the same location was on everyone's mind. I received advancement to E7 while serving on board. I left with shore duty orders for recruiting duty.
Nugent, GeorgeE31975 – 1978MM AUXILARYgood times no regrets
Kaminski, JosephSK2(SS)Mar 1975 – Jul 1978SupplyGreat times...Great Shipmates!
Olson, DennisET1 (SS)May 1975 – Jun 1979Navigation
Leto, SteveTM2May 1, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978Weapons
Whitcraft, MikeMM2(SS)Jul 5, 1975 – Aug 1, 1977M-DivGood ship, good crew and lots of good times. Should have stayed onboard!
Mhoon, BobETCS(SS)Sep 1975 – Oct 1978COB / CSCServed on 5 DBs - Plankowner on both Ray and Pogy. Guitarro CO was Alvin Hawaii Pauole (SUPERB) Turned down E-9 and Retired from Navcommu, Cutler, ME -- CSC & CCC (1981) World’s Most Powerful Radio Transmitter (2-MW VLF)
Besick, RandyMM2Oct 1975 – Jun 1980AuxilliaryI will never be sorry I served and I will never be sorry I got out.

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