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Blue Tail Flies (VA 153) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Blue Tail Flies (VA 153). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 45 crew members registered for the Blue Tail Flies (VA 153).

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NameRank/RatePeriodRemarks/Photo, Wayne ShaferADJ 3Jan 1956 – Aug 1959Started out as a fighter squadron with F9F 8 Cougars the changed to an attack squadron being one of the first squadrons to be issued the A4 Skyhawk. Would be happy to hear from any of VA 153 personal.
Hiltachk, RobertADJ3Nov 1956 – May 1, 1959
Krueger, Jamesamh1Feb 2, 1960 – Jun 11, 1963made a cruise on the coral sea with va153
Meyers, Jackadj3Apr 24, 1961 – Apr 23, 1965a4 skyhawk plane captain. aircraft maintenance. Nas Lemoore, California
Hill, RayADJ-3Mar 1962 – Sep 10, 1963joined squadron on cruize of `62 and left after Austrailia in`63. Zeb V. Knott was one of Comanders and Charley Barker was 1st class of engine shop
Davis, RobertAT2Dec 7, 1964 – Nov 1, 1965Would enjoy hearing from anyone who served in VA153 with me and where you ended up and what you did after leaving the Navy. I worked for 14 years for Continental Airlines and then for 22 years on the Space Shuttle.
Gannon, JimADJ 3Jan 15, 1965 – Nov 20, 1967
Deward A Melton, DueyADJ 3Apr 15, 1965 –contact with anyone serving from 1965 thru 1967
Fidyk, TimAE3May 5, 1965 – Sep 5, 1968First cruise aboard the Coral Sea (1965) 2nd cruise aboard the Connie (1966) Final cruise aboard the Coral Sea (1968)
Haynes, RonE41966 – 1971A special shop at VA-153
Vier, JackAMH2May 1966 – Jun 1969
Harden, StevenAE-2May 12, 1966 – Apr 18, 1969Home Base Lemore,Ca 1966 cruise on the Constallation 67-68 cruise on the Coral Sea 68-69 cruise on the Coral sea
Stadley, LarryAMS 3Jul 21, 1966 – Dec 10, 1970
Castillo, CaseADJ2Feb 1967 – Nov 1969Salinas Ca Police Officer Retired / Georgetown Ca Fireman/ US Army Retired/ Spokane City Wa Heavy Equipment Operator Retired
Goodman, Larry (Goody)E-4 AMSMar 1967 – Dec 10, 1970A big howdy to all of my squadron mates who served in VA-153 between 1967 and 1970.
Melninkaitis, RaymondAO2Apr 1967 – Dec 1970Served on the Coral Sea and Oriskany. Vietnam Blue Water Navy sailor.
Gaebel, David / TrooperAE21968 – Dec 19, 1971
Potter, Mike (Pete)AE-2Jun 1969 – Feb 1972I am retired from USCEC as a powerhouse electrician .I a m living in Montana just fishing . I had a good time in the Navy and met some fine folks. I would like to hear from anyone who was attached to VA-153 or VA-155.
Hudson, Lawrence VAO 3Dec 2, 1969 – Aug 15, 1971I am trying to contact R.B.Haynes AE 3. I was an Ordie with VA 153 in the weapons shop. I was also in charge of the left catapult as an arming crew. My name is Lawrence V Hudson. I did two tours with VA 153
Thackston, LeslieAT3Jan 1970 – Feb 1972Beach Det in Cubi on '70 cruise and AT troubleshooter and final checker(line crew) on '71 cruise---USS Oriskany
Wall, JerryAQ2Jan 1970 – Nov 1971Living in La Grange, Texas.
Boone, MikeADJ3Jan 10, 1970 – Sep 24, 1971Living in Louisville Kentucky, retired since 2000 and doing fine!,
Flinn, MikeAME2Mar 1970 – Sep 27, 1971Anyone in at that time, seat shop, riggers, etc.. Flight deck Lox crew and 1971 shop supervisor.
Norris, RonnieAMH2May 10, 1970 – Dec 17, 1970Airframe & HYD dept.
Englese, RobertE-3 Operations YeomanMay 10, 1970 – Jan 28, 1972after leaving the US Navy ,returned home and joined the Jersey City NJ Police Dept. Now retired after serving 27 yrs.
Manente, Al RocAMS 3Aug 1970 – Apr 1974
Barry, ArthurADJ21971 –Deployed from NAS Lemoore aboard USS Oriskany. She is on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico now. Before Sea duty I was at USNMTC Point Mugu.
Wodarski, KeithAT-2Jan 15, 1971 – Dec 18, 1971Embarked on USS OriskanynCVA-34 in April1971 for WestPac Deployment to Viet Nam. Ports of call in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Subic Bay, Philippines, Yokosuka, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Returned NAS Alameda 18 Dec 1971.
Pelt, Chester (Beaver)LtjgJun 1971 – Aug 1972I was the you gest pilot on the Oriskany during the 1971 cruise. Assigned to the plane captain crew of the maintenance department. flew 33 missions.
Jones, GeorgeAT3Aug 1971 – Oct 1973
Brockwell, Carl (Toad) profile iconAMH-3Aug 1971 – Feb 1973worked night check Airframes shop. came from VP-31 Moffett Field, Calif. My nickname was Toad. I lost my cruise book, However I remember "Red-dog", Superman, Little fella, Teddy, Piper. great shop and Squadron.
Henry, SteveAQ31972 – 1973My time aboard Oriskany is something I'll always remember as an amazing adventure. The Linebacker bombing campaign kept us going hard to keep our squadrons aircraft going. I last saw the Big "O" in Pensacola.
Mast, Garyadj21972 – Jun 1975
Armenta, EduardoAME-2Apr 17, 1972 – Mar 30, 1973
Adams, Jerome profile iconAK3May 1972 – Aug 1975Gary McMillian - Kenneth Sims - Leon Hinton - Melvin Rush Boday Davidson - James Noble - Humphrey (Humpty)
Gomez, David J profile iconAT2Oct 2, 1972 – Mar 3, 1976
Robinson, Steve HumptypcNov 9, 1972 – Aug 28, 1975living in arizona give me a shout
Bonniville, TonyE21973 – Jan 23, 1975
Cox, CharlesAO3Jun 1973 – Jun 1977Living in Ohio, So is Gordy Dregich
Dowell, DevonAE3Aug 1973 – Mar 1975
Smith, Thomas/ts profile iconLtjgOct 3, 1973 – Apr 3, 1976I only remember the good times and wonderful shipmates I met.

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